Arthur Note:

Season 1: Lupin The 3rd and Steven Universe. this story has the Green jacket Lupin The 3rd.

some of chapters of base on season 1 episodes of Steven Universe.

Chapter 1: Master Thief meets aliens from other planet.

At park Lupin and his friends were chilling ah! This is the life! Lupin said.

What happened to Zenigata? Jigen said. I don't happened to old man. Lupin said.

Uh? What's this thing? Lupin said.

He pointed at something on ground. What on earth this thing? Goemon said.

LUPIN! A familiar voice said.

Oh NO!? All said in shock.

HAHA! Lupin your nearest! Zenigata said.

Hey old man! Lupin said.

Uh? What's this thing? Zenigata said.

ZENIGATA! NOOO! They all said.

Before they can stop him...he push the button on cube then big light and loud sound.

At the gem tapamal Steven and the gem hinder the loud noise out.

When they got out they saw four men yelling at eacher.

Who are they? Pearl said. Steven lookup at pearl.

I don't know..maybe we should ask them who they are. Steven said to gems.

Steven and the gems walk to see these four mysterious men.

When they walk to the beach the four men were boarded. Steven saw the first man wearing a green jacket and black shirt with yellow tie and light brown pant with black shoes. And the second man was wearing a black hat on his head And black suit,light colored dress shirt, black tie and his ever-present grey and third one had wear a fundoshi and have Shirtless Scenes and fourth one wearing his signature khaki colored trench coat over a dark brown suit and a stereotypical Inspector's fedora.

Who are you people? Steven said to them.

I'm Lupin the 3rd. The One with the green jacket said.

I'm Daisuke Jigen. The one with a hat on his head said.

I'm Goemon Ishikawa XIII. The one with fundoshi said.

And I'm Inspector Zenigata. The one with the dark brown suit said with rage.

You are? Lupin said to them.

We are the Crystal Gems! The One with cube shape hair said to him.

What are Your names. Goemon said to them.

I'm pearl! The first one said.

I'm Amethyst. The second one said.

I'm Garnet. The third one said.

And I'm Steven. The young boy said.

So what do you Crystal Gems do? Lupin said to them.

We protect the Earth. Garnet said to him.

Protect the earth from what? Jigen said to them.

From homeworld gems. Amethyst said to him.

But Lupin still looked at pearl. She beautiful and smarter than Fujiko. Lupin said to himself. we help you? Lupin asked Pearl. Sure. You can help us. Pearl replied to Lupin. Lupin smiled with joy 😆💗.

What are your weapons. Garnet said to them.

Well this is my Walther P-38. Lupin said showing it to them.

This is my M19. Jigen said showing it to them.

This is my Zantetsuken sword. Goemon said showing his sword to them.

And this is my Pistol. Zenigata said showing his Pistol to them.

Hmm...the three guns look different. Pearl said to herself.

Well you guy are in the Crystal Gems. Pearl said to them.

YES! Lupin said with happiest.

Welcome to the Crystal Gems. Steven said to them.

To be continued.