So, Finn had a new home…well, for the time being, at least. Leaving the First Order, and joining the Resistance was met with its own set of challenges, but he never allowed those failings to stop him. He wasn't that kind of guy.

Now, Finn found himself crash landed on a strange planet, far from home, in a mansion that he had only dreamed about. Finn spent hours walking through the place, trying to gain his bearings. He couldn't count how many times he nearly tripped over a rug, or feared that the chandelier overhead would fall on him. The First Order never had so many treasures cluttering up one space, and neither did the Resistance. It was clear that Finn's new host, Baron Mordo, was a man of great taste.

But he hated just sitting around doing nothing, while his new host helped him. Mordo was clearly a man of great importance, perhaps he was the senator of this planet? Perhaps he was trying to get a new government up and running? Who knew? But what Finn did know, was that he wanted to show his appreciation.

Finn wandered into the kitchen, a grand room that seemed to stretch out into eternity. It was bigger than every living space at the First Order's Jakku base. There were stoves that glistened like the dew on a bantha's back, and a large freezing unit that was even bigger than Finn. He clutched his hand around the handle, and yanked the white door open.

"Holy Kriff!" Finn said. This freezing unit was filled with food. Meats that Finn had never seen before, vegetables and fruits that glowed beneath the freezing unit's light, and little packets of…was that salt? Sugar? This new world was unlike anything Finn had ever seen. Even the Resistance food supply wasn't this extravagant. Perhaps Baron Mordo was more important than Finn first realized.

"Hey," Finn said, "I've got it!"

Poe had always told Finn that a good way to show appreciation to someone was to cook a meal for them. People always tend to be happier when they have a meal in front of them, at least, that seemed to be the case with Poe and the rest of the Resistance. And Finn may not have had the most experience with food, but he had eaten enough Resistance food to know what a meal was supposed to taste like. In the First Order, meals were meant for nourishment and not enjoyment, but that would not be the case with Mordo. Finn had fought Kylo Ren. Led the Resistance in a battle to destroy the Starkiller. Even rebelled against a regime that sought to control his very mind.

Cooking wouldn't be a problem at all.

"Alright," Finn said to himself, "No problem."

"Uh…Finn?" Baron Mordo said as he poked his fork against the…meal…that Finn had placed in front of him. "What is this?" It looked to be rice. Rice that had been cooked in a boiling pot of oil, and then blackened with pepper, salt, and…were those chunks of broccoli?

"I-I wanted to thank you, f-for letting me stay with you for a bit," Finn said. "And my friend, Poe Dameron, always said that the best way to show appreciation to someone is to make them a meal." Finn locked his hands behind his back, and twiddled his fingers. He didn't know what it was about Baron Mordo's stare that made him so nervous. He had stood up to Captain Phasma, hadn't he?

Mordo poked at the rice. It's outsides were charred, and the broccoli looked like it was sticking to the bottom of the bowl. He feared tasting it. "Well," Mordo said, "T-thank you, Finn. That was…very thoughtful of you." And Finn's face began to light up.

"R-really?" Finn asked. "You mean it? I-I'm still kind of new to cooking an-"

Mordo raised his hand, "It's quite alright, Finn. Yes, it looks…" he glanced down at his bowl, for a split second, Mordo thought he saw something move, "…great."

Truth be told, it was the strangest dinner Mordo had ever had, but the look on Finn's face made it all worthwhile.