As fun as New Orleans had been, Finn was simply glad to be back in Mordo's estate. There was only so much interdimensional travel that Finn could take.

Mordo had told him that there were still more ingredients and artifacts that needed to be gathered before the spell could be cast, and Finn could return home. But until then, Finn was determined to make himself as useful to Mordo as possible.

At the edge of the hallway, Finn crept to the edge of Mordo's study. Deep inside the room stood rows and rows of books, and golden goblets that must have been older than even the Death Star. The carpet seemed to crawl all around the floor, and stop in awkward pauses, only to return to its subtle movement. It almost seemed like everything in this place was alive. And Mordo stood in the center, his eyes stuck to the pages of a hefty tome.

"You know I can sense you, right Finn?" Mordo asked, without looking up.

Finn flinched. He had intruded on his host's privacy.

"Come on in, my boy," Mordo said with a grin. "I could use the company."

Finn did as requested. He took a ginger step across the threshold. If this were the First Order, Finn would have been shot for simply looking into a commanding officer's private chambers. But...this wasn't the First Order. And more importantly, Finn didn't need to fear of any kind of unjust retribution. But such realizations came slowly to one who had spent his whole life in servitude.

"I don't believe I've ever asked you how you're enjoying this dimension." Mordo closed his book, and looked into Finn's eyes. "I know how disorienting travel can be. It took me years to simply learn to keep my food down after a trip." Mordo chucked at the thought. When he first learned the ways of magic everything was so...bright. The colors swirled with every spell, and the sounds of every incantation. Low voices that slithered through the air like eels through the water. It was all encompassing, all consuming...terrifying even.

"Well, sir," Finn began, "I' can honestly tell you that I've never been so far from my home before." In Finn's entire life, he had only ever been to three places. The Starkiller, Jakku and the Resistance Base. There was also Maz's castle on Takonda, but Finn was there so briefly he hardly thought it counter.

But this dimension. Earth...was completely different. Everything was so fractured, and splintered. Every country had a different language and custom and culture. It would probably take Finn an entire lifetime just to learn about them, let alone master them. Perhaps that was why Mordo was so well-rounded. Despite his planet's low technology, Mordo probably knew more about the various galaxies than even Han Solo.

"I'd love to learn more about this galaxy though," Finn said as he eyed the book. "May...maybe you could…" he shrugged, unsure of how to continue but too far gone to stop, "...teach me?"

Mordo smiled and skimmed his fingers across the book's pages, "Finn my boy, I'd be delighted."