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Nalu: A Birthday Surprise

Part 4: Epilogue

By: xSteleAliniax

Beta'd By: SamGreg

Lucy and Natsu lay under a blanket of stars, cool night air brushing against them like the gentlest of caresses. They were back on their mountain, the one Natsu had given her for her birthday exactly one year ago today. The pair came here often, and liked having a special place that was all their own. Natsu lay on his back on the red and gold thread blanket, as Lucy rested against his chest. A soft sigh sounded from the blonde's lips as a strong arm tightened around her slim waist. She snuggled closer, breathing in his familiar scent. She felt his nose nuzzle against her hair, making her laugh softly.

"I love this place," Lucy whispered. It was late, late enough that the sun had long since set, and the moon had taken its place high in the sky, casting a beacon of light upon them. The birds were silent, resting in their homes up in the trees down below. Occasionally a wolf would howl in the distance. The wind was soft, and had no sound. Not even the rustling of leaves could be heard. It was tranquil, peaceful.

Natsu chuckled, the sound reverberating through his chest. "You're so easy." He commented with a fond smile. She pulled back so that she leaned over him, then poked him in the nose with a finger, eyes narrowed.

"Don't say it like that! It sounds bad!" She chastised. His lips spread into an unconcerned grin, a smirk, maybe.

"It's the truth, you're totally easy!" He grinned. She growled.

"You're the easy one!" She stuck her tongue out at him childishly. His eyes narrowed for a moment, before a devious smirk settled onto his lips. Lucy's eyes widened a fraction at the look in his eyes. She gulped.

"Is that so?" He challenged. She nodded, as she was unable to form words just then. Natsu's smirk grew, and he reached out and gripped her arms with his large hands before flipping her onto her back so that he now hovered over her. Without hesitation, he leaned forward and crushed his lips to hers. Her eyelids fluttered closed as a shudder went through her entire body. She wrapped her arms around his neck to pull him closer, fingers sliding into his hair. He pushed against her, emitting a soft moan from her slightly parted lips. His hand, hot as fire, slid up her shirt, lightly caressing the bare skin there. She shuddered again and thought, this is it. This is the moment.

He pulled back and smirked at her, removing his hand and lying back beside her. She blinked in confusion as her boiling flesh cooled down. The place where his hand had just been still burned, but the rest of her felt suddenly cold. Her lips tingled, where only a moment ago his had touched them.

She scowled and let out a low growl. Natsu chuckled and peeked over at her. Her cheeks were flushed, whether that be from embarrassment or anger he couldn't say. Her golden hair fell around her like a halo, giving her an angelic beauty, even if she wore a terrifying death glare. He grinned toothily at her expression.

"See, Luce? I told you you're easy!"

"Natsu," her tone held a warning note to it. He watched her, as her deadly scowl slowly shifted into an expression of pain. His smirk faded. Her eyes watered, her delicate lips quivered. Natsu felt his blood run cold. He slid closer to her and wrapped her up in an embrace, holding her tight against his chest.

"Crap, I'm sorry, Lucy! Don't cry!" He squeezed her trembling body. "You know I hate it when you cry!"

"I know,"

He froze. Her tone was off. It wasn't the pained tone he had been expecting. It sounded… Amused. He pulled back just enough to look at her. She was grinning widely, and he could now see that her shaking was coming from barely contained laughter, rather than sobs. She booped his nose.

"I told you, Natsu, you're the easy one." She winked. He scowled.

"Fine, you win." He conceded. "But you cheated! You women and your tears." He lay back with a huff. Lucy laughed at the pitiful expression he wore.

"Like you were completely fair, Natsu." She rolled her eyes before snuggling back against his chest. "I wish we could stay here forever." She whispered a moment later.

"I'll build you a house up here!" He announced in a loud tone. She snorted a laugh. "What? You don't think I can?"

"Um…" She didn't think Natsu could really build things. Mostly he just destroyed them. "Maybe?" She finished, unconvincingly.

"That's mean!" He exclaimed. "First you call me easy,"

"Actually, that was you." She pointed out. He continued as if she hadn't said anything.

"Then you doubt my carpentry skills!" He let out a dramatic huff of breath. Lucy rolled her eyes and suppressed a laugh.

"Fine, Natsu. If you want to build us a house-"

"Us?" He interjected in a low tone. She broke off abruptly, biting her lip. Her cheeks reddened as she realized what she had just implied.

"I mean…" What did she mean? She and Natsu had only been dating for a little over a year now, it was way too early to be thinking about those kinds of things!Sure, they had been friends for a lot longer, but it wasn't the same. Once they had officially gotten together as a couple, things had changed between them, not much, but enough that it made a difference.

It's the Secret Santa party all over again, giving me indecent thoughts!

She stiffened against him.

He shifted so that he was looking down at her, though she kept her face down, avoiding his gaze. "What's wrong, Luce? You got quiet all of a sudden."

"Nothing, Natsu." She composed herself enough to tilt her face up, then gave him what she hoped was a reassuring smile. He narrowed his eyes at her, the gesture making his eyes look even darker than usual.


The accusation made her gasp in surprise. She thought she was decent at hiding her emotions from Natsu, but she guessed that after you knew someone as long as she and Natsu had, there probably wasn't any place to hide anymore.

Since she couldn't hide her emotions, she instead hid her face. She sat up and tilted her head so that the hair she had worked so hard to grow out, fell forward to conceal her features from him.

"You worry too much, Natsu." She said, and managed something that almost resembled a laugh.


"Lucy," Natsu sighed as if in exhaustion. She heard the fabric of the blanket shuffling under him as he sat up, but when he went to wrap his arms around her, she shrugged out of his touch. When he spoke again she could clearly hear the hurt in his words. "Why are you upset with me?"

"It's not you, okay?" She snapped, the words coming out harsher than she meant for them to. She sighed and glanced over her shoulder at him. His eyes were clouded over with some emotion she couldn't quite make out. "I'm sorry, Natsu. I don't know what's wrong with me."

"You were fine a minute ago," He said, voice even, flat. She flinched at the coldness of it.

"Natsu," she turned so that she now faced him, then wrapped her arms around his neck, burying her face in his hair. "I'm sorry." She whispered. He returned the embrace, holding her tightly against him. The position proved to be a little uncomfortable, so she shifted so that she straddled his lap, then wrapped her arms around his tighter. Natsu gave a shudder, and she pulled back slightly to look at him.

"I'm an idiot," he said, voice barely above a whisper. Her chocolate eyes widened. "I know that. Someone tells me that at least once a day." He added dryly. She choked on a laugh, then blinked back tears. "But, I still know you, Lucy. I know you better than anyone. You're my best friend, my partner, my love…" He cupped her face in his hand, fingertips brushing against the soft skin there.

"So, I know when something is up." He continued, as his finger traced the shape of her lips. Her eyelids fluttered closed as a soft sigh blew through her slightly parted lips. "Let me make it right." He whispered. She could feel his breath on her mouth, and tilted her face up to meet his lips. His pressed against hers, softly, like the barest brushing of butterfly's wings. She shivered, and tangled her fingers in his hair.

"Lucy," he breathed against her lips. "Marry me."

Her eyelids shot open at once, and she pulled back in shock. She stared at him in open-mouthed disbelief for a moment.

"Wh-What did you just say?" She stammered out. His eyes held hers with determination.

"Remember at Thanksgiving," he began in a low tone, "when Erza and Jellal proposed to each other?"

"Um, yeah?" Where is he going with this?

"It got me thinking…" He paused to brush some hair out of her eyes, tucking it in place behind her ear. His hand lingered there, fingers twining in the golden strands. "This place, it's our perfect little hideout, a place far removed from all the mess going on in the real world. It's a world all its own, you know?" She nodded, unable to form words at the moment. "I thought about making some grand declaration in front of everyone at the Christmas party. Remember the Secret Santa party?" He grinned, making her blush at the memory. She nodded again.

"I remember," she whispered. Oh, yes. I remember quite vividly.

"That would have been the perfect time to do something big and showy, like Erza did with Jellal." He rolled his eyes, remembering how their friend had boldly commanded that her partner marry her. Lucy couldn't fight back the smile the memory brought forth. "Anyway, that just didn't feel right for us. I talked to Levy about it-"

"You asked Levy for advice?" She cut in.

"Well, yeah! I had to make sure I did everything right!" He blew out a breath. "And obviously, I'm screwing everything up, as always… That wasn't the point. The point was, that I asked Levy if you would prefer a public proposal, or a private one. And she and I both agreed that you would feel much more comfortable in private."

"You're rambling," she accused in a whisper. His lips lifted into a smile.

"Yeah, sorry… I just meant that there was no more perfect place than this, to ask you to be mine forever." He held her waist firmly with one hand and leaned back to pull the picnic basket closer before rummaging through it. His hand came out with a velvet box, identical to the empty one she had received last year. He opened it, then turned it to face her. A gold ring sat inside, with a delicate diamond on top, and two smaller ones on either side. Lucy's eyes widened as she stared at the ring, and for a moment she forgot to even breathe. It wasn't what she had expected at all. She didn't really know what she had been expecting, but this definitely wasn't it.

"Um…" Natsu began, sounding uncomfortable. "Levy might have helped me pick out the ring…"

She blew out the breath she had been holding in a light chuckle, then sniffled at tears sprung to her eyes.

"It's beautiful, Natsu." She looked back up at him as tears spilled down her cheeks. He waggled the box in front of her with an expectant expression.

"Sooo….?" He raised an eyebrow. She spluttered a laugh, nodding.

"Of course I'll marry you, Natsu." She grinned and wiped the tears from her eyes before holding out her left hand, palm down. Natsu frowned.

"You want me to kiss your hand or something?" He asked. She resisted the urge to smack him. Instead, she rolled her eyes and gestured at the box with the ring still sitting inside.

"You're supposed to put it on for me." She told him. His lips made an "O" and he pulled the ring out, slipping it onto her index finger. She sighed. "Natsu, you're supposed to put it on the ring finger!"

"Any finger with a ring on it can be a 'ring finger!'" He insisted. Lucy laughed. She couldn't entirely fault his logic. She waggled the appropriate finger.

"This one is reserved solely for engagement and wedding rings." She explained. "That's why it's called the 'ring finger.'"

"That doesn't make any sense," he protested, but he slid the ring off of her index finger and replaced it on her ring finger before bringing her hand up to his lips and smooching the spot where the ring now sat. "Now, you're mine." He growled, the sound coming from deep in his throat. Lucy couldn't decide if she wanted to blush or laugh.

"Wasn't I always yours?" She smirked and his eyes narrowed in response. His hand tightened where it still held her waist, pulling her closer and making her gasp.

"Yeah," he agreed, voice still low and throaty, eyes smoldering and scorching with heat. "But now it's official, and you can't get out of it once you say 'I do.'"

"Good thing I haven't said it yet then." She sassed. He gave a low growl before tackling her onto her back.

"You will." He vowed, then crushed his lips against hers once more. She lifted her hands to his chest to shove him off, but once her hands came in contact with his blazing skin, she was powerless to do anything of the sort. Her fingers curled into him, nails digging into his flesh. He pushed against her in response, making her moan low and repeat her actions. Her body was on fire, as it always was when the two had a particularly heated make-out session, but somehow this was even hotter than usual. Her blood boiled within her at the feel of his member pressing against her.

She wrapped her legs around his back, pulling him even closer, and earning a low groan in reply. He deepened the kiss, licking her lips for entrance. Their tongues battled for dominance, until Lucy finally relented and pulled back with a gasp for air.

Natsu immediately used the opportunity to clamp onto her jaw next, teeth grazing the skin there.

Lucy slid her hands up his chest and into his hair, fingering the soft locks as he continued to nip at her neck.

When his hand moved up her skirt and onto her stomach, dangerously close to her breasts, a sudden realization came upon her like a bucket of ice water.

"W-Wait!" She put her hands on his chest and gave a light push. "Y-You can't claim me yet!" Lucy stammered out, holding back the moan that threatened to pour from her slightly parted lips. Natsu pulled back to stare at her for a moment before realization of his own flashed across his eyes. He smirked.

"No one said anything about that." He said, pressing himself against her and forcing out the moan she had tried so hard to keep in. "You're such a pervert, Luce." He added seriously. She gaped at him for a minute, and then smacked his chest, hard.

"Idiot! I am not!"

"Yeah, you are!" He insisted. "You're a gutter brain!" He stuck his tongue out at her. She glowered.

"Well, it's not my fault when you're—doing that sort of thing to me!" She flushed a furious shade of red at the words. Again, Natsu smirked.

"What sort of thing?" He asked innocently as his hand moved up and down her thigh, fingers dancing across the bare skin there.

"THAT sort of thing," she whispered. Their eyes locked, and for a moment she thought he might try to kiss her again, and if he did she didn't know if she could push him away a second time. But after a moment his fingers ceased their teasing dance, pulling back to boop her nose. He quirked a grin.

"Alright, Luce." He sat back, helping her to sit up as well, and respectfully looked away while she adjusted her dress. Once that task was done, Lucy lay against his shoulder before holding up her hand to gaze at her ring. It sparkled in the moonlight. Lucy smiled contentedly.

"I wonder what our friends will say," Lucy mused, turning her hand to get different angles on her ring.

"Probably that we're copy-cats." Natsu said with a roll of his eyes. Lucy snorted a laugh.

"I don't care if we are, I'm happy." She tilted her head to grin up at him and got a huge grin in return.

"Yeah, you're right, Luce," He agreed, kissing the top of her head. He wrapped an arm around her and held her closely. "I'm happy, too. Nothing else matters,"

"Because it's always more fun when we're together!" She finished with a laugh. He chuckled and nuzzled her hair.

"I love you, Lucy."

"I love you, too, Natsu. Always,"

"And forever."

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