Chapter 1: Build the Drill

A/N: this take's place in It Could've Been Great and before Message Received.

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At the barn Peridot and others were helping her to build the drill.

Lupin, I need the toolbox. Pearl said to Lupin.

Okay. Lupin replied to Pearl.

Lupin ran to get the toolbox.

Jigen and Amethyst, I'm going to need some parts from some vehicles. Peridot said to them.

All right then. Jigen said to Peridot.

Jigen and Amethyst both went to the junkyard to go get parts.

Lupin came back with the toolbox and drinks.

Here's the toolbox and also got some drinks. Lupin said.

Thank you, Lupin. Pearl replied to Lupin.

Lupin give Pearl Apple juice.

Jigen and Amethyst both came back with the parts.

We're back! Amethyst said.

And you brought drinks? Jigen said.

I guest that get all the easy jobs Lupin replied to Jegin.

Goemon and Garnet came back with the drill

Exactly work you guys. Pearl said with joy.

And now we need to put it together. Lupin said.

Is that a problem? Pearl said to Lupin.

No. Not at all. Lupin replied to Pearl.

Will this well be a long day. Jigen said.

We keep on. Goemon said.

He's not right. Amethyst said

At night time.

Well then we really did it! Pearl said with happiness.

Yeah...*Yond*Lupin said.

Oh man, I think I'm getting very sleepy. Lupin said.

We should get some sleep. Jigen said.

I agree, we should go back to the temple. Goemon said.

We're going to finish the drill. Garnet said.

Everyone went back to the temple to get some sleep.