Late at night, Theodore "Tobey" McCallister was working heartily on one of his robots in his shed. He had grown even more intelligent at 15, but he still had yet to lose his feelings for Wordgirl. His destructive tendencies were indeed waning, however. He merely built for the purpose of building at this point. Tobey went on his rampages every few days, but they were becoming less intense. Tobey's robots were becoming far more powerful, however, which gave Tobey's crush a bit more trouble. The robots weren't the only things that changed. Tobey had taken to wearing cargo pants, a blue hoodie, and a black T-shirt.

Suddenly Tobey heard an explosion out in the city. He made no move to check it out; explosions and accidents were always normal- until his left eye stung. Some kind of instinct made him rush to the shed's doorway, and force it open, all while holding his eye. He looked towards a massive explosion near the water, and his eye began to change. The pupil in the center began to become more vertical, slanted. Tobey collapsed forward, crying out as his body began to give out a red-purple mist. The teenage boy held his eye, breaking directly through his glasses. His body began to convulse, and he fell on the grass, rolling around, crying out, and his body changing shape.

Claire McCallister, like any mother, rushed out to check on her son at breakneck speeds. She opened the back door to check on her son. "Tobey! What's-" she started, but the sight of her son's body stopped her. Claire shook her head, and rushed to her son's side. The last thing Tobey saw before he blacked out was his mother's face.

When Tobey woke up, he was in his bedroom. He shot up, startled. He looked both ways, and saw his mother, sitting in a chair, wrapped up in a blanket. "Mother?" Tobey started. To his surprise, his voice was distorted. His hand instantly went to his mouth- but he stopped when he saw his hand. It was pitch black, looked like a kind of armor, and his arm longer than what he was used to. Tobey rushed out of bed, to his mirror, and to his shock saw a creature coved in black, white, and red armor.

"Tobey." The boy, heard the familiar voice of his mother, and her turned to look at her. Tobey's mother looked at her feet. "I'm sorry you found out like this. But," she said, looking her son in his new eyes, "we have a lot to talk about."