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*~ Twisted Logic ~*

Chapter One

Summary: Edward Nygma has been in Arkham Asylum for three weeks, and has kept to himself. He hasn't stirred, and there's been no inkling of an incident, but after an unexpected meeting with an old friend everything changes, and why is the infamous Scarecrow suddenly taking an interest in the Prince of Puzzles? Please, Read and Review!

Jonathan Crane's usual charm was no longer, having sat idly on his steel framed bed for hours, the frustration within him grew. He ran his fingers through his unruly brown locks to ease the tension, but the continuous lack of sleep showed. The bags under his eyes looked black and purple like a convincing bruise and his eyes were also red and puffy from tiredness. The infamous Jonathan Crane was a documented insomniac, and instead of terrorising the people of Gotham he longed for a decent sleep.

Jonathan pulled the worn, moth-eaten blanket closer to his thin, but lanky frame and sat staring at the cold, grey concrete slab that made up his cell, watching as water droplets began to merge through the small cracks, and as the luminescent light continued to flicker in the corridor, but Jonathan was unfazed by this usual occurrence. Since, his numerous stints in Arkham he had acclimatised to the things that would get other inmates blood boil.

It was no secret that Arkham Asylum was under budgeted, and that Gotham was a dark, isolatable, corrupt city, holding the worst crime rate in the country. The city was clouded by fear, and the people brave enough to defend it either got corrupted by its darkness or, were stupid enough to get themselves killed. The only one that the rogues feared was the Batman, he instilled some small amount of hope into the people of Gotham, but his methods by many were still considered questionable.

Jonathan turned his attention to his fellow rogues, he watched with curiosity as they slept in the adjacent cells like babies. Jonathan usually pondered over what caused them to sleep, was it the medication they were forced to take daily that dulled their senses? Was it the brutal beatings from the guards? Was it just pure exhaustion? Maybe, they were all contributing factors. Watching his fellow rogues sleep brought him a little comfort, he'd seen it numerous times, the twisting and contorting of their faces as their perfect little dreams had altered and conformed into that of a beautiful nightmare. It was a euphoric feeling, but it was like a drug to him there was the high and then the fall, and sometimes he just hoped it would go on for just that little bit longer.

Once again, sleep was unable to overcome him and Jonathan heaved a sigh, as he ran his fingers through his unruly brown locks. Tossing the blanket aside, he got up and he paced around his cell, but as he walked passed the bulletproof glass he heard the sound of muffled cries. Jonathan groaned in annoyance, why he hadn't heard it before surprised him, it was probably due to the exhaustion, but could it have been some kind of hallucination?

Whatever, the answer the sounds that he thought he'd heard had captured his attention, that he moved towards the glass in such a haste, and, pressing his face against it, watching the rogues like a hawk, stalking down his prey. He stood there for a minute, but a minute of waiting in his state of mind made him start feeling as though the sounds had only been a figment of his imagination considering his lack of sleep, but then all of a sudden he heard it, the cries of the criminal mastermind Edward Nygma.

Jonathan watched in awe as he saw Edward squirm, his chest was heaving up and down, his face scrunched was up in pain, and glistening with sweat. It was euphoric seeing him so afraid like this, but he wished he knew what the nightmare was about.

Edward woke with a start, a cold sweat had broken out across his body, and his mouth felt awfully dry.

"What are you grinning at Jon?" Edward asked.

"You were talking in your sleep last night." Jonathan said smugly, he saw as Edward's pupils dilated from either in shock or fear, but that didn't matter to him. The feeling of having something over the mastermind like this made him feel so exhilarated.

Edward cringed, as he watched Jonathan press his face against the bulletproof glass. Having Jon's eyes on him felt quite unsettling, the nightmare he'd just had still lingered in his mind, and he couldn't shake it off while Jon staring at him like he was a piece of meat.

"Scared, Eddie!" Jonathan exclaimed, suddenly with a twisted smile.

"Jon, stop it!" Edward yelled he knew that Jon wasn't himself now, and that he'd transformed into that of the infamous Scarecrow.

The other rouges in the gallery, begun to stir.

He felt suddenly grateful that he was in his cell, because he knew that Jon was stronger than him physically, and now even more given his current state.

"What was your dream about?" Jon asked eagerly.

"I'm not telling you that!" Edward retorted.

"Ooooh, this could be fun!" the Joker exclaimed, eye wide and smiling as per usual. He took interest in the unusual display between the pair.

"Eddie, what was the dream about?" he taunted.

"No, Jon! I'm not going to give you that satisfaction," he exclaimed.

"You will eventually." Jon said with a perverted look on his face.

"Please, stop March Hare and Caterpillar… I was so very close to finding my dearest Alice."

"Go back to sleep Jervis."

"It's Mad Hatter to you Sir!" the Hatter cried.

"Oh, yes sorry Hatter." the Joker retorted sarcastically.

"Will you all shut up!" Two Face yelled.

Joker pretended to shy away, "Uh-Oh! We woke the scary man!" he exclaimed with laughter.

"Continue boys! I'm enjoying the show!"

Edward was scared he wouldn't deny that, it has been a long time since Jonathan had been exposed to fear. It was like a drug, and right now he was suffering an intense high.

Once Jonathan had calmed down, he let out a sigh and ran his fingers through his hair. He was furious with himself he'd blown his cover. He knew to get answers he shouldn't have pushed Edward, but it had been so long since he'd sensed fear that he'd become immersed by it and wanted more.

Edward isolated himself in his cell, since his encounter with Jon that morning he hadn't been able to stop thinking about the nightmare he'd had. Jon had tried talking to him once he'd calmed down after his little episode, but Edward wasn't having a bar of it, he was known to be one of the most stubborn out of the rouges, and right now he felt like proving a point.


"What?" Edward snapped as he looked up from his book.

"Geez, Nygma there's no need to snap it's time for lunch." Harvey said.

Edward sighed, picking himself up he walked over to the bulletproof glass glumly, he didn't feel up to joining the rest of the rogues in the mess hall. As his cell door opened he pondered over whether he could get out of going to lunch. Maybe if he said he had a stomach bug the guards would just leave him alone, because right now he was enjoying the security of his cell.

A grin spread across Johnathan's face he could sense the fear practically radiating off Edward's body, and he needed to find out why. It was going to be quite an interesting lunch.

"Please, be advised Cell block R, Cell block R, to stand for roll call, lunch will be starting shortly."

"Riddler, hurry up!"

Edward clutched his stomach, "I told you I'm sick… I've got some kind of bug." he whined.

"Yeah, right you do."

Edward groaned at his unsuccessfulness.

"C'mon hurry it up!"

He got up off his bed, and stood patiently as the guards opened his cell and cuffed him.

"Open your mouth."

He did, he knew the procedure all too well at Arkham the inmates took there meds before meals to make them more docile, and Edward was in the mood to cooperate. He had other motives, hoping to secure a way during lunch in which he could get away from Jonathan.

By the time the rouges had made it into the cafeteria Edward already had a plan in motion.

"Hatter, can you come here for a second? The Caterpillar has a very important job for you."

"Oooooh, what is it?" Jervis asked excitedly.

"Well, you see the cafeteria food has been making me feel rather unwell, and I was hoping that you could convince the kitchen staff to provide me with some better food."

"Yes, yes anything for Absolem, it's been a while since I've been able to make use of my skill set."

"Oh, I know it has been, here is my tray I'll wait for you over there by that middle table." Edward said pointing towards the table where Jonathan was sitting.

The Hatter grabbed his tray and made his way into the kitchen unseen.

Edward calmed his breathing as he made his way over to Jonathan.

"I'm surprised to see you Edward." Jonathan muttered, "I thought you would of wanted to avoid me given my episode earlier?"

"Obliviously not, I can't blame you, the withdrawal must be intense?" Edward asked.

"It's been too long." Jonathan replied solemnly, as he played with his plastic fork.

"Umm… Caterpillar this is for you."

"Oh, why thank you Jervis."

"It's Hatter."

"My apologies, thank you for the food."

Jervis walked over to his own table with a wide smile as he carried his tray full of sweet treats and tea.

"Hey, why does he have sweets?" One of the inmates questioned.

Edward smirked his plan was coming together.

"Hey, why have you got ice cream? I want ice cream!" the big-boned man cried as he approached Edward.

"I've been good unlike you and good people get ice cream." Edward replied.

The man pouted, and waved his hands around in defeat, "I want ice cream." he muttered solemnly.

"Then riddle me this, what do the words madam, civic, eye and level have in common?"

The man stared at Edward with his mouth wide open, "Gimmie ice cream!" he exclaimed gruffly, as he bared his teeth like a vicious dog, ready to pounce.

"Well, you really are a simpleton, I'm sorry, but you won't be getting any ice cream with a response like that." Edward said as he took a mouthful of the creamy, vanilla goodness.

The man hastily grabbed Edward by the collar making him drop his spoon.

"Sorry, did you want to know the answer?" Edward retorted with a smirk.

"Gimmie the ice cream!" The man yelled his fingers sill tightly gripped on Edward's collar.

"You see if you read them all backwards, they make the same word."

"I don't care!" the man cried, as he punched Edward right in the nose.

In a matter of seconds Edward's head hit the concrete, his vision blurred and a crimson liquid trickled down his face.


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