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*~ Twisted Logic ~*

Chapter Three

(Fear Can Be Fatal)

Yvonne held onto Edward's new puzzle book and the green pencil as Randy guided Edward back through the corridors and past other inmate's cells. As the inmates threw themselves at their cell doors chanting and causing a ruckus as Edward walked passed them. Edward's hands were cuffed in front of him, and he felt Randy jamming his fingers into his back edging him forward. As he'd started to get a little too caught up soaking in the fan-far. Edward was an infamous criminal after all, and a member of the notorious Rogue Gallery, but if Edward wanted he knew that he could quite simply escape, being a skilled locksmith and all, but he didn't want to. He had a clean track record since he'd been admitted back into the Asylum, and quite frankly he didn't want to ruin it.

"Warning, warning this is a code brown."

"Oh, shit!" Randy exclaimed.

Edward smirked; this was definitely impeccable timing as he continued to be ushered forward by Randy.

"Warning, warning this is a code brown." the voice over the intercom repeated.

"Wha -" Yvonne paused, "What… what's a code brown?" she stammered, now looking very uneasy about the repeated announcement.

"How do you not know the protocols?" Randy asked, as he picked up the walking pace.

"I was supposed to learn them this week." Yvonne replied, solemnly.

"Well, then your training starts right now -" Randy said, but got cut off by the intercom, "The Joker has escaped, warning the Joker has escaped, be on high alert."

"Shit." Randy cussed, droplet of sweat beginning to form on his forehead.

"A code brown means that one of the rouges as escaped." Edward said, as they continued walking throughout the numerous corridors full of inmates.

Yvonne gasped, "Oh, my gosh!" she cried, as she put her hand over her mouth.

"Who did this Nygma?" Randy asked, now turning his attention to Edward.

Edward pouted slightly, and simply shrugged his shoulders.

"Did you know anything about this Nygma?" Randy asked his tone one of irritation.

"No, clue, I've been in a hospital bed remember." Edward said, causing Randy to glare and grit his teeth in annoyance.

"We'll get to the bottom of this." Randy exclaimed.

"I have no doubt." Edward responded with a smirk.

"What do we do?" Yvonne asked.

Edward smiled, "Maybe we should look for clues." he said a little too enthused.

Randy groaned, "Follow me; we still have to take him back to his cell." Randy said as he poked Edward to move faster.

"Party pooper, everyone likes riddles, do you like riddles Yvonne?"

Yvonne opened her mouth to answer, but Randy intervened, "Shut-up!" Randy said, "or I'll tape your mouth shut for you." he said directing his message to Edward.

"Fine, fine, but don't tell me I told you so. The most probable explanation I have is that Joker has escaped to be reunited with Harley. It makes perfect sense since she's currently in Belle Reve, and she can't live without her so called Puddin." Edward said.

"How do you know all this?" Yvonne asked.

"Let's just say, I was a part of the notorious squad for a time, but it seems like Ms Waller isn't very fond of me, and I don't particularly want my head blown off. It's called the Suicide Squad for a reason you know."

As they kept walking the flooring began to feel damp beneath Edward feet, Water was dripping down from the ceiling, and against the dim light Edward found mould forming in the cracks. He'd never been here before, and he'd created numerous escape routes during his many stints in Arkham. So, he knew that this secluded part of the Asylum would definitely make a good escape route.

Edward sighed, "Don't tell me Killer Croc's escaped too." he alleged.

"Did he?" Yvonne piped in, her eyes wide; she'd been briefed about Waylon Jones on her arrival.

"No, he's perfectly fine." Randy replied as he showed her the camera footage from his cell on his tablet.

"Everyone, be quiet!" Edward exclaimed.

"Wha -"

"Footsteps." Edward mused, as he stood still in the hopes to listen more clearly, but by the sound he knew they weren't women's footsteps.

"It must be Joker." he muttered under his breath.

"Keep walking and make it quick." Edward urged.


Edward turned as he heard his name, the voice not having been Yvonne, Randy, or the Joker for that matter.

"Jon?" Edward questioned.

"Happy to see me?"

"How, did you -"

"I had a little inside help." Jonathan replied, with a smirk.

"Joker." Edward spluttered out.

Jonathan nodded.

"Randy, we have bigger issues then Joker right now!" Edward called.

"Crane, step back right now or I'll use force!" Randy exclaimed as he held tightly onto the stun gun.

The lights in the corridor begun to flicker, and the sound of connecting skin could be heard, and the static from the stun gun lit up the room.

"Yvonne!" Edward exclaimed, as Jonathan held her in a headlock, her cheeks were flustered and her hazelnut eyes had gone wide, and Edward watched her body squirm as it looked for a release.

Edward turned to see Randy slump to the floor.

"Let her go Jon!" Edward yelled.

"Crane isn't here at the moment."

"Oh, shit." Edward cussed.

"Thanks for making me feel needed Randy." he called as he picked off his name tag.

Edward sighed, it made sense now that when Randy had used the stun gun. Jon had grabbed Yvonne, and in turn Randy had accidentally used the stun gun on her in the process.

"Scarecrow, please stop!" Edward pleaded.

"No, I want her to scream for me it's been so long since I've used my toxins."

"Mr Wayne was right about this bloody Asylum." Edward mused.

"Please, don't!" Yvonne cried, as Jonathan cradled her in his arms.

"You really should be scared of us you know." Scarecrow whispered.

"Scarecrow, please don't." Edward cried, as Jonathan held a syringe to her neck, but he knew any attempt to stop Jonathan was flawed, as he watched on watched helplessly as a docile Yvonne had tears glistening down her soft, pink cheeks.

"Scream for me!"

Edward watched as Jonathan jammed the syringe into her neck, her brown eyes wide, and her mouth open as she took in the pain.

"Hmm… Excellent just as I suspected." Jonathan mused, which made Edward sick to his stomach.

"Now scream!"

As on cue, Yvonne screamed, her screams echoed and Edward clutched his ears, it was truly ear piercing.

"Why? Why didn't you take me?" Edward questioned, as he watched Yvonne's body slump to the ground.

"That was the plan, but I'm a little rusty -" Jonathan admitted, "So, she was just practise." he said bluntly, no emotion in his voice, "You Eddie, well, your time will come soon enough, a time will come when you'll submit yourself to me, and I'll hear you scream!" he mused.

Edward almost barfed, the difference between Jonathan and Scarecrow was startling for one, and was almost cringe worthy. Jonathan was calm and collected, but Scarecrow was perverted and held no filter. They were different, but none the same, and Edward would not submit himself to the likes of Scarecrow, he just wouldn't.

As Scarecrow became too invested in Yvonne, Edward focused his attention to that of his hands, and took this rarely perceived chance with a dangerously low chance of survival to scurry around with his hands still cuffed, and find a way to take them off.

Luckily, for Edward he had a metal paper clip in the pocket of his orange jump suit. As he tried to reach his low hanging pocket his wrists started to rub against the metal handcuffs and he hissed in pain.

As Edward worked on trying to get the paper clip out of his pocket.

"Are you trying to escape Eddie?"

"No." he muttered as he stood up.

"Yvonne, run!" he yelled.

The man that was the infamous Scarecrow looked livid, Edward watched as Yvonne didn't move. Her body was twitching and she made whimpering movements. Edward got up to run, but Scarecrow was quicker than him and grabbed him by his arm.

"Let go!" Edward screamed.

"No, you disappointed me Eddie." Scarecrow said.

"Now, scream!"

Edward tried to look away, but the toxin surrounded him. He coughed and splattered, as Scarecrow held him.

"I wanted to spare you, but you had to get involved, didn't you?"

"I know Jon, I know." Edward said, with sincerity.

"Now, I'll see your fear!" Scarecrow cried, as his mouth twisted in enjoyment.

"I'm sorry." Edward said, as he elbowed Scarecrow in the ribs with his other arm.

Scarecrow groaned as he grabbed his rib, and Edward took the opportunity to run, he didn't look back.

As Edward wiped his eyes on his sleeve, the toxin made his eyes water and with the wiping they started to sting.

Edward continued running though, but as he got further though this part of the Asylum that he didn't know the ground started to become slippery, and his lightweight shoes were filling up with water.

Edward could hear the loud foot falls of Jonathan Crane or in this case Scarecrow and as he turned the corner he lost his balance and fell front first into a puddle.

"Found you." Scarecrow said, looking pleased with himself, as he closed the gap between him.

The front of Edward's jumpsuit was wet and his hands were covered in slime. "Don't – please don't leave!" Edward cried, as he faced Scarecrow.

"I'm not leaving Eddie." Scarecrow said with a wicked smile, "You just have to give in, it's okay." he added, as he continued to walk towards him.

"No – no – no!" Edward muttered as he grabbed his head, he couldn't let Scarecrow see his fear.

Edward watched as the water became translucent, and Edward waved his fingers through the water, and the image became distorted.

"Can you see that?" Edward asked.

"See what? Tell me." Scarecrow asked, as he looked at Edward which much curiosity.

"Shit." Edward said, the water had become individualistic, what he saw in the murky puddle, Jonathan couldn't. As Edward closed his eyes, he tried not to think of his fears, but when he opened them he screamed. He felt trepidation as his eyes glued to the image in the water.

For such a cool, damp place, Scarecrow could see the hairs on Edwards neck even in his horrid illumination. Along with the perspiration that was running down his flushed skin.

Scarecrow was almost on top of him when Edward found it within himself to keep moving again. As he got up, his feet collected the water, destroying the image that his amygdala had formed.

The door slammed behind him as Edward made his way into the men's bathroom. Edward in his haste and with the adrenaline still pumping turned the tap too quickly. So, the water sprayed up at him, and poured out onto the grey tiled floor. As Edward cupped the water into hands, he splashed it over his face in an attempted to wash the solution out of his eyes. As he continued the process over and over the pain slowly begun to dissipate, and as he rested his hands against the ceramic basin he tried to calm his breathing, but as he turned his head to look at his own reflection. The amount of calmness that he'd held for that split second had vanished. His knuckles turned white and his breathing quickened, the only word that could be uttered from his lips was, "Fuck!"

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