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Prologue / Chapter One

Roxie, River and Rune had finally been able to get out of the Orphanage,They wanted to finally meet their father after so many years.

Roxie had gained the ability to track mutants a little while ago, and had finally tracked down their father.

Their mother was a mutant who was also part witch,she was named Lizzie Sanderson her code name being Shadow Pixie Her mutations were, well she had several mutations.

She had retractable wings that looked like Pixie or Fairy wings,she also had a healing factor but it wasn't as strong as Wolverine's.


The trail had led us to a small area in Canada,There was only a gas station, a party store, and a bar in the area. The trail, however, was leading towards the bar that was in the area.

I pulled my violet leather jacket closer to my body to try and block the chilly air from hitting me, I also had long violet gloves to keep my arms and hands warm in the harsh weather. I could see my siblings doing the same with their own leather jackets

After leaving the orphanage the three of us had gotten jobs for a short time,We had made enough money to buy food,water and warmer clothes knowing about the harsh Canadian winter, it being extremely cold.

We had been traveling for days to get to this area. We stood outside the bar for a minute wondering what in the world our dad was doing in a place like this, with our enhanced senses we could smell sweat,waste, garbage and beer.

I wrinkled my nose in response to all the smells before grabbing my bag and heading into the bar I heard yelling but, I wasn't sure why.

I took a moment to concentrate on the link, the trail lead to the middle of the bar where there was a caged fighting area.

The yells of fury were increasing as I drew closer, I could now see why there was yelling. A fight was in progress dad or Logan was on one side drinking some type of alcohol, as two guys were dragging an unconscious guy out of the ring.

"Never in all my years have I seen anything like it." A man who was standing in the middle of the ring, with a microphone in hand said.

"Are you going to let this man walk away with all your money?" The same man yelled to the crowd there was A chorus of angry voices yelling no.

A man suddenly stood up from the bleachers from the corner of the bar. "I'll fight him!" his statement was met with supporting calls people were banging on the cage to show their support for the new hero. I placed a bet on Logan and then watched the fight rooting for my dad. After about ten minutes Wolverine had won.

I went to the bar to collect my winnings then sat at the bar with my brother and sister watching my dad from a far.