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Chapter two


We had been sitting at the bar for fifteen minutes we each had a cup of coke, surprisingly they had it and that it wasn't that expensive. I saw a tip jar and started debating if I would put money into it,I mean I know how important the tips were when you were serving people. I decided to put a fifty inside the jar. So I discreetly put it in the jar I knew we didn't have much money but together we had one hundred fifty - two hundred fifty left to our name. With my sister Roxie's winnings that she had claimed we had a little less than a thousand.

Soon our dad came over and ordered a beer,we were watching him discreetly as he drank the beer. After a while the guy our dad had fought tapped him on the shoulder and told him that he owed him some money. Then a huge fight started and Dad's claws came out.

Soon the bartender pulled out a shotgun and pointed it at Logan and told him to get out of his bar, Logan quickly cut the thing in half and gunpowder and bullets fell to the ground. Soon after he left the bar my sisters and I decided to hide in his trailer.

About a half hour into the trip we felt the truck pull over, and then heard the slamming of a door.

Soon after we heard the trailer door opening. We tried to be quiet not even breathing.


"I know you're in there I can smell you." We heard him say Rune looking the most like him popped his head up first we were hoping it would help us with our case. Roxie and I popped our heads up next.

"The rides over kiddies get out." We sighed and climbed out. I pulled out a picture of our mom and him together, and an old family photo from when we were only five or six, Each of us had a copy of the two pictures.

I was going to use them to help prove our point, we had known them both at one time, That was until our mother was called out to a mission then shortly after our dad was called.

I heard the truck door open then close again "Wait you can't just leave us here we have wanted to see you again for years don't you feel anything towards us, I mean like a need to protect us as if we were and are still important to you."I shouted to him as panic began to rise inside me I mean it wasn't the safest area here, we only took the risk to meet our father again because we knew he could protect us like he had all those years ago, and now he was trying to leave us on the side of the road.

He paused for a minute looking at us as if seeing us for the first time as if something was clicking in place. He looked at us as a parent looked at their cub their kid.

He looked at Rune then Roxie then me seeing the differences and the similarities of us all that he had. Like Rune having his jawline and his brown eyes, And Roxie and I having his untameable hair. Me having his eye shape Roxie having his nose.

Just seeing the small things in all of us, I approached him with caution handing him the old photos for him to look at we also had our important information like our birth certificates,social security cards our mom and dad's marriage license, exedra.

Though the marriage license was just remember bela. We grabbed it so we could remember our mom and dad's name and also because technically speaking it was important.

"What are you three doing to me." He whispered as he looked at the pictures, we only caught it because of our enhanced hearing.

"Well we are bringing some of your past back, good parts of it. You feel it don't you? The connection of family." I asked softly.