I'm playing with other people's stuff for fun, not for profit, so if you recognise something; then it probably belongs to whoever owns the works I'm playing with, which in this case is whoever owns Danny Phantom. Danny Phantom belongs to Butch Hartman or Nickelodeon Animation Studios or something; not sure exactly who or what, because I find it kind of hard to figure out, beyond that it is not me.

"So what were your parents working on this time?" Tucker asked as he checked that the pounding rain hadn't damaged his precious PDA. Sam stopped trying to squeeze water out of her shoulder length black hair and turned to look at Danny with clear curiosity on her face.

He glanced back at the sheets of near hail like water, flinching as lightening crackled across the turbulent sky, before he closed the front door and answered with an exasperated groaned, "A Ghost Portal. Not that it worked." He pulled of his jacket and unhung it next to his friends' then nudged off his sneakers and placed them next to Tucker's. "My parents were pretty upset about that."

"A Ghost Portal?" Sam asked with interest in her violet eyes as they moved towards the kitchen. Danny just hummed. "That's cool. I wonder what it looks like?"

"It's in my parent's lab and you know we're not allowed down there. Besides it's just a big metal hole in the wall of our basement." Danny gave the black haired Goth a wary look as she riffled through her bag for a something.

Sam gave a cry of victory as she pulled her camera out. "Still wouldn't it be cool to take a picture of it?" Danny and Tucker gave her disbelieving looks. "And think of all the tech in the lab; what sort of Technology even a non-working Ghost Portal must have in it." Tucker's look changed to considering while Danny just groaned. "It's not like your parents are home. We can just pop in and have a look around before leaving again. We won't touch anything and your parents will never know."

"But what about Jazz…" Danny protested before Sam cut him off, "She's at the library and won't be back for at least another hour. Come on Danny, we've never seen this lab of yours before."

Danny gave Tucker a beseeching look as Sam marched over to the half open lab door, but Tucker just grinned at Danny as he followed her. With a groan Danny thumped his head against the kitchen wall before following his crazy friends down the basement stairs.

"Woah." Sam and Tucker breathed in awe as they took in the dark and spacious lab; tubes and beakers of ecto-plasma cast an eerie green glow, the smooth metal walls seemed almost ominous in the dim light. Tucker with a gleam in his turquoise eyes, moved straight to the computers while Sam stared at the eerie green liquid. Danny just shook his head at his friends as he stood at the bottom of the stairs and flicked the lights on. If his friends were going to explore around the lab, there was no way they were doing it in the dark.

"The Fenton Ghost Portal is over here." he told them, moving over to a large clear section of wall. They gathered behind him and stared silently up at the massive, dark, mechanical hole in the wall. A flash of light lit up the depths of the portal as Sam clicked her camera. "If my parents ever see any photos of their lab with us in it they will ground me for the rest of my life."

"Don't worry so much, these are just going in my personal scape book. You parents will never see them." she replied as she took more photos, "Could you stand in front of the Portal Danny?"

He gave Sam a look but did so.

Tucker wandered over to look at the portal as Sam's camera clicked away. "Danny, could you go in in and have a look around?" Sam asked sweetly.

Danny gave his black haired friend an incredulous look and so did Tucker. "You want me to go into my parents' insane ghost portal. It could electrocute me or have some weird radiation!"

"Just have a look around. It couldn't hurt and it's cool, the idea of a whole another world." Sam stared at Danny until he relented with a groan.

"Fine, but I'm not going in there without at least some safely equipment. God only knows what my parents might have left laying around." He turned and walked over to a large cupboard by one of the walls. Opening it he pulled out a mostly monotone hazmat jumpsuit, like his parents used, but in his size and not orange or blue. Making sure that the door shielded him from his friends' gazes he shimmied out of his rain-wet clothes until he stood in just his boxers. Then he put on the white jumpsuit with black gloves, boots, belt and collar before tearing off a bright orange Jack Fenton sticker from his chest. "My parents got me this for my last birthday. But you both should probably put on one of the spare suits."

Tucker nodded and put down his backpack before pulling out a pure white suit but Sam just said, "I'm a Goth, I don't do white." Danny looked up from where he had started to draw on the chest of his suit with black marker a stylized D - leaving it with a gap that made it look more like a very elaborate P that with part of its tail cut off - and rummaged around in the cupboard, finding a pure black suit that he gave to Sam. Then after Tucker come out carrying a bundle of wet clothes, included his beloved red beret, and his backpack, they politely turned their backs so Sam could change.

Now all dressed in hazmat jumpsuits for their safely; even if they had refused to put on the hoods, googles or breath-masks and instead tucked them in the suit belts, they approached the portal. Tucker with his almost shoulder length black micro-braids that Sam had dared him to grow looking surprisingly different from normal and Sam also looked different without her normal gothic cloths or even the ponytail in her hair. At a push from Sam Danny entered the portal.

Tucker stood in the entrance looking at all the technology with excitement in his turquoise eyes as he typed away on his PDA, automatically pushing up his glasses when they started to slip. Sam stood next to Tucker in the entrance fiddling with her camera and Danny blinked at a sudden camera flash before turning around, "I've been in and you've taken a picture Sam, let's leave now."

As he stared to move back to the portal entrance Sam with an irritated look took another picture. Startled by the bright flash of light Danny stumbled and tripped. Automatically one hand braced against the wall, when with a sudden sick feeling in his gut, it sunk. He looked up and saw with horror it was an on/off button. "Get out!" he screamed at Sam and Tucker.

As Danny scrambled to his feet Tucker - who had tripped over and dropped his PDA and glasses onto the floor of the lab when Sam unexpectedly blinded him with her camera flash - had gotten up of the lab floor and moved further into the Portal then Sam to make sure Danny was alright, and he stopped in surprise at the command. Slightly behind Tucker and standing half in the very entrance of the Portal Sam's camera slipped from her fingers to bounce next to Tucker's PDA upon hearing the fear in Danny's voice.

They all stared, frozen in shock as with a whirring sound, eerie green light began to crackle at the back of the portal. It engulfed Danny before he could run and continued forward as he screamed. It slammed into Tucker, then Sam, engulfing them for a moment before flinging out Sam, then Tucker. For a couple more seconds Danny continued to jerk in the depths of the portal before he was flung out as it stabilized into a hypnotic swirling green horizontal puddle that light up the now dark lab.

I was inspired to write this after reading a few Danny Phantom fics and so you might see ideas that came from them in this story.

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They are all good stories and have interesting ideas.