Anything you recognize I probably don't own. There are also some parts of this taken directly from the Danny Phantom Show but it will get more and more different as it goes.

(This is Danny speak thinking.) (This is Sam speak thinking.) (This is Tucker speak thinking.)

Episode Five

"So, why exactly are we breaking our backs here, Sam?" Danny asked for the benefit on anyone who might be listening as he carried a box with the words 'Save the frogs' written on it.

"Frogs' rights." Sam declared passionately, "We have to stop dissecting frogs in our school biology labs. And at today's assembly," Sam stopped and the other two stopped with her, "I'm gonna demonstrate a humane alternative."

She tilted the box forward and Tucker read sceptically of the top, "I Can't Believe It's Not a Frog Cadaver?"

Sam put down her box and took out the apparently mechanical frog that looked just like a real one and still oozed slime all over her hand. It slightly disturbed Danny when the frog croaked, "Please remove my detachable three-chamber heart." even if he had been expecting it and he was sure to let the expression show.

Suddenly Danny gave a full body shiver has his ghost sense activated with a feeling like being plunged into chilled water but thankfully with a complete lack of blue mist. (Guys, my ghost sense.)

In front of them Sam's box starts glow green and thinking quickly Danny asked while nervously moving towards the assembly hall, "Are you sure these things are safe? And you know not explosive." (We can't transform right now, too much chance of being seen.)

"Yeah," Tucker said holding his box of frogs as the box before them started to shake, and backing away towards the assembly hall, "I'm with Danny on this. Are you sure those are safe?"

"They should be perfectly safe." Sam told them but none the less she too was backing warily towards the assembly hall. The box suddenly glowed brighter and gave a final violent shake before it erupted into a large cloud of green smoke. Tucker gave a startled yell and Sam accidently chucked her frog at one of the nearby lockers in surprise.

"What the hell is that?" Tucker asked as they started to rapidly move away from the green smoke cloud. As if in answer to Tucker's question the smoke materialised into the form of the Box Ghost. (The Box Ghost again?) (It's a box Tucker, who else did you expect? The Ghost of Mechanical Frogs?)

Waving his hands around the Box Ghost exclaimed, "I am the Box Ghost!"

"Ghost!" Danny squeaked. Next to him Tucker paled while Sam stared.

The Box Ghost puffed up even more in pride if that was possible, "Tremble before the might of all things cardboard and square." The boxes in Danny's and Tucker's arms started to glow green and they dropped them with cries of fright. The Box Ghost laughed and gestured, his blue hands surrounded by a spectral green glow.

(Run for it.) The boxes floated into the air and Danny made a break for it; followed rapidly by Tucker then Sam. They fled as Box Ghost laughed, his echoing, "Beware" following them eerily down the corridor. At a croak and then sudden crunch Danny couldn't help but look back. An amuse snort escaped him as he saw the Box Ghost attempting to squash one of Sam's mechanical frogs against a locker with his boxes. Then he winced as a bunch of green glowing scalpels floated from one of the boxes and impaled the mechanical frog and the locker it was sitting on.

(Ouch. Looks like he can control the contents of his boxes along with the boxes.) (Really?) Tucker asked, risking a look back before wincing and speeding up. (Good thing we got out of there before he could throw those things at us.)(Maybe you can see now why Saving the Frogs is so important.)

Danny scrambled to open a door and then they piled through and kept running. (Guys can we talk about this afterwards. Tucker is there a camera clear spot nearby?) (The backstage of the auditorium should is clean, at least as long as there's no one there and the curtains are still shut.) (Sam? Will there be anyone backstage.) (No, it should be clear.) (I'll transform there then.) They slowed down their frantic pace and opened a door, quietly slipping into the backstage of the auditorium.

"It doesn't seem like it followed us." Danny gasped out quietly as he discreetly checked for anyone nearby. Besides from the rumble of students filling up the seats, there was no sign of anyone this side of the curtain.

"Was that really a ghost?" Tucker asked as he nervously checked for anyone hiding between the curtains.(It seems clear.) (Good. I should stop the Box Ghosts before he does too much damage.)

"It stole my mechanical frogs." Sam said in something between disbelief and indignation. "My speech!" she turned and quickly made her way out of the backstage and down next to the stage with Mister Lancer.

(Tucker, can you stay here so I have somewhere safe to change back?) (Sure. I'll leave the camera feeds alone if you and the Box Ghost show up on them?) (Yeah, I doubt we're going to be able to hide that Ghosts are real with first the Lunch Lady and then the Dragon Ghost Amulet turning up so publicly. Better just to make sure people see good ghosts along with bad ghosts. Plus otherwise we might end up being blamed for the damages from the fight.)

With a flare of blue-white light Danny Fenton transformed into Danny Phantom. With a glance at Tucker he turned invisible and intangible before phasing through the school to hover about ten meters above the school roof. There he drop his invisibility and intangibly and floated down to stand on the grey roof of the school. (Is he showing up on any of the school cameras?) (Yeah, you might want to be quick, he's starting to head towards the auditorium. Our locker area is pretty trashed.)

Danny phased through the school down into the corridor between their lockers and the school auditorium. The Box Ghost looked surprised to see him and he used that half a second to lash out in a kick that sent the dazed ghost crashing back into a wall of lockers. He then flicked open his thermos and sucked the Box Ghost in.

Capping the thermos he looked at the lockers and winced. (I've got the Box ghost but the lockers are really trashed.) Taking off he phased through the ceiling and out of the school before turning intangible and floating back to Tucker. (It's clear to land and Sam's almost finished her speech.)


Walking down the corridor the trio looked at their lockers covered in yellow cation tape and winced. Danny glanced down at a piece of paper in his hand, "With my locker wrecked I've been assigned a new one. Locker, seven-two-four."

Both his friends gave dramatic and fearful gasps. Tucker pointed at a worn down and rusty locker which caused Danny to sigh as they walked towards it. Danny frowned uncertainly at his friends, "Guys, what's wrong? You look like you've seen a ghost."

Tucker shook his head, "Hello?! Locker 724? How do you not know the legend of locker 724?"

Opening the locker Danny touched to gold framed mirror at the back with a curious frown. Is it sparkling? He frowned and asked, "What's the big deal with 724?"

"It's cursed apparently." Tucker was cut of by Dash appearing with two other jocks.

"Hey Fenturd!" Dash jeered, "Let's see if your new locker fits you." Dash grabbed Danny and stuffed him in his locker. He slammed the door shut and walked away laughing.

Tucker opened the locker and Danny fell out. Sam just scowled after Dash. (Some times I'd really like to pay Dash back for his treatment.) (I know what you mean man.) Sam frowned at them but the two just rolled their eyes not interested in rehashing their argument about what they should be using their powers for. Secrecy had won out over what each personally wanted to do with their powers so they had agreed that none of them would use them for personal benefit or anything that could be connected back to their human-identities.

The trio walked off. Unnoticed the mirror in Locker 724 light up in a green glow as a ghostly voice spoke. "Bullies. Bullies!"

# # #

Next Day

"So Danny!" Jack exclaimed as Danny walked into the kitchen. "What's this I hear about you getting a new locker?"

"Oh, uh." Danny shrugged. "A bunch of lockers got wrecked. Mine was one of them so I got assigned a new one." He shrugged again. "What's that?" he asked, nodding at the big metatlic white gloves Maddie had.

Jack grabbed them. Putting them on and swing his fists around. Danny took a wary step backward. "These are the Fenton Ghost Gloves. With these I can fight ghosts with my fists!"

He punches a column of pipes and it breaks. Danny nodded, "Cool." and back out of the room as more pipes feel down.

(My parents have made gloves to fight ghosts with. They might give you super-strength.)


Danny frowned into his locker, watching Dale and another jock torment a student with a tuba, a member of the marching band.

"Hey, Tubby the Tuba." Dale grabbed the student's hat. "Nice shako." He twisted the hat into the student's ear. "Does it remove ear wax too?"

Danny slammed his locker shut and stalked off. Fucking jocks, fucking A-listers, fucking bullies and teachers that don't do anything about them.


Danny, Tucker and Sam sat in the cafeteria eating lunch. At a nearby table the A-listers were complaining.

"And all of a sudden, this locker door flies open and nails me." Dale related.

Paulina whined from were she was brushing foam from her hair, "I'm gonna be brushing this stuff out of my hair for a week."

"It's like this school is haunted." Kwan commented.

(Neither of you have suddenly started using your powers to get back at them, right?) (I wouldn't stoop to their level!) (Dude, if I was going to I wouldn't leave you out.) (I would never risk our secret like that. What's the chance that something is haunting the school vs it just being odd coincidence?)

The trio chowed their food considering that comment. (It's totally haunted.) (It would be just our luck.) (If it's haunted then Danny needs to ca-Lancer!)

Sam stood, "I'll be back." and ran off.

"I looked up the legend of your new locker." Tucker pulled out his PDA. "Locker 724 was originally owned by a Sidney Poindexter back in the fifties." On the PDA it said Poindexter attended Casper High from 1954-1958. "Poindexter was the victim of more cruel pranks then anyone in the history of Casper High School. Apparently, picking on him was a graduation requirement. He got stuffed into his locker so many times, it's believed his spirit still inhabits it to this very day."

(What's the chance that's true?) (Don't know but I wouldn't bet against it.)

Sam returned to the table carrying a box of frogs.

Danny eyed it warily "Sam, what are you doing?" (You got that with just human abilities right?) (Of course!)

"Nothing." She replied not at all convincing and set the box down on the table bench. "Certainly not trying to smuggle frogs out of the bio lab while Lancer isn't looking."

Several hamburger patties pelted Danny in the face before he could reply to that suspiciously specific denial. "Hey guys." Dash was surrounded by several jocks. "What do you say we 'meat' my new locker neighbour."

Danny wiped the patties off and glared at Dash. Do not punch Dash. Do not punch Dash. He breathed calmly glaring at his the table. A second barrage of patties, cheese, veggies and then a giant loaf of bread that landed on his head.

"Enjoy your sandwich, neighbour." Dash taunted as he walked away.

"That's it!" Danny smacked the bread of his head. "Next time he does something I'm going to punch him right in his smug face."

"Um," Tucker looked at him, "I'm not sure that's a good idea. " "Danny." Sam frowned disapprovingly.

Danny huffed and slumped against the table. "No. Your right. It's a dumb idea. Don't mean I wouldn't like it if some took him down a peg."

He started removing bits of food, Sam and Tucker helping.

When they had got most of it off Danny shivered a chill in his chest. (Ghost Sense.)

Tucker and Sam tensed slightly. (Do you want me to clear the cameras somewhere?) (Not sure. I don't even know where the ghost is.) (We can't just let it wander around.) (Let's move somewhere with less people.) They started to leave the cafeteria. (I don't know Sam. The animal ghosts could be dangerous and while the Box Ghost might be an annoyance to us he could be dangerous to humans but Technus hasn't attacked anyone. I think...maybe we need to talk to all the ghost that come through, and warn them about my-the Fentons but maybe we don't have to fight them all?) (I don't want you to have to fight a stronger ghost again. The Lunch Lady was pretty dangerous but she was only attacking because she was upset.) (I guess we can try talking.)

Food started flying around behind them and students screamed as lunch trays smacked into them. Mentally Danny sighed as physically he ran with a yell of shock. The Trio ran and then ducked into a classroom. (Tucker? Sam?) (Clear.) (Clear. There aren't any cameras directly outside, so if need we can say we left out the window.) Danny stood by a corner of the classroom only visible if you were actually in the classroom then transformed. Tucker sat down with his PDA as Sam stood watch over him. (I'll look through and see if what's going on is in camera view.) (Good thinking.)

Switching to invisibility and intangibly Danny soared through the school. Floating invisibly above the building he could see students streaming out. (Got it! Near your new locker, there's a ghost. It looks like just like Poindexter. It looks like he's stuffed Dash in his locker?)

(Going.) Phantom dropped intangibly back through the school until he reached the corridor but remained invisible for a moment as he observed. Dropping the invisibly he cleared his cleared his throat, "Excuse me. But what are you doing?"

The ghost started and turned to face him. "Giving him a taste of his own medicine. He's a bully, he does this to other students."

Phantom frowned floating in place. "That's true from what I've seen and I don't approve of bullies but I do need to know what you are planning to do while in the human world."

"Why." The ghost questioned.

Phantom shrugged, "I don't mind you paying back bullies or protecting weaker students but I couldn't let you run around in good conscious if you were going to seriously harm any of the humans."

"I wouldn't!" The ghost exclaimed.

"Good. You also need to know about the ghost hunters." Phantom looked around. "Come and talk with me where we won't freak out the humans, uh...?"

He looked questioningly at the other ghost. "Sidney Poindexter, if there's a nerd in need I will be there." (The ghost is Sidney Poindexter.)

Danny nodded, "Phantom, I guess I'm keeping an eye on this town." (He seems friendly or at least not hostile.)

Phantom held out a hand, "Um, I'll lead, if you don't mind?" (Taking him to talk under the school.)

Sidney hesitated then came closer and gripped his hand. Phantom turned them both invisible and intangible then dropped down into the school's basement. Releasing his powers Phantom said, "There aren't any cameras down here and the humans don't come down often." (Fifteen minutes until you need to come back and transform.) (That should work.)

"I can't hang around for too long so I will give you the quick run down and then you can ask questions after. Alright?" Sidney nodded.

"Firstly no killing or permanently injuring anyone. No broken bones, no big cuts. I'd prefer you just don't harm anyone in general but if your paying back bullies I guess a couple of bruises are okay. Two, you just target bullies and make sure you are hitting bullies. If they stop their bullying them you stop payback on, even dickheads deserve the chance to change. Three, don't get innocent students blamed for what you do. Four try and keep the property damage down. Five, I would prefer that you try and be somewhat subtle but that's your own choose and six the town has Ghost Hunters." Phantom paused for a moment.

"The Hunter's names are Jack and Maddie Fenton. Their obsessed, think all ghost are evil and have anti-ghost weapons. Stay away from them. Don't try and fight them, I'm not sure who would end up most injured the Fenton's, the ghost who tries t fight them or anyone nearby but I'm not interested in finding out. They are very easy to spot, they where jumpsuits all the time, the women's is blue and the man's is orange, he is also large and prone to shouting." Phantom thought for a moment.

"That's all I think. Actually, no. And if you stay there is another ghost hanging around. His name is Technus. He hasn't done anything wrong so I haven't tried to get remove him. Don't let the humans in on the fact he's here." Phantom nodded. "Any questions?"

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