I'm sorry (not so much though) but I found a writing prompt and somebodies answer and This is my thoughts after reading this prompt. You're in charge of assigning every child on earth the monster under their bed. One child in particular has caused every monster assigned to him/her to quit. You decide to assign yourself. So here we go D. Grayman style.

Ah, The years have been great to me. I am The monster under your bed. I am the beginning, The crowned Clown. Yet there is one thing that bothers me. What do I do with my child now that he is grown. I am happy he is finally living and free but, I never should have done as I did.

Oh! You only just now started listening? Okay than I'll go back, back to when I first met my child Allen.

I look at a file. The one file I didn't want to see on my desk again

Case: # 9389743

Status: Unknown

Child: Allen Walker

Age: 5

Home address: 3210 218th St E London, England 2218. Foster's Home for Desturbed Children.





Artic Woman


Done! I'm done looking! To many have quit all because of this one child. That's it, it's time for me to go. I will scare this child whitless. Yet that was not to be.

7:00-I look around, Oddly no other children I the room with him even though it's an orphanage. I start by peaking Above the bed my white mask bearly seen. No response. I reach out with my claw towards the childs arm. As soon as I touch my arm is grabed. Grabbed by a child. "Leave now or it'll be you left in tears." The child looks at me as he speaks eyes as dead as his voice is even, monotone even. I pull away, flowing back under the bed.

7:17- Again I reach for the boy but this time for his slightly exposed stomach, before I touch he reaches and well moving a tangled with his shirt. Man I'm out of practice, yet at that moment it didn't matter for all I see is purple than red. Purple skin that should be pale white, red scabbed over wounds criss crossing the boys side. I hear him gasp as he plls his shirt down. "I warned you, angel. Now I'll drag ya down with me!" He screams. Angel? Why would he think I'm an angel and If so why would he run me away?

7:20- I hear foot steps storming up the stairs after the echo of his scream. The boy- Allen Scrambles off the bed crawling under the bed as he pushed me over. The door slams open and I smell fine wine and Sakura flowing in. "Where are you you little demon. Well! Come out before I drag you out!" a hand reaches under and I push the boy sideways well placing my cloke, my pure white cape in the delecate hand the conceled great strength. When pulled out from under the bed I sttod as tall as I could. My mask floating 5 feet or so above the ground my cape billowing out. My claw, attached to nothing reached out and wrapped completely around the blusterous woman's head my broad sword floating at her throat.

"Don't ever touch my child again. He is mine and you have laid a hand on him." When I released her she dropped to her knees begging God forgiveness for touching a child guarded with an angel. "Begone!" and leave she did scurering across the floor like a mouse from a cat. A Gaurdian Angel huh? If I have to be. For My child. I turn around to find the boy looking at me full on A scar over one eye, brown hair and ratty clouths. "Go to bed child, I will be back tomorrow."

"Why would you protect me?" My boy asks in shock.

"Because, You are my boy. Sleep." I command and sleep he does. I kiss his head and as I turn to leave his hair turns white, white as my cape, white as my mask. Now he is an angel to and like me his arm is black. He is my angel and I am his.

All done. Disclaimer: I don't own you don't sue. Thank you!