This story will feature lots of common tropes- There will be angst galore, slash, an original character or two, a complete botching up of two fandom's timelines, some made up background stories, Snape being occasionally nice, and whatever else I construct along the way. But hopefully some original takes on all of the above.

To set the stage: This is a Harry Potter (up to the 5th book) and X-Men Evolution (with some pieces of comic book or original cartoon thrown in). For instance- in X-Men Evolution we don't really get Wolverine's past, so I'm making it up. However, Kitty's talents are touched upon in the comics and original cartoons, but not X-Men Evolution. Jubilee is a vampire (comics) but everyone is quite young (Evolution). The timeline for X-Men Evo has been shifted earlier so that it coincides with Harry Potter. For Harry Potter we've got the trio off on their quest and they are 7th year age- we're ignoring the killing of Dumbledore and the nastiness that comes after that. Essentially...I've done whatever the hell I've wanted.

Enjoy the ride.

Kitty grinned in glee as another encryption was broken. She had never imagined that one day she would be this good at something, that the numbers and codes and movements would wind through her brain and click like lock tumblers into place, opening the secrets hidden within to her. Oh sure, she took the required computer classes at school- it had been very easy for her to build code to make the simple programs work, and it had intrigued her, but she had dismissed it as nerdy, for geeks, thinking that it came this easily to everyone. It wasn't until they were rebuilding the mansion, rebuilding the Danger Room and Cerebro, that she had been roped into doing some of the simpler computer work. It had developed from there. She read books on the different systems and she practiced by building codes and cracking codes, playing pranks of the fellow mansions resident's computers. That all seemed too long ago.

The Professor had subtly hinted that she should put her talents to use in information gathering. Slowly she had become their resident hacker, cracker, and all around information gatherer. She hung out online with other people who built codes and manipulated systems, sharing hints and giving advice. She didn't even recognize herself some days. She was still a happy, optimistic person, but she wasn't as excitable. The Valley Girl look didn't belong to her anymore, and she realized that she had grown tougher, a little more jaded. Logan had gruffly told her that she was turning into a real lady.

Logan had done a lot for her over the years. She had wracked her brain on how to repay him, even though she never could. He was her almost father figure. Not that her father wasn't amazing and wonderful, they just didn't get to see each other often. She knew he was amused that his daughter had grown up to become a super hero. But he still didn't understand it. Couldn't possibly understand it.

She was in the smallish office (more like a closet) that had been set up for her with the best equipment the professor was willing to spring for (and it was all really wonderful considering she had picked it out and charged it to his cards. It still counted as a gift, right?). The mansion was calm today, surprisingly enough. After the Danger room session this morning everyone had dispersed, Rogue, Jean and Ororo had gone shopping (they had invited her, but she declined. She wanted to work on her project), Logan was calibrating something in the Danger room with Scott in the control room, and Bobby and Hank were in the rec room watching t.v. with some of the younger students and probably making sugary concoctions that no one in their right mind would eat.

She had been up for half the night ever since she woke with a start and a brilliant idea. What was Logan always going off to the wilderness for? Peace and quiet? Sure. But he was looking for his past. The old Weapon X files weren't the easiest thing she had ever tried to hack into, but she kept on pushing. She had to hunt for a little while, but she eventually found signs of what she was looking for in a dusty corner of government files. They were kept under lock and key. How many people really wanted into these files? She wondered to herself. Rather than waste time reading the information while she was there she immediately saved the files and moved on. The procedures. The training process. How he was picked. Personal Information. There is was. Exactly what she was looking for. She saved the files. She saved the files of everyone who was linked to him. This was a mystery that she would unravel. And it would be the best present Logan had ever gotten.

"Logan, calm down. We are not going in there to fight." Scott told him sternly. "We will get in and get out as quickly as possible." He looked around and the skeleton team he had pulled together. He meant what he said. He didn't want this to turn into a fight, so fewer numbers were better, but he still worried about getting stuck in a violent situation where there were no other options and no back up. The place they were going to infiltrate was a well known organization on the west coast that compiled lists of mutants, along with their power, if known, and sold them to the highest bidder. There wasn't much the X-Men could really do about that since that kind of information was often very easy to come by, but recently information had reached them that the organization had started to compile scientific data and had all the makings for a lab. When Scott asked indignantly why Ororo's informant, who always seemed to give them the information they needed after he had finished his own work, and often destroying the material but not the physical location, didn't finish his job she merely gave him a wry twist of the lips and replied that it was good for the team to do their own work every once in a while. After all, her informant only told them what he wanted to, what was good for him to tell, not out of any kindness in his shriveled heart. Scott grudgingly had to accept this. For the past few years it had almost been like they had a nameless, faceless member of the team who proved incredibly valuable but never really bothersome.

So here they were, hoping to get the information and then destroy the set up. No fighting, per se, but there was still the high probability of that happening. They landed the Black Bird a little way off, which caused most of the team to grumble about the distance they'd have to walk. They didn't want to announce their presence after all, and hopefully it would be easier to run to the Blackbird than to try and stealthily hide a several ton aircraft closer to the building.

It was almost suspiciously easy to infiltrate the building. They slipped passed the timed patrols around the perimeter of the building's walls, everyone holding onto Shadowcat to slide through the gate. They stuck to the shadows in the dusk of the setting sun and used that same sun to their advantage, by moving when it shone into the eyes of the guards. One snikt and the flash of silver claws from Wolverine and the door opened sans passcode. They appeared to be in a rather quiet part of the building- Wolverine could hear faint voices through the walls, but it seemed that most of the workers- scientists, soldiers, run-of-the-mill everytype laborors- had gone home for the night. That made their job easier, at any rate. Cyclops had briefed them in the War Room about the layout of the building. Following Cyclops's directions and Wolverine's nose, they found the area they were looking for, with Boom Boom flicking pebble-sized explosives at the cameras as they passed. They passed no one and though they anxiously waited, no alarms sounded.

"This is disappointing," Shadowcat murmured as they squeezed themselves into the room. It was only slightly bigger than her closet set-up back at the mansion and didn't look all that high tech. "So much for believing what the movies tell me." She had expected something a bit more grandiose. Wolverine just grunted and Cyclops was keeping an eye out the door. Boom Boom, brought along for phase two of the mission, contented herself snapping her gum, which earned her a glare from Wolverine and the silent promise of another "things to do to ensure you get caught" lecture. She just grinned at his evil eye. She was no longer a child and was not as easily intimidated by the growling mutant. Just because she liked to have fun did not mean that she was not a serious fighter.

It took just a moment for the system to recognize her hard drive and just a few moments more to find and copy personnel files, project files, and anything else that looked remotely important. The personnel and project files were the main ones that Storm's informant had told them to look out for. The minutes that it took for the files to copy were tense- anyone could come by at any moment. It was a few more minutes still while she let loose a spybot which would attach itself to any outgoing messages or transferred files. Cyclops and Wolverine were tense, and for all of Boom Boom's projected ease, her eyes constantly scanned the room and Wolverine and Cyclops for any hint of trouble.

Shadowcat safely ejected the harddrive as both of her projects were complete. "Go for it," she instructed Boom Boom. The blonde woman nodded and a a glowing orb of plasma began to grow between her palms. She littered the room with half a dozen of the timed explosives- as she had gained control of her power she had been able to increase the time between creation and detonation. Making sure the coast was clear the moved quickly, retracing their path into the building as the cameras were already disabled along that route.

Two guards speaking in front of the entrance gave them pause. Wolverine barred his teeth at the hitch in their escape, but made no sounds. The guards finally drifted away after thirty seconds, but it felt much longer than that. They wanted to be well outside the area by the time Boom Boom's explosives detonated. Again, Shadowcat phased them through the outer wall. It had grown dark in the fifteen minutes or so they were within the building, which made their escape easier. By the time Cyclops deemed them relatively home free, they were sprinting for the jet on the other side of a copse of trees. They were half way there when they heard the distant percussion of the explosives. They broke into a dead run, the Blackbird taking off before everyone was ready, leaving Boom Boom sprawled in the aisle.

"No tail. Nothing on the sensors. We're crossing over into crowded airspace in a few minutes- even if they wanted to I doubt they'll find us in this mess," Wolverine growled through the intercom as the Blackbird jerked at a steep angle and banked left. Boom Boom muttered as she was strapping herself in.

"That was surprisingly easy," Cyclops commented, seeming startled that his "no fighting" mission turned into exactly what he had hoped for- a rarity.

Shadowcat nodded. "I don't think we've ever had a mission that went so smoothly...especially a mission where we blew something up." She worried that maybe something had gone wrong-something they weren't yet prepared for. They had gotten all of the cameras, right?

"Exactly. I feel like we've missed something vital and it will come back to bite us in the ass." was his reply.

"Scott!" Tabitha gasped in mock horror. "Language!" She paused. "There's nothing we could do about it anyway. Face it. We had an easy mission, we accomplished our goals, and for once, we have nothing to angst about." Scott shrugged in reply before unbuckling and made his way to the cockpit to join Wolverine in stoic, manly silence. The only sound was the vibration of the engines as they flew home.

The great wizard Albus Dumbledore observed the two men in front of him silently, peering at them over his half-moon spectacles, a grave expression on his face. Long moments of silent stretched on as both men waited patiently for the outcome. The plan had merit, the two men thought, but who could tell if it would interfere with some other plan already in the works? They were but two chess pieces after all; they went where they were told but often were not told why they had made any particular move.

"Lemon drop?" He pushed the candy dish towards them. The dark man raised an eyebrow and snorted inelegantly. He made the damn things after all. Calming draught laced lemon drops were a thing of beauty and perfect for fixing all the ills of the pubescent raging hormones-on-legs Hogwarts called students. They also took up a damn good bit of time. Did the man think he had nothing else to do? The other man shook his head and merely took a sip of tea which had gone cold in the wait.

Dumbledore turned his attention to the older man. "Severus, do you really think this is wise?" Casting a look at the other man he said in an apologetic tone, "it's not that I do not believe you capable, I'm just not sure if the risk if worth the reward."

Snape leaned forward. "I could be discovered at any minute and then the Order's spy is gone. We would lose all of our inside information. Though we have a few informants, they are nowhere near the inner circle as I am. He," he said, gesturing, "contains an amount of power that would be very tempting to the Dark Lord. He is a rarity, to be sure, and an affront to pureblood supremacy, but the Dark Lord himself is a half-blood and may take kindly to him. In fact, I believe he will welcome him and the opportunity he brings. Though he deals with the werewolves and other creatures, this would be his connection to a new source of power and I don't think he would turn that down." The man they spoke of said nothing, merely watching the exchange with interest. "Albus, I would not suggest this if I did not think it would work. I have coached him on the proper behaviors and he can, when he chooses to do so, behave with proper Slytherin grace. He was a student in my own house. I-" Snape cleared his throat awkwardly, trying to speak around the lump that had formed. Albus looked at him intently, not surprised that he was fond of the boy-now-man who sat with them, but that he would make an attempt to articulate this fondness surprised him greatly. "I would not do anything to unduly endanger him." Severus finally settled on. Who needed words to describe a relationship as deep and solid as theirs? He was not a child person, no one would ever accuse him of that, but when a traumatized orphan was sorted into his house, torn from his home country, it was impossible for Severus not to keep an eye out and his door open. That the boy had needed that assurance and had latched onto that relationship had only been the start of a mentor turned foster-parent role for him. And here he was, throwing that same boy into a pit of vipers. He felt ill.

Albus turned to inspect the former student at his school, remembering what it had been like when he had first come. Oh, the mischief that would have made the Weasley twins green with envy! He sighed heavily. As much as he would have liked to have kept all of his students out of this war, he did not have such a luxury. Nor could he turn down the weapon that had been handed to him. With Harry, Ron, and Hermione off hunting horcruxes, he had lost access to Tom, save through his interactions with Severus. To have an assurance of a line of information...

"Detail this plan to me." He said eventually to the younger man. With a glance at Severus, who merely gave a single, curt nod, he began to outline the plan that they had spent months arguing over and tinkering with until it was as solid as they could make it.

Severus called the house elves to refresh the tea service while Dumbledore stood and stared out of the window in thought. It just might work. But could he really damn a former student to the dark mark. He shook his head. Of course he could. And he would. But that didn't mean that he liked it. Unlike Severus, the younger man would have no direct access to the Order. Instead, he would relay information to Severus or himself. He would continue to teach Ancient Studies, an elective available to the 6th and 7th year students, and Magical Theory to the first years, giving him a similar cover as Severus who was rarely called during the week in deference to his cover as Voldemort's spy.

He would be forced to carry the dark mark for the remainder of his days. His future would be tainted by suspicion. Who knew how long this war might last for? While he hoped for a quick and relatively bloodless conclusion to this madness, he was under no illusions. This could last decades, if the other horcruxes were not found. This young man could be killed by Voldemort in a fit of temper. He could be betrayed to the same result. Someone from their side may injure or kill him accidentally in battle.

"Will you tell Charlie?" He asked suddenly. Both his current spy and his soon-to-be spy glanced at each other.

"He knows we've come up with an idea. He knows we're bringin' it to you. But the details?" He shook his head. "He can't know. We don't see each other much, 'cept on breaks anyways." He shrugged. "I don't like it, but I'm willin' to do it." Albus thought of the eternal hell that would rain on his head if Molly found out that her son's partner was being used as a spy.

"Try to keep it from him," Dumbledore finally said, "but if he finds out, we will deal with it then. You will need support. Don't shut him out." He tugged on his white beard. "Do endeavor, however, to keep any such information from reaching the other members of the Weasley clan. Molly would have my hide." He informed him with a wince. Just the thought of that particular headache was enough to make him dread that future encounter- and make no mistake, he knew it was a matter of when, not if.

Turning to Severus he inquired, "when will you present him to Tom?"

"As soon as possible. Potentially tonight." Came the reply.

Dumbledore sunk wearily in his chair as Fawkes crooned soothingly at him. He turned to the young man. "Congratulations. You are now a spy. Do try not to get killed."