'Click' 'Clock'

At the door of a locked apartment were a young human male unlocking it to proceed inside his living place. The young man name was Richard and was coming back from work. Once the door unlocked, the man got inside before closing and locking it again behind. Then, a second after he was done putting his keys and coat on a wall rack, Richard was greeted by a cute and joyful creature that came out of nowhere.

"Pika!" Loudly said a yellow electrical pokemon while jumping into Richard's arms, almost tackling him.

Fortunately for him, the pokemon known as pikachu was very light and barely made him move.

"Hi there Liza." Said Richard, holding the pokemon.

"Pikachu!" whimpered the pokemon while shoving it's face on his chest, strongly nuzzling him.

"I know, I missed you too." Said the human, petting the very affectionate pikachu known as Liza.

Liza kept nuzzling him until she abruptly stops. Raising her head, she smelled Richard a bit before looking at him almost angrily.

"Pikachu." She said, upset.

"Nothing escape your nose I see." Said Richard with a smile.

"Chu!" She angrily said, not liking his try to change the topic.

"Alright alright. She's just a co-worker okay, nothing serious, I promise."

For a moment, Liza kept staring at Richard with an unamused face.

"... Pika..." She said while looking away, upset.

"Come on now, you know no girl will ever replace you Liza, even if I get a girlfriend. You're just the best girl in the world." Tried to reassured Richard.

"... Pi." Huffed the pikachu, still mad.

"Do some belly rubs will make it up to you later?" Proposed Richard.

Even though she wasn't physically reacting, she was now having a hard time staying mad at him. The belly rub was one of the best things in the world for her, especially since it was done by her master.

"... Ch-chu." Said Liza while perking her ears down and pressing her head against Richard's chest in defeat.

"There we go. No one can resist the belly rub." He said, petting his pokemon.

"Pika." Lowly said Liza.

"Great. How about we make dinner before the bath?"

"Pikachu!" Happily said Liza before jumping on one of his shoulders.

"Hehe, food is also something nice, isn't it?" Said Richard while going towards the kitchen.


Liza, a female pikachu, was quite special. At first glance, we could see that she was very affectionate, which was true. However, it was more than that. Liza, the female pikachu, was a very jealous and extremely possessive pokemon. The first question could be why? The answer is simple; she was madly in love with Richard, her master. She knew him since she was only a small pichu and with him since she was still in an egg. Even when she was a pichu, she loved him very much. However, her feelings towards him have grown a lot stronger when she evolved. Wherever he might be or do, she always wanted to be close to him. Fortunately, she was quite calm and discrete when she wants to, so it wasn't bothering Richard that much. The only time she was leaving him alone was when he was on the potty, at which Richard made it clear that it was a alone time for him. Compared to the rest of the day that she could be with him, it was just a minor disagreement that she could easily live with. Unfortunately, the worst of her jealousy and possessiveness was when Richard was interacting with other, especially the females, human or pokemon. Liza knew that she didn't have any control over which Richard was talking at his job, which was pissing her off quite a lot, but when they were going out together, Richard could barely make eye contact with other female without Liza being mad at him. But if it was the female that was engaging, she would aggressively shoo them off. Since Richard was getting upset when she does that, she tried to work on that and be more tolerant, but it was still hard for her. On the other hand, Richard had more freedom with male ones, since Liza knew that he wasn't into male. She didn't care if he was talking or even having fun with a human or pokemon male. However, she still could get jealous if both of them were getting too close, fearing that she could be replaced or just losing precious minutes with him. Due to that, Richard unfortunately didn't have any girl friends and close male friend outside his work place, which wasn't that bad actually. Richard had always have been the type to prioritize quality over quantity.

"Almost done." Said Richard as diner was almost ready.

"Kachu." Happily said the pokemon after sniffing the fume emanating from the cooking pot.

"Look tasty huh?" Said Richard, auto praising himself.

"Chu." Agreed Liza.

"Let's put the table while it finish boiling."

With the pikachu nodding, she got off his shoulder and helped her master. Unfortunately, due to her size, there wasn't a lot she could do, but she still could place the napkins and cutleries. Because she needed her four limbs to jump on the table, she was mainly using her mouth with the help of her cutely heart shaped tail. When everything was done, Liza then sat on a very small cushion on the table since she couldn't use a chair and waited. Soon enough, Richard was at the table to put two plates on it, one for him and the other for Liza.

"Pika." Thanked Liza.

"You're welcome."

Wanting to eat at the same time, Liza waited that he was sitting and ready to eat.

"Have a good meal."

"Chu." Answered Liza back before both of them began to eat.

After Richard, food was the second thing Liza loved the most, especially when made by her lover, so she mainly focused on it until the end.

"I'm guessing you liked it as usual." Richard replied while standing up and taking the two plates.

"Pika!" Happily answered back Liza.

"Well, now that we ate, I think you know what's next."

"Pika! Pika!" Liza replied while jumping joyfully.

"Yep, bath time." Richard confirmed after putting the dishes in the sink


With Liza following him, Richard then went to the bathroom. While he was turning the faucets and adjusting the water temperature, Liza was impatiently jumping around.

"I still don't know why you're always so excited about bath time since I'm the one that takes it most of the time."

"Pikachu." the pokemon simply answered with a smile.

At first, it indeed could be strange for this pikachu to be excited about not participating to the bath time. However, it does make sense when you know a bit more about Liza. The thing is, Liza was a pervert. Beside being with him of course, the main reason why she loved bath time was because it was the only moment where she could see him naked. Occasionally, she was joining him in and swim around, but since she didn't like water that much, it was quite uncommon for her to do so. Richard wasn't really the bath type of guy, but when he noticed that Liza was, he didn't mind going mainly with that. To him, Liza was just an innocent but very affectionate pikachu, so he didn't really had second thought about it. While sitting on the bathroom counter, Liza stared at Richard while he was stripping, eager to see him all exposed. Even though his back was facing her, she knew that it was only a matter of seconds before she could see her favorite part of him. While the bathtub was still getting filled, Richard got in and sat before pressing his back against the bathtub wall.

"Hoouu, cold." Richard complained.

A second later, Liza jumped on the edge of the bathtub and got comfortable by resting on her belly. As the water level was rising, Liza took that opportunity to give discrete glares when Richard wasn't looking as much as possible at his crotch. When the water level was at Richard's taste, he closed the faucets before resting his back against the bathtub wall again.

"Ahhh, that feels good." Richard sighed, closing his eyes.


"It's not that bad afterall, going only with bath."

"Chu." Liza agreed.

"So, how was your day?" Richard asked.

"Pika, pikachu." Liza answered, not sounding that happy.

"That boring?" Richard guessed. "You know there's more to do than just waiting for me."

"... Chu." She retorted, not really interested.

"Hehe, what a cute little pikachu you are."

"Pi, pika pi." Liza replied lowly.

For a moment, none of them had much more to say. Wondering what Liza was doing, Richard opened one eye and saw that she had her head resting on her front paws, looking at him.

"... Boop." Richard said while surprising her with a nose booping.


"Boop." Richard repeated, doing it again.

At that, Liza began to look suspiciously at him. When he neared his hand again, she gave him a very light electrical static shock, slightly stinging him.

"Ow." Richard complained playfully. "That hurt."

"Chu." Liza replied before sticking her tongue out at him.

"Really now? Well, take that." Richard retorted before spraying a few water drops with a finger at her.

Playing along, Liza used her tail to splash a huge amount of water into her master's face, making her giggles afterwards.

"Alright, let's see if you laugh after this."

Quickly, Richard pushed Liza into the bath. Her first reflex was to try to hold to the edge of the bathtub, but to no avail, falling helplessly in the water.

"... Pika!" Liza scolded angrily at her master after popping her head out of the water.

"What happened? Did you fall?" Richard teased.

"Chu." She replied with puffy cheeks, glaring angrily at him.

"Hehe, sorry. Come here." He apologized before taking her to hold her on his chest with his arms with half of her body in the water. "You kind of asked for it."

"Pi." She answered back, looking upset.

"Damnit, my own pikachu is sulking me, what should I do?" Richard wondered. "A kiss maybe." he added before kissing the top of her head.

Not looking mad anymore, Liza raised her head to look at Richard above her with her cute little eyes with a smile.

"Pika." She forgave happily.

"Aww, aren't you just the cutest thing ever." Richard praised while rubbing the side of her head.

"Kaa." the pokemon squeaked softly while pushing affectionately at his hand.

Even though she knew that he was petting her like he would with a animal, she didn't care and enjoyed it. A touch was a touch, and she would take anything from him. However, being touched by Richard was making her tail swinging around unconsciously like a dog, making her touch something that caught all of her attention. It was brief, but the end part of her tail brushed against his member, which made her realize in what position she was. Even after Richard stopped petting her, she started to get excited, knowing what was only a few inches away from her. She had to use all of her willpower not to do it again.

"You okay Liza?" Richard inquired, concerned.

Unfortunately, Liza had failed to noticed that she had gone quite absent minded for a moment, thinking about only one thing.

"Pi, pikachu." She reassured while breaking out of her master's grasp to exit the bath, not wanting to lose control.

"Having enough already? Quite predictable since you don't like water."

"Chu." She confirmed before starting to shake like a wet dog to dry herself.

"Liza! Please! You know I don't like you doing that." Richard scolded without sounding mad.

"Pi." She replied while leaving and with her tail between her hind legs.

Slightly sighing, Richard then went limp in the bath, making him go a bit deeper.

(She's has been acting like this from time to time since a while now. I still don't know what's wrong with her. Every time I ask, it's like she never wants to talk about it. Oh well, for the rare times that happen, nothing to worry about I suppose.) Richard thought while enjoying the bath.

However, he had to cut it short because he didn't want his pokemon wetting the entire house floors. Leaving the bath after unplugging it, he took a towel, dried himself up and rolled the towel around his waist before taking another one and left the bathroom.

"Come here Liza, let's dry you up." he told while under the doorway.

It only took Liza a few seconds to appears from a corner of the room next to the bathroom and be in front of him.

"You still don't want to tell me what's wrong?" Richard asked after getting on his knees and starting to brush the pikachu's fur with the towel.

"Chu." Liza responded while shaking her head under the towel.

"Alright, I respect that. Just promise me it's not something important okay?"

"Chu." She assured while nodding.


When Liza was pretty much all dry, she dashed towards the living room couch, knowing what was next. After dropping the towel in a basket, Richard joined her on the couch. Immediately after he had his ass on it, Liza jumped on him to lay on his laps.

"Let's see what we have tonight." Richard told with the remote in his hand.

After work, dinner and bath time, both of them were laying on the couch to watch some movies. Even though Liza wasn't always getting what was happening in them, she was enjoying most of them. However, the real reason why she loved that moment was obviously that she could be close to Richard with him petting her half of the time. After three movies, it was now bed time for them.

"Another day fulfilled." Richard announced while stretching after turning off the TV.

"Pika." the pikachu agreed happily.

"Time to hit the hay so we can start the next one."


After Liza jumped down from him, Richard stood up and went to the bathroom to do his last minute business before heading towards his bedroom. When in, he saw Liza already in the bed, waiting for him since they were sleeping together. Again, Richard was seeing her more like a companion than anything else, so he wasn't minding. It has some advantages actually like saving him money from buying a bed for her and keeping him warm at night while enjoying her company. Before joining the pikachu, Richard then stripped into his underwear, something that Liza always loved watching. When he was under the sheets, Liza immediately snuggled against before closing her eyes. After petting the pokemon a bit, Richard did the same.

Maybe half an hour later, Richard was asleep. However, it wasn't the case of the electrical mouse. Since a moment, a slight burning sensation in her nether region was preventing her from sleeping.

(Oh no, not again) Liza thought while rolling in the bed. (I thought I could control it, but it's getting harder.)

Rolling on her belly, her excitement had gotten strong enough to make her uncontrollably move one paw over her womanhood.

(Oh lord.) she thought when she felt how wet she was. (And I'm not even in heat.)

Uncontrollably again, she began to play with her most sensitive organ and masturbate.

(That's his fault. If he wasn't so kind and cute... oh god, I can't believe how much I wish that it was him that was touching me there.)

Slowly, her breath began to change.

(Why is he so big and me so small? That's not fair.)

Then, as her pleasure was raising, the image of his penis popped in her head.

"Pi..." Liza moaned accidentally.

(Damnit, now I really want it.)

Unable to contain herself anymore, she left Richard's side and moved under the sheet, next to his crotch. Even though she was in complete darkness, she knew where she was and that it was just a few inches away from her.

(Maybe I can't mate with him, but maybe... I can touch it... or even... taste him.) she thought while slowly moving one paw towards the human's member.

However, she stopped midway before reaching her goal.

(No Liza, get a hold of yourself. You can't rape him in his sleep, you're better than that.)

After moving her paw away, Liza went hesitant.

(But... I want him so much.)

If she could electrocute herself, she would in order to force herself to come back to her sense, but unfortunately, she couldn't, so she only bite her lips to do so.

(I would just be a bad pokemon if I were to abuse him in his sleep.) she continued before turning to move back in her previous place.

Then, as she was blindly walking under the sheet, her front paws hit one of Richard's hands and tripped, making her belly landing on it.

(Stupid legs. Good thing master is a heavy sleeper.)

As she wanted to stand up to continue, she quickly noticed that she couldn't as his skin and scent had bewitched her, preventing from moving. Worst, she even felt one finger brushing against her small and wet womanhood. Took by pleasure and excitement, she uncontrollably began to rub her entrance against one finger, more specifically on her clit.

(His finger... is touching me.) she yelled in her head with her breathing starting to get faster again. (I... know it's bad... but I can't stop. He's touching me and... it feels so good. Better than when I'm doing it myself.)

Totally at the mercy of desire, Liza kept masturbating with Richard's finger for a moment.

(Forgive me arceus, but I can't stop.)

Then, as Richard's finger was almost entirely coated in love juice, Liza now wanted more. Pressing the tip of the finger against her entrance, she pushed until it went inside.

"Ka." the pikachu moaned Lowly.

At this, Liza began to feel to thrill of doing the forbidden, making her getting more excited that she was already is. At a slow pace, the pikachu began to move up and down with only a small portion of the finger inside. Gradually and unconsciously, she was going further and further over time until she felt the tip of the finger touching her cervix. From this point, she increased her pace, quickly feeling a more intense pleasure that made her fall on her chest. While keeping a good rhythm with her hips, she had to bite the sheet under her to prevent herself from moaning too loudly. Surely her master was a heavy sleeper, but loud noises was still able to wake him up.

(Holy arceus! I wish so badly that it was his penis so he could fill me up with his semen.) She thought while starting to pant.

Since her excitement and desire was quite intense, she was quicker to get near her climax as it was closing up over time.

(I'm already about to come.)

Upon going faster and as deep as she could, it only took Liza a few more hits for her orgasm to happen. With a shaky and stiff body, Liza's ecstatic moment lasted for almost half a minute before she could finally relax with her body going limp.

(Oh god, what have I done?) She thought while regaining her breath. (I'm so dead if he ever find out that I molested him in his sleep.)

After a little moment, she had regained her composure.

(No, he must not.)

Now back on her four limbs, Liza turned around and grabbed the finger she used to relief herself.

(I might be dirty, but I have no choice.)

Half reluctantly, Liza began to lick and suck the finger thoroughly, not wanting to any trace of her act. Not liking it very much, she was imagining that it was another part of him that she was licking and sucking, making the whole thing a lot easier. When she was done, it was still smelling her, but very lightly.

(I'm pretty sure that a human nose couldn't smell it, so I guess it will be alright.)

More or less satisfied, Liza went back to her usual next to him, clinging into his chest to finally get some sleep. Like every morning, Liza was the first one to wake up. After rubbing her face with her little front paw like the mouse she was, she went over Richard and began to nuzzle him, giving him soft shock while doing so. Since she was always awakening at the same hour, no matter which season they were, Liza was acting like an alarm-clock so Richard could wake up an hour before going at work.

"... Come on... five more minutes." Sleepily said Richard, slowly dozing off the sleep again.

However, unlike an alarm-clock, Liza couldn't be snoozed. Quickly getting upset, she pressed one of her cheeks on him before discharging a stronger charge, waking Richard up quite abruptly.

"Do you really have to do that every morning?" Complained Richard.

"Pikachu." Answered back Liza with an unamused face.

"I'll take that as a yes." Said Richard while sitting up on the bed.

Then, as Richard was rubbing his face to wake himself up, Liza felt her heart skip a beat when she saw him stopping mid-action to smell the finger she used last night.

"Huh... it smell a bit weird."

For a moment, she began to prepare herself to flee as fast as possible.

"... Meh, whatever. I'm touching a lot of weird shit at work lately. Probably something that the smell is hard to get rid of." he mumbled before leaving the bed.

"Chu." Liza sighed in relief.

At that, Richard went for his morning routine which consisted of morning business, breakfast for him and Liza and departure preparation.

"Alright Liza, I'm off to work." Richard announced while attaching his shoes at the hall entrance. "Like usual, be a nice girl."

"Pika, kachu?" Liza asked while pointing at the door.

"You want to go outside?" Richard inquired, at which the pikachu answered with a nod.

When Liza knew that it was going to be a nice day, she sometimes asked to pass the day outside since there was more things to do while waiting for him. The first time she ever asked was when she was a pichu, but he refused since the outside was a bit too dangerous for a small pichu. However, he changed his mind after she evolved. After all, pokemon were almost all fighter born, so he was less worried, knowing that she knew how to defend herself.

"Sure thing, but be careful, like always."

"Chu." Liza reassured with a nod.

With Liza following him, Richard stepped outside of the house, locked the door behind and went towards his bike, which he used on nice day like today.

"See you later." Richard wished before leaving with Liza waving at him until he was gone.

After sighing, Liza left the Richard's house perimeter and walked in the streets. Like every time, she was coming across some random human, with almost all of them stopping to say how cute she was, at which she was always answering with a single 'pika' with a smile before going back to her own business. After maybe half an hour later, she arrived to a small park where human and pokemon, wild or not, was coming to either relax or have a great time. She kept until in the park until she arrived at her favorite spot; a slightly broken bench that was a bit isolated from the rest of the park. What she like about this bench is that since it wasn't in good shape, no one was using it, so she could have it for herself while being at peace. When she jumped on it, she laid on her belly while facing the rest of the park where pokemon and human were passing time together.

(What I'm a gonna do? It's getting more and more difficult to contain myself.) She thought.

As she was slowly getting depressed, she saw an umbreon and probably her male trainer playing and having fun together. At one moment, the pokemon playfully tackled the human on the ground and instead of being mad, the human only petted her with a smile. The umbreon then retorted with some face licking while being very to close to him. For human and maybe clueless pokemon, it would have been looking like harmless affection display, but for Liza and probably most other pokemon, it was obvious that they were more than just friend.

(Hmpf, they must do it like beast at night... unlike me.) Sadly thought Liza while looking away.

'Well well, sad again I see,' a voice next to her said.

Turning her head, Liza saw a purrloin walking towards the side of the bench.

'Oh, hi vivi.' Liza greeted before looking back in front of her. 'Is it that obvious?'

'When you lay on that bench with that face, yes.' the dark cat pokemon replied before resting a shoulder against the bench.


'What is it this time? Oh, let me guess, it's about your human?'

'Why bother asking if you already know the answer?'

'For conversation purpose.'

'Then yes.' Liza responded, making the purrloin sighing.

'... Always the same story.' the dark type pokemon desperately commented.

'If you knew him, you would say otherwise.'

'No thanks. Human isn't really my thing, or simply love in general. You should do like me.'

'What? Not loving anyone?'

'No, free as the wind, doing whatever you want, whenever you want. It would also spares you situations like the one you're in right now.'

'It would just lost my only reason to live.'

'Come on now, there's more out there than just that human. Better, I'm sure some humans are small enough for you.'

'I don't care about others. Richard is the only one for me.'

*sigh* 'I suppose it is to be expected since you were literally born in his hands.'

'He cares for me by loving me and making sure that I'm happy all the time. What not to love?'

'You know that since you hatched in his hands, he basically your adopted father.'

'I know and I don't care.'

*sigh* 'You, my girl, have an affection problem.'

'Why don't you mind your own business if you don't like it?' Liza retorted, annoyed.

'I don't dislike it nor I like it. I don't really care honestly what you're into.'


'But what I do like however is you, so I think I might actually help you.'

'... You will?' Liza replied, skeptically looking at the purrloin.

'Yes. I believe you're sad because you can't mate with your human due to him being too big, right?'

'Yes. So?'

'So all you have to do is to get bigger.'

'Bigger? I don't know if you were aware of it, but my growth stopped a while ago.'

'I'm not talking about natural growth, but evolution.'

'Evolution? You mean... being a raichu?'


'But I can't. A pikachu can only evolve into a raichu with a thunder stone.'

'And what if I told you that there is one nearby?' the purrloin pointed out while looking at her front paw claws nonchalantly.

'Really?' Liza exclaimed while jumping into her four legs.

'In a human shop.'

'Crap. Surely it's too expensive for my master to buy it.' Liza cursed, sad again.

'Who talked about buying it?'

'I... don't follow.'

'I'll make it simple then. I have certain skills that could allow me to get it without asking any one to buy it.'

'You mean, stealing it?'

'Please, I prefer the term permanently borrowing it.'

'I-I don't care how you call it. Can you really get it for me?'


'Oh my god, thanks a lot.' Liza expressed, almost jumping in joy.

'Naturally, that will cost you.'

'Figures.' Liza growled, coming back to reality. 'I forgot who I was talking to.'

'Hey, it will be risky to steal it.'

'All right, what do you want?'

'You see, there's a territory that I want, but unfortunately, there's that one persian that is a bit too strong for me, so I was thinking-'

'That you could use my evolved form to beat him up for you?'

'Well, it's quite rudely said, but basically, yes.'

'Ah, so that's why you want to help me so badly to evolve.'

'Come on now, I'm not that selfish. I do want to help you, but you indeed will become stronger after evolving, so might as well profits it.'

'Alright, whatever. If it means that I can love my master the way I want, I'll do whatever it takes.'

'Great. It won't be an easy task and I'll need some preparation, but I should have a it in a few days. Meet me here again in a week.'


'See ya then.' the purrloin wished before leaving.

'... I can't believe it. I'm actually gonna be able to mate with my master. Oh, I can't wait for that to happen. I feel getting wet just by thinking of it.'

After that, Liza spent the rest of the day at the park, thinking of what she could do after evolving, until it was almost time for Richard to get back. Like every animal, she instinctively knew when he was about to come back. When at the house, she waited in front of the front door until the human arrived a few minutes later.

"Right on time again I see.' Richard said after getting off of his bike to pet her.

'Pika!' She replied happily.

After getting in, they went for their usual evening routine until night time. One week later, it was finally time to see the purrloin again at the park. When on her bench, Liza then waited for the dark pokemon to appear. Unfortunately, she waited for almost the entire day without seeing her.

'Did she ditched me? She better not after giving me that hope.' She mumbled to herself.

Then, as it was almost time for Liza to leave, the purrloin finally showed up.

'Took you long enough... what happened?' Liza asked when she saw a few scratches over her body.

'Nothing too serious, really, but it turned out that that shop owner had a moewth, so I had to fight a bit to get the stone. Good thing he was rather weak.'

'I'm sorry to hear that.'

'No need to. I should have inspected the place better before getting in. It was my own fault.'

'So… does it means that you have it?'

'Of course I do. When I make a promise...'

'Where it is?' the pikachu asked, making the purrloin grin.

'Just look at the beauty of that stone.' She replied before revealing a paw that was behind her with a shiny and beautiful greenish stone with a thunder shape design inside.

'Whoa...' the pikachu exclaimed with sparkly eyes.

'Pretty, isn't it?'

'You bet it is.'

'Alright.' the purrloin started while putting the stone in the ground. 'All you have to do is to touch it.'

'Okay.' Liza acknowledged before moving closer to the stone. 'With that, I could...'

'However, as a friend, I have to ask if it's really what you want.'

Stopping at a few inches of the stone, Liza looked at the cat pokemon with a confused look.

'As soon as you touch that stone, you will evolve and permanently stay a raichu for the rest of your life. There will be no turning back.'

'... I... '

'Are you even sure that you will get what you want?'

At that moment, Liza began to hesitate. She didn't had thought thoroughly about it. Sure she will be bigger, but there was no guarantee that her master will accept her feeling and mate with her.

'... If I stay a pikachu, there are absolute no chance that my dream will come true, but if I evolve into a raichu, I have a chance, as insignificant as it may be, so I'm willing to try my luck.'

'Will you miss your pikachu form?'

'I sure had passed a few years in that form, but I never really paid much attention to my appearance, so not that much.'

'... Alright, if you know the possible consequences that comes with an evolution, then I think you're ready.'

Taking a deep breath with closed eyes, Liza quickly put a paw on the stone before getting hesitant again. A second after she touched it, her entire body began to glow in a intense bright light, which the purrloin had to shield her eyes so not to get blinded. Then, Liza began to change form; Getting taller, her tail and ears grew longer while her entire shape got larger. A few second later, the light finally faded. Unshielded her face, the purrloin was now in front of newly born raichu.

'... Wow.' the purrloin commented.

'... What?' Liza asked, a bit worried after opening her eyes. 'Did it work?' She added before starting to inspect her body.

'I think you could say that.'

'Oh my god! It worked! I'm a raichu now.' Liza exclaimed happily.

'And a pretty one at that.'

'I am?' Liza queried, confused while looking at the purrloin.

'Yeah. You're a bit slimmer than the average raichu with pretty eyes. If even your human is not seduced by you, then I don't know what will.'

'Oh my god, I can't wait to make him the surprise.' Liza said happily in glee.

'Hope you didn't forget our arrangement however.' the purrloin reminded.

'Yeah yeah, don't worry. I do owe you one now.'

'Glad to hear. Follow me then.'

Then, Liza followed the purrloin through the town streets until they arrived in front of a back alley.

'What's so special about this place? To me, it looks like any other alley.' Liza commented.

'It would be too long for me to explain. Anyway, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't understand why.'

'Whatever, let's just get this done already.'

With the purrloin lowly sighing, both of them proceeded into the back alley. Since it was rather large, it was well enlighten by the day light. A moment later, as they were at the middle of it, a few meowth, skitty and other purrloin appeared from behind trash cans and bins that were around them. Then, a persian jumped on a closed trash bin and glared at them.

'Let me guess, back to try to get your territory back?' the persian Snarled.

'You could say that. You chased me by force, I'll do the same.' the purrloin calmly replied.

'Pretty confident I see. I'm sure it has something to do with that raichu with you since you don't have enough backbone to claim it back on your own.'

'Ah, funny to hear when it comes from a pussy persian that used an army to chase me.' Liza's friend rejoined.

'Well, if you want to die that badly, I'll be generous and grant your wish. Take them down fellas.' the persian Commanded.

Immediately, the others cat pokemon all dash towards them threateningly.

'We'll see about that.' Liza growled with a grin before getting between the purrloin and the attackers. Quickly after few sparks appeared on her cheeks, Liza unleashed a powerful Thunderbolt attack that hit all the pokemon in front of her, except for the persian, making all of them fall unconscious with light fume coming out off them.

'Oops.' Liza mumbled, worried that she might have gone too far.

'You don't have to kill them you know.' her purrloin friend pointed out nonchalantly.

'Sorry. I guess I'm still not use to my new body's power, hehe.' Liza laughed nervously.

'Nevertheless, you managed to make me able to get me territory back, so thank you.'

'No problem.'

'Not so fast.' Said the persian before jumping down from the trash bin. 'You may have beaten my weaklings, but I won't go down that easily.'

'Really?' Arrogantly said Liza, sparks exploding from her cheeks.

'Thanks for your help Liza, but I'll take it from here.' Said the purrloin while getting passed the raichu.

'Are you sure? He's quite big.' Said Liza, a bit worried.

'Size don't matter.'

'... Depends on what. At some point when it's too big, there's nothing you can do.' Said Liza, slightly in sorrow.

'I agree that it does some time, but not in this case. It's not about being unable to fit something somewhere, but about claiming what is mine.'

'... What the hell you two are talking about?' Angrily asked the persian, confused. 'Gha, whatever. Prepare to die.' Said the persian before launching herself at the purrloin.

Obviously, the purrloin was faster and easily dodged the persian to the side. Moving away from the fight, Liza however stayed to be sure that her friend wins the battle. When in a safe distance, Liza saw the persian furiously attack the purrloin, who was dodging every hits. Moving around the persian, the small purple pokemon was landing a couple hits here and there when she had the chance. After a little while, the persian's movement were getting a lot slower and was panting heavily.

'Would you...stop...fleeing like...a scared pidgey?" panted the big cat pokemon.

'Out of shape I see. Well, it was to be expected since you probable make your henchmen fight for you.' Retorted the purrloin, slightly panting.

'I'll show you.'

Using the rest of his energy, the persian lunged at his opponent to use Crunch. Still faster than him, the purple cat jumped in the air and use Iron Tail on his head, ending the battle.

'You sure can handle a fight.' praised Liza.

'It's not my first fight.'

'I can see that.'

'Well, I believe now that we all have done our part of the deal, so go back to your home and show your human who's boss.'

'You bet I will. Thanks for everything.' said Liza before leaving.

'Thanks to you too.'

After she spent the rest of the day waiting for her human to be back, Liza headed back this her home. As she was walking in the front yard, her heartbeat went faster and began to be a bit nervous when she saw Richard's car in the driveway. When before the front door, she even began to shake a little bit due to nervousness.

(What if he doesn't like my new form? What if he get mad?) Thought Liza, starting to wonder it was a good idea after all.

After mentally slapping herself, Liza gathered up some courage before going for it. Now that her tail was long enough, she was able to reach the doorbell. Pressing it, she heard footsteps coming towards her, making her heart race faster. After Richard opened the door, he briefly loomed in front of him before looking down.

"Rai...chu." shyly said Liza.

"Oh, hi there little one, are you lost?" said the human, not recognizing her.

"...Chu? Raichu!" Exclaimed Liza, upset.

"...I...can help you find your home if you really need to."

"Chu!" angrily retorted he raichu.

"Hem..." said Richard, not knowing what to do.

Seeing that he still didn't get it, Liza decided to go for radical measure by suddenly jumping on him. On reflex, Richard grabbed her in his arms to prevent her from falling.

"Chu..." said Liza while nuzzling him.

"Wait a minute!" said Richard, recognizing that behavior. "Liza?"

"Raichu!" Happily exclaimed the pokemon while nodding with a huge smile.

"Damn Liza, what happened to you?" He said, quite confused.

"Chu?" Said Liza, looking a bit worried.

"...I guess some questions (s'impose)."

"...Rai." Replied Liza, not really reassured.

"Come on." said Richard before closing the door behind.

Still holding her, Richard then went to the kitchen and dropped the raichu on the table.

"So..." Started Richard before sitting on one chair. "You're really my Liza, right?"

"Chu." Answered Liza with a nod.

"Okay. So it mean that you evolved, but aren't pikachu able to evolve with a thunder stone?"

"Chu." Responded the pokemon, nodding.

"Where did you get one?"

"Chu, raichu." replied Liza, looming away with crossed arms, meaning that it was none of his business.

"Alright. Why did you do it then? You never talked to me about it. I know I don't always get you, but still."

Instead of answering, Liza only looked away shyly while blushing.

"...Not very talkative huh? Well, I guess it's was a personal decision."

"Chu, rai...chu?" Liza asked while playing nervously with her tail and hardly looking at Richard.

"I'm not mad if it's what you wonder. Whatever you may look like, you're still my cute little Liza." Replied Richard with a smile before petting her.

"Raichu." Replied Liza in relief before going for a hug.

"I love you too." Saaid Richard, returning the hug as Liza was strongly nuzzling him. "I bet you're hungry after evolving, don't you?"

"Chu!" happily responded Liza with a nod.

"Figured." Said Richard before petting her and standing up.

For a little while, Richard prepared diner while Liza was patiently waiting. Thankfully, she didn't lose her perverted side upon evolving as she was mostly staring as her master's ass when she could. When Richard was finally done, he put one plate for him and another one for her. She then noticed that her plate was more filled than usual.

"I'm guessing that since you got bigger, your appetite have expended as well." explained Richard.

(...So attentionate.) she thought. (I can barely contain myself right now.)

"...But maybe I overdone it." said Richard with Liz staring at him, not saying anything.

"Chu! R-raichu." nervously reassured Liza.

"Hehe, all right. Let's dig in then." he said before him and Liza started eating.

After dinner, both of them then went for movie time like usual. At first, Liza was a bit hesitant about resting on him, but did it anyway when Richard asked why she wasn't there yet. Fortunately for her, things turned out way better than expected because due to being heavier, she was sinking more into Richard, making her feeling his manhood more than usual. Oddly, he didn't seem to mind at all, or maybe he just didn't notice. Getting quite aroused, Liza began to ask herself if she should leave due to her excitement getting stronger over time. Deciding that she have to be strong, she stayed there despite the urge to get in his pants and tried to enjoy the movie with her master as much as possible. However, it didn't prevent her from trying to feel 'it' even more by pretending to switch position with him still unaware of her behavior. For now, it was a good thing for her.

(That's it, I'm gonna do it tonight. I still don't know how I'll 'convince' him, but I'm sure I'll manage.) She thought while looking at the Tv, doing her best to not rub herself against him.

A few hours later, they were done with movies. Unfortunately, the worse was about to come since next was bath time.

"You...still want to follow me?" asked Richard when he was heading towards the bathroom in his underwear.

"Chu!" she answered while fervently nodding.

"All right."

Liza, however, decided that maybe it was best for her to not join him since she was sure to lose control on there. She had to be patient and wait for the right moment, or else everything could be ruined. Like usual, she stared at Richard as he was getting naked until he was in the warm water.

"You don't get in today?" asked Richard when she saw her sitting on the toilet top.

"Rai." She answered while shaking her head.

"Suit yourself, more space for me." jested Richard.

(I'll show you more space later.) lewdly thought the raichu.

A little while later, Richard was done with his bath and was about to get under the sheets.

"I bet you also still to sleep with me, don't you?"

"Chu." answered Liza after a nod.

"All right, get in then." said Richard while getting in the bed, closely followed by the female pokemon. "Being bigger means less space for me." commented Richard when both of them were lying next to each other.

"Raichu." replied Liza, sounding offended.

"Hehe, just teasing you big girl." he said, petting her. "Good night."

Closing his eyes, Richard then got in his side and got all relaxed, ready to go to the dreamland. Obviously, Liza wasn't in the mood to 'sleep'.

(All right, what now?) she pondered. (I still don't want to rape him in his sleep, so I should act before he fall asleep.)

For a little while, Liza keep thinking about a way to initiate things.

(Well, there are not thousands of solutions, so I guess the best way is to go straightforward.)

At that, Liza then began to get more 'touchy' by clinging into Richard, nuzzling him and fondling him very lightly.

"Feeling affectionate I see. Come here then." Said Richard while pulling her into a hug.

(Damnit.) she cursed in her head.

Even though she wasn't pleased, she kind of expecting him to not get it and began to nuzzle him stronger against his neck.

"You're extra cuddly tonight Liza, something you want to tell me?" Said Richard, rolling on his back while holding Liza on his chest.

"Ch-Chu." she shyly responded.

Knowing he wouldn't understand anyway, she kept nuzzling even more stronger while almost rubbing her lower parts on him.

"You're acting a bit strange since you evolved Liza. What are you trying to say?"

Then, Liza stared at Richard for a moment, wondering if she should go for it. She already saw humans doing things with their lips, but she never really get it, so she decided to try something. After all, there was no other way for her to express herself besides actions. Nearing her head towards his, Liza then gave his lips a quick lick, in hope it was what humans were doing.

"Hehe, silly Liza, that's not a place to give licks." Cluelessly said Richard before petting the pokemon.

"Raichu!" replied Liza, starting to get upset.

"You should sleep now."

"Rai!" argued the raichu before licking his lips again.

"Stop it." gently said Richard.


At this point, Liza was rather frustrated, so she decided to go for the final attempt; his lower parts. Escaping his grasp, Liza then went between his legs under the sheets. After Richard moved them away, he saw the electric mouse staring at him.

"Do you really plan on not letting me sleep?" asked Richard, a bit annoyed.

"Chu!" she exclaimed, vigorously shaking her head.

"Then what's up with you tonight?"

After Taking a deep breath, Liza then pressed her two front paws on his flaccid member.

"Careful where you touch girl, it's quite...fragile there."

While facepalming, small sparks emanated from Liza's cheeks due to her frustration rising.

(All right, if you're too dumb to understand, then I guess I'll have to go for drastic measures. It will be very humiliating, but there's no way you won't understand after that.) thought Liza.

Very embarrassingly, Liza then turned around to present her womanhood, which was drooling a bit with love juice.

"Hem...are you perhaps...in heat?" Said Richard, a bit uncomfortable.

"Chu!" she replied while shaking her head and looking behind.

With him still not fully getting it, Liza raised her rear a bit more while shaking it a bit.

"...Are you saying that...you want me to...do something about it?"

"Chu! Raichu!" Exclaimed the pokemon before furiously nodding and pointing at him.

"You want me...to do it?"

"Chu!" answered Liza after giving a nod.

"...Oh. Oh! You...to mate with me?" Said Richard now getting it.

"Rai..." sighed Liza in relief while dropping herself on her belly, happy that he finally understood.

"That's...well, I guess it explain a lot. You wanting to be in the bathroom with me, sleeping with me..."

"Raichu." said Liza, nodding.


"Chu." responded Liza, nodding again.

"Don't you think you went a bit too far, just for that?"

"Chu." replied Liza, shaking her head.

"Well...that's quite the revelation actually. I should have guessed though. I mean, I rarely seen pokemon 'that' affectionate with his or her trainer."

"Rai." replied Liza, shrouding her shoulders.

"I see." said Richard a bit awkwardly, rubbing the back of his neck. "So...you love me that much, huh?"

"Chu." she responded, nodding.

"I see." repeated Richard, sightly nervous.

"...Rai, raichu, chu?" she asked while shyly playing with her tail.

"Are you asking me if it bothers me?" said Richard, after what Liza confirmed. "Well, bothered would be quite excessive. You have the right to love who you want the way you want, even if it's me."

Glad and relieved that he wasn't mad or disgusted, Liza moved close to him and pressed her two front paws on his chest, staring at him with almost begging eyes.

"Rai... raichu?"

"I'm...not sure about you just asked Liza."

Rolling her eyes with a smile, Liza turned her head behind and began to rub her tail against his member before returning her gaze towards him.

"You...want to do 'it', isn't it?"

Blushing, Liza answered with a shy nod.

"...Well, I do love you and you seems to really want it, so I guess...I could do that, for you."


"Yes. Besides, how can I say no to a cute pokemon like you?" he said while gently rubbing both of Liza's cheeks.

"...Rai." said Liza before going for a hug.

"No problem." he replied, petting her head. "By what do you want to begin?"

Breaking the hug, Liza grinned before backing up until she was between his legs again.

"Already? Quite the naughty pokemon I have." teased Richard.

"Raichu." she replied with a wider grin.

At that, Liza almost eagerly began to work on Richard's underwear. A few seconds later, they were at his ankles with his flaccid shaft all exposed. A bit seductively, Liza walked crawled towards it while staring. When few inches away from it, she smelled it a bit before looking at Richard with a lewd face. With him embarrassingly looking away, Liza snickered before taking her attention back to the human's member. Staying on all four, she then began to lick it with her tiny and warm tongue, making Richard slightly gasp in surprise. As she was licking his entire length in every possible direction, it didn't long for it to get bigger and raise. When all straight up, Liza kept licking the whole thing, focusing on his balls from time to time. Then, the mushroom shaped tip of the shaft caught the raichu's attention and went to focus there. When she heard Richard making a pleased moan beside the fact that the taste was stronger there, an idea stuck her mind.

(I wonder what will happen if I use my entire mouth? I'm sure he'll go crazy.) she thought with a mischievous grin.

While giving Richard a semi defiant glare, Liza opened her mouth and put the whole tip in it before wrapping her lips around it. With his heart racing and arousal growing, Richard stared at Liza in anticipation of what she will do next. With the warmth of her mouth, Liza began to attack the human's sensitive extremity with her very pleasurable tongue. Lowly gasping in surprise, Richard was now breathing slightly faster due to the raising pleasure. Soon enough, Liza got the desire to almost swallow the thing due to her love for the taste and the lewdness of the action, going as far as possible. Unfortunately, since she had a rather small frame and mouth, she couldn't even go half the length when the tip was hitting the back of her throat. However, it wasn't preventing Richard from lowly moaning from pleasure. To his surprise, she wasn't as clumsy as he firstly anticipated, oddly being quite good for a first timer. With her tail waving around, Liza was slowly getting more eager over time, almost nibbling it at one point. Then, after a few minutes of eager sucking, Richard felt the blissful moment coming.

"Please Liza... don't stop now," encouraged the human.

Knowing what he meant, Liza was now doing her best to attack and molest his tip with her tongue, going crazy on it.

"I'm...coming!" lowly told Richard before the first spurt began to spray inside the pokemon's small mouth.

Not even fazed, Liza keep sucking while swallowing as much as she could until he was out of ammo. When his orgasm faded away, Richard let out a relieved and satisfied sigh while dropping his head on the pillow.

"Where... did you learn to do that?"

"...Rai." she answered while nonchalantly looking away after leaving the softening meat rod.

"None of my business huh? Well, with result like this, I won't complain much."

"Raichu." happily answered back the orange pokemon.

"So, I guess next it will be, well, the big thing."

"Chu." replied Liza with a nod.

"Yeah, but do you mind waiting a little, you know, until it goes up again?"

"Chu." retorted the raichu, shaking her head.

At this instant, Liza moved forwards and pressed her womanhood on his flaccid member before starting to rub herself against it.

"Wow!" exclaimed Richard. "I can already feel the heat from here."

"Rai..." seductively said the pokemon with a grin.

To Richard's surprise, he was hard again a minute later. For a moment, she kept rubbing harder before placing the tip over her entrance.

"Do you... think it will fit?" asked Richard, a bit worried.

"Rai raichu."

Slowly, she began to push down until the tip went in in one go.

"Rai..." lowly moaned Liza.

Not even all the way in, Richard could already tell that he would be really narrow in there. Slowly, Liza kept pushing while moaning quite loudly with her very narrow passing strongly rubbing him along the way, already making things hard for the human. When Richard finally reached her bottom, his shaft was only halfway in.

"Well... I guess it won't go any further."

At this instant, he noticed that his pokemon cringing a bit.

"You okay there?" inquired Richard, a bit worried.

"Rai... chu."

Upon hearing her, Richard could tell that she was in pain.

"Okay, we should stop."

Then, as Richard was about to grab Liza, she used her front paws to push his hands away.

"Raichu!" protested the raichu.

"Liza, if you're in pain, we should stop."

"Chu!" denied Liza, fervently shaking her head.

"You really want to continue, despite that?"

"Chu." replied Liza, nodding.

For a couple of seconds, Richard stared at the mouse pokemon,who was trying her best to hide that she was in a bit in pain, wondering what he should do before letting out a sigh.

"... Okay, we'll continue, but on one condition." accepted Richard.

"Ch-chu?" asked Liza with a single tear coming out of one eye.

"I don't you to insist too much or push yourself too hardly if the pain becomes too intense, okay?"

"... Rai." agreed Liza with a nod.

"All right. Now, I want you to take your time."

After a shy nod, Liza took a couple of deep breathes before trying to move up very slowly. Unfortunately for Liza, the upwards movement seemed to ease her pain, but when she went down again, the pain was coming back. For the first minutes, it was a cycle of pain and relief after each ascent and descent. Thankfully, the pain was slowly fading away as her vagina was starting to get accustomed to the human size. A little while later, pleasure was even beginning to replace pain, transforming her painful growls into pleased moans.

"Rai... chu." moaned Liza with a more depraved face.

"You... feel really good, Liza." praised and encouraged Richard.

Then, as Liza's movements were all about pleasure now, she began to unconsciously discharge very low voltage internal electricity through Richard's member, striking every sweet spots he may have.

"Damn... Liza..." said Richard, letting out a sudden surprised moan.

Now that both of them were enjoying it, she grinned and thought that it was time to go a bit faster. After doing so, she quickly find out that it another story, making things way more interesting and pleasant. However, since it was her first time and had a pretty huge amount of pented up desires, Liza's climax was already closing by. Determined to make her master feels good as much as possible before it happen, she went a bit again while increasing her internal electricity to a voltage that she knew wouldn't hurt her beloved master. When she heard him gasp in pleasure and gasping her butt cheeks pretty strongly, she understood that it was a huge success and smiled in glee.

"Rai... raichu." told Liza between moans.

"I'm... close too." followed Richard while helping her a bit to go down.

A couple of hits, Liza finally reached her orgasm and crushed Richard with her contraction. A second later, the human did the same and exploded inside the little raichu. Thanks to her higher voltage, it was the strongest orgasm Richard ever experienced that almost lasted for half a minute.

"Rai...chu." weakly said Liza while lazily dropping herself on Richard.

"I must admit Liza, sex with a raichu is something that I can easily get dependant on." encouraged Richard while gently scratching her head.

"... Rai." Answered Liza with a huge smile.