In the middle of a forest, we have a young pokemon trainer travelling across the region for badges and such on top of a big and walking pokemon, his faithful and lovely chesnaught he called Chessy when she was only a chespin and yes, she's a girl. Since the starter kind of pokemon are rarely female, Matthew jumped on the occasion when he found out that the chespin was a female since he kind of liked what was rare without any other thoughts.

"You sure you want to do the walking, and with me on top of you at that?" Asked Matthew, sitting on her huge spiky shell.

"Ches." She said, motioning yes.

"Alright, it's not like I have the power to stop you anyway." He complied, having no choice but to do as she wanted.

To Matthew dismiss, Chessy wasn't the most confident pokemon he ever saw when she was chespin. But it started to change when she evolve into a quilladin as she wanted to always making herself useful at something for her master. Now that she recently evolved to a chesnaught, it got worse and now she wants to be Matthew transport.

"… Chesnaught."

"Eh, I know you would never hurt me in any way buddy." He said while petting her head, making her smile happily.

"But promise me that you will tell me if you ever feel tired okay? I'll put you back in your pokeball and I'll do the walk."

"Ches." She said while reluctantly nodding.

Matthew knew that she didn't like a lot being in her pokeball since he got her, only when absolute necessary.

"You know, you don't have to do all of this for me. I'm an adult after all."

"… Ches." She said while puffing her cheeks a bit, a bit upset.

Since Matthew didn't saw it, he couldn't ask her what was wrong.

"Well, at least we are not far away from the next town, so I won't treat you like my slave for too long."

"Chesnaught." Protested Chessy.

"Relax girl, I'm just kidding." He said while petting her head again, but this time, with her getting away.

"Is it me or you have gotten a bit moody since you evolved?"

"… Ches." She said, blushing a bit.

"Does my little friend get the moody ability when she evolved, hmm?" He said while tickling her neck a bit.

"Naught." She said sounding a bit annoyed.

"Geez, you used to a bit more jovial before you evolved."

Like she had enough, she goes off the road, waited to be on the grass before tossing Matthew on the ground so he wouldn't get hurt.

"What the…" He said after landing pretty roughly in the grass.

Looking upset, Chessy goes near a tree and goes for a dog-like nap position. After standing up, Matthew brushes off grass and dirt from his clothes before heading toward Chessy.

"What wrong Chessy? Did I do something wrong?" He said while petting her head after kneeling in front of her.

"Ches." She said before hiding her head under her shell.

"'sigh' girls, human or pokemon, they are all the same." Commented Matthew.

Unable to continue, Matthew had no choice but to sit too by resting his back against his companion's shell. Maybe because she wasn't feeling it, but she didn't seem to mind.

After a moment, Matthew grew a bit tired of Chessy's behavior.

"Alright Chessy, what's wrong?"

Seeing her not responding, Matthew moved to where her head was.

"Chessy please, you know I don't like seeing you like that."

After a moment, Chessy finally unhide her head.

"… Ches." She said while looking away.

"I'm sorry if I teased you too much. Won't happen again okay?"

Motioning no, she goes to a sitting position. Seeing her moving was always impressing Matthew with how big she was. From her toes to the top of her biggest spike, her height was close to 9ft. He didn't know her weight, but his pokedex said that they could be close to half a ton. He even heard of one that had weighted close to one ton since it has a thicker shell than usual and was a rather huge male. Now sitting, Chessy was looking a bit sad.

"Tell me, is it something I did?" Asked Matthew.

Chessy respond was to shake her head, saying no.

"Then what is it?" He said while putting his hand on her hard armored arms.

After a moment, Chessy motioned him to sit between her legs. A bit puzzled, Matthew do what want she wanted and sat with his back resting on her hard belly.

"Eh, it was the position you used to do when you were only a chespin."

A second later, Chessy coiled her arms around him, just like he used to do to her before becoming a quilladin. Looking over his shoulder, he saw that she was looking sadder.

"Wait, do you perhaps… miss the time when I was doing it to you?"

With a small tear escaping her eyes that she quickly whipped off, she motioned yes. Then, Matthew wanted to say something, but couldn't think of anything. After all, now that she too big, they couldn't do anything about it anymore.

"… I'm… sorry." He said while rubbing her arms, not sure if she was feeling it.

"Naught." She motioned no before tightening her hug a bit.

"… Yeah… I guess I'm the one that get it now."

Wanted to do something for her, Matthew stood up and touch where he knew she could feel something, her chin. Since she was a female, her chin fur wasn't forming a beard like shape, but was longer next to her eyes, almost making the illusion that she had long hairs. Her other differences were that her main body was smaller but with wider hips and bigger spikes on her shell with a slightly longer tail.

"I know it isn't much but…" Said Matthew while rubbing her chin.

"Hope it will help feels better."

Matthew wrapped his arms her neck and give her warm hug. After a moment, a faint smile appeared as she returned the hug.

"I guess I understand more why you want to be useful as much as possible. But you know, you don't have to. Whatever you may look like, I'll still love you the way you are. Just you being with me is more than enough." He said while intently staring at her green eyes, also another treats about female chesnaught, mostly having green eyes while the males had brown ones.

After a moment of eyes staring, Chessy looked away with a blush.

"Sorry if I made you uncomfortable." He said, rubbing her chin a bit more sitting again between her legs.

Matthew didn't know why, but as he was sitting, he felt her twitching a bit. As he was about to ask her why, he felt something wet on the lower portion of his back. Moving his torso forward, he touched it with his hand and felt something sticky. Turning around, his eyes widened in shock when he discovered where it was coming from.

"Oh… hmmm…" Said Matthew, unable to formulate anything.

"Ches…" Said Chessy, hiding her face as well as her lower region.

After a moment of processing, Matthew stood up.

"Hey now, that's okay Chessy, that can happen to the best of us." He said while pushing her hand away.

"I'm not mad or anything okay." Said Matthew to Chessy, with her face being red as much as she could possibly be.

Matthew then tried to reassure her by rubbing her chin with his other hand.

"Chess, chessnaught." She said while looking away.

After a moment, Matthew didn't know what to say anymore, beside the most stupid thing he could say.

"Is there… something I can do… to help you or…"

Chessy then looked at him with wide eyes.


"What? Hum, no I… didn't mean me especially, but… more like… finding you a male or something." Said Matthew, now being the one that was red.

Despite herself, a faint sad expression appeared on her face.

"… Wait… did you really wanted… me to…"

Even though she motioned no, her face get redder again, obvious that she was lying. Again, Matthew was at loss for words for a moment.

"… Is that… what you are feeling for me?"

While avoiding his gaze, Chessy shyly nodded.

"… Well, since there is no male around and those in my current team won't do, I guess… I'm the most logical choice then." Said Matthew, embarrassed at his own words.

"… C-ches…" She slightly protested.

"If you really don't want, then I won't, but I'll say again that I don't like seeing one of my teammate in pain."

"N-naught." She said while looking away.

"Well, you look in pain to me. So, if you want… I'm… willing to help you with that." Also shyly said Matthew.

Matthew never seriously thought about that kind of stuff. The idea came across his mind when younger, but no more than that. But to think one of his pokemon would actually feel that way toward him was kind of unexpected.

"… Ches… naught." She said before removing her hand from her lower region while closing her eyes anticipation and nervousness.

Also too embarrassed, Matthew slowly moved his hand toward her forbidden fruit without even looking after kneeling down again until he felt heat emanating, meaning he was maybe less than an inch away from it. Stopping for a few seconds, Matthew took a few discrete deep breathe before pressing his fingers on her wet and warm entrance. At first, her womanhood looked bigger than human one but not by much. Surrounded by rough skin, Matthew then goes on her clit, slowly staring to rub it.

"Ches!" Exclaimed Chessy, a bit in pleasure but mostly in anticipation.

After few rubs, Matthew could already hear her breathes changing, meaning that she was enjoying it. He was proven right when he felt her entrance overflowing from more juice. Probably despite herself, one of Chessy's hand grabbed Matthew butt while starting to moan in pleasure. When Matthew thought that maybe she wants more, he inserted two fingers inside her and began fingering her while rubbing her clit his thump, increasing her moaning a bit.

"You… like it?" Asked Matthew, a bit awkwardly.

Looking at him, her respond was to pull him a bit closer and pressed her lips against his. Not expecting that, it took Matthew a few seconds before realising what she was doing and returned it a bit shyly. Meanwhile, Chessy was getting into it pretty heavily as she pushed her tongue against Matthew's lips, which he let her get in a second later. Even if her tongue was a bit bigger than his, it was comfortable enough to be enjoyable, raising Matthew's pleasure as well. After a couple minutes, Chessy's body began to twitch a bit, meaning only one thing. When her orgasm hit, she broke the kiss to let out a pretty loud moan, slightly squirting on the human's hand.

"There, hope it was good enough for you." He said while removing his hand from her.

"… Ches… naught." She said, slightly panting.

"Feeling better?"

After she regained her composure, she nodded.

"Good. Are you feeling okay enough to resume our travel?"

She motioned no.


She then pointed at his rock hard shaft that was pretty visible from his pants.

"Oh, sorry about that. It's kind of your fault." He said while covering it.

Backing up, Matthew tripped on the tail she was placed behind him to makes him to do so.

"Geez, how many times do you plan on throwing me on the ground?" Said Matthew, half joking.

Ignoring him, Chessy quickly got over him with her intimidating size. If she were to just fall on him, she would probably kill him. She then tried to take out his pant, but to no vail due to her oversized three fingered hands.

"Should have known that you wouldn't stop there. But you sure you want it?" He said, with her nodding shyly.

"I mean, you quite bigger than me so, maybe I won't be enough." He added, with her motioning no as to say she wasn't caring.

Matthew then was hesitant for a moment.

"Alright, what I won't do for you." Finally accepted Matthew.

With that, Matthew then a bit embarrassedly pulled down his pant, making Chessy able to see what he was hiding. Since she didn't saw another chesnaught male before, she couldn't really compare the size, but was convinced that he would do just fine. A bit shyly, she grabbed his shaft with her three fingered hand and gently played with it.

"Careful, it's quite fragile."

After Chessy nodded in agreement, she left it alone and placed her pretty imposing hips above Matthew's. Despite himself, Matthew got a glimpse of her womanhood, seeing that it was indeed just a bit bigger that a human one, which was quite surprising due to her size. Even if she had a pretty rough skin around her entrance, it went in pretty easily due to her incredible wetness. When he reached her bottom, she let out pleased and satisfied moan. Her inside was very soft and slightly spacious, but less than Matthew expected. Feeling it as well, she contracted her internal muscles as much as possible to leave space as less as possible. Being the physical type and pretty strong, her inside had gotten pretty tight, for both side enjoyment. When she began to move up and down, it was now Matthew's turn to moan a bit, due her incredible softness. After only a few pounds, Chessy seem to really enjoy it as she dropped herself on her elbows, which were on each side of Matthew's head. Even thought they were sharing a nice moment, Matthew felt very tiny under her, minimizing him with her huge size. At that moment, he was just happy that she was on his side. However, his thoughts were quickly interrupted when he felt her going a bit faster and slightly wilder, with her moans going louder and her tail waving in pleasure and excitement.

"Chessy… that feels… very good." Said Matthew between faint moans.

"Ches…" Moaned the pokemon.

As they were going at it, more juice was flowing from the female chesnaught, slightly staining the human's crotch. Contracting at best she could, Chessy was making Matthew close his climax pretty quickly. A little while later, Matthew reached his limit and spread his seeds inside her in a strong and pleasurable orgasm. When Chessy felt the human juice burying her womb, she also was hit by her second orgasm, milking the human strongly. When both of them were done, Chessy stopped moving without dropping herself down, not wanting to hurt her trainer.

"That was… pretty good actually." Said Matthew with his mind still slightly numb from the pleasure he just experienced.

"Naught." Agreed the pokemon.

"Well, now that we have a way to deal with your heat and desire, we can focus more in the battle."

"Chesnaught!" Happily said Chessy.

After another short moment at staying there and enjoying each other presence, they got up and resumed their journey, with Chessy happier than ever.