Though it had only been 15 years since he had fulfilled the mission that had been started by the visionary that was Darth Bane, Darth Sidious was confident that unlike the previous political entities founded by the Sith, his empire would continue to exist until the stars themselves went out.

And all because he chose to continue a variation of the strategy he had employed during the conflict that had allowed him to not only amass enough power to transform the decadent Republic into the Empire, but had also ensured that the only ones with the power to stand in the way of the victory of the Sith were removed with the full support of the populace.

With a recognizable threat to necessitate the need for a continual expansion of the military machine that had steadily grown during the course of the Clone Wars, with said 'threat' being used to silence those that would have one day openly rebelled against his rule, the populace loudly supported the efforts to build up the military machine that would inevitably be used to keep them in line.

For with the war against the Hutts being brought to a victorious conclusion 2 years, and the 'Separatist Remnant' being publicly reduced to a fraction of its might in order to uphold the image that they had been supported by the now shattered Hutt Cartels, the Imperial Military now possessed the power to not only continue expanding the borders of the Empire, but also the ability to ensure that any hint of rebellion was crushed swiftly before it could grow.

But even this was a passing phase thanks to the rapid completion

of his first ultimate weapon.

With additional resources and material stripped from the former territories of the Hutts, Director Krennic had been able to ensure that the Death Star was not only fully armed and operational years before his original estimates, but also more capable of enforcing his will than it would have been originally.

For his unusual advisor had been correct.

If one's ultimate weapon was supposed to employed as a planet killer, it did not require nearly ten thousand TIE Fighters and hundreds of thousands of troopers to keep it safe. And by reducing this complement by at least half, more room was available for power generators and targeting computers that could not only increase the accuracy and rate of fire of the station's primary weapon, but also improve the effectiveness of the shield so that nothing could damage, or even destroy, the moon sized station.

But like with any weapon that had been designed to strike fear into those that opposed its master, a public display of its power was required in order to make sure that the galaxy understood what would happen to them should they defy his will.

He had originally toyed with the idea of having Alderan become the first victim of the Death Star's awesome power. But since the planet had been a loyal member of the Empire ever since the royal family had been butchered by the remaining droid forces, secretly led by Lord Vader, the Sith Master had decided that a more worthwhile target was needed.

Mon Cala was spared because it's young king had been able to be convinced that his planet's best interests rested as an active member of the Empire instead of seeking its indepdence.

Lothal of course remained off limits until he discovered a way to access the secrets that would have no doubt caused the immortality chasing Plagueis to salivate with greed.

However, after seeking guidance from both the Dark Side of the Force, and the young Moff that had been awarded control of the home world of his most competent concubine for his services, Sidious had been able to decide on a appropriate target.

In a way it was somewhat poetic.

The home world of the man that had been nothing more than a puppet and placeholder for his current apprentice, was selected as a fine example of what happened to those that dared to challenge his rule.

Or to be more specific, those that dared to challenge him without belonging to the Sith.

That was another aspect that continued to progress well, even if the inevitable confrontation between himself and his current apprentice was still nearly a decade from happening.

While strong with the force, and more than adequate in the art of the lightsaber, the strength of Vader's son had only recently reached the level of what Maul had possessed before his fateful encounter on Naboo. And while the boy, who would be granted a proper sith name once he reached the age of his majority, was continuing to grow stronger with each passing day, the fact remained that it would take a few more years before he could rival his father in power.

And since Vader had already proven himself to be an effective teacher when it came to instructing his students in the ways of the Force, the more time he had to prepare his future apprentice the better.

For while he equaled his sister in terms of both power in skill, though Leia seemed to prefer the fighting style of his previous apprentice while her brother favored a more refined version of the style that had been practiced by Maul.

And since Dooku, for all his Jedi taint, had never been meant to be more than a temporary placeholder, Sidious couldn't deny that he had been a more useful tool in accomplishing his goals than the Dathomirian Zabarak had ever been.

It was only his knowledge of the Dark Side that would ensure that his hidden apprentice had an edge when Vader and his daughter moved to usurp him. Though should the daughter of his current apprentice prove to be the superior twin, and prove to be susceptible to the same sort of persuasion that had caused both Skywalker and Dooku to fall, he would readily embrace the girl as his new apprentice.

For while Vader was by no means unskilled in teaching his disciplines how to develop their abilities, his extensive cybernetics had ensured that he would never be granted the opportunity to learn the more arcane secrets of the Sith.

Something which amusingly and irritatingly enough reminded him of the discussion he had held with his former master regarding the training of Maul.

For since he had at the time been the TRUE Sith Apprentice of Bane's Order, he had only been able to teach his student basic skills that, while superior to the skill set possessed by the majoirity of the Jedi Order, was nevertheless insufficient to have him considered to be a true Sith Lord.

Of course he had intended to increase Maul's skillset after he had successfully dealt with the Muun he had been forced to call master, albeit not to a level where he could take advantage of another display of vulnerability, but the Zabarak's defeat on Naboo had ensured that he would never get a chance to evolve into a weaker version of himself.

And since Dooku was only meant to be a temporary placeholder until Skywalker was ready to pledge himself as his servant, Sidious had seen little need in teaching him the ancient and secret arts of the Dark Side that would have made him a true Sith Lord.

But Vader's injuries, while strengthening his ability to call upon the Dark Side of the Force, nevertheless ensured that he could not survive the same teachings that he himself had been subjected too during the early years of his tutelage under Plaugeis.

Which meant that his students, whether they were his daughter or that Vader's version of Dooku that dwelt within the lower levels of the unfinished Super Star Destroyer, would be unable to properly utilize the finer aspects of Sith Sorcery, or learn the secrets that had in the past granted various members of the Sith the ability to consume the life force of entire worlds.

Of course if they were to prove themselves superior to his hidden apprentice, and be swayed from their allegiance to the fallen Chosen One, he would be more than willing to turn them into more than blunt instruments.

But such considerations would have to remain speculative in nature as the Force whispered that the inevitable confrontation would not be happening for some time.

However, just because the Lords of the Sith weren't ready to try and replace each other, didn't mean that they weren't willing to continually test each others dedication to their goals.

And so far, while Sidious had managed to retain the advantage over his current apprentice, Vader had proven himself able enough to ensure that this lead wasn't as large as it could be.

Young Tano had been a loss since her turn to the Dark Side had eventually caused her to move against her former master once she had been told what had been the catalyst for Skywalker's decision to betray the Jedi Order. And while he was pleased to see that Vader did not hesitate in striking down one of the key anchors to past life, Sidious had been somewhat annoyed since the duel had proceeded before he was ready to instigate it.

At the same time, he had been able to deprive his apprentice of the joy of killing the man responsible for his mutilated state thanks to the actions of one of the few rebel groups that he could appreciate. Of course Kenobi would have refused to accept Saw Gerrera's offer to join his movement since it made little distinction between military and civilian targets, but since Vader's son had managed to accomplish what his father and Maul had been unable to, Sidious could only wonder if perhaps the Sorseu master had been broken enough by his failures to abandon his former teachings.

And since the criminal agents of the adopted Tarkin, one of them being the son of the man who served as the template for the Clone Army, betrayed Gerrera in order to further cement their 'relationship' with the Empire, Vader would be unable to learn that his former master had been in the keeping of his current one for 10 years before his 'escape'.

Yes, things were proceeding quite nicely in his opinion.

For his agents had already begun the process of creating a weapon whose size and destructive potential could dwarf that of the Death Star. For while the act of destroying a planet with a high powered had proven itself to be a worthwhile deterrent, Sidious much preferred his youthful advisor's idea of having a planet drown itself in fear as it was consumed by an unstoppable force of blackened steel.

He had also briefly entertained the idea of fitting an entire fleet of Star Destroyers with planet destroying weapons, but had decided that the existence of such a weapon would tempt some of his more ambitions underlings into trying to seize power for themselves.

And soon, within the next decade at the earliest, the borders of his Empire would soon begin to surpass the ambitions of even the most power hungry members of his order.

For it was one thing to have complete control over the majority of the galaxy.

It was however quite another to begin the process of ensuring that one's empire wasn't limited to one galaxy alone.

Yes he knew that it would take time and effort to fully conquer the neighboring galaxy, especially if the invasion fleet of the Vong was only a fraction of their military might, but Sidious was confident that he would emerge victorious.

For he now had multiple methods of preserving/extending his life, whether it was through his version of the technique that had first been utilized by the being many referred to as the Sith Emperor, using the techniques that had been his former master's method of avoiding death, or the less impressive method of transferring his spirit into clone bodies.

And, he possessed a military force that possessed both the size and power to destroy any opponent that dared to stand in the way of his ambitions.

And all of this was possible because some multi dimensional, and slightly naïve fool wanted to indulge in the same type of pleasure that anyone with the right amount of credits could have enjoyed.

For while he could sense that the adopted Tarkin was genuine in his desire to ensure the continued stability of his Empire, as well as the desire to ensure that the Sith's victory over the Jedi Order lasted little more than 2 decades, the Emperor could nevertheless sense that the boy, like most basic creatures, was motivated by the desire to indulge in the pleasures of the flesh.

However, since the price was small when compared to the rewards, Sidious had no problem in keeping to his word.

Especially since William Tarkin possessed a vindictive streak that was amusing, if somewhat confusing, to behold.

The daughter of the former political rival of the corpulent retired senator of Ryloth had been turned into a mere servant for the boy's favored concubine. A fitting position since the green skinned Twilek lacked many of the more….decorative features that most of the female members of her race possessed.

The planet of Jakku, apart from the hidden base he had established as the first part of his plan to launch the now no longer necessary Operation Cinder, had been turned into an even greater desolate stretch of wasteland thanks to the planet being used for target practice.

An entire family of Mandalorean warriors, along with the warlike sister of Kenobi's pacifist love interest, had been executed after evidence had been 'discovered' that they were actively plotting against the Empire.

Since these actions did nothing to threaten the integrity of the Empire, the Emperor had no problem in allowing the Boy to carry out his acts of petty vindictiveness.

For as a Sith Lord, he understood how satisfying it was to indulge in the act of revenge. And while he did not understand why his advisor felt the mixed emotions of anger and hatred towards these individuals, Sidious nevertheless supported the act of punishing them for whatever transgressions they may have done, or had the potential to do.


Things might not have proceeded as he had originally foreseen.

But Darth Sidious was nevertheless pleased by the turn of events that had given him the opportunity to secure the foundations of his empire.

And all because he had decided to choose to listen to the most unusual intruder he had ever seen instead of killing him with Force Lightening.


My first Star Wars Story is now completed after all this time. And thus I want to thank everyone for sticking with it :D

Very pleased with the ending. But since I neglected to cover some things in this story like I had meant to, along with expanding the ending that is in itself a bit of a cliff hanger, will now attempt to do so.

Han Solo, a character that I had intended to introduce, but never gotten around to. Honestly I see his fate going either 2 ways. 1 is that he remains a part of the Imperial system since the Empire is much stronger than it would have been. OR he decides to go back to smuggling. Because while the Hutt Cartels have been destroyed by the Empire, theres no reason why a man like Han couldn't become a prized pupil of Hondo.

Ozzel….and the admiral that was worse than Ozzel, Konstantine from Star Wars Rebels, were either never given a chance to become high ranking officers, or were allowed to keep their positions because they faced a more traditional threat rather than an insurgency. This opinion came about after rereading Vader 2015 vol 4, where Ozzel is portrayed a touch more competently than the movie. Have to remember that Vader will kill anyone who doesn't meet his rather high standards.

Meant to do a scene where Boba kills an imposter Windu, or tricked with the force to believe he had done so, but not overly important to the story.

Lasat never resists the Empire, and thus Zeb isn't forced to be become a Rebel. This decision stems from the fact that he was a somewhat cool character.

Kanan….or Caleb if you prefer, gets killed by Vader and his Inquistors since their efforts to track down the remaining Jedi are more advanced. Since this story came out before the Vader 2017 comic series, going with the legends version of what happened to the Jedi Librarian.

Hera, in order to punish Disney for having a non sexy Twilek character, is forced to become the personal servant of a member of her race who symbolizes what every pervy star wars fan wants in a alien female lol.

Don't care too much about the droid, so not gonna waste time thinking of its fate.

Kallus of course remains loyal to the Empire since nothing is done to change his mind.

Aphra continues to serve as Vader's, and Leia's agent. Had played with the idea of Leia actually having a relationship with her once she got older, but decided that would simply increase the likelihood of Vader killing her. And she is too much of a fun character to kill off.

After further cementing his power, Palps feels confident enough to go the route the Empire did canonically. Cause lets face it, once he has the military strength and super weapons needed to keep everyone in line, I can see him resuming his full tyrant persona. Especially if he has the Beast Planet under his control. Once again I encourage you all to research the show Shadow Raiders. A delightful show from the late 90s. Also, borrowed some plot points from the Plaugeis novel to expand on his version of the Rule of Two. Cause we have to remember, Sidious is the last fully trained Sith Lord of Bane's line. Maul was never got the chance to become more than a Sith Assassin, though I'm sure that Palpatine didn't foresee him becoming a crime lord. Dooku was already a Jedi Master that had been given some Sith abilities to further increase his power. And Vader...enough has been said about his apprenticeship, both in Legends and Canon, so don't need to expand further.

Ahsoka gets killed by Vader since Palps broke her so she no longer has the Jedi control she possessed in Rebels when it came to her discovery of what happened to her master. Thus I think its plausible that eventually she would seek to confront Vader. And since there is no Star Wars Street Rat (i.e Ezra Bridger) to save her by pulling her through the fabric of time and space, she dies this time.

And yes I DID include, however briefly, Starkiller into this story since his character was based on what would have happened if Luke had been trained by Vader. While lacking the knowledge of a true Sith, which seemed to be Sidious's preferred state for his apprentices, he still showed how powerful a force user could become while trained by the fallen Chosen One.

Luke of course is being trained to become Sidious's apprentice. BUT will not be confirmed in that role unless he defeats Vader and Leia in their bid to overthrow the Emperor.

And as for the Boy, otherwise known as William Tarkin, he gets to live out the rest of days suffering the agony of sleeping with hot alien women, being a governor of a small Outer Rim sector, and living with the knowledge that he has created a universe that will never be tainted by the travesty that is the sequel story line.

And at this time, cant think of anyone else. But feel free to remind me of what I missed, will add that to the authors note.

Anyways, its been a fun journey. Hope to be getting back to my other star wars stories soon. Also playing with the idea of having an Independence Day cross over but that's very much up in the air.

Hope you all enjoyed this.

All hail the Galactic Empire.

Ps….while writing this chapter, was listening to a bunch of relevant star wars music to get me into the right mindset for this chapter. So hopefully you all agree with the influences.

Imperial March/Vader's theme.

Emperor's/Sith Theme.

Padme's funeral scene. Which has been somewhat ruined for me because I have been introduced to the belief that the mournful lyrics are saying "Why couldn't I save her. Could I, Could I, save her". I urge you to listen closely, cause while people say its being sung in another language, I keep hearing these lyrics.

And that is it.