They should have known that something would happen from the moment they saw the two-headed deer in the forest. It should have indicated the lasting power of the radiation, the strength of the physical changes that it could induce. But at the time the group had dismissed it as a curiosity, too wrapped up in the beauty of their new world to imagine that something with such potential to harm could remain.

Clarke realized their mistake now, as their "rebel king'' - a title she'd heard thrown around lately - lay prone before her, sweat coating his icy skin and body shaking uncontrollably; a condition Clarke herself had been in merely days prior. It wasn't, however, her rival's (?) condition that currently held Clarke's attention and prompted her reflection on the 100's past actions. She'd survived the same thing with even less medical supervision, after all.

No, what held her shocked gaze was the bubble of water that hovered a foot above the dropship's floor, motionless. She'd absently reached out to grab a cup of water and clumsily knocked it over. In her delayed reaction, Clarke had flung out her hand in an attempt to grab it but had been too slow to stop the cup's fall. The water inside, however, was a different story; it had suddenly become immobile, now moving through the air in the same loop that she moved her open hand. Somehow, Clarke could feel the water though she wasn't touching it, as if it was an extension of her body, or spirit, if one believed in that sort of thing.

Maybe I shouldn't have assumed that I had a regular illness. Maybe Bellamy- A warm hand grasped her arm and startled her out of her thoughts, sending the water splashing down onto the floor. She whirled, expecting an imminent attack, only to find that it was not a grounder, but her patient who was responsible for the sudden contact. Bellamy's grip remained loose and his eyes unfocused, his only movement the thumb that was beginning to trace circles on her wrist. An involuntary shiver ran down Clarke's spine; Bellamy's hand was warm, warmer than even a fever could make it. And his skin was beginning to glow.

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