Bellamy had been shocked, of course, and refused to believe her until she demonstrated her own newfound abilities. In Clarke's opinion the only thing more surprising than how quickly he collected himself and seemed to take it in stride was when he asked for her opinion about what to do. It didn't escape her notice that they, the two who'd been locked in a power struggle, now happened to be the 100's two most literally powerful members. She wished it was Wells she was experiencing this with - sending a pang of grief through her heart - but was a bit startled to find that Bellamy wasn't too low on that list either.

"Learn to control it, first," She answered after a moment of thought. She was slumped in her chair, finally allowing herself a brief respite without hovering over a patient, while Bellamy leaned against the table-turned-hospital-bed he'd been occupying. "This could give us a real way to defend ourselves, but we don't want to hurt anyone by accident. Also, if the radiation affected us then it's safest to assume that it's affected the grounders in some way. And they've had much longer to get used to it and figure out how to use it to their advantage."

"The question is why haven't they used it already?"

"I have no idea. Seems like a theme recently," Clarke rubbed her forehead. "What about you?"

A crease appeared between Bellamy's brows as he frowned.


"Well, we know what I can do. Vaguely. But you caught that sickness too, and it clearly affected you somehow, what with the glowing."

"Maybe that's all it did; I can glow at people," The corner of his mouth turned up in a wry smile before becoming serious again. "I know I can't sense water like you say you can. I imagine we'll find out before long, though. But how can we be sure that this is something that'll last long enough to be useful? We might not want to bank on it."

Clarke nodded thoughtfully.

"That could explain why we haven't seen any grounders demonstrating special abilities. But… Well, it doesn't seem as likely with the radiation; effects tend to intensify over time, not fade. You're definitely right, though, about banking on it; we know for sure our weapons work against grounders."

Neither of them speaks for a minute or two, then the words of Jake Griffin flash through Clarke's mind.

"What about the 100?"

"We tell them everything; if we're going to survive down here we're going to need to work together. This isn't the Ark." Bellamy said firmly, and Clarke couldn't help the relief that flooded through her.

"Okay. You still feel alright?"

"Yeah. You?"

"I'm fine. We should get out there and try to explain all this."

They shared a final glance, squaring their shoulders and stepping through the dropship entrance. Only to meet a seemingly deserted camp. Clarke began to speak, bewildered, when the nearest tent rustled and a pale, haggard Miller stumbled out to lean heavily in the entrance.

"Bellamy, thank God you're okay," He paused to cough. "We need to know what to do. Everyone's sick. Everyone."

Author's Note: Hope you enjoyed! I've finally figured out where I'm going with this fic (mostly), which has given me a ton more motivation. I'm keeping with the short chapters though, at least at the start, in the hopes that it'll mean quicker updates. Please let me know what you think! It's super helpful for giving me ideas :)

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