It's the same story as yesterday but in english. I try, so if you see any mistakes, please tell me. The art which inspires me belongs to Hidan chan my foot on tumblr.

Sasori's team

Sasori was surprised to have been summoned by the fourth kazekage at the beginning of the afternoon, generally missions were given in the morning, and since his usual two partners Pakura and Yashamaru were not there, the first one was in the tea country and the other in Kirigakure, he wondered what the leader of the country wanted. He knocked on the door, and waited to be invited to enter. He walked into the room and was surprised to discover three children standing in front of the office of the fourth kazekage. The grandson of Chiyo recognized them immediately, these were Temari, Kankuro and Gaara No Sabaku, children of Rasa No Sabaku, the current kazekage.

"Sasori, on time as usual, noted Rasa

-You wanted to see me?

-Indeed, last night a decision was taken by the council and myself. From now the shinobi will begin to train their future team very young to strengthen the ties between the sensei and his students. As you have already suspect it, I have chosen you to take care of my children, he announced

Sasori could not believe it he was going to train the Sabaku No siblings! Admittedly they seemed to have a high potential but they were still children. Temari had to be eight, Kankuro seven and Gaara was never going to get anything from them.

-Thanks to devote your time to us Sasori-sensei, thanked the only girl of the trio

His two brothers imitated her by bowing respectfully their head . The scorpion did not know how to react, it was a huge responsibility and he did not think he was the ideal ninja for this work. Everyone in Sunagakure knew he had no patience. He already not tolerate mistakes of his partners so how could he endure the ones of the children. The chief of the wind country had fallen on his head.

- Questions?, asked the father of the siblings

He could not refuse, and make any remarks could be detrimental to him, his superior would send him on uninteresting missions for months.

- You do not think they're a little young to be trained, he remarked

- Too young to be trained or too young for you manage to support them, teased Rasa

The genitor of children did not allowed himself to joke with everyone, but he knew Sasori from the academy, and they had even been in the same team with Karura, under the direction of the third kazekage. He was close enough to the scorpion to permit himself to joke.

- Sasori is our sensei, said Gaara happy clinging to his pants!

He looked down at the youngest of the three who made him a huge smile and his little blue eyes shone intensely. This was going to be hard to say no.

- What do you want me to do with them? , he sighed

- I want you to prepare them for future practical classes they will have at the academy; make them run to make them more tough and faster, make them throw kunai and shurikens in target ... Be not too hard on them, they are still young, recalled him kazekage

-As you wish,

-You can make them perform some D rank missions, but not above, continued Rasa

- It is true daddy we'll be able to accomplish missions, Kankuro repeated surprised, turning to face his parent

- Indeed, in your own free time to preparatory classes and when he is not on missions himself, you will be under the orders of Sasori, who will train you to ninja profession, he confirmed

- Does that mean that we are now genin, asked Temari

- Not yet, but if your results of school first quarter are excellent, and Sasori tells me you're doing well, then you will become without going through the academy,

The girl and her two brothers were speechless, do not go to the academy and be a shinobi, that would be great.

- Let's go, we've wasted enough time here, ordered Sasori

-Well Sasori-sensei!, Obeyed the three children

- Be wise, cried their father before they disappeared

-We promis "

The scorpion could not believe he had accepted, why but why did he have to said yes to become the sensei of the Sabaku No. Rasa had the right to have the esteem and ambition for his children as Sasori family had for him, but he was not forced to mingle him with that.

He was in an area for training with these three children, who were not even Genin. All three facing him with their eyes wide open, ready to follow him without question, now what should he do with them?

"By what do we begin Sasori-sensei? Asked Gaara

- Show me how you're doing in launch of shuriken, he said

Kankuro was the first to rise from the log of wood that served as bench for the three children, and approached the scorpion. The latter gave him a shuriken and showed him a target which stood at an average distance of them. The little brown threw it without thinking but with a precision that was chillingly. He seemed to have calculated his move as the object landed in the center of the target.

-Great I did it and at the first try, I'm the best! Cried Kankuro

Sasori was speechless a few seconds, children who exhibited this characteristic were generally more willing to become puppeteers, and this puzzled the jonin. His pupil was only seven years old, it was extremely young. The grandson of Chiyo had been considered as a future master of puppets at eleven.

- It's good you do not need to boast either, everyone can do it, grumbled Temari

His younger brother turned to her, a triumphant look on his face, and proudly puffed out his chest, she was just jealous and he knew it. He beat her in this exercise and his sister hated not to be better than his brothers.

- If it's that easy come to show us your talent, he provoked

She stood up and took the place of his brother, who had returned to sit in his original place. Gaara congratulated him and hoped he could do the same. Kankuro, in good big brother assured him that yes, he should not stress it.

Just as he did for the little brown Sasori handed a shuriken to the little blonde who thanked him. She focused on her target and threw the object that flew faster than the one of his younger brother. It was too high in altitude, she frowned, and without realizing she made a downward motion with her hand. This action, unpremeditated, had the effect of deflecting the stroke of shuriken that eventually landed in the center of the target, detaching in the way the one that was already there. Sasori did not show it but it left him speechless once again, which had just taken place before his eyes was not normal. The trajectory of the shuriken would never have ended well. Temari had acted on that, but how, that was the question.

- So Kankuro you said something, it's weird I can not hear you, she taunted

The oldest of his brothers pouted, it was unfair he was so sure that she could not do better.

- Gaara, come it's your turn, called the scorpion

The concerned swallowed before hurrying to join his sensei. He had often heard his father say that Sasori was not someone you had to make wait, patience not being his greatest quality. The youngest of No Sabaku had no desire to attract his wrath.

He took in his shaking little hand the weapon the puppet master handed him who could not help but to see himself at the same age. He too was shy at that time, but it began to rise, almost fifteen years. In other words an eternity for a shinobi. Gaara looked at his siblings who made him signs of encouragement.

The boy concentrated with all his strength, he could not fail, not infront of a man like Sasori, not while his brother and sister had succeeded.

Do it kid, you're not as bad as you believe , whispered the voice of Shukaku, the demon he was sheltering in him.

The demon had become attached to his host, even though the latter sorely lacked ofconfidence in himself which did not always pleased the giant tanuki. He had a lot of will, that offset. The child complied and threw the shuriken with more power than had done his elders. The weapon, after a relatively short race, planted himself in the target in the second closest circleto the center. Disappointed with his performance, he looked down at the ground, too ashamed to dare to face the look of his sensei.

Sasori crouched down to his level, and firmly remounted his chin.

- Good work Gaara at your age it is excellent, especially when you know you have fewer years of practice than Temari and Kankuro, he congratulated him

The cheeks of the little boy took the same color as his hair, the jonin was proud of him, and it made him happy.

- That's all for today, it's getting late, and tomorrow you have classes, announced the scorpion

-Already, but it has only just started, sulked the brown

-Kankuro I just tested you, tomorrow if I do not have assignments outside the village, I will train you, and I will not be as nice as today, he explained "

All four returned in front of the family home, the puppeteer knocked on the door, and it was Karura who opened. They chatted a few minutes, and he informed their mother that he had made his decision and he accepted to become their sensei. Rasa's wife thanked him, and he went away, leaving the little family together.

If someone had told him that he would be the leader of a young team, he would not have believed a second, but the three of them had huge potential, and Sasori, as an artist, could not miss it, and give them to someone else. The sand siblings under his command, will become the best team of the whole wind country.