Lil Mama Hale

No Relation


When she had first been met Dyson Thornwood, many moons ago now, Kenzi had cheekily introduced herself to the detective as MacKenzie Hale. Only to discover Hale was also the last name of his partner. She had reassured that there was no way the two of them were related.

Which had been promptly followed by the pair of detectives trying to look her up in their databases. That of course had led to even more confusion about what her real name was because of all the aliases she used. Which was the intended outcome of the whole setup, Kenzi didn't like to brag but the truth was unlike the majority of the fae population apparently, she really was something of a techno-mage.

Heck even Bo had an aversion to most things technological including cell phones. Kenzi finally got the succubus to start using a cell phone without Instagram, Twitter or anything like that. Cause let's face it if you're an unaligned succubus, the last thing you needed was anybody and every fae knowing where you were at all times. To avoid being snatched, shot at or whatever happened the cross their tiny little fae minds. On the flip side of the coin if you were going to be a detective for the fae being able to be reached was sort of a necessity.

Evony also known as the Morrigan seemed to be quite adept at following social media, heck, even manipulating it to get her clients into the Golden Circle. Personally the Kenzinator totally blamed the dark fae leader for the insane and unexplainable except by fae magic and/or manipulation popularity of the Kardassians and all that entailed.

To get back to the meat of the issue, namely the true identity of the incredible Kenziness. She actually had told the werewolf detective the truth when they had first met. His suspicion had meant the truth had rarely come between them again. MacKenzie Hale. She had of course left several parts out. Actually, quite a lot, like that while she had the skills to be a thief, she didn't really need the money. Like most of her family, Kenzi was independently wealthy, having lent capital to and arranged the capital for several internet firms. After which she had invested in real estate and medical research

Next of course were the duo factoids that not only was Kenzi fae, she was werewolf fae of the Hale Pack. As in the Beacon Hills Hale Pack, famous on the West Coast for maintaining one of the most stable and peaceful werewolf clans known.

How had she kept from being discovered by the detectives, not to mention her bestie Bo. Simple a little perfume with a few volatile chemicals and herbs in their proper proportions, designed to keep those who were able to detect such things, to be preoccupied with something else. A little something the family emissary had taught her.

All these secrets and a few others she had been able to keep for a few years now. Including the fact that despite trying to hook her bestie up with her ever-loving fae love machine of a boyfriend Dyson, Kenzi had a thing for the light fae detective. As in a raging hormonal lust filled thing.

When Dr. Hotty Pants Lauren came along, Kenzi was secretly thrilled, until she discovered that apparently her new friend Bo was a succubus, therefore not only gender neutral which, way to go Bo, but also a little bit slutty, i.e. she could handle both love interests at the same time. Whereas Kenzi was surprisingly lacking in the loving feelings at present.

Oh well, at least she still had her brother Derek, her sister Cora and apparently a recently returned from the dead crazy, Uncle Peter. She also had the vicarious lack of love life from her big brother and the anti-love life of her little sister to deal with. Ah the joys of being the Bolverk-in-training of the Hale Pack. Not to mention the succubus wrangling human bestie. How had this happened again?