A/N ~ Lest there be any doubt I have great respect for the military. Most are respectful, intelligent and I honor them for their service. Then there are those individuals who in order to blow off steam, have the whole beer goggles on and don't realize what they're doing. This actually happened to me and a few friends a few months ago. Luckily we had a few Marines with us to help de-escalate things a bit. ~A

Chapter 30 - Epilogue

Stiles woke up to the sound of beeping machines, the sound of soft shoes scuffing along in the halls, and soft call bells going off at the nurses station down the hall. "Not again,"

Then he heard the guttural sounds of Kenzi casting a spell nearby as he felt a sudden frisson of cold effervescent energy spreading across his skin. As the werewolf cast a spell to strengthen and heal the Spark.

As Derek helps his younger mate sit up in the bed. Erica apparently finishing a conversation she had been having with the other Pack members just before Stiles had woken up.

The blond werewolf finally confesses, I have been feeling out of sorts, Then last night it was like everything cleared away and there was this searing pain in my chest and it was like it all came back, you all came back."

Stiles had explained in his usual fashion, "So apparently the renewal of the bond was all my Cat Woman really needed to get her mojo back."

"Only guys have mojo Stiles." the blond responded in a disgruntled fashion while hiding a rather large grin at the use of the old nickname.

"I disagree my Cat Woman is a bad ass and definitely has mojo and I'm very glad she's back to her old self." Stiles sassed right back in a slightly breathless tone.

Later on in the evening she and Boyd discuss with the Alpha Pair the benefits of a gym in town that would be open 24/7, as a potential for income for the Pack. Although he is still dozing off frequently and they weren't even sure he had been paying attention as doped up as he was, the Spark had apparently heard the salient points.

He thought it a brilliant idea. Before he was even released from the hospital Stiles had worked up a mock up for the business plan for the gym and was looking into architectural drawings for the building and potential sites for the business around town. Such was the power of the Stiles.


Eventually the four fae from out of town were ready to return home with McKenza agreeing to come visit more often now that Dyson and Bo knew the truth about her background. Vex agreed to keep the fact that Kenzi was a werewolf from the Morrigan. Although he confessed he believed it was a moot point because he thought the leader of the dark fae may already be aware of the fact.

A few days after the Spark was out of the hospital saw he and several other members of the Pack seeing Dyson, Kenzi, Bo and Vex off. After hugs and some tearful goodbyes including a huge hug between the Hale siblings. Which Stiles had to wrap his arms around them for a group hug..

The Alpha pair are talking about the strengthening of Pack bonds especially after Erica's confession in the hospital.

Derek admits, "Usually having two Alphas in one Pack can become a dangerously territorial issue. I think I can accept Scott sticking around and I probably wouldn't have said that before. It would sort of be like the Alpha Pack thing only better, no violence."

"After all where is he going to learn to be a better Alpha than you?" Stiles reassured.

"Yeah, but a couple of years ago I couldn't have said that. Now things are different." the Alpha said with a rare smile, made all the sweeter because of its rarity.

"Because now you have a family?" Stiles asked what he thought was a rhetorical question.

"Partially, " the Alpha said with a little half nod, "Mostly because now I have you."

Charmed the younger man gave his mate a deep soul kiss. Derek reluctantly released his mate as he confessed, "I'm a little concerned about Kenzi and her friends though. I don't trust the fae councils not to try and interfere even more than they already have tried to do."

"Not to worry, babe. Your little sister has her own little Pack to watch her back." Stiles reassured.


While the others are finding them a booth, Kenzi is getting them some drinks from the bar. It's a supposedly family friendly establishment with most of the tables and booths set away from the actual bar area to sustain that illusion.

Kenzi got the bartenders attention and he held up a finger as he was in the process of getting someone's order. Kenzi nodded, she could be patient, she thought as she studied the drinks menu. Normally she should have her customary vodka but since she was riding the bike, with D-man, she'd settle for beer. Then she realized she didn't know what Vex would want, and texted her bestie, Bo to ask her to ask the dark fae.

She then went back to checking out the drinks menu, chuckling softly at some of the ridiculous names. "Goldfish on the rocks? Really. That's just ew. Who comes up with these names?"

"Some corporate bigwig with nothing better to do. " said a voice beside her. She turned her head to see a tall deceptively slender blond fellow standing beside her. He was in street clothes but her instincts screamed cop or military. The fact he had to have a half dozen cookie cutter buddies with him didn't ease the warning bells going off in her head.

"Probably not wrong," she said amiably enough as her phone dinged. Bo's text read,

"Whiskey, neat. Beer chaser. Guess I'm driving." Kenzi just sent back a thumb's up.

And slipped her cell phone back in her pocket, and waited for the bartender to make his way down to her. The military crew were doing their best to invade her personal space.

It was early in the afternoon, lunch crowd was going and the after work crowd hadn't arrived yet. A few of the soccer moms were just starting to trickle in but they weren't at the bar. No reason for the yahoos to be closing in except for trying to paw at or intimidate her. Yeah so not happening, Kenzi thought as she snapped, "Guys spread out a bit, your taking up all the O2 over here."

The blond actually said, "Is that what you're drinking?" Kenzi could actually swear she saw a few brain cells trickle out of his ears. She turned away from them and actually shook her head in woe at the future of the human race. Then the bar tender was there and she gave him her order and asked if he would have the waitress bring it out to them and tried to show him where she and her crew were sitting except the idiot military guys were blocking the view.

Finally the bar tender had enough and ordered them, "Clear out unless you're actually ordering drinks."

The men looked disgruntled but did step aside. Kenzi pointed out the groups table and then gave the man a generous tip. He'd been polite, hadn't made her wait too long, and she figured she might get quicker service that way.

She stood to go back to the table only to have the pack of Chihuahua's surround her again. She had already relegated the blond to being the mirror. Not because he couldn't get his face away from one, although that was also possible. No it was more like this one was basically a copy cat, the drink name was something he'd probably read in Playboy or something. Not a single original thought in his head, whatever she was already bored with them all.

She really didn't want to start a fight but these guys were seriously getting on her nerves now. Just because she was tiny did not mean she was a pushover and I'm sorry what did these bozos think was going to happen? She shuddered to think, if they did this often and what usually happened to the hapless female they met.

"I strongly recommend you boys find easier prey." Kenzi growled through her teeth.

"Oh come on, darling, just one little drink. That's all we ask," this one was slightly shorter and beefier than his friend with dark hair and a not so friendly expression on his face.

Kenzi merely said, "No thanks." and tried to make her way through the crowd. Only to be shoved back by one of the men.

She felt the flair in her chest at the same time she heard Bo say, "Gentlemen," as she ran her hands down the arms of two of the men, then separated them to step through to Kenzi's side. Pink sparkles raising the hairs on their bare arms.

At the same time Vex came around the other end of the little gang stroking his fingers over the cheek of the soldier there and flouncing a little shoulder wiggle as he said, "No

need to fight over us boys. Why don't you take it outside?"

As if to prove the theory about the military background the men fell into single file and marched for the door. Where Dyson stood waiting for them, he held the door open as the men marched out the door.

Dyson just gave her a little wink. As Bo and Vex headed back to the table she walked over to her mate and gave him a peck on the cheek as she asked, "Why didn't you come to my rescue?"

"That lot?" he snorted as the sounds of fighting began to gear up outside, "You had 'em. Didn't figure you needed my help." With that he gave her a cheeky little smirk and she gave him a full on kiss holding his face in place with her hands when he would have drawn back.

A few woos, from the soccer kids had them both break apart with blushes. Vex said cheerily, "That was fun, how bout brunch and mimosas at my place tomorrow to celebrate?"

"You don't think that might be a little pre-mature? We haven't even seen the Morrigan yet." Dyson asked his brows furrowing at the Mesmer's sudden confidence.

"We just faced the Alpha Pack and won. The Morrigan's ego personified with a lot more teeth and claws involved. Vex said with a shrug of his shoulders as their drinks were brought to the table by the waitress.

"Don't say it," Bo cringed in anticipation.

"What could possibly go wrong?" the dark fae laughed a little maniacally as he raised his glass to clink with the others.