THIS IS MY FIRST TIME DOING THIS! If anyone has any pointers, I'm more than willing to take any advice!

This takes place one year after the movie Brave, two years before HTTYD2, one week before Tangled, and about ten years after Jack Frost woke up in the frozen pond (about 290 years before RotG).

Merida is 17, Hiccup is 18, Rapunsel is turning 18, and Jack is still Jack (about 17 years old appearance give or take).

Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters or the movies they come from.

"Merida! Are you even listening!"

"Wha'?" Said the princess sitting up straight in her chair.

Eleanor sighed, "I was just reminding you that the presentation of the suitors is in two weeks and we have a foreign guest coming!"

"Och, mum! We all know how the last one went, but still, foreign guest? From where? And why?"

Rubbing her temples, the exasperated queen continued, "I remember perfectly well how the last presentation of the suitors went, I was turned into a bear for goodness sake! And as for the foreign guest, if you were listening..."

She stopped here to glare at her daughter, "you would remember that long ago, us Highlanders signed a peace treaty with a Viking colony, saying that when you and the son of the great chief come of age, they will send the son of the great chief here to become a suitor. 'Hush now dear, questions at the end.' However at the presentation of the suitors a year ago, he was severely injured, and was unable to attend. But this year all is well and he will be coming, I believe you have met him, about five years ago, his name is Hiccup."

At this the horrified princess burst out laughing, "Hiccup?! Ha! I remember him alright, he was a small lad. Though he was 'bout half a year older then me, I towered over him about half a foot! And he is real scrawny too! As thin as a straw, nothing compared to his father! And all he did when he came over was sit in a corner and scribble in his little notebook!"

"Now, now Merida, don't be too harsh, remember, that was five years ago! I've heard that he has grown a lot! Besides if you don't like him, then you don't have to choose him. It will only be for a two weeks. You and the suitors will go on the four day travel through the woods to the nearby Kingdom Corona and stay six days with the royal family there, then you will come back the way you came. This way you will be able to spend lots of time outdoors, camping, fishing, hunting and what not as you journey to Corona and you will have lots of time to get to know the suitors, and hopefully make a decision."

Merida raised her eyebrows in surprise, "wow, that doesn't sound half too bad."

"Oh, and if you were listening, I said that Hiccup and his father are going to be coming in three days."

Merida nearly fell off her chair, "wha'? Three days? But the presentation of the suitors isn't going to be for another week!"

"Of course, but they will come early so the royal families can get to know each other. He will be accompanied by two friends and his father, they are to be our guests."

"Wha'? That means that I will have to put up with a scrawny nerd for an entire week before it even starts!" She jumped up and yelled in frustration.

"That's it! I'm going to go for a ride on Angus."

And with that statement she ran out the door.

Meanwhile on Berk...

"What? Why? I barely even know her, let alone like her."

Hiccup and his father were sitting at the dinner table. Stoick sighed. "About five years ago, we went to Dunbroch to sign a peace treaty. And to show that we were at peace with them I agreed to send you to the presentation of the suitors. If she didn't have you then we will wait for the next generation, and the next, and so forth."

Hiccup sighed, "well, she probably won't choose me, so that won't be a problem."

Stoick laughed, "I wouldn't be so sure of that son". He smiled and looked at the 18 year old. Hiccup had grown a lot over the years since the battle with the Green Death.

He rode Toothless every single day, and spent more time learning how to fight. He wasn't that bad either, despite his small frame compared to the other vikings, he could beat nearly everyone in combat except his father. He had built lots of new weapons and extra gadgets to help him. His latest new toy was a metal tube which made a flaming sword appear out of one side out of the mouth of a dragon, and made Zippleback gas come out of the other.

Hiccup looked at him with raised eyebrows.

Stoick laughed again, "I mean now that you're all grown up, lots of the village girls are starting to fall for you." He stopped to look at his son and smile mischievously, remembering rumours around the island, "like that girl Astrid."

Hiccup choked on his food and went a deep shade of red. The chief laughed yet again.

"So uh when are we going?" Asked Hiccup, eager to change the subject.

"Tomorrow, seeing as it will take three days to sail there."

"But I thought the presentation of the suitors wouldn't be for at least another week."

"We will be going early, to get to know the royal family."

Hiccup considered this for a minute, "all right, but what are we to do with Toothless?"

Stoick scratched his beard, "that is a problem that I have been thinking about for some time now, the safest way is to bring him along and to hope that nobody sees him."

Hiccup smiled, "that's good, I don't think I can stand being somewhere without him for a whole, what is it, three weeks."

Stoic chuckled, "well we had better hurry up and get the ship ready, it's going to be a long trip."