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So Yeah...

"Curse this stupid dress!" Yelled the exasperated princess.

It wasn't that bad, at least she could move freely, and she could easily defend herself if there be need to, but she kept on tripping its long skirts, the sleeves were ridiculously long, and it looked ridiculous. It was dark blue and was embroidered with lots of white swirls, the bodice was a lighter blue and had more swirls but in the same dark blue as the skirts.

"I look like a giant wisp!"

"Now, now dear," the queen said, coming down behind her.

"You agreed to it, and we really need to hurry to the throne room."

"Och, I only agreed to it because it was either this or that tight pink dress which showed a bit more then I believe appropriate! And they wont be arriving for another half hour!"

"Better early then late" said the queen rolling her eyes.

"Let's get this over with then," said Merida entering the throne room and sitting down.

Five minutes later a servant came bustling in, "please welcome the Viking chief, Stoick the Vast, and his firstborn son, Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the third!"

Merida snorted as the doors creaked open, "that's a really big name for such a sma..."

She stopped as the first two figures walked into the room. The first to enter was a tall buff man with a long auburn beard which was braided in many places. He was carrying a large axe, but he was smiling so warmly, that it canceled out the intimating look.

The next one to walk in was, there had to be a mistake, this tall and handsome lad couldn't be, Hiccup? His face was familiar enough that there was no doubt that he was Hiccup, but how?! How on earth did the talking fish bone turn into this!?

"Merida!" Queen Elenor hissed seeing her daughter's shocked face. "Close your mouth and sit up!"

Blushing she smoothed out her dress and sat up, looking at the Vikings. Hiccup had grown more than a foot since last time. His hair was longer and some of it was in a tiny braid. He didn't have that goofy nerd feeling about him at all, more like a strong prince. He had a metal foot on his left leg, and wore black leather armour with a shoulder piece that had a red dragon on it. The only thing he carried was a hilt for a sword but instead of a blade there was a two inch long iron dragon's head.

After him came two blonde Vikings, who according to the servant who was introducing the small party, were named Ruffnut and Tuffnut. They looked like twins, both had long hair which the girl had tied up. The girl had a pretty face but was looking around the room in boredom. Her brother on the other hand wore a look of extreme mischief.

Queen Eleanor stood up addressing the Vikings, "Welcome, Vikings of Berk!"


Sighing, Hiccup collapsed on the bed. Tomorrow was the presentation of the suitors, but he was exhausted. But he had to go see Toothless. Groaning, he rolled off the bed. Unlike the wooden ones he was used to this one was soft and stuffed. His room was about the same size as his own in Berk, but everything was so different. The bed instead of being a single and dirty, was large and room was made of stone rather than wood, and there were tapestries on the walls that told different stories.

He turned to one with a girl and a bear. The girl was obviously the princess, her fiery mane was impossible to miss. The bear however looked noble and kind, it was twice as tall as the princess, with black fur. They were holding hands like they had a bond they couldn't break. Although it was such a simple tapestry, it made him curious to know more.

Then he remembered toothless. He grabbed a bag from a table and crept out and into the hallway. It was quiet all the way to the front courtyard. The moon shone brightly on the path in front of him. Wind sent leaves dancing into the sky. Sighing he continued into the forest.

Suddenly there was a sound like a breaking branch, he spun around taking his sword out, but not igniting the blade. There was nobody in sight.

Still keeping his sword out he continued into the forest, keeping quiet so as to hear any unusual noises.

He entered the clearing where he kept Toothless. The black dragon was curled up, asleep on a patch of singed grass. He awoke at the sound of Hiccup getting closer.

"Hey bud," he said scratching behind his ear.

"Wha' is that!" Yelled somebody behind him, instantly Hiccup ignited his blade, spinning around and pointing it at the voice.

A hooded figure stood crouched, on top of a boulder, aiming a bow at them.

"Wha' is that!?" She said eyeing the sword, there was something familiar about her voice.

"Princess Merida?"

She straightened up and threw her hood back, letting the fiery curls flow free, "Hiccup? Is that you?" She asked forgetting about the dragon.

"Uh, yeah. Oh, and this is Toothless." He said gesturing to the dragon.

"Toothless? Tha' is an odd name for such a beast, wha' is he?" She said putting the bow over her shoulder and walking slowly up to them. Toothless growled, making her freeze.

"Toothless," said Hiccup, "is a Night Fury, a dragon."

"A dragon you say," she said taking another step closer, "I've herd about them, never thought they'd come up this far north."

Hiccup chuckled nervously, "Yeah, they usually stay around the islands near Berk, but Toothless here," he said scratching him, "is my dragon."

"Your's?" Said Merida bewildered, "how?"

"It's a long story," said Hiccup.

"I have time," she said sitting on a nearby boulder.