Chapter Zero: Prologue

Sacrifice : The act of giving up something that you want to keep especially in order to get or do something else or to help someone.

Everyday, human beings must sacrifice a part of themselves in order to accomplish a goal, whether that achievement is as minor as lending a pencil to a fellow student or a bit of our sanity to protect our loved ones. I guess you could say that naturally we perform these altruistic behaviors to help one another. But why? What's the true reasoning behind these actions? Is it because of love? Selfishness? Desire? To be honest, every sacrificial movement is prompted by the impulsive need to protect. Nobody questions a parent when they place themselves in danger for their child or a citizen enlisting to serve their country during war. Why? Because, we, as human beings believe in having a purpose to protect our values. But...exactly how far would we go to achieve that?

A crackle of lightning echoes throughout the night sky as the commotion wakes the young person from comfortable slumber. Emerald eyes shot open to the sight of a brightly-tropical aquarium, with various fish swimming around, sitting on top of a snow-colored dresser a couple feet from the bed. Gripping the matching bedsheet, the person sits themselves up to scan the seemingly small living space.

A monitor is attached to the cream-colored wall above the aquarium, turned off at the moment.

Glancing over to their right, they notice the exit of the space being a sleek silver sliding door with a white handle on its side and a golden lock.

Nearing the bed on its right, is a closet door leading to a space filled of clothing for different occasions.

Drowsily rubbing their eyes, the person spots a shimmering object on the nightstand. They softly rub the engraving of the golden, now visible badge in their hands with a thumb and mutter, "I went from protecting the streets of Hiroshima to here…"

Turning to their left, they notice a small opening underneath what seems to be a shutter of sorts.

Emerald eyes widen when the person reaches the handle as the shutters recline back up to reveal a sight of the night sky fulfilled with several lambent lights from below.

There is a quote that goes by the saying, "Stars can't shine without darkness".

This person suddenly realizes they're closer to reaching the stars than originally thought.

Hey guys! I've been in a lot of Danganronpa SYOCs on here, and I like this idea of the story here, so I figured why not give this a shot? Yes, I know this intro/prologue is extremely short for my taste but I promise the actual chapters will be longer! I hope you guys enjoyed this quick little intro and if interested in sending in an OC, be sure to check out the rules and application! Plus, it's my first time doing a SYOC so this should be really interesting...


As always, no Mary Sues or Gary Sues! AKA: There's no such thing as a perfect character with no flaws whatsoever! I mean, realistically nobody is flawless so let's reflect that on our characters okay? If you do send one in, I can guarantee you they have a really low chance in getting accepted...Plus, the more diverse the cast is personality-wise the better!

I prefer if you send applications via PM! I'm more likely to choose people who send through PM because if you review your character's backstory and secrets publicly on reviews, it kinda spoils their arc for everyone doesn't it? So, how about we keep it between us?

As for nationality, I'm letting you guys have the freedom of your character coming from any country! I'll list the nationalities I get because it'll be really nice to have such a diverse cast ranging from let's say America or Cambodia etc instead of having everyone from Japan y'know?

I won't accept canon talents that are already used in the DR universe (excluding NDRV3 since that hasn't happened yet) or Ultimate Despair or Reserve Student or Ultimate ?...But Ultimate Lucky Student is available! Let's be creative with our talents guys! Also, only one talent per character. I'll also post the talents that have been submitted so we don't accidentally run into multiple OCs with the same talent.

You can submit multiple characters but only one will be accepted. Speaking of submitting multiple characters, I really prefer if you make an original OC specifically for this story but I wouldn't mind if they came from another story. But, if you're going to do that then I hope you're really confident on how great they are because they're going to be held to a higher standard if I spot them.

Finally, this will not be a first come first serve kind of thing since I really want you guys to spend time on your OCs. Basically, if I can tell you made your OC in 5 minutes or less, yeah no you're most likely not getting accepted...Since I'm awkwardly posting this on Thursday night, the deadline for when applications close is in two weeks which specifically is November 25th. I will post the official class roster on November 26th along with the first half or quarter of the introductions.

~Danganronpa Airlines: First Class Despair Submission Form~

* = Optional

~ General ~

Name: (Western order with first name, last name)

* Nickname(s):

Age: (17-18 is the age range but if older than, you need to provide some justification)

Birthday: (Month and Day)

Gender: (Female, male, intersex, non binary, etc basically anything can go! If the character has a preferred pronoun, please tell me! Also, I'll make a list of the number of submitted gender so we could see where we're at.)

SHSL Talent:

Nationality: (Basically what country do they come from, also remember they can come from any country but do some research as well!)


Sexual Orientation: (Just like for gender, anything can go! Straight, gay, lesbian, pansexual, asexual, etc can go here! But, if it's something that I might not know from it being not common, be sure to expand on explaining it a bit so I can be educated on it.)

* Health Problem(s): (Do they have a terminal illness? Bad eyesight and needs to wear glasses or contacts? Just any type of health issue in general)

Blood Type:

~ Appearance ~



Build: (Are they average build? Muscular giant? Athletic toned with broad shoulders? That kind of things! The more descriptive the better…)

Eye Color: (Try to stray away from heterochromia because there's only so many people that could actually inherit this and I'll probably accept only one character with this.)

Hair Color & Style: (This includes length as well)

Skin Complexion:

* Any physical scars or markings?: (This could be actual scars or loss of limb or tattoos or birthmarks, etc)

Casual/Daily Clothing: (This is the clothing your character will be wearing majority of the time. Try to make this descriptive by making the clothing match either their talent and/or their personality, I mean wouldn't it be pretty boring if everyone wore a t-shirt and jeans?)

* Formal Clothing:

* Swimwear:

* Sleepwear:

* Accessories: (This includes prescriptive glasses if needed)

~ Personality ~

Brief Description of Personality: (This will appear in their e-Passports with the DR character's description. Let's keep this around 3-4 sentences!)

Extended Personality: (This along with backstory definitely needs to be the most detailed on this application. I'm more likely to pick someone who writes this out in paragraph format versus listing adjectives. Remember, nobody is perfect!)

Likes: (Minimum is 5 and maximum is 10)

Dislikes: (Minimum is 5 and maximum is 10)

* Confidence: (How confident are they? Are they the type to be proud of their image or rarely keeps eye contact with you?)


* Attitude & Perception: (How do they view the world in general? Are they optimistic that everything will get better or looks at the negative side of things?

Strengths: (This is for physical and mental strengths that would work for their advantage in this type of situation. Let's do three to five things here.)

Weaknesses: (This is for physical and mental weaknesses that would serve as a problem to them in this type of situation. Let's do three to five things here.)


* Habits/Quirks/Tendencies:

~ History ~

Backstory: (What happened in this character's life that led them to being the SHSL of their talent and having their current personality? You can make a list of the highlights of their life or paragraph format, anything can go for how it's presented but just make sure it's detailed!)

Family: (Basically short descriptions of their family members that are important and current status)

* Friends: (Basically short descriptions of their friends that are important and current status)

~ Danganronpa ~

Reaction to Killing Game:

Reaction to Discovery of Corpse:

Reaction to Being Accused (While Innocent):

Reaction to Being Accused (While Guilty):

Reaction to an Execution:

Role in Investigation (While Innocent): (Obviously we can't have everybody be a Kirigiri when it comes to investigating!)

Role in Investigation (While Guilty):

Role in Trial (While Innocent):

Role in Trial (While Guilty):

Motive(s) to Kill: (Everybody has at least one thing that would crack them...What is it for your character? At least one motive here, but of course the more the despairingly better.)

Execution: (Even if your character ends up being a survivor, everyone is still required to have an idea of an execution. Just a brief description of how it probably would happen will do.)

* Typical First Impression: (If a newcomer were to meet them, how would they come off as?)

Type of people they would get along with:

Type of people they wouldn't get along with:

Interested in romance?: (Yes or no answer here)

* If yes, what kind of people would they fall for?:

~ Voice ~

Quotes: (At least 5 but no more than 10, can include their introduction and reactions)

* Agreement Quote: (Example quotes of them agreeing with something)

* Disagreement Quote: (Example quotes of them highly disagreeing with something)

* Give Up Quote: (Example quotes of them giving up on something whether it's dealing with a stubborn classmate or after being found guilty)

Speech Pattern: (Does your character have a certain accent while speaking? Extremely formal? Do they have a clean or a vulgar sailor mouth? Any stutters? Etc...)

Voice Tone: (Do they have a seductive sultry voice? A gruff voice? A very high-pitch squeaky voice? Etc…)

~ Other ~

* Other: (Is there anything else I should know about your character that hasn't been covered?)

~ Submitted Talents ~

SHSL Police Officer (my OC)

SHSL Beautiful Dancer

SHSL Oboist

SHSL Youtaite

SHSL Astronomer

SHSL Violinist

SHSL Children's Book Author

SHSL Thief

SHSL Charmer

SHSL Occult Researcher

SHSL Artist

SHSL Massage Therapist

SHSL Lookout

SHSL Classical Musician

SHSL Surfer

SHSL Medical Examiner

SHSL Radio Host

SHSL Variety Queen

SHSL Comedian

SHSL Surgeon

SHSL Basketball Player

SHSL Hacker

SHSL Fighter

SHSL Figure Skater


SHSL Tracker

SHSL Cartographer

SHSL Beta Tester

SHSL Logician

SHSL Tea Brewer

SHSL Kunoichi

SHSL Observer

SHSL Brista

SHSL Roller Blader

SHSL Electricist

SHSL Weapon Designer

~ Submitted Genders ~

Female: 17

Male: 18

Non binary: 1

~ Submitted Nationalities ~

Japanese: x13

South Korean: x1

Shanivaarian: x1

French: x3

Scottish: x3

Caribbean: x1

German: x1

American: x5

Italian: x1

Samoan: x1

Norwegian: x1

Canadian: x1

English: x3

Singaporean: x1