Chapter One: The Sky's The Limit: Order in The (Food) Court

Looking around the table, it was evident that some trios were eager to share their discoveries, while some have a look of uncertainty sketched on their faces, and two members of a group appear downright terrified of what they witnessed, prompting the officer to continue, "So, which group would like to share what they found first?"

"I figured you would be here."

The sound of rattling from the chains holding up a black punching bag gradually ceases as the attacker steadies it with their hands on both sides. They peek past the object to make eye contact with the source of the voice and the sight of familiar hazy blue eyes. Setsuka Aihara leans against the fitness center's metallic door frame with a knowing expression on her face, as if she sees a different version of herself in her friend. The sight of the figure skater instantly sends a slight wave of relief through the other person. They face her while maneuvering a white hand towel to wipe off a glossy shine on the forehead from the intense workout beforehand, right before the salty drops invades their green eyes. "You know, for someone that only knew me for what, a couple of hours? You know me so well already."

"Kira-chan, trust me when I say I know a stressed out athlete when I see one." The skater begins walking towards the center of the room, crossing her arms in the process.

"And what exactly makes you think I'm stressed?" The officer place heavy hands covered with padding on opposing sides of her hip. The darken mesh of the kickboxing gloves touches the polyester fabric of the black tights wrapping around Akira's legs.

"Because beating something that can't hit you back and as annoying as Monokuma is the second best thing to relieve some steam?" Setsuka answers the other girl's question with yet another question.

"Well, you're not wrong Suka-chan." The officer breaks the pair's momentarily eye contact before directing her focus back to the heavy duty object positioned in front of her. She drives her right hand into the red leathered surface, causing the bag to swing forward before briefly returning to its original position. The apparent boxer withdraws the clenching fist before switching to her left hand to continue the steady momentum. Her thick ponytail bounces in sync with the girl's punches as she continues the conversation in rhythm, "It's just that…", she lands a punch. "I have to…" Another hit. "Figure out how…" The bag swings forward. "To escape from…" Her eyebrows furrow. "...this hell plane."

Akira recalls the new information that was disclosed during the meeting back in the cafeteria, concentrating to connect the dots with a steady mind.

"Of course the party didn't start till we walked in, so I suggest we go first. And by suggest, I mean that everyone else shut their mouth."

Effie Iizuka, Kjartan Johannesen, and Sayomi Watanabe gradually lower their raised hands as the celebrity trio shoot an urgent glare at Nakai Ocha. While the remaining eight seated passengers had their own reactions of disdain towards the tea brewer, Akira Nakashima takes a mental note of the group's urgency of wanting to share their discoveries. She turns herself to face the group remaining on their feet, quirking an eyebrow as the officer looks at the caffine inducing drinks in Kotarou Nakastu's and Kuzuri Inanime's hands. "Please do tell."

"For starters, I am quite sure the library might be a great resource for some of you classless tasters. Perhaps you'll actually learn what great quality tea is supposed to taste like." The tea brewer expectedly looks at Crystelle Villiere in which the classical musician turns her head and twirls a light-brown strand of hair around her index finger with a slight smirk.

Kotarou loosely crosses his arms with the beverage held in right hand as the electrician picks up where the former left off, "Speaking of the library, there could be a chance we could figure out what the hell is happening on this plane," he shrugs before continuing, "...or at least possibly find out its history."

September Simon raises their hand. "Question, do you honestly think Monokuma is dumb enough to possibly leave clues to assist us?"

"I would not take into account the bear's intelligence, but perhaps he would drop a bit of evidence to provide us with a head start in this evident game of cat and mouse you may say." Ayano Igarashi speaks out as she fiddles with a pen in her hand, the logician's brown eyes directed to the journal placed on the table.

Sayomi squints, "So, you're comparing us to smelly rodents? That's kinda gross, Aya-chan."

"Not exactly, Sayo-chan," Santiago Lopez repositions the silver framed eyewear resting on the bridge of his nose. The basketball player glances around the table, "...Something tells me that damn bear is more fucked up than he appears."

The dark-haired, beta tester scoffs, "Oh really? Could it be because, oh, pardon my French, because that sadistic fuck is torturing our loved ones via livestream every two hours?"

"Earth to Officer Nakashima-san, somebody in there?"

The police officer snaps out of thought as her attacks on the punching bag gradually slows to a full stop. She begins sliding off the boxing gloves from her hands while apologizing to the figure skater, "Oh, sorry Miss Aihara! I was just-"

Setsuka nonchalantly waves a hand in dismissal and walks to the mini refrigerator on the left side of the fitness room. "It's fine Kira-chan, sometimes I get lost in thought while working out or rehearsing for any upcoming events."

Akira agrees, "At this point, it's practically muscle memory."

Setsuka then opens the small, glass door belonging to the fridge and pulls out two water bottles before shutting it once more. When the athlete turns around, she notices the sweat inducing officer sitting in one of the two, brown-woven, lounge chairs. A white towel rag rests behind the girl's lightly olive neck across the shoulders. The gem cladded skater takes a seat in the other unoccupied chair and hands Akira a bottle of water in which the latter quickly responds with a curt, "Thank you."

After unscrewing the plastic lid from the bottle and taking a sip of water, the officer looks over to her friend and sighs, "Honestly, with everything that happened today, I feel like I haven't really gotten a chance to actually check up on everyone. I mean, it's one thing to have the ability to read body language and just assume how someone is feeling, but sometimes all it takes is verbally asking someone if they're okay. You know what I mean?"

The other girl crosses her right boot over the left leg and nods. She then begins readjusting the obsidian colored bun sitting on her head while answering, "You're right, that makes sense! Especially with this motive floating around, it's practically impossible for somebody to not get affected."

Setsuka's grip on her bottle starts to tighten when she comes to a realization in mind, "Which is why this whole situation is just so frustrating."


"Whoever this mastermind is, they're just so selfish! How dare they throw us into this game and toy with our mentality as if we aren't humans but just experiments where one of us is bound to blow up any minute? I can't believe I actually have a chance at dying."

"We don't know for sure that-"

The figure skater's posture straightens as she sits up with an accusing look in her eyes. "Says the one that would've lunged at Monokuma back at the theater if it weren't for those lock restraints."

Akira uses her right index and middle to massage her temple in remembrance. "Yeah, yeah that definitely wasn't one of my best moments. Look, I'm not ruling out the possibility of someone actually going through with murder, but hopefully it wouldn't have to come down to that. A crime scene definitely isn't exactly a pretty view."

"I just...I can't afford to die, Kira-chan. After my older sister…" the glow in her blue eyes is evidently dim as they trail off, "I'm the last hope to my parents and I refuse to let them down by dying."

The officer's eyes briefly darted to the sight of a blank TV monitor hanging at the front of the space before returning to the figure skater's slightly trembling hands. She then gently lays a comforting hand on Setsuka's shoulder, "Okay."


"Okay as in let everyone know that once it becomes night time, to go rest and we'll have to re approach an escape plan some time tomorrow with fresh minds," Akira instructs before using the same hand to pat her friend's shoulder with encouragement.

The figure skater gives a single thumbs up with a small smile in response, "Sounds like a plan. But what are you doing in the meantime?"

"Right now I'm going back to my room to go take a shower." The green eyed girl dabs a thin line of sweat from her forehead with the rag.

"And here I thought you were one of those super sweaty cops while on duty," Setsuka jokes.

This causes the officer to let out a laugh. "Oh please, I know I could pull off the all natural glistening look if I wanted to. But it's my cooling comfort over my sparkling appearance my dear figure skater."

The two girls stand from their seats and begin making their way to the door as Akira announces, "But really, afterwards I'm heading over to the infirmary to go check on our mystery guest and see if she's awake yet."

With Setsuka set with a new task in mind, the figure skater rushes her exit by traveling the opposite direction towards the cafeteria to spread the plan to her fellow passengers. Akira turns to begin walking to the elevators across the hallway when she spots two familiar pairs of eyes; light brown ones belonging to a certain massage therapist and the other associating with the surgeon, a combination of teal and red orbs side by side, staring from the general left direction. Spotting the mischievous glint in her eyes, the officer's content look is replaced with an expected one as she waits for Eclair to state her comment.

The girl with blonde tips on the ends of the dark hair, breaks in her greeting with a question, "My, my, my here we have Miss Aihara and Miss Nakashima parting from...dare I say, an intimate rendezvous?"

Akira's eyes widen. "What are you talking abou-"

Confusions strikes Enzo as he scrunches his nose. "Ah, mi medica, what is this intimate rendezvous you speak of?"

Eclair slightly turns to her company and explains with a bit of higher voice tone to attempt to spread her innocence across. "Why, is it not quite obvious? Handcuffs On The Go over here," she points to the athletic dressed officer, "is covered in sweat and with evidently flushed cheeks. Then you have the Bedazzled Skater Girl rushing away with that idiotic unworldly smile on her face. Just put two and two together, my masseur."

Usually the Italian views his fast learning skill as a blessing whenever it comes to topics relating to his talent, but this certain hands on experience causes him to think otherwise. Enzo nimbly tugs at the collar of the white-button up jacket as he bashfully glances at the officer, "Oh."

Akira only scoffs in response.

From the last encounter the officer and surgeon shared back in the infirmary, Akira quickly realized it would be best to just let the teasing remarks go. Especially when they're placed in a time sensitive atmosphere with the motive making its appearance every two hours she figures nobody has the time to mess around with pointless bickering. The green-eyed girl then looks at the masseur and changes the subject with something that should have been addressed upon the sight of the two. "Since you two are here, what's the status update on our mystery girl?"

The duo share a look between each other before Eclair steps forward and tells her, "When I placed her on a line of naloxone, it started to reverse the effects. The patient is currently still stable, and I would not put it past me if she were to be awake at the moment."

"What else?" The previous interaction between Eclair and Enzo may have been brisk but it certainly didn't go unnoticed by the officer, causing her to push for details, "There's something you aren't telling me, Stuart-san."

"She found marks on her body." Enzo gestures to the surgeon next to him.

"Marks?" Akira turns to the white-colored, kimono wearing girl for further explanation.

Her messy ponytail bobs in place as a grin etches its way to the surgeon's face, starting from the corner of her lips as she begins to repeat the memory of the injured passenger. "Ah, yes the marks. Quite frankly it baffles me as to why Magic Fingers over here started freaking out from the first look of them. The hues and discoloration shines upon a sleeping beauty such as our mystery girl. If only you fools truly understand the art of the human anatomy." Eclair rubs her black leggings together in anticipation. "It was just so beautiful!"

After Akira made her exit from the pharmacy portion of the West Wing, Keefe Ng Jun Hui travels back into the infirmary with a water bottle in hand. Noticing that the officer wasn't with the tracker when he returned, Enzo questions him, "Mi amico, where's Akira?"

"She left to the cafeteria because the meeting with the other passengers is supposed to start pretty soon," replies the tracker. His dark green eyes finds the mysterious girl continuing to rest in the single patient bed nearly the front of him with Eclair making her rounds of analysis closely. He goes to sit in an unoccupied seat next to the massage therapist and eyes the medical personnel jotting down notes to record her findings. Keefe turns his head to face Enzo and asks in a barely audible mutter, "Has she done anything concerning while I was away?"

The masseur's eyes flickers from the purple-haired passenger's lips to meet his gaze as he mentally kicks himself for this habit occurring during close proximity. Suddenly remembering the question, Enzo shakes his head and replies, "Not from what I've seen. Aside from the giggling and rambling every now and then, I would think mi medica is just doing her job."

A gasp from said surgeon pulls the pair from their close conversation. Looking up from their seats, they watch Eclair as she lifts a portion of solid black fabric of the tank top resting on the girl's hip and gingerly trace something with her index finger. The duo immediately stands up to see what all the commotion was about and walk towards the medical personnel, stopping as soon as they could view the sight up close. It doesn't take long for the boys to recognize what Eclair was referring to, which was the girl was marveling at the glimpse of garnish purple coloring of marks painted across the slumber figure's hip. Enzo was the first of the trio to take a step back from the revelation and runs a hand through his auburn feathery, short-length hair. He speaks up, "How, how did she get this? Maybe she fell or accidentally ran into something hard?"

Eclair pulls back and twirls the end of her hair around a finger. "With a bruising that size and the coloration practically matching tracker boy's hair, I would not assume that this is from just an accident."

"What are you inferring Stuart-san?" Keefe questions. In the back of his mind, there's only so many options as to where this injury came from and he's pretty sure he could narrow it down to one possible explanation.

"As a doctor, my diagnosis is that this bruising and the many others originated from heavy blows and I'm not talking about the pleasant kind either. Whoever did this, wanted Ocean Eyes here to suffer and the girl couldn't stand a chance with all the opioid drugs injected into her system." The surgeon confirms the tracker's suspicions.

"What I'm getting from this is that not only is our girl suffering from a drug overdose but the aftermath of a physical torture, correct?" Akira questions, pursuing her lips in thought.

The masseur crosses his arms across his white-fabric, cladded chest and shifts his standing weight to the right leg and answers, "Unfortunately. I'm not quite sure what is going on exactly, but hopefully we make it to a safe place in no time. We just have to stick together until then, right?"

This confirmation causes the officer to drive a hand through her darken locks and meets the eyes of the duo in front of her. "I completely agree with you Russo-san, but It seems like we've been getting more questions than answers the longer we stay here," pointing a thumb over her left shoulder, Akira then provides instruction to the massage therapist and surgeon, "I'm assuming you two are heading to the cafeteria? Go grab some refreshments and head back to your suites before the two hours are up. It's best to call it a night for everyone's safety and we'll try to regroup tomorrow with a plan."

"Suona come un piano!" Enzo clasps his hands together. Although from the looks of confusion from the two fellow passengers, he tucks a hand in the inside of the khaki pants and clears his throat. "Oh sorry, I said it sounds like a plan! We'll see you tomorrow mi amica!"

"Be sure to schedule me in for one of your private training sessions, officer!" Eclair winks. Soon after her statement, the masseur proceeds to begin dragging the surgeon along by the hem of her white sleeves.

Akira watches the pair of figures walk away from her position in amusement before searching for the elevators on the first level of the aircraft. After a brief walk around the floor, she locates the elevators and goes to push the dim button with an upwards arrow sketched onto it. The doors open and the officer steps inside, pressing the button to enclose herself within the space. As the box rides up to the third level, she places both hands behind her back to promptly rest on top of the silver railing attached to the wall touching her backside. This piece of silence combining with the sound of soft hums of the metal gears shifting in place provides the girl a chance to recollect her thoughts of the encounter with the other passengers back in the cafeteria.

"You honestly think it's physically possible for that rejected, midget panda to manage to kidnap all of our loved ones? That is preposterous! As if the Beauforte hierarchy would be that weak and defenseless!" Shiori Beauforte counters the beta tester's comment. Sitting next to the outspoken violinist, Etano Meleah nods in agreement.

"Yo, I totally-I mean, I concur with the Beauforte madam with her claim of inaccuracy." The surfer supports her argument with a new pattern attached. The response was met with silence and twelve sets of bewildered stares from his fellow passengers. He begins fidgeting with the black lei around his neck, furrowing his eyebrows at the apparent confusion. "Why are y'all lookin' at me like that? Is there something in my hair?"

"Woooaaaaah, who are you and what have you done with Ryuu-san?" Hitome Inukai dramatically gasps and leans her head forward for a closer inspection.

Creases form on the white lab coat that's clings to the upper body of the surfer's body; effectively hiding the black button-up, long sleeve shirt underneath, as he starts wavering his hands. He brings his usual lazy drawl to a more energetic and clear tone by announcing, "That's Doctor Meleah to you, my dear Inukai."

"Never underestimate the power of white," Kjartan comments.

The classical musician turns to face Etano and intentively begins tapping on the glass belonging to the goggles against his face. The mixture of blue and purple in her eyes narrows as she squints. "Perhaps the suction of the goggles brought his brain cells together, it's a miracle honestly."

This causes the surfer to promptly slap Crystelle's hand away from his face, shaking his head. The officer decides to assist in moving along the purpose of the meeting and compliments Etano.

"You look really sophisticated and intelligent as a nobel peace prize winner, Et-er, Doctor Meleah. How about you tell us about your group's discoveries?"


A lone ding emitting from the elevator snaps Akira out of her wandering thoughts. With the metal doors open, the girl steps out of the previously enclosed space and into the hallway of the third level. While rounding a corner towards her suite, the officer abruptly bumps into the shoulders of a passing person, apparently roughly enough to knock the contents out of their hands. As the small stack of papers suddenly transformed to a non sequitur mess on the metallic floor. Immediately the owner of a small and black, pointed ahoge bends down in his jeans to begin recollecting the scattered information. With his head facing the floor, he didn't take notice of the officer before saying, "Holy shit, watch where you're goin-" He looks up to meet the sight of a pair of matching color eyes. The beta-tester's face evidently softens at the recognition of a friend, making the scowl vanishing from his pale features. "Oh, hey Nakashima."

Her first instinct is to feverently apologize, "Oh my god, I didn't see you there, Inanime-san! Sorry about that, here…" She squats down to his eye level and hands him the assorted pieces that had fallen on her side of the hallway. Once all of the papers has been returned to Kuzuri, he hops up from his low position, carrying the stack of contents with his right hand and holds out the other towards the girl.

"Apology accepted." The beta tester leans his weight back to pull his friend off the ground. Once the officer was back on her feet, he nonchalantly points a thumb over his shoulder to mention, "I'm actually just heading to the data center that the Wonder Trio talked about during the meeting. Care to join me?"

"Considering that you're a beta tester, it sounds pretty reasonable to check out the data center." Akira comments and then proceeds to nod. "Yeah, I'll meet you there in a little bit. I'm going to go take a shower since all of this…" She gestures to her flush cheeks and thin line of sweat covering her forehead, "...makes me feel really sweaty and gross at the moment, so I'll see you later!"

"See ya, Nakashima-san."

After receiving the casual response from the beta tester, Akira turns away to begin walking in the opposite direction towards her room. Once the officer steps into her bathroom, she nonchalantly tosses the sweat inducing towel aside onto the counter next to the sink. She then leans into the open space for the shower and turns on the water to warm up before peeling the athletic clothing off her skin. Shortly after walking onto the ragged ground that's gradually becoming wet from the steady stream of water, Akira takes a deep breath, subsequently inhaling the relaxing steam provided by the mini sauna of a shower. Clear thoughts immediately flood her mind as the officer begins to recall the continuation of events that occurred during the meeting.

Following the explanation of what Etano, Santiago, and Setsuka discovered during their portion of the expedition, the rest of the passengers lean back into their chairs to process the information.

"Is it really that surprising that a chemistry lab would be next to a pharmacy and the infirmary?" Kotarou voices out his opinion and goes to support it with a follow up. "Wouldn't that prove useful for anyone that feels sick or whenever girls are on know."

From her seat, Shiori folds her arms together before leaning forward to bluntly ask, "Hey stupide, what is the dot at the end of a sentence called?"

Confused brownish eyes with a mix of green meet a pair of violet eyes with a mix of challenge in them as the electricist cautiously answers, "...A period?"

"Not such a dirty word now is it?" The violinist quirks an eyebrow as the remaining girls exchange a knowing look around the table. Kotarou awkwardly scratches the back of his head, causing the tools around his waist to jiggle and shift.

He mutters a quick, "yeah" in response.

The group enters a brief moment of a slightly uneasy silence before Santiago breaks it. He clears his throat before mentioning, "Well, both of the infirmary and pharmacy appeared to be completely stocked when we checked. Safe to say that we should be good in case someone tries to…" Trailing off from finishing the negative thought, the Canadian basketball player casts a downward glance towards the surface of the table.

"Yeah man, we also have Doc on board with us to patch up anybody!" Etano speaks up while shooting a comforting look towards the right end of the table where Santiago sits. The Samoan holds a thumb up in his right hand in complete assurance. "She's the Ultimate Surgeon for a reason guys, so there's nothin' to worry about."

"I'm not quite sure about having the Doctor and Ultimate Pervert as the same person counts as something to not worry about." Sayomi comments before adding on, "I just want to look out for everyone, you know?" A slight shudder courses through the variety queen as she remembers her first encounter with the medical professional. The celebrity recalls shaking hands with the pure white, kimono wearing girl, only for the latter to hold onto her hand longer than necessary. Although Sayomi never shies away from upholding her signature smile, the brunette sacrifices a portion of her comfort in exchange.

The blue-eyed, figure skater agrees, "What Sayo-chan said makes sense." This causes the variety queen to snap out of her thoughts.

Akira sighs, "Look, as much as Doctor Stuart is an...interesting character, so far she's been accomplishing her job in regards of her medical performance."

The dark-green, hoodie wearing basketball player chuckles, "Yes, that's right. Even though the girl uses medical words beyond my understanding, she definitely seemed like she knows what she's doing. Kinda like how I am with my teammates on the court."

Kjartan decides to shift the subject at hand with a direct question. "Well darlings, speaking of people occupying the infirmary, shall we discuss the elephant in the room?" The royal-blue eyed, radio host ruffles his sandy-blond, hair once he acquires everyone's attention. The Norwegian smirks at the amount of peaking interest he obtains from his tablemates towards the question.

Although, his expression falters a bit upon the kunoichi asking a question of her own. "Eh?!" Hitome hastily looks around the cafeteria before turning her attention back towards the radio host just so she could bark an aggressive statement. "I don't see a grey, floppy-eared beast. Why must you lie to us, Hakutaku?!"

Kjartan quickly apologizes, "Sorry my dear, but that was a figure of speech." He holds both of his hands in the air as a sign of surrendering.

The dark-haired, kunoichi momentarily eyes him suspiciously before returning to her normal state with an upbeat, "Okay!"

For someone that tends to lose track of her thoughts, ironically, Effie is the person to steer the passengers back to a main topic. "Um guys, speaking of things not actually in the room...Is someone missing?" This prompts majority of the tablemates to begin mentally performing a headcount among themselves.

Ayano taps her chin and comments, "Why yes, from what I can assume, every search group consisted of exactly three members, correct?" Multiple nods occurred in response before she continues, "Excluding Nakashima-san, then there should be fifteen people here including myself."

Effie speaks up again. "Huh, there's only fourteen of us." The youtaite slides an olive hand along the rim of the grey hat resting on her head, touching the ribbon material wrapping around it. She goes to restate her previous question with a different phrasing. "In that case, then who's missing?"

"Oooooh, Inukai-chan knows the answer! Pick me! Pick me!" The Kunoichi begins frantically waving her hand in the air.

Effie calls on her with a tone similar to a teacher picking on a student, just with a hint of her Scottish accent in the mix. "Okay Inu, what do you have for us?"

"It is the small and frisky, Hososhi!" This earned several confused expressions from the passengers.

September figures they should step in as their Kunoichi friend's personal translator. The French cartographer simply explains, "She's talking about Alice Mayfield, the Ultimate Occult Researcher. In retrospect, she is a very quiet person that was seen carrying her black journal around. The one with a bunch of pentagram merchandise on her."

"Yeaaaah! There was so many pointy-points on those shape drawings that Inukai-chan did not want to upset her and get cursed with voodoo or mysterious forces from tiny Hososhi!" Her russet-brown eyes remains wide as Hitome adds on to September's explanation.

"So yeah, she was in our search group." The cartographer states as they tuck a strand of dark-brown hair behind their ear.

Kuzuri casts in his input, "So...why isn't she here?"

The cartographer shoots a look towards the police officer. "Why don't you ask that to Akira?"

The officer in question crosses her arms in defense. "It wasn't my fault that she fled the scene after witnessing Inukai-san and I, um...talking?"

September points a thumb towards the matching eye-color, officer. They evidently shatter her attempt of a lie with a smart remark. "Last time I checked the dictionary, I do not recall Inu throwing a blade at your head and you utilizing a banana as a weapon was considered as a normal conversation, policier. You scared the poor fille with that authoritative, demanding, and intimidating demeanor you have going on there."

Immediately, Akira uncrosses her arms at their accusations, not caring about the slight blush appearing on her cheeks as she tries to refute, "I am not intimidating or demanding in the slightest!"

"Make that in denial too." Kuzuri cracks a joke as Kotarou swiftly high-fives the beta tester much to the officer's annoyance.

Stroking his lengthy, greyish-black hair as if it's a snake, Nakai cannot help but join in on poking fun against Akira. "That's rich coming from the police chick that charged me like a damn missile and wrongfully tied me to this exact chair." The tea brewer peers over at Etano, flashing the surfer a smug grin as he continues, "If someone was to be bounded and gagged like an animal after that fight, it should've been Seaweed Brain over there." His lips curl into a broader smile upon noticing the Samoan's composure beginning to tense. Light-brown eyes glare back at Nakai from behind the translucent lab goggles resting on the surfer's face.

Noticing the rising tension between the pair matching the time the prior incident happened, the officer looks at Etano with her soften, green-eyes. Akira goes to try to calm him down with a soothing voice which she tend to use while working her job. "Hey Meleah-san, don't listen to that asshole. He's not worth it, be the better person."

Crystelle surprisingly comes to his defense as well. The classical musician twirls the ends of her light-coffee, colored hair as she nonchalantly speaks, "I truly recall you, musty behemoth attempting to attack me, so Mister Meleah proceeded to come to my aid." The blue iris interwines with the purple hue in her eyes, creating a minor sparkle as Crystelle resumes her piece. "Although, for all we know, that might possibly be your secret kink. I still need to drown my orbs with bleach from that horrific sight of you not appearing to have been phased by Miss Nakashima's actions, but indeed you appeared to be particularly comfy instead."

"Of course, I'm not complaining too much, because who in their right mind would complain when a girl as hot as Nakashima ties you up?" The shirtless tea brewer then dares to shoot a not-so subtle wink at the officer from where he remains standing.

Akira bites down on her tongue to physically restrict herself from releasing certain colorful language out of impulse, so instead she settles for sending a piercing glare in response. She then resorts to just rolling her eyes in annoyance. "Did you hear that?" She pauses as a brief moment of silence passes. "That's the sound of us needing to get back to the relevant topic at hand relating to Mayfield-san's absence."

Santiago questions, "Should someone look for her?"

Shiori bluntly answers, "I guess that you're right. One of you peasants should go find that souris surnaturelle folle and make sure the blonde nuisance hasn't killed her already." The room's atmosphere briskly changes from the previous lively mood to an uneasy and unsettling one within an instant. The violinist takes a look around the sitting area only to have everyone gazing back at her with a serious facial expression spreading across their faces. "What?"

"Nobody needs to hear that right now!" Several of the passengers are taken aback from Effie's immediate outburst towards the violet-eyed, girl.

That automatically fires up the shorter French girl preparing to counter in return. "Why would I listen to what une folle like you would say? I'm not apologizing for being the only realistic and sensible person on this plane!"

Akira straightaway interrupts the pair before the potential argument escalates any further. "Actually, I have news that the newcomer is still recovering in the infirmary. The surgeon, the massage therapist, and the tracker are with her right now, just to make sure that nothing happens." She goes on to suggest, "Remember that Monokuma is the biggest threat to everyone, even to the newcomer. Let's just make sure he doesn't do anything to Mayfield-san, since she's by herself at the moment."

September responds from their observations from earlier. "Since Alice seems more comfortable with Inu than Akira, then the Kunoichi should be the one to go find her."

"Are you sure that letting a trained killing machine be alone with her is a good idea?" The figure skater questions the cartographer wearing their cat-eye, glasses.

"Awww, you don't trust Inukai-chan, yuki-onna?" Hitome whines from her seat.

Kotaru places both hands on his hips, narrowly missing the toolbox right below. His brownish-green eyes glances over to the figure skater, seemingly understanding and sharing her concerns. "Her doubts makes sense when you literally hurled a blade at a police officer. It's not that I don't trust you, but isn't that a bit dangerous and suspicious of you to have that kind of weapon on you? I wouldn't be surprised if there were other lethal carry ons."

At the last statement, September stares at the kunoichi sitting in front of them, eying her black outfit. With Hitome's attention directing towards Kotarou and Akira, the map producer begins studying the fabric in remembrance of the event that happened back in the recreation room. They think to themselves in their head. "Where could she possibly stash those darts on herself so easily?" The French mapmaker then shakes their head to snap out of their inner thoughts. They go to suggest, "If it puts everyone at ease, I'll accompany Inu in the search."

"Off you go, then!" Shiori dismisses the cartographer and kunoichi with a wave of a pale hand.

The pair prepare to leave the area as they stand from their seats but not without the officer interjecting first. "Wait, did you guys come up with anything useful?"

"Ooooh, we came across this oozing, metal contraption with many buttons and pretty colors! It was so cold and made Inukai-chan's brain frozen, but it tasted like matcha tea in tiny ice!" Hitome promotes the discovery in her own words, causing the group to pause their thoughts in order to process the information.

"She's talking about the slushy machine we found in the convenience store." September further explains, "Unfortunately, we came up with le rien. We just covered the convenience store and recreation room over at the East Wing."

"Hmm okay, well thank you for trying! We'll brief you guys on the rest of the findings later." Akira dismisses the pair after numerous nods reflect across the table in agreement. Hitome Inukai and September Simon exit the cafeteria, leaving their seats empty. After standing this whole time, Kotarou and Kuzuri decide to take the two newly, vacant seats at the left end of the table. The electrician sits next to Setsuka, while the beta tester takes the opposing seat adjacent to Etano.

As the last person physically standing, Nakai crosses his arms. The tea brewer seems perfectly unbothered as he nonchalantly shrugs. "Who needs a lousy seat, when I was always meant to be at the center of the tables anyways?"

Brushing off his comment and stealing the spotlight for the moment, Kjartan softly chuckles, "Quite frankly, I'm surprised that my dear, Akira hasn't tried arresting Inu for that stunt she pulled. I mean, that would have made great entertainment!"

The officer in turn simply lets out a huff. "Under normal circumstances, I would've taken her down to the station for attempted murder, but clearly this isn't a normal situation."

"Actually, that brings me back to an earlier point that Shiori mentioned." The Canadian ball player brushes off a couple of wrinkles out of his orange basketball shorts as Santiago speaks up. "What are we going to do with the blonde newbie in the infirmary?"

Santiago answers first. "I say for the sake of everyone, we should be careful and cautious around her. Who knows what she could be capable of?"

On the other hand, Effie seems to disagree, "Um, the girl's barely alive right now. I highly doubt she can do anything while stuck in that infirmary bed."

"I agree with my girl, Effie-chan! The new girl hasn't done anything bad, so we should at least give her a chance." Sayomi voices out her support as she flicks a bit of her blonde hair over the shoulder in the process.

Crystelle's eyes snap over towards the two celebrities with a question to follow. "What makes you so sure that she isn't going to try anything once or if she heals?" The French classical musician continues her argument. "She came from that damned bear, so that has to mean something, right?"

Shiori butts into the conversation with a blunt input, "Or...if someone is really that pathetically desperate to leave, maybe she wouldn't have the time to actually heal."

Etano looks downward at the small violinist with a puzzling look before asking, "What do you mean?"

Crystelle, Effie, Kjartan, Kuzuri, Nakai, and Setsuka stare at Shiori with a matching, baffling expression written across their features. Meanwhile, Akira, Ayano, Kotarou, and Santiago appear to have caught onto what the violinist is implying. Their faces immediately break into one filling with concern on a certain, potential future possibility. The English electrician becomes the person to break the ice for them. "Shiori's insinuating that one of us should kill the new girl while she's incapacitated in the infirmary."

The Youtaite questions, "You honestly believe that one of us would actually kill another person?"

"You know fully well that we can't simply rule that possibility out, especially after we got the stupid motive." Santiago stops before his brown eyes narrow as a thought came to mind. "Following that logic, how am I supposed to trust any of you? Based off that motive, I'm sure everyone was affected by it."

"He has a point. Everybody would be lying if they said that the thought hasn't crossed their minds, like let's be real, guys. You wouldn't be human if you wouldn't consider killing someone just to protect your loved ones." Setsuka comments. "Well, that's just assuming you value your family."

Kuzuri responds, "That's pretty shitty and fucked up. She should at least be able to fight back if anything."

"Guys, are we really debating over this?" Akira's voice drops to disbelief before it spikes back up to a commanding one. She stands up from her seat before slamming both hands onto the table. A loud echo occurs, emphasising the officer's next command, "We are going to handle this like a civil jury in during a trial hearing a case. Until she has a chance to tell her side of the story, nobody will lay a single hand on her. Do I make myself clear?"

"Affirmative, it would be wise of us to attempt to obtain as much information we can from the girl." Ayano comments before pushing up her glasses back onto the ridge of her nose. "She may potentially be the key to assisting us in our escape from this aircraft since she is related to Monokuma."

The police officer nods in agreement. "Precisely."

Stepping out of the shower, the dripping wet officer snatches a white towel hanging off the rack to dry herself with. She then goes to put on a fresh dark-blue, police uniform. The girl still wonders how Monokuma managed to find and import five matching sets of the complete outfit. The officer mutters, "Maybe there's a laundromat on the plane or at least stop by one."

After brushing her hair and checking herself in the mirror just to make sure she looks decent, Akira begins to head out the door. She stops in her tracks and turns around to spot her signature police hat sitting on top of the e-Passport on the shelf. Debating on whether or not to carry the two items, Akira ends up slightly shaking her head as she thinks to herself. "Nah, I won't need those right now, it'll be a quick trip."

The officer exits her suite and walks over to the computer lab where she previously made plans to meet up with Kuzari Inanime. Basing off the information that Ayano, Crystelle, and Shiori provided during the meeting, Akira hopes that her and the beta tester could pull up any kind of data that could prove to be useful in the future. She figures that they might as well give it a shot. The dark-haired, beta tester covering his head with the hood of his black hoodie, greets her upon hearing the door open from her entering. "Sup Officer Nakashima? Welcome to the party!"

...He's the only other person in the room.

Akira plays along with a hint of sarcasm lacing within her voice. "Wow, might have to call the cops before it gets too wild up in here."

"I know right?" He smiles at the officer, evidently showing off the lower left, two rings attaching to the bottom lip. Taking his eyes off the computer's screen, Kuzuri turns his attention to the girl, who has taken the seat next to him. From receiving the front view of him, the programmer's matching green eyes were the only salient feature peering from under the hood's shadow tinting his tan face. He briefly eyes the officer's clean appearance before stating, "I take it that you're not a sweaty mess anymore?"

Akira chuckles, "Officer Fresh and Clean reporting for duty!" She does a fake salute which causes the guy to roll his eyes before laughing along. She adds, "I suppose that's the only downside to working out."

The taller of the two simply says, "Can't relate."

Akira replies, "You don't sweat after working out? I find that physically hard to believe."

He shakes his head. "No, I don't sweat when I don't exercise. Working out is disgusting, like I'll take a perfectly fine computer lab with air conditioning over being willingly sweaty as balls being dragged across the Sahara Desert."

"That's...thanks for the mental image." The officer pauses as she remembers the main reason why she's there in the first place. "Oh, speaking of the lab, how's it going with finding a loophole around the no hacking regulation?"

This earns a deep sigh out of the beta tester. "The progress is stuck at fucking zero. I'm not the SHSL Hacker, so I can't bypass any of the firewalls. I've tried researching Monokuma on the internet but apparently anything relating to him has been blocked?"

"I'm surprised we even have wifi on the plane." Akira taps her chin with the right index finger as a thought comes to mind. "Hmm, have you tried searching through the Dark Web?"

Kuzuri's mouth gapes open as he gawks, "You, a police officer, actually want to browse the Dark Web?"

Akira leans back in the black plastic chair, crossing her arms as she stares at the lit computer monitor in front of the pair. The digital page exhibits a pure, blank white screen with the exception of a pixelated Monokuma wearing a typical flight attendant outfit while dancing in the center. In an endless loop, Monokuma blocks the webpage viewer by two-stepping to the left direction before two-stepping back to the starting position while waggling a paw within the silent ongoing rhythm. A speech bubble appearing next to his head tauntingly repeats, "No, no, no!"

"Unless you would like to save that lovely image as the desktop's background…" she gestures to the screen. "Then I suggest we try out the Dark Web since it tends to consist of information over illegal stuff, which definitely fits Monokuma."

"Isn't it illegal to go on there?"

Akira shakes her head. "Well, it's not illegal to browse the Dark Web unless you're looking at sites that host illegal content like child pornography or human trafficking, for instance." The officer narrows her eyes before continuing in a slightly harsh tone. "Which we are certainly not doing! Unless, of course you're asking for your manhood to get punched by a cactus."

The beta tester begins typing along the white-keyboard, hastily bypassing web pages as he replies, "Why do I have a mind fucking feeling that came from personal experience?"

Tracing the golden badge embedding into the royal-blue, blouse with a thumb, the officer simply answers, "I've done a couple of arrests regarding active Dark Web users within Hiroshima. Let's just say that whenever we catch them in the act, it wasn't exactly a pretty sight if they resisted arrest." Upon noticing the cease of clicking and typing from her tech-savvy partner, Akira glances back onto the computer's monitor to check his progress. She becomes amused at the sight of a familiar search engine logo, Deep Search spread across on the screen. The officer looks at Kuzuri as he leans back in his chair to wipe imaginary sweat off his forehead. "Wow, okay, do I even want to know how you managed to access this so quick?"

In response, the beta tester pushes the hood off his head to reveal the unhidden, mini-black ahoge once again. "Ever heard of 'Welcome to the Game'? It's based off the Dark Web and the developers asked me to be their beta tester to-y'know check it out for glitches and little shits and whatnot. They also wanted my opinion on how to make it seem more realistic, so this guy right here-" he points to himself, "-received a bonus pay after doing some in-depth research about the Dark Web and helped them out."

He then types in the name, Monokuma in the search bar and then proceeds to tap the enter key. As the page loads, Akira faces Kuzuri with a small smile. "You know, Inanime-san, once we get out of here, with your abilities you could be really helpful with the law enforcement, especially with the police scanners and drones. A lot could change if we had higher quality technology from the tech department being able to spot and fix the issues with our gadgets." She places a hand against her head in painful remembrance. "Seriously though, you have no idea how many times I've been electrocuted by a faulty body-camera."

The lip-pierced, beta tester chuckles as he shakes his head. Kuzuri politely declines the officer's proposition. "Thanks for the offer, but I would prefer testing out for the virtual worlds and not the real one." After the screen finally loads, only one link appears from the search results. "You have got to be fucking kidding me. Out of the whole damn Dark Web, there's only one thing about that sadistic asshole?"

"One thing is better than nothing. Let's just click on it and see what it can tell us."

Following the solid sound of a single mouse click, the webpage transitions into a standard Wikipedia page. Filling the white screen is black text containing information about the robotic bear. In the left margin is a picture of a factory in the progress of creating Monokumas, identical to the one currently terrorizing the passengers. At the first glimpse, the tall, black to white gradient cylinders barring both sides of the gray conveyor belt, grabs a piece of the beta tester's memory. With Kuzuri focusing on the image, Akira busies herself with studying the text. Before she gets a chance to read the third overall sentence, the screen suddenly erupts into static that flashes a scattering pattern of black and white across the page. A brief moment passes before the computer monitor resets itself to its previous state, only with a dancing Flight Attendant Monokuma in place of the Wikipedia page. The officer lets out a loud groan of frustration. "Damn, I only got three sentences in."

Meanwhile, the beta tester slams a fist onto the table, nearly avoiding the keyboard in the process. He angrily curses, "God fucking dammit! My bitchass eyes only saw the fucking picture. I know that I know the place but can't remember the damn name."

Akira's head perks up from clearly recalling a certain detail. "I think I can help you out with that. Does the name, Towa City ring a bell?"

Upon hearing the name, it triggers the beta tester's memory, causing him to clap before clasping both hands on the girl's shoulders. "Holy fucking hell, that's it! That's one of Towa City's factories! That's why it looked so familiar, because I used to test out their virtual reality headsets. Towa City is one of the most technologically advanced places in the world."

After processing this short burst of information, the officer comes to a conclusion. "That explains why Monokuma seems more advanced than your normal toy or robot. Although, if he was made in a factory which does mass production, that has to mean there's more than one of him. In that case, breaking the first flight regulation would be for nothing if another one would just pop up in his place…"

"Were you really thinking of breaking that rule?"

She nonchalantly shrugs. "I would be lying if I said that the thought hasn't crossed my mind, but some of the others might still be thinking that he's bluffing. We should warn everyone before someone does something stupid."

"Good idea, let's go." As Akira and Kuzuri were about to pull away from the computer, the beta tester spots something on the screen. "Correct my ass if I'm wrong, but was that timer always there?"

"A timer?" The officer checks the screen to notice a daunting, red digital-clock above the Monokuma blocker, counting down from ten seconds. Akira's eyes widen when they dart to the bottom right of the screen, swiftly confirming a haunting suspicion. She immediately stands from her seat and starts backing away, preparing to sprint out of the lab. The girl begins repeating to herself, "Oh no, oh no, not again!"

As the timer rolls by five seconds, the beta tester looks at his friend with concern from his seat. "Nakashima, what's wrong?"

"Don't you remember? It's the-"

Once the timer reaches zero, an all too familiar shrill laugh echoes throughout the electronic screens in the aircraft.

"Phuhuhuhu, you know what time it is kiddos! Since every passenger is still breathin' and kickin', it's time for another round of inspiration!"

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Translations for this update:

Mi medica - My doctor

Mi amico - My friend

Suona come un piano! - Sounds like a plan!

Ryuu-san - Water dragon

Stupide - Stupid

Hakutaku - A beast which handed down knowledge on harmful spirits.

Hososhi - A ritual exorcist.

Une folle - Someone crazy

Yuki-onna - Snow woman