Sitting in a meadow, Felicia repeated the mantra over and over as she plucked petals from a poor flower.

"I can do this. I can't do this. I can do this. I can't do this."

Blue petals lazily made their silent descent to the ground as she continued, one after the other. When that flower was completely plucked she moved on to another.

"I can do this. I can't do this. I can do this-OH WHO AM I KIDDING?" She groaned in frustration, putting her hands over her tearful blue eyes. "I CAN'T DO THIS!" Everything seemed to come to a halt as she yelled those words. The birds stopped chirping and the gurgle of the stream became more subdued, almost fading into the background. The pink haired girl had been at this for hours.

And for what?

He wouldn't ever love me. I'm a fool. She thought silently, thinking of a certain young lord who could become a dragon. We're miles apart, he and I. It wouldn't work, these feelings. She needed to be rid of them. But she just couldn't. From his gentle smile to his soulful red eyes he was forever captured in her heart. Over the course of many battles and days working for him she had allowed a sin to fester there; she had allowed herself to develop…deep, deep feelings for him. Forbidden things.

"Oh what am I gonna do?" Felicia whimpered to herself, her pink hair falling into her eyes as she curled into a ball. Just thinking of him hurt. Her heart beat fast, her hands felt clammy. Her chest felt tight. Everything hurt. She couldn't go on like this much longer before something burst out of her. Or worse she did something….like run her hands though his silk soft hair or caress his face.

"Nonononononononononono!" She grabbed handfuls of her hair, pulling on it as to banish those thoughts. "He is a prince. I am a maid. It wont work." She told herself firmly. This wasn't some fairytale where they were of equal station, he was leagues above her and what she had permitted herself to feel was forbidden. She needed to do something or else-

"Felicia?" A familiar voice called out, make her jump in surprise. She looked to the side, and let out a small squeak at who she saw in the flowerfield just feet away. She scrambled to her feet.

"L-lord Corrin?"

He was looking at her, concern etched over his handsome features. "Are you alright? I've been looking for you for hours. You just suddenly disappeared from camp…I was worried."

"M-me? Lord Corrin, how may I be of service?" Felicia stuttered, trying to get back into maid mode. Her heart thudded loudly in her chest, making her wonder if he could hear it with those pointed, sharp ears of his. How long had he been standing there anyway? How much had he heard?

"Felicia, don't do that." He said softly, walking a few feet closer. "Tell me what's wrong. You were just curled in a ball a minute ago. Something happen?" He asked.

So close. He was so close she could easily just touch him. "It's nothing milord." She couldn't bring herself to look at his face anymore. "I just..broke some plates again is all."

Yes…all she had done was break some plates. At least that's what she kept telling herself.

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