A/N: A few people requested for Kana to appear, as well as Micah, an OC which made his first brief appearance in Chapter 2, so I decided to combine the two, and here you go!

Kneeling in front of his crib, mother and child were currently in deep conversation. They had been at this for several minutes.

"Say 'Mama' Micah!"


"Saaaaay Mama!"

"Baa baa."

"Saaaaay Papa!"

"Baa baa!" The little boy exclaimed, clapping.

Felicia's eyes widened. She beamed, her gaze never leaving her one year old son. Blue eyes bright just like the woman before him, Micah was an adorable child with a full head of light silver hair and rosy cheeks. While it was still too early yet to determine all of the features he would inherit, he definitely had some present, besides his eyes and hair, with his mother's lips and nose and his father's distinctly pointed ears. He had started "talking" some months back and with every day that passed seemed to become more chatty.

"I'm so proud of you." She gushed, pulling the infant into her arms. "You and Kana both. I love my babies so much." She began making funny faces, causing him to giggle. Her heart lifted higher than it had already been when he called her Mama.

The sound of footsteps made her turn to the doorway. "Your Majesty?" One of the servants. "His Highness requests you and Prince Micah's presence in the royal garden as soon as you're able."

"Understood." She said happily. After what had been several days of protocol, meetings with visiting nobles and the court, and in general ruling over a recovering kingdom, the royal family would finally get a chance to spend some time together.

Within minutes, they were all they were all sitting in the grass near one of the water fountains. It was a peaceful day, not too hot, not too cold, even with a slight breeze which ruffled their clothing. The sun was high in the sky and other than the guards posted at various intervals, they were alone. Micah was in Felicia's lap, Corrin sitting next to her, and Kana was picking flowers on her knees not too far away, much to the gardener's future dismay.

Humming to herself, little 5 year old Kana noticed all sorts of pretty colors: red, purple, blue, orange, oh and pink too! Being a kid, she was yanking flowers out of the ground, getting dirt on her light blue dress. She couldn't wait to show Mama and Papa all the pretty flowers. Sure she had been told not to not pull them up, but that had been before he had appeared one day and Mama no longer had a baby in her tummy.

Face scrunching up, the girl huffed. Ever since then Mama and Papa had mostly been paying attention to him. When they weren't busy with royal…royal…She couldn't think of the word. Anyways, she'd show him!

Turning back around holding a bunch of the small plants in her hands, Kana skipped back to her parents, feet bare, pointedly ignoring her brother. "Mama, Papa! Look what I got!"

"Hmm?" Her father stopped cooing and tickling the baby's belly to look at her, Felicia watching with a smile present on her face that began to fade. "What is it—?" Corrin frowned slightly as he took in her appearance. "Oh. Kana…"

"Kana. I thought we told you not to pick the flowers and instead take us to them." Felicia scolded.

"Ka ka!" Little Micah interjected.

The usually happy child in mention stomped her feet, agitated. "How else am I supposed to get your attention?!"

"Young lady." Corrin admonished her. "Don't raise your voice at us. We—"

Now her tummy felt yucky. Nonetheless, she snapped, "You don't care 'bout me. Only him! It's always him!" And ran back into the castle, outmaneuvering the guards.

Wife and Husband looked at each other as Micah continued to babble. They should have known this was coming.

"Kana, sweetie?" Corrin said, opening the door to the girl's room.

"Honey we need to talk." Felicia murmured, Micah still in her arms. They both had duties to attend to, but this needed to be done

"Go away!" Their daughter yelled with tears running down her cheeks as she lay curled in a ball on the bed. "Leave me alone!" She felt bad. Really really bad. Months of feeling like she had been ignored had finally caught up with her. Regardless of what she said though, she didn't move when they approached, sitting on either side of her, Micah playing with a handful of his mother's hair.

"I know these past months have been difficult, with becoming a big sister and all." Her father stated. "And I know we don't get to spend as much time together as we would all like, but don't think we don't care about you."

"That's right, love." Felicia said gently, balancing Micah on her lap as she ran a free hand through Kana's hair. "We don't favor Micah over you. We love, cherish you, both the same, more than you'll ever know. You, Kana, are our little ray of sunshine."

"I am? Then why doesn't it seem like it?" She asked, continuing to cry. "Why don't we get to be together more?"

The young dragon king sighed softly. "Because as king and queen of Valla, it is our duty to our people, to you, to rule over the kingdom successfully. Which means Mama and Papa are very busy, usually. But we try to set aside a little bit of every once and a while like today for you and Micah. You're our children after all." He smiled wistfully, thinking of his 8 siblings. "And like your aunts and uncles did for me, we need to stick together."

"Through good times and bad." Felicia nodded, wincing slightly as her hair was pulled. She gradually began to pry away her son's little fingers.

"And once you get a little older," He continued, "I promise to help you learn how to wield a sword."

Kana sniffled. "Y-you mean it?" She wanted to believe them. She really did.

"That's right." Corrin replied, nodding. "All we ask is that you protect your baby brother." He then added, "And perhaps learn to love him too."

Sitting up, Kana stared at Micah, narrowing her eyes in thought.

"Ka ka?" The little boy said, almost questioningly. A little dribble ran down the side of his cheek. Felicia used the sleeve of her outfit to wipe it off.

"I already love him." The five year old declared. Sure he was a bit…icky, but she knew she would guard him with her life. She would be a good big sister to him, drool and all.

Felicia smiled. "That's all we ask for."

So, thoughts? I tried researching how old a baby needs to be before they start talking and whatnot and got some mixed results, so I just settled on a year old for Micah. Let me know if I need to correct his age.

As for Kana, I tried to write most of this chapter in her POV, and with any new sibling she got a little jealous and made a big deal out of things since she's just a kid. I tried to make things realistic.

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