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No young man, no matter how great, can know his destiny. He cannot glimpse his part in the great story that is about to unfold. Like everyone, he must live and love. So had happened in a time of myth and magic, the destiny of a great nation of Wizarding Britain fell on the shoulders of a young sorcerer.

His name...

Harry Potter.

A long time ago, in a time of magic, there existed a human world extraordinarily different from what it is now. A time when magical and non-magical people lived and prospered together. A time when Magical Britain existed under another name... Albion. A nation that lived and thrived under the patronage of the royal family of Pendragon and their chief advisor and family friend, Myrrdin Emrys.

It was a time when magic ran wild, when Magic was one and unsurpassed, worshipped as a deity and used as a tool simultaneously, for the welfare of one and all. A time which saw the rise of wonderful gifts in wizards, leading to formation of different classes and types amongst the general wizarding community. Wandmasters, Chaoticians, Raw wizards, Healers, Sorcerers, Necromancers, Elementals, DragonLords, Warmages and the like. A time when Myrrdin Emrys, the first DragonLord of the magical nation of Albion established rules that protected the integrity and sovereignty of magic.

After the war with the Saxons, the magical world had fallen prey to greed and prejudice of the mundane realms, and so around two hundred years after the battle of Camlann, the ancient magical families used their magicks to power up an immensely powerful form of what later came to be developed as the Fidelius Charm, an esoteric spell which preserves a secret inside the soul of a person. Until said person (so termed secret-keeper) intentionally disclosed the secret to anyone else, the secret and the object of the secret would simply be forgotten by the rest of the world. The problem lay in tweaking the charm so that the entire magical world could serve as secret-keepers. It was necessary for more often than not, the mundane people would often give birth to witches and wizards, and a system was required that could somehow preserve the secrecy of the magical world while still enabling the magical realm to communicate and enter the mundane world without disclosing the secret out. Thus, the Statute of Secrecy was born. The problem was, no wand wizard, chaotician, or any other mage had enough power and magical ability required to power up this kind of spell. But something had to be done, and needed to be done very soon. The mundane empires were regularly attacking wizarding settlements, trying to capture magical people and force them to do their bidding, and if not successful, to kill them by their witch-burning policies. While wizards were generally powerful enough, the sneaky tactics and gross numerical strength of the mundane armies often overpowered them.

Those were dangerous times, and such desperate times always call for desperate measures. People were disappearing and more often than not, there would be news of rampage done in wizarding settlements. The fear was high in the minds of the wizards, who were generally peace-loving in nature, not much different than the high elves of old. There was one alternative to the power problem, however it was the only one— Sacrificial magic. Together, the council of the seven Ancient ruling families performed a ritual to enact such a ritual, a Fidelius spell of such enormous and fearsome power, that the secret of the wizarding world would permanently vanish away from the mundane realms. Sacrificial magic in essence, could be explained in eight simple yet powerful words... As I will it, so mote it be.

The raw magic that created and sustained the universe would listen to the call, and manifest the desires of the caller into reality. However, nothing is free and certainly not in this case. The person demanding a manifestation had to offer something magically equal in return, else the manifestation would remain undone and the raw magic would scorch their lands in its wrath, and that was exactly what made sacrificial magic so scary.

When the ancient family priests conducted the ritual, Magick demanded the ancient bloodline abilities away in return for the manifestation. The ancient abilities would vanish, only to resurface only when the world needed it most. The solution was there, the world needed it, and the ancient families paid the price. A very, costly price.

There were no more DragonLords, no more Chaoticians, no more Warmages or any other specialist of the magical arts. The magical world became a dominion of the wand-wielder. Magic was no longer a free entity, it became bound into spells and incantations, wand movements that changed the flow of magic from its inherent nature to a fixed regulated stream. Raw magic was limited to basic accidental magic of infants, and that too before said infant laid a hand on a wand.

Like all good things must come to an end, so did the beautiful world of Albion come to an end. Corruption set in, and bigotry and prejudice pervaded. The average wand-wielder became the lord and master of the magical realm, while the rare magical breed was shifted to the fringes. What was once a settlement where all magical creatures, wizards, and mages of all forms resided together, became the birthplace of what would turn into the bigoted world where Goblins, Centaurs, Mermen, Magical creatures and Creature-born were persecuted and treated as inferior mindless beasts. Said creatures joined the fringes of the society while some like Goblins and Dwarves integrated as a side wing of the new magical society. Goblins and Dwarves established financial and metallurgical institutions and thrived alongside the wizard society. Even then, there was a lot of prejudice in the minds of wizards against such creatures. Magical historians often wrote about such wars and battles with extreme detail, but as the saying goes, when history is written, murderers are heroes. Thus, even wizarding history became mothing more than a biased account of what might have actually happened. The Goblins and Dwarves awaited for their sovereignty, the other creatures wished for their independence, the centaurs foresaw an age when the bloodlines would return and the age of Albion would set in again... And they waited, and waited.

And waited.

The bloodline abilities never returned.

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