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Prologue: A new warrior is born or re-born?

"I will always love you." Itachi Uchiha said his words to his younger brother Sasuke Uchiha, as his consciousness faded away. His soul flouted up from his borrowed Edo Tensei body. 'Finally it's all over, Naruto will accomplish what I could not.' Itachi thought finally able to rest.

Suddenly everything turned dark.

Itachi looked around and didn't quite understand what was happening. He has been dead before, this however didn't feel like last time, but there was this weird familiar feeling that he has been here before.


A gentle heartbeat could be heard, Itachi soon realized it was not his own and at the same time he couldn't help but feel happy hearing it. He tried to open his eyes, but there was nothing to see. He tried stretching, but there was nothing to feel with the exception of a soft wall. He then heard someone say:

"God dammit, the brat is kicking again." Said a female voice, that sounded a little violent.

"Again? You think it's time soon?" This time a male voice could be heard.

"How should I know, Idiot! This is the first and now last time I will let you knock me up!" Said the female again.

Itachi sweat dropped. 'I see I'm being reborn, and judging by the sound of my new parents this is a punishment from the Gods.' Itachi felt something fury tickling his back, he struggled to take his infant hands to feel what it was, he grabbed it and felt it. 'Oh, it's just my tail…..Wait a minute…a tail!'.

Time skip

Itachi just floated around in his new mother's belly, but the walls of the womb had gotten tighter. 'How long has it been days, weeks, months?'

"God dammit! Get out of my body! You little brat!" His mother's voice was heard.

'Seems like she's in one of her moods again.' Itachi thought holding his infant hands over his ears.

"Tora! Is the spawn out yet!?" A new voice was heard. 'That's a new one.'

"Not yet Bardock, Fasha is taking too long to produce it." His father Tora said to his friend, boss, I don't know.

"Hey don't blame this on me asshole! Ugh!" His mother grunted as Itachi felt liquid surrounding him slowly drain itself. 'Guess it's time than.'

Time skip

"Get out! You little shit!" Itachi now could hear his mother yell.

"Y-You got to remember to breath Fasha." Said a female voice stuttering.

"Listen to Gine, she has done it before, even though the result was disappointing." The voice of Bardock was heard.

"Don't say that about our baby!" Gine scolded.

'How I wish she was my mom.' Itachi thought.

"His power level is barley over eight, I have nothing to say to that boy!"

"Don't say that about Raditz." Gine scolded.

'I don't know who this Raditz is, but he sounds just like my old sensei, I still can't figure out how he got beaten by a cat.'

"I'M IN LABOR HERE!" Fasha yelled.

"S-Sorry Fasha." Gine nervously said while chuckling.

Itachi saw a light, and crawled towards it. He then saw a strange bird like creature at the end of the tunnel.

"It's a boy." The creature said, handing him over to a woman with short black hair, dark eyes, she looked like a normal human with the exception of her tail.

"Hi there little tike." Fasha said to her newborn son, looking slightly weak duo to giving childbirth.

"Aw, his so cute." Gine said. She was a short tiny woman with shaggy black hair that reached to her shoulders, black eyes, she was wearing a black sleeveless body armor, pink combat armor highlighted with green and outlined by white, in addition to purple armbands and with boots.

"Sure his yours Tora?" Bardock asked the father Tora. Bardock had black spiky hair that was sticking out everywhere, and a scar on his left cheek, he had a dark blue and green battle armor with a strange device in green on his left eye, and red wrist and leg warmers. He was very muscular so was his father Tora, who had a similar armor that had shoulder pads and was ice blue and black, he had dark tan skin color, black spiky hair and black eyes. They all had tails minus the bird creature.

"Of course his mine." Tora said in an annoyed tone.

"Check his power level. Then we will be sure." Bardock said.

'Power level?' Itachi questioned.

"Hold on a second." Said his father as he reached for the weird device on his face.

Beep….beep…beep. beep!

"Holy fuck." Tora exclaimed.

"The number."

"It's almost five hundred."

"No fucking way." Said Bardock as he reached for his device. And then the beeping sound came again.

"493." Said Bardock as he took off his scouter.

The two females glared at Itachi in shock.

"Well that settles it." Bardock said.

"Settles what?" Tora asked.

"His not your spawn." Bardock said making the two females nod in agreement.

"Oh, come on!"

"What are you going to name him?" Gine asked.

"Screw the Saiyan traditions, his a special kid he deserves a special name." Fasha said.

"How about Clark." Tora suggested.

"That's sound stupid." Fasha said.

"How about Naruto."

"Sounds like the name of an idiot." Fasha said making Itachi look at her with wide eyes, and making Itachi chuckle a bit.


"Itachi." Bardock suggested.

"Hm, sounds good, what does it mean." Fasha said.

"Beats me it's the name of a space weasel or something."

Itachi already eyes widened even more as he heard his own name being spoken. 'Wait…. Space weasel?'

And we are going stop right there!

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Itachi in some moments may seem out of character, but this is intentional as this is a fanfic.

Since my story DxD sharingan dragon slayer contains a harem, this one will not.

So far we have thought of paring Itachi up with Android 18.

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