Chapter 13: The Fated Mishap!

The surge of intense power could be felt through the air, lightning surging through the air as two glowing balls of fire clashed into each other causing violent tremors. The two powerhouses that were Goku and Cell threw one powerful attack right after the other. The arena and the emptied wasteland was glowing in intense light from their fiery ki, and energy blasts.

The camera crew of Mr. Satan stared agape and confused at what was happening. They couldn't see shit! The arena looked completely empty, but they heard the shockwaves and grunts from the two fighters. Where as the other Z fighters' eyes followed and analyzed the fight to the best of their abilities. Yet some of them had trouble keeping up. Itachi himself noticed he and Vegeta could see mostly every move Goku and Cell made, but is some instances the Prince lost track of them. While Itachi was able to keep up, thanks to his eyes. His sharingan eyes, normally he could keep up just fine with his normal eyes. But with the level of speed Cell on occasion displayed he needed the sharingan to keep up. One thing became obvious, Cell was holding back.

The crazed android laughed, pleased at the challenge Goku provided. This is what he yearned for, to test the limits of his Perfect form. And the greatest martial artist the Earth has ever known was providing it for him. However, Cell was having way too much fun, and he didn't want it to end. So, he blew up the ring.

The Z fighters took flight to avoid the blast radius of Cell's attack. While the endangered camera crew were saved, by our red Space Australian friend Jeice. "Th-Thank you for saving us…" The reporter looked a little nervous as they were hovering over the ground. Then Jeice just dropped down the reporter, the camera man and Mr. Satan-

"Oy, stay out of this fight if you don't wanna die, alright?" Jeice was about to fly back to the rest of the peanut gallery, if Mr. Satan hadn't suddenly blurted out.

"What?! I will have you know! I am the World Martial Arts Champion! Mr. Satan! And I will kill Cell once that orange hillbilly is beaten!" Mr. Satan declared with a fist pump.

"… Look get out of here or die, your choice."

"Listen you sunburned freak! I'm not dying and I ain't leaving until I kill Cell!"

"… Are you seriously that stupid, he knocked you out with one hit! And this is my natural skin color!"

"Jeice! Don't bother with those morons, and get back here!" Itachi shouted from the other side of the hole that used to be the arena.

"Right away sir!" Jeice saluted and took a giant leap over to the rest.

"Why did you save that trash anyway?" Vegeta looked accusingly, really wanting to see that moron die.

"I just didn't want to waste a wish from the dragon balls to bring them back." Jeice replied, knowing that the good-hearted members of their group would have wished them back with everyone else that died.

"Ah, I can understand that…"

While they had the small debate on if Jeice should have saved Mr. Satan and the camera crew. Goku and Cell gracefully landed onto the ground staring each other down. "I'd feel worse about all the time I spent making our perfect ring, but now that it's gone… we can fight unabated!" Cell declared.

"Chi-Chi told me that makes you grow hair on your eyes." While Goku stretched his body, readying himself for round two.

Cell smiled at Goku's simple mindset and stupidity and followed by stretching his own arms. "Killing you will be the hardest thing I ever enjoy." Cell bombarded Goku with a series of ki blasts, creating a chain of explosions the Super Saiyan navigated through at full flying speed. Firmly planting his foot to the ground, with one great push Goku took flight into the sky with his Super Saiyan aura burning at full power.

"Huh… what's he doing up there? Ooh, you think he's going for a Solar Flare?" Krillin looked in anticipation, although then Goku gathered his hands into a cup.


"That's not how the Solar Flare works!" Piccolo looked spooked seeing as Goku aimed for Cell, whom was on the ground.

"He-he can't be serious…" Even Cell looked in disbelief that Goku would go as far to blow up the planet just to get him.


"Gettin dad flashbacks here!" Trunks backed up looking rather nervous.

"Relax there is no way he would be that stupid." Itachi looked calmly, until he saw the blue intense energy beginning to form in between Goku's palms. "… On the other hand."


Cell looked on with a smirk and began laughing. "I see! Yes, Goku! You are absolutely right! This is the only way it can end! This tournament, these fools, this planet! They mean nothing to men like you and I! We will go out together… in a ball of molten rock and death!"


"Goku no!" Krillin desperately shouted to his best friend.

"Yeeeesssss~!" Cell sounded orgasmic as the sky lit up from Goku's Kamehameha charging up to max power.

"Is it me… or is Cell getting a bulge?" Vegeta said looking mortified.

"Is it me, or are you gay?" Jeice along with Itachi both curiously looked to Vegeta.

"Why the fuck, are you even looking at his crotch?!" Itachi added.

"What?! Why are you looking at me like that?!" Vegeta yelled to two of them, while Trunks looked down with his cheeks flushing red. 'Oh, dad…'

"Run back what you just said in your mind." Itachi instructed to which Vegeta came to a realization, and had a look that said 'Oh shit…'

Then suddenly Goku vanished on the spot and reappeared standing right in front of Cell, glaring those cyan Super Saiyan eyes directly into the Android's light purple eyes. "… Oh… crapbaskeeeet!"

"HAAA!" Goku unleashed the mighty Kamehameha wave at point blank range straight into Cell's face. The powerful wave of destructive ki blew up the entire upper body of the bug android.

As the dust settled, everyone ogled at the remaining lower half of Cell. And only one voice shouted. "Blow up the rest of him now! Before he-" Itachi shouted and on que Cell's lower half jumped back up to its feet, and right away his upper body regenerated. "… regenerates." Itachi facepalmed.

"Okay time! Timeout! Time right the hell out!"

"How did you…?" Goku blinked in confusion at seeing Cell regenerated.

"Piccolo's cells."

"Okay… I'm pretty I can't do that without my head…" Piccolo looked just as confused as Goku, as he wouldn't be able to regenerate if his head was blown up.

"We'll figure that out later. In the meantime, what I really want to know is how you keep popping in and out of reality!"

"Oh, that's just my instant transmission." Goku casually replied like it was nothing-

"And don't tell me, is that another technique you stole?" Cell scuffed with a condescending smirk on his face.

"No… kinda… doesn't matter!" Goku and Cell went back going head to head. Trading powerful blows and punches with one another causing a massive earthquake.

Goku was beginning to pant, being winded and out of breath. "This is bad. The last time Goku was this winded he was having a heart attack!"

"Wait, what about the senzu beans! You know the magical beans that heal your wounds… and restores stamina." Trunks looked around the crowd, seeing no one acknowledging his words.

"I can't believe you are my son." Vegeta looked in disgust.

"Hey, you said it, not me." Trunks retorted back at his father.

"Besides, it's not like Cell will just sit back and let him eat a senzu bean." Itachi answered Trunks question from earlier, keeping his focus on Cell.

"Kakarot isn't like you, he's a full blooded Saiyan warrior! He'd throw that senzu bean back into your face, because it is not the world that is at stake!"

"I'm… pretty sure it is-" Trunks was prevented from speaking further as Vegeta continued his speech.

"It's his Saiyan pride! He will see this fight out to the end without any of our help. Even if it kills him…!" Vegeta for once, actually looked proud of the orange clad idiot Saiyan.

"I give up!" Goku casually called out.

"I'll kill him!" And then that proudful look was replaced by one of pure utter hatred.

"I'm sorry I'm rather high up here. What did you just say Goku?!" Cell shouted back down to Goku, wondering and hoping that he had heard wrong.

"I give up. You win. Great fight!" Goku confirmed to which Cell looked bewildered.

"Wait, what is he doing?" Gohan questioned, as the entire peanut gallery looked in confusion.

"Well this is your father, so he is either saving all of our lives or dooming us all." Several looked in agreement to Piccolo's words.

"But we're not finished. I'm not finished! This isn't a victory! This is… I don't know what this is!"

"Nah! It's totally a victory. Because I'm giving up. That means you win."

"Every word you just spoke has made me violently angry! Oh great! Now I'm agreeing with *Vegeta! *Cell! Look what you made me do?!" Both Cell and Vegeta spoke simultaneously in anger.

"Cell you knew what this was. Just a fight, and nothing more." Goku's attempt to defuse Cell's anger only riled up the android more.

"You bitch… If you seriously concede, I'll… I'll just blow up the Earth like I said! So unless you want me to turn this whole planet into an asteroid field, Kakarot, get back up here and punch me in my perfect jawline!"

"Hold your horses Cell. You said this was a tournament. There is still a fighter left for you to fight. So, your going to have to fight him first." Goku nudged towards the peanut gallery to which Cell looked with some intrigue.

"What? You mean Itachi? I mean… I guess that makes sense. But very well-"

"Huh? No, I mean Gohan." Goku quickly shut down Cell's idea, to which the android looked absolutely baffled. If not Itachi, then who? Certainly not Vegeta he had already humiliated him and Trunks. And Piccolo was nowhere near Vegeta's level at the moment neither was Jeice or anyone else of the Z fighters. But to think, Goku would pick Gohan was utterly unbelievable.

"Gohan? Out of the entire list you pick, him! He wasn't even on the list, Yamcha was on the list!"

"Wait why was I-"

"Halftime entertainment!" Cell looked to the former bandit, whom stood in absolute silence.

"… Frankly I'm just happy to be included."

Goku flew up to the ridge with the rest of the peanut gallery, and kneeled before Gohan firmly placing his hands onto his son's shoulders. "Alright Gohan, he's all yours! Have fun!"

"Dad, I'm going to have to politely ask you to back the hell up. What in Dende's name are you doing?!" Gohan like the rest was confused, why would he fight Cell? If his dad couldn't do it, then certainly he couldn't.

"I'm sending in the strongest fighter we got. This is what we trained for." Goku with absolute confidence placed his faith onto his son.

"Th-That is what you trained for! I was never supposed to fight! I was just there to help you get stronger!"

"Oh, Gohan, you are just being insecure."

"No he's not! He's eleven years old!" Piccolo interjected, enraged at Goku's suggestion.

"Goku, we're not going to tell you how to be a parent right now." Krillin calmly approached.

"I am!"

"But how do you think Chi-Chi is going to react to this?" Krillin shuddered at the thought, yet Goku didn't seem to care.

Meanwhile, at Goku's homestead. "I'm going to castrate him!" Chi-Chi's screams echoed through the valley of the mountain.

"Guys, trust me on this one. I've spent a whole year training him last week. So get out there Gohan, you got this." Goku assured not only his friends, but his doubting son. Itachi looked with a raised brow, true Gohan was rather powerful for his age. And he had trained Gohan to kill without hesitation, although he wasn't completely sure Gohan had taken that lesson to heart yet.

"Do I even have a choice?" Gohan asked fearfully.

"Of course you do! You either go out there and kill him, or the planet blows up!" Goku happily replied with a goofy smile on his face.

"That is not a choice, that is an ultimatum." Gohan corrected.

"Gohan, we both know I don't know what that word means."

"Obviously not. Oh fine, I will go fight Cell. But hey, I've never been wished back by the dragon. So hey, this would be a new learning experience… I guess." Gohan seemed more unsure of himself by the second as he prepared to take on Cell.

"Gohan before you go…" Goku called out.


"You are so much stronger than you think you are." Goku smiled with pride at his son. Gohan was lowkey happy to hear his father had that much faith in him, yet he was still very frightened at the monster that was Cell.

"Hey, Krillin, can you bean me real quick?" Goku looked to the monk whom held the senzu bean bag.

"Oh yeah sure here." Krillin tossed the bean towards Goku, although a hand shot out and grabbed onto it.

"Hold it! What are you going to do with that bean?!" Itachi went straight up into Goku's face, Goku backed up in little bit of shock and then looked back at Itachi with a bright smile.

"Oh, give it to Cell!" Goku replied causing several jaws to drop at his answer.

"I thought so… you can't have it." Itachi glared at Goky whom merely looked confused.

"What? Why?"

"Why? You were considering giving Cell a bean you moron!" Piccolo roared practically into Goku's ear.

"And with his Saiyan cells! He would only grow stronger from it!" Vegeta roared into his other ear.

"But I'm just tryin' to be fair…" Goku uttered.

"This is war, we're not supposed to be fair!" Itachi corrected feeling like he wanted to slap the idiot in the back of the head.

"Thanks, Itachi!" Gohan called out having overheard the conversation, it was impossible not to overhear it.

"You are welcome kid!"

"Whatever, just so you know Goku. I won't be needing that bean. And when I'm pounding your son. Rest assured… I will be thinking of you the entire time!" Cell maliciously looked to the son of Goku.

"Uhh guys, I think his bulge is back guys!" Krillin shouted from the background, followed by a short "Ha!" from Vegeta.

"Which one was it, Goku? Which concussion did you suffer! That made you think any of that was a good idea?!" Piccolo continued to scold Goku for his suggestion to send Gohan out to fight.

"Piccolo, just watch, you guys are going to see amazing things out there."

"What's so amazing about watching your 11-year-old son get murdered?!"

"Gohan might be 11, but he's also like… I don't know a 100 times stronger than I was at that age!"

"I don't doubt the brat is powerful, but he isn't ready yet!" Itachi added, understanding why Goku thought Gohan could do it. But at the same time knowing Gohan has a problem with hesitation when it comes to killing his enemies.

"Goku…" Piccolo called out, looking rather horrified.

"He's been keeping up with us since he was just a baby. I mean you should know, you kidnapped him." Goku looked to Piccolo, although somehow ignored the fearful look in the namekian's eyes.

"Goku!" Piccolo called out again to Goku whom turned around to speak to the rest of the group. But everyone else also looked with a fearful look as they looked up into the sky.

"And after spending that year alone with him, I know he's the one that's gonna-"

"Goku!" Piccolo interrupted causing Goku to turn around to look where everyone had fixated their glares.

"What?!" And to Goku's horror, he saw Gohan getting beaten by Cell whom held onto Gohan's collar while pounding his fist into the boy's face.

"Thinking of you Goku!" Cell shouted as he kept punching Gohan. "Well this turned out to be a bitter disappointment. I have a feeling that is mostly going to be the case for you down the line-" Cell halted in his mockery of the Saiyan hybrid, the moment Gohan caught his fist and stared into his eyes with a deadly glare. "Well, hello~" Cell smirked as he stared back into Gohan's eyes. The anger visible in the boy's eyes, as he flung his body up and kneed Cell in the chin causing the android the release him from his grasp.

"Hiya!" Gohan took a backflip and flung his right arm forward sending a ki blast right into Cell.

"Hah! Is that it Gohan?!" Cell unleashed a barrage of ki blasts out from the burning black smoke surrounding him.

"Gohan! Dodge-" Piccolo called out although suddenly the boy on instinct tucked and rolled away from the ki blasts exploding into the ground. "Wow, you must be so proud." Nail's voice echoed through his mind, followed shortly by Kami. "Our little boy is growing up." Piccolo sniffed with pride, although coughed to avoid suspicion. "I mean, he could dodge better."

Gohan placed his right hand onto the ground, and spun his body around avoiding an incoming ki blast. Gohan then leaped backwards, his hands held to his forehead. "Masenko!" Gohan unleashed a burning bright yellow ki wave blast into the android.

"Kid, honestly. I let that blast hit me to see how serious you are. And I gotta say, I'm a bit disappointed. Those blasts are barley enough to make the injuries left by Goku burn. It's like you are not even trying to kill me. And kid, that is the game. If you don't play you get burnt, along with the rest of this rock!" Cell's ki flared up in a golden flame, as he blitzed Gohan with his speed and slapped him into a mountain causing it to collapse.

"Come on kid… we talked about this!" Itachi clenched his fists in frustration, at this rate Cell would win. Gohan was still hesitating about killing. The only option was for Gohan to snap, then he would become more than strong enough. He experienced a fraction of that power first hand after all back in the time chamber.

The rubble around Gohan exploded, and burnt away by the force of his golden Super Saiyan ki. "Can I say something?" The young Saiyan half breed walked up to the bug like android.

"I've been humoring you this entire time anyway, so why not?"

"I know why I'm here. I know why my dad has such faith in me. It's because whenever I get backed into a corner… I snap. And when I do, I hurt people."

"Well, like uh… w-what do you do to 'em?" Cell looked intrigued.

"When I get angry… when I lose my mind. My power skyrockets and… everything goes red. The world around me just… fades away. And all I can see is the person I want to kill. Of course, I've never actually managed to beat anyone in the past, but… I think my dad knows that… if I snap here."

"Let me guess, you will kill me?" Cell snorted while looking condescendingly down onto Gohan.

"You said it, not me." Gohan looked calm, hoping this would scare the android enough. Yet, to his dismay Cell began laughing, his Saiyan cells beginning to act up.

"Well threaten me with a good time! At first, you had my curiosity… but now you have my full erection." Cell smiled down onto the freaked out looking Gohan.

"You mean, attention-"

"You all know what I am about." Cell instantly blasted a ki blast towards the boy. Gohan reacted utilizing his teachings from Piccolo to dodge the blast. Although Cell had merely used the blast as a distraction to catch Gohan off guard, and grabbed him into a hug slowly but surely squeezing the life out of him.

"Okay! That's it!" Itachi went Super Saiyan, ready to jump in although Goku jumped before him. "Goku, what are you doing? At this rate Gohan will die if we don't do something!"

"It might seem like it, but all is going according to plan. Trust me." Goku assured avoiding Piccolo's grab. Stopping Piccolo's plan to hold him back while Itachi sprang into action.

"You? You have a plan? What could you possibly-" Goku quickly stopped Piccolo from speaking further.

"Why do you think Gohan and I waited going into the Time Chamber last?"

"Ego." Both Piccolo and Itachi replied simultaneously.

"Because if Gohan and I came out first, we would have killed Cell right away. But leaving that job to Vegeta? I mean you saw what happened."

"I'm confused…" Piccolo looked bewildered at Goku actually making sense.

"Yeah, it sounds like you knew Vegeta would screw up. Not that it's hard to believe he would but, for you to know that's what's hard to believe." Itachi shared Piccolo's look of confusion.

"Well, it was going to be him or Krillin."

"Oh my go- But h-how did you know he wouldn't just kill everyone after becoming perfect?!" All looked with their mouths hanging open at how much Goku had planned this through.

"I took care of that myself. When I went to rescue you and Tien. I said he was going to die. And there is no way Cell would pass that up, because I wouldn't."

"And now he understands the concept of Cell having his cells! What the hell is going on?!" Vegeta was too confused to be angry at how Goku trashed talked him failing in killing Cell earlier.

"Okay, but why Gohan?"

"Piccolo, I ain't going to be around forever. Sooner or later, death's just gonna… stick you know? So, what then? Someone's going to have to be around when I'm not. And when I was in the chamber with him. I realized that person, is Gohan."



"Well, it sounds like you almost thought of everything." Piccolo broke the silence as he and Itachi were the only ones that regained their composure from Goku using his brain.

"I just treated like one big fight. Kind of like everything in my life."

"Yeah, you just forgot one tiny detail." Itachi eased into it as he and Piccolo stood next to each other, seeming to understand that detail.

"What's that?"

"GOHAN DOESN'T LIKE FIGHTING YOU MORON!" They both yelled at the orange clad Saiyan warrior whom stared at both of them in disbelief.

"Whaaat? Nooo…" Goku looked to his son whom was screaming in pain as Cell's hug began getting so tight his bones were about to crack. "I mean… right?"

"Have you ever in your life actually asked your son what he likes?" Goku started to look worried, and at a loss for words.

"Umm… but he went into that chamber with me for a whole year."

"Because he wanted to spend time with you, his father! The man whom spends half his time training, and the other half dead! Sometimes both!"

"I mean… does anyone else?" Goku looked around, only to see all besides Vegeta agreeing.


"A little bit."

"Eh! No one's perfect! Except for me!" Even Cell agreed.

"… I've made a terrible mistake." Goku made the realization, and glared into his fist angered at the sounds of his son's screams of agony.

"Oh, I've made a terrible mistake! That's you…"

"Krillin, give me a senzu. Itachi, Vegeta, you guys and I are going to take on Cell." Goku powered up what he had, his hand held out for Krillin to toss him a Senzu Bean.

"R-Right!" Krillin reached for the senzu bean bag, although Cell flew and snatched it away from his hand.

"Just a heads up, these are now tournament illegal! Back to snapping the kid!" Cell flew back down to Gohan, the Senzu Bean bag in his hand. "I see now that not all roads will lead to Rome. Torture won't do the trick with you, so let's change up the game plan shall we? I'm going to kill each and every one of them until you give me what I want." Cell gave a malicious smirk to Gohan as his eyes peeked to the peanut gallery on the side.

"No please!" Gohan pleaded but Cell just kicked him back.

"… You know what, it might be fun to follow up on Goku on this one." Cell tail tip expanded open, followed by Cell grunting as the tail spat out a Cell Junior.

"Oh… my Dende…" Gohan gasped as he and the rest of the Z fighters stared in disgust as Cell's tail spat out one Cell Junior after the other.

"Argh! Not this again!" Itachi like Vegeta and Trunks looked like they were about to hurl.

"Gather around children. Daddy's set up a little playdate for you. Now make sure you share your toys. Don't leave daddy's sight. And bring me the bodies. But most importantly have fun!" On que the nine children of Cell went in for the attack on the peanut gallery.

"Cell juniors incoming!" Goku warned as they all got ready and powered up.

"We are not calling them that!" Vegeta looked freaked out as he powered up to his Super Vegeta state, blocking the incoming strike from the little blue version of Cell. The Saiyans had no problem fighting the children of Cell, Piccolo and Jeice both managed to hold their own as well. But Tien, Yamcha and Krillin seemed to be struggling. Unable to land a blow on the little demons, as they bounced around them and attacked their blind spots.

"No… Please stop! I don't want this! I don't want to fight you!" Gohan fell to his knees and horrified watched as the Cell Juniors slowly began overwhelming the Z fighters. With the humans going down quicker than the rest, so that the Cell Juniors could gang up on the Super Saiyans.

Itachi countered the blow of his opponent, then he spotted a second Cell Junior coming up at him from behind. Itachi latched onto the Cell Junior's wrist before him, and flung the Cell Junior into the incoming Cell Junior. The two Cell Juniors clashed into each other and fell backwards. Itachi flung his arms behind his back, charging up spheres of fire. The violent flames in his arms turned into a blazing inferno of black flames as he morphed his eyes into the Eternal Mangekyou. "Amaterasu Wave!" The black wave of fire exploded right into the two children of Cell, and their screams echoed through the valley as the black flames burnt away every last cell in their bodies.

Yet it didn't end, as three Cell Juniors charged at him, having beaten down the already injured Goku. And both Piccolo and Jeice having been overwhelmed by the might of the Cell Juniors. Krillin, Tien and Yamcha were already out cold. Vegeta was occupied taking on two of the Cell Juniors by himself. With Trunks not far away dealing with two Cell Juniors of his own. Itachi ducked from the assault of the first Cell Junior, and countered the kick from the second one with his arm. But the first one blasted him in the back with a Kamehameha wave.

"And what a surprise the Saiyans are the only ones left standing. But it seems like Piccolo and Jeice still have a little fight left in them. Oh well, more fun for my precious children I suppose." Then his eyes dangerously directed towards the unconscious Krillin, Tein and Yamcha all conveniently gathered in one spot. "I can already just kill Krillin, Yamcha and Tien. They are pretty much done." Cell raised his hand towards the three unconscious warriors.

"No wait! Please!" Gohan took a leap towards Cell in an attempt to stop him. Yet the android merely extended his tail and slapped Gohan away without even batting an eye.

"Say goodbye~" Cell smirked as he unleashed a gigantic ki blast towards the Earthling trio. It was over in a mere moment. First there was a blinding light, followed by a bright fiery explosion that shined through the entire wasteland. And all that was left after, a burning cloud of black smoke and a charcoaled black spot where Krillin, Tien and Yamcha used to be.

"N-No!" Gohan snapped and attacked Cell, his rage boiling like a furnace. His power skyrocketing, unfortunately it wasn't enough. Cell merely dodged the attack and kneed Gohan in the stomach. The half breed Saiyan bobbled over in pain, clutching his stomach as he vailed in agony.

Piccolo's eyes shut open, as Gohan's vails reached his ears. And suddenly he felt like he was back during the Saiyan invasion. The image of a terrified Gohan standing before the Saiyan brute Nappa. "Gohan…" Piccolo snarled and picked himself up.

"Tch! Not enough I see… what will it take? Do I have to kill your green dad? Or perhaps Goku?" Cell taunted the eleven-year-old boy, whom wept at the sight of some torn piece of orange cloth that was left from either Krillin or Yamcha. "Oh what? Are you- Are you seriously crying? My God you are pathetic. I can see this has been an utterly waste of time. You Gohan, are, and always will be… a coward." Cell lifted the weeping half Saiyan up, giving him one last disappointing look before tossing him a great distance away like he was garbage. "Now then… perhaps I should entertain myself with what is left of Goku… or maybe Itachi." Cell raised his hand towards Gohan, whom was on his knees unable to budge. "But first…" Cell's fiery aura burnt around him like a golden flame as he charged up a blue ki blast. "… I got to clean the trash."

Gohan stared at the incoming blue wave of light coming towards him. His eyes seeming lifeless, the deaths of Krillin, Tien and Yamcha bugging inside his mind. "I deserve this…" Was all Gohan could utter as he was ready to embrace his fate. Then, however, the light was blocked out as a shadow of a figure cast itself over him. Slowly Gohan looked up, feeling like he was five years old again as he saw standing over him was the all too familiar green figure of Piccolo. "Mister… Pi-Piccolo…" Gohan managed to utter before the deafening sound of Piccolo's pained cries, and the sound of Cell's ki blast blowing up into the Namekian warrior drowned out everything else.

The Namekian remained standing, even after taking the full front of Cell's blast. The Android stared in surprise that Piccolo hadn't been blown to smithereens. Piccolo's entire right torso had been blown off, revealing his purple blood covered insides. Half his face burnt off from the heat of Cell's attack. "What a trooper." Cell chuckled at seeing Piccolo still somewhat alive after taking that blast for Gohan.

"G-Gohan…" Piccolo gurgled up blood as he uttered his students name.

"Piccolo… n-no… wh-why did you?" Gohan's tears ran down his face as he stared at the damaged form of his master and second father figure.

"I-I promised… t-to….gurgh!" Piccolo struggled from speaking as he was choking on his own blood. "T-To… protect you." Piccolo still stood tall, glaring at Cell with his one good eye.

"How touching~" Cell taunted and fired a beam straight through Piccolo's skull, the intensity and heat of the beam causing Piccolo's head to explode like a watermelon. Gohan sat there frozen, his eyes widened as he saw Piccolo's blood splatter before his very eyes. And the headless body of the Namekian falling over before him. "Now, where was I? Oh, yes, I remember." Once again Cell charged up a ki blast aimed at Gohan. Although suddenly the bodies of three of his children crashed into him causing him to fall over. "What now?!" Cell snarled and looked to his beaten burning children. Covered in black fire. "Oh shit-" Cell couldn't finish as the fist of Itachi smacked into his face sending him skidding back.

"I've had enough of you!" Itachi powered up his Super Saiyan form, causing the whole area to tremble before his power. And Cell to look with an impressed smirk, clapping that Itachi alone had so far ended five of his children's lives. While Vegeta and Trunks still battled the remaining four Cell Juniors. In the distance, Goku panted and stared down with a pained look over the fate of Piccolo. His leg burnt from what seemed to be a massive ki blast.

"G-Gohan…" Goku clenched his fists as he stared at his petrified looking son, staring at the dead body of Piccolo. "G-Guys… I'm sorry…" Goku looked behind him, seeing the slight burnt, but still breathing bodies of Krillin, Tien and Yamcha.


As the burning ki blast approached the unconscious Earth trio, Goku popped out of nowhere using his instant transmission. Goku stocked the three fighters up and held onto them with his left arm. Goku held his right hand to his forehead, preparing to transmission out of range from the blast. Honing in on the faint energy signature of Jeice, and teleported. Although the blast still managed to hit and burn his leg and tearing up the right pants leg of his gi.

Flashback end

"Sorry that I got you all into this… All this is my fault, just like everything else… the Red Ribbon Army… the Saiyans… Frieza… and now Cell!" Goku went through all his previous enemies, if he hadn't destroyed the Red Ribbon Army, Dr. Gero wouldn't have made the Androids or Cell. If he had never been sent to Earth and just died with the rest of his race, the Saiyans and Frieza would never have arrived on Earth.

Itachi charged straight past the burning bodies of the Cell Juniors, and to Cell delivering an upward kick to his right hand where Cell held the senzu bean bag. And then Itachi kicked the bag sending it flying over to Gohan. Whom still sat there frozen.

Cell too occupied with Itachi to even care about the Senzu Bean bag began to chuckle at his opponent. "I see, you are indeed stronger than Goku… But honestly, do you really think that is enough to beat Perfection?" Cell snarly mocks Itachi, joining the Saiyan in powering up in a golden fire like aura.

Itachi power up more, the golden fire aura mixed in with the orange fire of his Susano'o walked towards Cell. The ground sinking down before the weight of his feet and power. Itachi knows he is nowhere near strong enough to kill Cell as he is now, but he also knows Gohan has been thrown off the edge. Now all he had to do was stall for time until the boom happened. "You, are not perfect. You will never be perfect. True perfection doesn't exist and it never will. What you are, is nothing more than a lab experiment gone wrong with an inferiority complex." Itachi retorts, to which Cell gives him a scornful look.

"Well, unlike the rest of the Saiyan bunch. You have enough brain power to actually make hurtful comments. You sure know how to think quickly on your feet. Such a good monkey. Do you want a banana?"

"Heh, talk all you like. Just shows your lack of brain power. You just insulted yourself as well. Saiyan cells, remember? You are no better than Vegeta."

"Okay, now that is beyond insulting!" Cell is left angered, although in the distance he heard Vegeta's angered screams having heard that comment from Itachi.

"Point proven." Itachi smirked seeing the look of realization hitting Cell right in the face. "And now, I shall prove you are nothing compared to me, you oversized cricket."

'Okay, Cell take a deep breath… and tone down the Vegeta…' Cell takes a few deep breaths to regain his composure, and then he smirks down at Itachi. "My how prideful."

"Of course, after all… That is a sin all Saiyans must bear." Itachi walked right up into Cell's face, staring him dead in the eye as their combined power caused the ground to rise up. Rocks flew up around them as the ground sank further down into a crater.

"So, how do you want to do this? Do you wanna throw the first punch? Or shall I? Come on you beautiful bastard, which is it?" Cell looks in anticipation for Itachi's answer, yet instead of Itachi giving a reply he merely jumped back and launched a ki blast straight into Cell. "Blast attacks first? Aren't you a breath of fresh air!" Cell charges out at Itachi throwing a series of punches, Itachi with his sharingan is able to dodge and avoid each strike with grace and elegance. Itachi spins his body, charging a ki blast into his right palm. And flings it right into Cell as he makes a 360 turn. The android tumbles back a few steps, then Itachi continues his assault by throwing a series of punches into Cell.

Itachi slugged Cell in his jaw with an upper cut strike. Cell's eyes widened as a tiny splatter of blood escaped from his lips. Itachi followed up on the upper cut by leaping over Cell delivering another punch straight into the android's face sending him crashing to the ground. Upon impact, the ground turned into a giant crater. Mixed with his Super Saiyan aura, was the orange red fiery aura of his Susano'o. Cell charged out from the crater towards Itachi, his fist aimed for Itachi's chest. However, his fist collided with a red spectral ribcage.

"What is that?" Cell's eyes stared in bewilderment, and was quickly blasted by a ki wave from Itachi. Cell returned the favor in kind, and sent a series of ki blasts at Itachi. Itachi avoided the incoming blasts to the best of his abilities, although when Cell came charging at him, he didn't have time to dodge. Cell elbowed Itachi into his right cheek sending him flying backwards.

Cell continued on with his assault, using his super speed to appear over Itachi and delivered a drop kick onto him sending him crashing into the ground bellow. "Hiya!" Cell tossed a sphere of ki into Itachi, although acting careful by not putting too much power into it. He didn't want his fun to end right away.

Itachi having suffer minor burns flew out from the smoke, and right into Cell. The two throwing a barrage of punches into each other. While Cell seemed to aim randomly Itachi moved like a surgeon aiming for vital spots. Ki mixed into his fist, focused and calm Itachi formed the ki in his hands into blades just upon impact. Leaving gashing bloodied cuts in Cell.

Cell felt amused, as with Piccolo's cells any injuries dealt from Itachi's blades were healed in almost an instance. As Itachi made a swift move for Cell's neck, Cell tilted his upper body backwards dodging the ki blade by an inch. And then he slapped Itachi to the side. Although instead of flying away, Itachi's body dispersed into a murder of crows. The crows flying violently around Cell aiming the android's eyes. "Argh! Bitch!" And then amongst the crows moved Itachi, a blade of ki formed around his right arm.


The ki blade caught fire in a blazing black flame, and then Itachi sliced it into Cell's back. "Argh! Double bitch!" Cell cried out as the black flames of Amaterasu burnt into his back. He could feel it seething into his very being, his cells burning away one by one. "Ah fucking hell!" Cell latched his hands onto his head, and in a surprise, move ripped his head clean up from his body. "Argh! That fucking hurt!"

Itachi looked astonished at that move, Cell's head was thrown away from his burning body that was nearly consumed by the black fire. Itachi wasting not another second fired a massive ki blast towards Cell's head. "Shit! Shit!" Cell looked worried and quickly acting spat out a ki wave from his mouth to stall Itachi's. While this happened Cell's head regrow its body. Cell closed his mouth, unable to overpower Itachi's ki wave. In a desperate move Cell cupped his hands together and unleashed a Kamehameha wave into Itachi's. The Kamehameha quickly powered straight through and shot straight for Itachi.

Itachi glared at the incoming blast, and took a backflip mid air avoiding the wave of destructive energy. He crossed his arms gathering ki into his hands. He swung his arms, sending a scattering attack of ki blasts shaped as kunai knifes. The golden ki lightning covered kunai blasts, then caught fire with the blazing black flames of Amaterasu. Flying around the Kamehameha wave, the kunai blasts circled the wave until they reached the surprised looking Cell. "Oh, that is so cool!" Cell said in awe as the kunai ki blasts stabbed into his entire body, although not his head. And his body caught fire once more from the Amaterasu. "Crapbaskets…" Cell repeated the same process, ripping his own head off again before the flames would consume his entire being.

Looking tiredly Cell regenerated, and looked slightly out of breath. "Seems that you also share our weaknesses as well as our powers. Goku's thirst for battle, Vegeta's pride. And like Piccolo, you lose stamina and energy from regenerating." Itachi appeared above Cell, with a gigantic ki shaped sword that actually resembled the Samehada his former companion Kisame used to wield.

"Oh cute, is that supposed to be compensating for something?" Cell mocked as he saw the ki sword.

"Compensation? No, more like presentation!" Itachi retorted as he swung the blade down, cutting Cell from his right shoulder and down. Cell's body looked to be splitting in half, he cursed Itachi under his breath as he regenerated his body together once again.

"Okay, you know what. You really are dangerous! Too dangerous, I mean I can hardly have fun fighting you! That is what makes you different from Goku! His blissful, beautiful mind allowing his opponent to power up, mmmm~! Is enough to make this android to go crazy! But you! You go straight for the kill! You don't play around like Vegeta either. You just get straight down to business… And that robs me of my fun you bas-" Before Cell could finish Itachi threw an upper cut to Cell's chest. And then he swung the ki sword and cut Cell's arms off one by one.

"Why you little!" Cell grew annoyed and as Itachi went in for the kill, so did Cell. He jabbed the tip of his tail into Itachi's wrist.

"Argh!" Itachi cried out as Cell began sucking his energy.

"I will suck you dry boy!" Cell laughed maniacally.

"Urgh! It's like he somehow managed to get Zarbon's cells as well!" Vegeta cringed in the background.

Acting quickly, Itachi sliced off the tip of Cell's tail before he could absorb him. Although Cell managed to drain quite a bit of his energy. Itachi was panting, winded and out of breath. He felt like he hadn't eaten anything in weeks. And for a Saiyan, that was quite a lot. He also looked a whole lot skinnier than normal. His bones felt weak and marrow, so that he fell over.

"Mmmm~! I can't wait to got another mouth full of you." Cell regrew the tip of his tail followed by his arms, while Vegeta groaned in agony in the background once more from Cell's comment. Itachi struggled to remain standing, and attempted to attack Cell once again despite his weakened frail skinny body.

Gohan sat in silence, the sounds of Itachi and Cell trading punches sounding like a mere distant echo drowned out by a ringing noise in his head. The young Saiyan half breed's watery eyes merely looking upon the green corpse of Piccolo. 'I'm still weak… nothing has changed. Wh-What is wrong with me? People around me keep dying… and I just cower in the corner!' Gohan clenched his hands into the dirt, digging up the earth beneath him. Images flashing before his mind, the titan of a Saiyan Nappa towering over him as he is surrounded by his dead friends. The image of the green grass on Namek, and the battered body of Krillin and Vegeta as they stood before the members of the Uchiha Force. Images of Frieza killing Dende, Vegeta, Itachi. And finally, back on Earth mere seconds ago when Piccolo died before him again. And what was Gohan doing? Cowering in a corner, waiting for someone, his dad to save the day. Never again. Gohan was angry, angry at himself. The anger he felt towards his weak self, overshadowed the anger he felt even towards Cell.

"You are too immature… things won't always work themselves out. You need to step up and fight to live. Fight for everyone." The lessons Itachi attempted to drill into Gohan during their time in the chamber echoed through Gohan's mind.

'Itachi was right. I am immature.' Gohan flinched at the image of Itachi getting thrown to the ground before him. Itachi was twitching in agony before Gohan's eyes, their eyes locked.

"Gohan… Let go. Just, let it got…" Itachi uttered as Cell landed over him, and kicked Itachi into his kidney. "Argh!" Itachi coughed up blood, his Super Saiyan form fading. Cell grabbed onto Itachi's Saiyan armor shoulder strap and lifted him up.

"Well, what can I say Itachi… It's been a whole lot of fun." Cell pointed his finger towards Itachi's face charging up a tiny glint of ki that resembled Frieza's Death Beam.

"No…" Gohan got up on one knee, the power inside him beginning to swell as he had reached his breaking point. "I won't watch you kill anyone else!" Gohan declared as sparks of lighting erupted around him, digging up the ground beneath his feet.

"Heh, oh yeah? Well just try and stop me." Cell laughed at the empty threats from Gohan. If only they were as empty as Cell thought.

Gohan eyed the body of Piccolo for one last time. 'Thank you… for giving me strength… for teaching me. Itachi, thank you for giving me the lessons I needed. I'm just sorry I took so long to realize it. Monsters like Cell doesn't deserve a warning! He needs to die! And Trunks… I promise, I won't let your efforts to help us be in vain. This ends today!' Gohan's hair began rising up with the golden aura around him intensifying.

"Hn?" Cell' senses peaked as he felt Gohan's power increase. Itachi gave a weak chuckle as Cell dropped him to the ground with that surprised look on his face.

"Uargh! HAAAAAAAAA!" Gohan gave a war cry as his power exploded. The rocks beneath him bursting up from his intense ki. The now molted fiery rocks being flung into the air around them. The fiery intensity and warmth of his power drawing everyone's attention. Even the unconscious Z fighters awoke from feeling this intense power.

"Gohan…" Trunks uttered in awe as he and his rather stunned father looked down on the young boy.

Gohan's hair was standing straight up in a brilliant gold like color, a single golden bang going over his forehead. His muscle mass increased just slightly, but his aura burnt stronger and brighter than ever. Cell looked like torn between a look of disbelief and curiosity. While Gohan, Gohan expressed one emotion. His eyes glaring like daggers into Cell with burning fury. The day of fate, had finally arrived.

"Mmm, just look at you! Ohhh, this is even better than I hoped~" Cell sounded almost orgasmic at the sight of Gohan's new power. "And here you are, my final challenge~!" Cell's smirk faded as Gohan vanished before his very eyes, and before he knew it, he felt a sharp stingy pain to his gut. Cell's eyes looked like they were about to pop out from his skull, as he stood there gasping for air while holding onto his throbbing stomach. "Wh-What?" Cell vomited out a puddle of purple blood, and then in an instant Gohan appeared a great distance from him. Holding not only an injured battered Itachi, but also the bag of senzu beans.

"…" Without saying another word, Gohan popped out a bean from the bag and flipped it high into the air. He then tossed the bag to Itachi, and then he tossed Itachi himself over to an awaiting Jeice to catch him. And then he caught the falling senzu bean into his mouth. For each chew every wound on his body from his skirmish with Cell vanished, and his power increased even more. Cell still on his knees began looking somewhat worried. Gohan narrowed his gaze upon the slight trembling form of Cell. Gohan's lips moved, uttering a single word. "Die."

That's the end for now!

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The Cell saga is nearly complete. Now with Gohan having turned into a SSJ2, and even more powerful than originally, with Piccolo having been a far bigger emotional trigger for Gohan than 16 would. At least in me and my co-writer's opinion.

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