This was it. The planning had begun months in advance. The supplies were gathered bit by bit with sacrifice after sacrifice becoming necessary. But tonight was finally the night.

They weren't worried of being caught. They had an invisibility cloak. Oh, they never said it was their's. But they knew of a fellow pupil who possessed such a cloak. They were trusted by them. How they accessed the common room was both unknown and unimportant. It was merely retrieving it that mattered.

Their black school shoes scuffed along the dusty cobblestone; it was the only sound echoing among the dungeon stairwell, spiraling downward into the depths of the castle.

Finally they skid to a halt inside of the potion's classroom and in front of an ordinary door with an extraordinary purpose. Thankfully the door had been left unlocked, a blessing as well as an unusual occurrence.

Such a scattered-brain professor, they thought.
Must've been a busy night. No matter.

They snuck inside, grasping the last of the supplies needed, and listened for a few moments; there was no sound. They were the only one alive.

But they were not the only one inside.

They locked the door, covering the small portal letting the inside of the room into the view of the curious pupil. Next they whirled around to the table in the center of the lair. A ragged, white sheet with dirt dusted lightly onto it outlined a silhouette underneath. Gently the figure peeled off the top, revealing an ethereal woman with flowing, blonde hair. Her skin was smoothed and polished pale, as if she were a life-sized china doll. Her eyes were gently locked shut. One would find it incredulous that this woman was seven years past.

The figure gently lifted the angel's head and placed a white pillow underneath. Next they turned to a table of vials and beakers; in one was a potion nearly complete. All was needed was one more ingredient.

They pulled out a shining, rhombal stone and a wand of elder bark. They murmured in the tongues of what seemed to be from Merlin's time. Soon, the stone began to glow and half began to dust off into the potion. But just as soon it was dust, solid stone was in its place. They finished it off and stuck their hand inside the potion, now a blue partial-liquid, and began to cover the woman's body with it.

Now that it was done, they began to murmur something else and soon lightning appeared. Everything seemed to be going so well, when all of a sudden, the door barked at them as a fist wrapped upon the other side.

"Open up!" the voice of Professor Snape called.

Damn it! they thought.
He cannot interrupt me at such a fine hour! Not now!

"Open this door or I shall be forced to blast it down," he threatened.

They did nothing as they waited for him to carry out his threat. All of a sudden, they heard,

"Bombarda Maxima!"

and the door flung open.

"Petrificus Totalus!" the other yelled quickly.

It hit the professor in the chest. His arms locked to the side as moans were heard from behind the figure, who turned around and gasped.

"She's alive! She's alive!" they said.

The woman sat up slowly and gasped as their eyes met.

"What on earth?" she exclaimed; her accent heavily Celtic and Irish, yet beautifully musical.
"Where am I?"

"Mum, it's me!" the figure squealed as they removed the invisibility cloak.

The woman's eyes, cold and alert before, turned warm and shocked.

"Saints preserve us," she gasped.
"You're my Luna!"