Small feet pounded against the wet ground. Loud voices rang all around, and orange light illuminated many houses. He pushed past everyone, trying to get to the forge. He would be safe there. Suddenly, something pushed him, sending him sprawling in the dirt. Bleary eyed, he tried to get up, but a hit to the head from the rushing mob put that to a stop.

As his senses returned, he heard someone yelling in his ear. "-cup! Hiccup! Finally, I though' you'd sleep foreve'!" He saw a large man, with a large beard, carrying him. "We got to get to tha' forge!" "G-G-Gobber?" the boy managed to say. "Righ'. Le's lay you here, an' ge' ta work! When you can see ten fingers, then sharpen tha' saxe knife. You're da'll be 'ere ta get ya in no time!" "O-Ok, Gobber."

But his father didn't come, because his father was stuck , completely defenseless, between a cliff, and a dragon fresh from the nest. The young boy saw. He ran to his father with that little saxe knife, and stabbed the dragon in the foot.

It reared back, and pushed the boy. His father called out, "Hiccup!" before the boy was gone, down the cliff edge.

Only to land on the back of a young dragon, who hadn't meant to save the boy, but didn't let him be hurt either.

The dragon flew as the boy cried. "Papa! Mama! Gobbie!" The young dragon knew the boy was born and lived with the humans, but there was a dragon in his soul. Besides, he had flown around this island a lot. He knew that the boy was not liked here. He knew that the boy was given a bad name, and that he was hated by the other hatchlings his age.

But the dragon also knew that he was smart. He had seen what the boy created with fire and metal. He knew of his cunningness. He knew that the boy could help him. He knew, deep inside him, that this boy would defeat the queen.

The young dragon took the crying boy to an island far from the nest. He flew around until he found a reasonably sized cave, and dove in. The young dragon sat, waiting. The boy, noticing that they had landed, quickly jumped off the dragon and ran to the back of the cave. He pressed himself up to the wall, shaking. The dragon sat, waiting. Then an idea struck.

He bounded out of the cave, only to return a moment later, a fish in his mouth. He slowly walked up to the boy, and offered the boy the fish. The boy reached out, and the dragon opened his mouth, revealing his teeth. This caused the boy to snatch his hand back. Realizing the issue, the dragon dropped the fish, then retracted his teeth. The boy jumped, then his eyes filled with wonder. "Woah, Toothless." The dragon nodded. "Toothless? Is that your name?" The dragon nodded again.

Toothless gestured to the fish on the ground. The boy saw and picked it up. He stared at it. Toothless tilted his head, confused. Oh, wait! He had seen the humans cook their meat. He bounded out again, returning with a bundle of sticks. He set one aside, and lit the rest. The boy's eyes were wide. "T-Thanks." Warily, watching Toothless the whole time, he cooked the fish. He finished eating, and sat near the back, but not all the way. Toothless took this as a good sign, and tried to touch the boy. But the boy let out a fearful cry and scooted back again. Toothless sighed, and went to sit by the cave entrance.

For the rest of the day, he sat, watching the boy. At one point, the human fell asleep, and Toothless went to get a closer look. When he was about to touch the boy, however, the boys eyes snapped open, and Toothless back-pedalled, trying to act as if he wasn't ever there.

Toothless brought the boy two more fish that day, each time trying to get the boy to trust him.

Soon, the sun began to sink into the ocean. Toothless sat by the entrance once again. He took a small limb from a nearby tree, and began to draw squiggles in the dirt. After a few moments, he realised that the boy had crept up behind him. Barely pausing, Toothless continued to draw, feeling very self-conscious. The boy walked off, and began drawing. Jumping up on a rock, Toothless saw that the boy had drawn a large, messy drawing of the dragon. When he finished, the boy sat at the far end, his legs splayed in front of him, looking at Toothless expectantly. The dragon began walking to the boy, when he stepped on a line. The boy pulled his legs up to his chest. Immediately, the dragon stepped off. The boy put his legs down, and smiled softly. Twice more Toothless tested stepping on the line, and when he realized what the boy wanted, he began walking through the lines.

He twisted and spun, putting his small, young body to use. Finally, he was in front of the human hatchling. He reached out his head, but the boy winced. Toothless closed his eyes, and moved his head where the boy made the final decision. After a moment's hesitation, the boy placed his hand on the young dragon. Toothless opened his eyes, and the boy turned and ran off.

They slept soundly that night, the boy ending up just a few feet from the dragon.

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