"I wish I knew what you were saying."

It had been two weeks since the boy had left Berk, and he loved his new life. He would wake up at dawn, or whenever the five year old felt like it, and get more wood for the fire. Then, Toothless would bring him a fish, and he would eat. After that, he could roam the small island as he pleased, while Toothless was away.

The young dragon was at the nest, obeying the queen, but the boy didn't know that.

Near midday, the boy would go to the patch of blackberries he found on his second day. Then he would go back to the cave, and draw. After ward, he explored again. At dusk, Toothless returned with another fish.

On his fourth day, the boy had found a flock of Terrible Terrors, and, using the same method Toothless had used on him, became their friend. They played tag and hide-n-seek often.

Now, two weeks later, Toothless was getting ready to leave for the day. He stopped and turned to the boy. "I mean, you make noises like you're talking, so it would be nice to understand you. But I don't know how you teach someone a language."

They tried, but it seemed hopeless. Until they found common ground. Drawing.

"Ok, I draw it, you say it, then I know it." the boy said. He drew a tree. Toothless made a gargling bark sound. "Troo." Toothless shook his head. "Thee" Again, no. The boy's young face scrunched up in determination. "T-r-ee." he sounded out slowly. Toothless' small head bobbed up and down, and the boy grinned so big, the dragon could see all of his teeth. "Tree! Tree! I did it!"

From there, he learned quickly, only having difficulty with words he couldn't draw or didn't already know in Norse.

The boy sat in the corner, disappointed at how many words he couldn't draw. Then he felt Toothless nudge him. He turned, and Toothless drew a messy picture with his claw. A woman, a man, and two boys.

"Family?" the boy asked. Toothless nodded. "Family." Soon, they human child was repeating him. Then, Toothless circled the boys. "Brothers.""Brothers?" At Toothless' nod, the child repeated in the language of the dragon. Then, Toothless put one forepaw on the boy's chest, then back to him. "Brothers."The boy frowned, then understood, and smiled. "Brothers." He pulled the dragon into a hug, and they fell asleep that way

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