Charles "Charlie" Weasley

November, 1988, sometime around midnight

Charlie ran like hell. He ran down an empty corridor, up a flight of stairs, and through another corridor. Behind him a large table, missing one and a half legs and donning a dozen scorch marks, plus something that looked like bite marks mad by some sort of animal, bobbed and weaved behind him, defying the laws of physics because of a twelve inch wooden stick in his hands.

"Whoever you are, you better stop right now!" called a voice behind him. Charlie cursed. His pursuer was getting closer. Charlie ducked into another corridor and spotted a flight of stairs. With a sudden burst of speed Charlie flew up the stairs, barely managing to not trip over his own feet.

Charlie had gotten up late at night to sneak out and practice spells on unused furniture. Hey, Hogwarts has money, and why not spend the money educating children, seeing as Hogwarts is a school. The practice went horrendously awry. What was supposed to be a normal jinx turned into a blazing table, a flooded classroom, and a literal rats nest. The commotion drew the attention of the current Head Boy, William 'Bill' Weasley, who happened to be Charlie's brother. Charlie managed to get a headstart, throw part of his cloak over his head to hide the conspicuous hair and his face, and ran while magically levitating the proof of his misdeeds behind him, which leads us to the beginning of our story.

Charlie ran up multiple flights of stairs, doesn't three corridors, and discovered a passage from one random hall to another. Eventually, Charlie found himself on the seventh floor, with a portrait of Barnabas The Barmy trying to teach trolls to do ballet. Suddenly, just as Charlie was thinking about how he needed an escape route, a small inconspicuous door appeared out of the blue. It looked like the door to a broom closet; Charlie was sure Bill would never find him there. As soon as Charlie barrelled through the door he attempted to stop because of sheer amazement. Because the laws of physics happen to apply to wizards when magic isn't being used on them, a phenomenon by the name of inertia caused Charlie to trip and fall sprawling on the floor. The table landed with a huge crash behind him.

Charlie groaned. He quickly looked behind him and saw that the door had vanished behind him. Charlie panicked. How was he to get out!?

He stood up and started to look around for anything. Charlie saw the weirdest things imaginable. Treasures, potions, brooms, furniture and a seemingly limitless supply of books. The one thing that caught his eye was the most inconspicuous. A tall object covered by a dull cloth. Charlie swiped the cloth off and saw an image of him in the plane mirror before him. But this wasn't a reflection. Charlie seemed older, stronger, and he wasn't staring back like a reflection would.

The reflection of Charlie was fighting a dragon. Charlie saw himself duck, weave, and dodge bolts of fire and nearly get scratched by the dragon's claws, which were as big as swords. In the end, 'fake' Charlie shot a single spell into the dragon's eye and incapacitated it.

The real Charlie staggered backwards. He rushed through the endless pile of junk in this strange room and to where he thought the exit was. Charlie hastily searched for a knob or a handle, and he found one after fidgeting for seven minutes. Charlie checked to see if the hall was clear, and rushed out. He didn't notice that the room had ejected him on the opposite side of the hallway.

As soon as Charlie entered the Gryffindor dormitories, he saw the Head Boy sitting on the couch near the flame.

"Where were you little bro?" Bill smirked.