Fish with a Blog

November 12, 2016

I decided to start a blog. I decided because I can't do much as a fish, and I wanted to do something instead of watching Netflix, and other stuff, all day. Anyways, onto the first topic, the President-elect, Donald Trump.

I, along with many people throughout the country, and some parts of the world, is disappointed and shock over Trump's victory over Clinton.

It was a dark day when we heard the news on Wednesday. Steve was so depressed that he asked to stay home from school. Of course, Francine said no, so he had to go. Hayley and Jeff went to protest with many people like Trump haters are doing throughout the country like it's the end of the world (which might be true if Trump stays true to his promises).

I, too, fear the fate for America. It makes me glad that I'm a fish, and not so proud. I'm kind of lucky to be a fish because, I'm an illegal immigrant, and I might get deported if they find out about me if I was human. I'm not so lucky because I'm depressed as it is. I don't need Trump adding to my pain and misery. I fear for you, America, I really do.

Not everyone is saddened in our family through. The only two who were happy is Stan and Roger (Surprise, surprise.) As soon as the announcement was made, they partied with champagne.

We saw his victory speech, and his poor son! He looked tired, and no wonder; it was in the early morning when Trump made his speech. Poor kid! Didn't he have school in a few hours? I must applaud him though. Although he was sleeping, and could've passed out, making Trump's speech awkward, he didn't. He stayed up to support his ol' man. Way to go, Barren!

I do feel sorry for him though. His father being Trump and all. He's bound to have heard some of his father's big mouth, and his offensive and racist slurs. He'll corrupt him for sure. Heck, he might be already corrupted, then again, his other children, and wife, do not seem to be, so there's hope.

Trump is a powerful speaker, I give him that. If he wasn't hated, said nasty and offensive things, or wasn't feared by people at what he planned to do, he might have been liked a bit more. To me, he seems more like a dictator then a president.

Hillary gave a good acceptance speech though. She told her supporters that the loss was painful, and to give Trump a chance. And I think she couldn't be more right! Who knows? Maybe Trump will turn around when he takes office in January. He seems to be nicer now that he's been elected president (for the moment). Like the current chancellor of Germany, America will one day have a female word leader. I'm sure of it! After all, the nation is 240 years old, so it's possible. I'm surprised that it hasn't already happened after all this time.

But, we'll see what the future brings, and hopefully a miracle will happen, and he won't build a wall, deport innocent Muslims, WWIII, and other horrible things he might decide to do. If not, hopefully someone will do something about him before it's to late. In the meantime, we just have to prey and wait. I think that'll be the best thing to do. After all we have at lest four (hopefully) years with him if he doesn't resigned, get impeached, or something else.