April 29

Before watching this film, I knew it was going to win at this year's Oscars for Best Animated Feature fins down. I knew when I saw the trailer that it was going be spectacular. I knew from so much praise that it was going to be something special. Why? Because, it's Pixar. Despite a few of their recent movies having been hits or misses or 'meh', I still trust them with making good films because they make a lot of them and Soul proves that they still got it.

Joe is a middle school band teacher who wants to be a jazz musician. When he gets his big break, he is understandably happy. But as you saw in the trailer, he falls in a manhole and goes to The Great Beyond. He goes to The Great Before then and meets an unborn soul, 22 and mentors her. At the end of the film, he learns the most important thing he can do in life.

So because of the pandemic, this film had to be delayed before ultimately going to Disney Plus. If you don't have the service, it's on DVD. Or if you're desperate, you watch it online, a sketchy one if you must. I know it's against the law, but since many things are going streaming nowadays and if you don't want to spend money or can't afford them, you do what you have to do. Just don't blame the fish. It's not my fault that you did something illegal and got caught. You didn't have to listen or go by my advice. It's your own dang fault and you'll have to suffer with the consequences. Anyways, this film also won Best Score.

You might expect me to write a full blog on this year's Oscars as I did the previous years, but honestly, it was kind of boring as I feared it would be because once again, there was no host so it again was like a normal award show. I guess I'm talking about it with Soul so this is a mini blog in a two-parter. The only thing that might have got people mad that's worth mentioning is that the In Memorum section was too fast. The names were there for a few seconds and before you could finish reading one, they went to the next one. Nomadland won Best Picture and it was directed by a woman, and she was the first woman of color to win, another woman won an Oscar as well, making two women winning in the same year, and if you want to read more about the Oscars, you know what to do, search the Internet. Also this year broke tradition, because Best Picture wasn't the last award to be presented. It was almost the last, but not quite. A Korean won best Actress, someone talked about their parents having sex which resulted in him (that was awkward). I guess they was a little 'comedy bit', but it was well into the broadcast, when it was about three hours in. And like how Disney had their first black princess in Princess and the Frog, Joe is Pixar's first black protagonist.

So unless you are filthy rich and own every streaming service known to man, like me, you probably didn't see a majority of these films. That's a major bummer when people say that a certain film is good and you want to see it real bad, but you can't because you don't have the streaming service. And what's worse is it might be an original so it might not even be on DVD, So, even through it's risky, desperate times calls for desperate measures. If the movie's real good, it's worth the risk.

And the Oscars were in April this year instead of February because, you know. And the theater it was held at was much smaller. So hopefully, next year will be better and go back to what it was before. Hopefully next year, people can actually see these films and they release them in movie theaters. Vaccines are here, but we still have to be careful. We can never be truly sure what will happen next.