Hi everyone! Writing a quick one shot tonight. I picked a random person to be the bad guy because I didn't really know who to pick. It is set in storybrooke pretending that big villains don't come barging in every five seconds lol. Idk what season to make it so just bleh! Lol.

WARNINGGGGGG:creepy victor whale! He is going to sexually harass and verbally harass Emma. He is going to touch her without her permission but he won't rape her.


Emma sits in Granny's like she does every morning, waiting for Ruby to be free to get her some cocoa while listening to him insult her. It's the same every day and she honestly has just gotten used to it, she doesn't even really fight back anymore.

"How does it feel to be stuffed in a tree and sent to another world?" Whale said.

"Your parents obviously didn't care about you that much. Did they even know where you would end up?"

Emma just sat facing forward in one of the stools staring at one of the pictures on the wall. She tried to tune him out as much as she could, but he literally always sat right next to her and talked in her ear every fear and thought she has ever had. Sometimes she would snap at him to get the hell away or to go and play with a dead corpse, because everyone found out who he was, but he would just giggle and then continue on.

"When are you going to run, because a lot of us hate seeing you around town? It's an inconvenience." Victor said while he pushed her shoulder enough to make her grab onto the counter so she wouldn't fall.

"Em! I got your cocoa, sorry it took so long." Ruby said with a sweet smile.

"Don't worry Rubes, I know you go as quickly as you can." Emma smiled back at her.

Emma got up to leave and tripped on what she thought was nothing, but turned out to be Victor's foot.

"Really?" Emma said quietly to herself as she continued to the door. When she looked up she saw Regina entering the diner. "Hey Regina." She said with a simple smile.

"Oh," Regina looked up in shock. "Hello Emma, leaving so soon?"

Emma made a noise something between a scoff and a laugh while checking behind her. "Yup, sorry I can't stay. Enjoy though!" then she walked right out the door and to the sheriff's station to start her day.

Victor didn't seem to bother anyone else but Emma. I must have easy target written on my forehead, the blonde thought. Even back in foster care she was the one that the older kids would always pick on, so this isn't really new for her. She is used to it and doesn't really see anything wrong with it. That's why she hasn't told anyone, she thinks it would be pointless. Any time that she told her foster parents when she was younger, it would just get her in more trouble or sent away.

"Morning Emma," her dad greeted her as she entered the station. "How has your morning been so far?"

"I got my cocoa, so A okay." She said while raising her to go cup as proof.

"Wonderful, well nothing has happened yet this morning it's been dead so far."

"That could be because it's only 9:30am, dad." Emma giggled. "Not everyone likes getting up this early and if they do it would probably take them a minute to want to destroy or ruin something."

"Good point." He said with an impressed look. "Am I good to go sheriff?"

"Of course, you have been here all night. Thanks again for taking my night shift, Henry really wanted me to go over and watch this new movie."

"Anything for you Emma." David said with a charming smile and Emma just rolled her eyes.

Emma got a lot of paperwork done until around 12pm when she decided it would be a good time to patrol. Seems like everyone wanted to behave today. As she rolled down the street a few people waved their greeting and she, back to them. Emma was getting bored though, without any crime happening it was a very lame day at work. Emma wished for something to happen, even a cat getting stuck in a tree would be better than this.

An hour later her stomach started to growl so she parked on the street and hopped happily into Granny's, already having planned out what she's going to order. "Hey Granny, can I get a grilled cheese, fries and a cocoa please?"

"Comin' right up." granny said with a wink.

Plopping down at the counter to wait for her food someone sat next to her.

"Welcome back sweetheart." Whale smirked at her and Emma just let her head fall down.

"Seriously," The blonde sighed.

"What you didn't miss me?" he asked in fake hurt.

"Can we not do this, I just want to eat lunch and then go back to work."

"You mean the job you suck at?"

Emma groaned.

Victor kept trying to get her to fight back but Emma wasn't having it. She pulled out her phone to look through Instagram or Facebook when he grabbed her phone right out of her hand.

"What the fuck?" she said annoyed. "Give it back."

"Why should I? I should message everyone and let them know who you really are."

Emma rolled her eyed, "Do you realize how annoying you are?" she looked away for a few seconds totally forgetting he had her phone when she saw granny come out with food. False alarm it wasn't hers.

She didn't notice whale typing a message out to three people.

To: Snow, David, Regina

I'm not worth anything. I hate myself, why am I still here?

Even when she looked back he was already done, but she snatched her phone back annoyed that food distracted her.

He tried to put his hand on her face but she swatted it away in disgust. "Could you not."

"You wish I wanted you." Then he got up and walked away, for now.

"Emma darling, here is your food."

"Thank you." She got up to leave with her bag to go back to the station.

{Other side of town where Regina and Henry are}

"MOM! Your phone went off." Henry yells so that his mom can hear him from where she is upstairs. He was about to open the message when his mom yelled back down at him.

"Can you read it sweetie?"

"Already planned on it." He said with a smile which turned to a frown the moment he read the message.

Regina was walking into the room smiling until she saw Henry's expression, "Who is it dear?"

"Emma- It's ma." He said with a furrowed brow staring at the screen.

"Did she send one of those weird word puzzles again, because if so that explains your face."


Regina walked over to him and grabbed the phone from him and read Emma's message.

"What on earth," she started but honestly didn't know how to finish it.

"I don't know, is she okay?"

"I'll go stop by the station and see what is going on. She sent that to me and her parents, this should be interesting."

Regina was already grabbing her purse and heading out when Henry shouted, "text me when you know."

"Okay darling."

When she got to the station Emma didn't notice her walking in, she was too busy stuffing her face with her yummy, yet very unhealthy food. Regina got all the way to Emma's office door without her noticing but then her head shot up.

"Hey Gina," she said with a half full mouth and a cute smile.

Regina raised her eyebrows, "Hey yourself."

"What a surprise I wasn't expecting a visit from you. Did I not turn something in? Henry is okay right?" at the last question Emma's face went serious like she panicked for a second.

"No Henry is fine dear, and no you didn't forget to turn anything in," Regina was a little confused. Emma isn't acting like her message made her seem. "I'm confu-"

Regina was interrupted by David and Snow storming into the station, "Emma what's going on! Are you okay?"

Emma and Regina both snapped their heads in the direction of the charmings. They both had the same look of confusion while turning as well.

"What do you mean what's going on," Emma asked slowly while putting down her grilled cheese. "Did I miss something?"

"You sent all three of us a message." The former evil queen said.

"No I didn't." Emma couldn't look any more confused if she tried.

"Emma we assure you that you did." David said sadly.

She went through her morning in her head, not once did she send a group message to her parents and her secret, secret crush. She went to the diner, got her food, while she was waiting she got annoyed by whale per usual, he grabbed her phone- oh my god he grabbed her phone. Realization dawned all over Emma's face and then she stilled and went a little pale.

"Oh." Was all she could manage. If she told them they would send her away. She can't tell them, she will just have to go with the consequences of what it says.

"Oh?" Regina said, "What's oh?" Her eyebrows all the way up to her hair line. Emma went to reach for her phone and look for the message that she apparently sent them, but it was deleted.

"Um, would you mind reading me what I said to you?" she asked sheepishly.

"You don't remember Emma? It was not even an hour ago." Snow asked.

Emma shifted in her seat uncomfortably, "Can someone just tell me."

"You said, and I quote, 'I'm not worth anything. I hate myself, why am I still here?'" Regina told her not quite sure how Emma wouldn't remember something that happened so recent.

Emma looked down at her hands that were in her lap. "Uh, sorry guys, I was just feeling particularly self-loathing apparently," she made up as she went on. "I didn't mean to send it to anyone, it's kind of a way that I blow off steam. I write a message and then I delete it and it's like I'm deleting the thought." She never once looked up from her hands with made Regina suspicious, but Snow and Charming seemed to be buying it.

Snow started to walk towards Emma, "Sweetie you are worth everything. You know that right? We love you so much." She put her hand on the blonde's shoulder.

"Yeah, mom I know." She said kid of shrugging away from her mother's touch. I didn't even write it, why do I have to deal with this. Ugh it isn't fair. Stupid fucking whale. "I should really be getting back to work," with an afterthought she added with a fake smile, "Sorry for worrying you."

"It's alright Emma, as long as you don't feel that way anymore." David answered.

"Nope. It's like it wasn't even me who wrote the message." Emma said with a sarcastic laugh which made Regina narrow her eyes.

"Right, well your father and I were about to take Neal to the park. Call us if you need anything."

Emma nodded.

Regina didn't know what was going on but she knew that what Emma told them wasn't the truth and she was going to find out what the truth is. She walked over to the chair across from Emma and sat down which made the blonde woman look at her strangely.

"Did you need something else, Regina?"

"No." she stated simply and when Emma didn't say anything she added, "Just waiting for the truth."

"What do you mean?" Emma said with a straight face.

"Emma, that whole story you told me and your parents was a bunch of bullshit."

"You don't know me, back off." Emma snapped which made Regina's eyes widen.

"That was supposed to make me believe you are okay, dear?" Regina laughed without humor.

"I'm fine Regina." She got up and walked over to a filing cabinet to get some papers to work on. When she got back to the desk she realized she never finished eating her lunch. So she grabbed it and tossed it in the trash.

"Why did you throw that away? Aren't you still hungry you barely ate any of that?"

Emma plopped down into her chair and slid closer to her desk, "It seems I have lost my appetite."

"You are always hungry Emma." She stated looking at Emma, "What is going on?"

Emma leans back in her chair, "I didn't send the message."

"What?" Regina said thinking she must have misheard her.

"I didn't send the message." She said slowly and annunciating every word.

"Then who did and why?"

"Doesn't matter." Emma started to work on a form.

"Like hell it doesn't matter," Regina grabs the pen out of Emma's hand.

"Regina what the hell! I was writing!"

"Who. Took. Your. Phone. And sent that horrible message?"

Emma stood up so she could reach another pen that she had on the far end of her desk then sat back down and started to write again. That is until Regina grabbed that one out of her hand as well. "It doesn't matter, I am handling it. Can I have my pen back now?"

"You're handling it? As in it's still happening? What is going on!" Regina was frustrated that she didn't see Emma was being harassed.

"Regina, it's not a big deal. Be like Elsa and let it go." Emma smirked at her own horrible joke hoping it would lighten the mood.

"Really dear? If you think some stupid pun will make me forget what we were talking about, you were wrong." Regina said as she squinted her eyes at Emma

"It was worth a shot," she said sheepishly.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"Tell you what? That someone is being mean to me?" Emma said in a sarcastic tone, "Come on Regina, if I came to you every time someone was mean to me you would never be by yourself. I am a big girl I can handle myself."

"We are friends Emma. I could have helped you or at least you could have told me so that you had someone to talk to."

"It's really not that big of a deal I promise." She smiled at her friend, "I have dealt with people like this all my life, and I'm used to it."

Regina was shocked, "you're used to it."

"Uh, yeah." She said like it was the most normal thing to say.

"You know that isn't normal right?" when Emma shifted in her seat but didn't say anything she added on, "Emma you know this, right?"

Emma just couldn't shrugged, "Ye-yeah I know."

Regina's eyes went to murder for whoever was being an asshole to Emma, "That wasn't very convincing."

"I know it's not normal." Emma said slowly, "But it kind of is for me," she added scared to look up at her friend and see agreement from Regina that she should be harassed.

"I'm going to kill whoever it is."

Emma looked up in shock not expecting such anger to lace her friend's voice. "Reg-"

"Who has been bothering you?"

"I'm not going to tell you. You're way to angry, calm down."

"I'm too angry?" Regina scoffed. "I have not even begun to be angry. Who is it Emma?"

"It's not that big of a deal. They just- they just say things to me. I can handle it on my own."

"Emma, tell me."

"NO. Gods Regina listen to me! I said no! I don't need your help." She stood up and as she did her chair flew backwards. "Thank you for caring but I can handle it. I don't need my best friend to get involved."

Regina softened at the fact that Emma thinks of her as her best friend. It made her feel all warm and fuzzy. Then she remembered what was going on. "Em-ma," she said desperately. "I just want to help. You should have to deal with some- some DOUCHEBAG on your own."

Despite trying to hold it in Emma laughed, "I'm so sorry I don't mean to laugh at such a bad time, but you-" she was having trouble finishing her sentence because she's laughing. "You just called someone a douchebag. I've never heard you say that word."

Regina's confused face at Emma laughing turned in to an unimpressed look.

"Sorry," she said catching her breathe. "Sorry, okay. I have dealt with so many on my own before. It will be okay. I usually just ignore them until they get bored and trust me most get bored really fast." She walked over to the side of the desk Regina was standing at and leaned back on her desk basically sitting on it.

"Why won't you just tell me? Then it will be over sooner than waiting for the person to stop."

"Because," she said exasperatingly. "I don't need someone so be my savior, I got this."

Regina sat down and said sadly, "You are allowed to ask for help Emma."

Emma sat in the chair next to her, "I know." She looked around the room for a minute thinking, "Hey, I tell you what if he doesn't stop I will let you know and you can help me, okay?"

Regina looked over to the blonde, "Alright, but the moment you feel you can't handle it on your own you better tell me. I don't care what I'm doing I will come." She sat back in her chair after Emma nods in agreement, "Oh and at least I know it's a man."

Emma furrowed her brow, "How-"

"You said he instead of they."

Realization dawned on Emma's face, "Oh. You know this doesn't mean every guy I am talking to is the one harassing me right?"

Regina giggled tiredly, "Yes Miss Swan I know."

"Okay good."

After their conversation was over they sat in compatible silence for a while. Regina was the first to notice that they weren't doing anything and she stood up and said she had to go check on Henry. Before she left though she asked Emma if she wanted to go to Granny's with her and Henry tonight for dinner around 6 to which she of course accepted. Then Regina left and Emma went back to doing her paperwork without her pens being stolen.

A few hours later almost time to go meet Regina and Henry for dinner, Emma was walking around the station sorting everything out when she heard someone enter the station. She assumed it was either her dad or August since he likes to come visit her on occasion. Unfortunately it wasn't either, it was Victor.

"What do you want? I am busy." Emma said.

He started walking towards her but she didn't notice because she continued on looking through filing cabinets for certain papers. When whale didn't answer her she turned to look where he was standing only to find him so much closer than she is comfortable with. She jumped back some to put a distance between them. "What the hell, back off." She said but her voice was a little shaky.

"Oh, don't tell me you are scared." He laughed, "The savior, scared. What a twist."

Emma was feeling extremely uncomfortable, she felt like she was back in one of the bad foster homes where the dads definitely didn't see her as a daughter and saw her more as a toy.

"I-I'm not scared." Her voice betrayed her words.

He mocked her, "I-I-I I'm not scared." He laughed, "Real convincing there babe."

Emma cringed. This isn't happening. This isn't happening. Every time whale stepped towards her Emma stepped back unconsciously.

"What," he said reaching out to touch her face. "You don't have anything to say to me now?"

Usually she would have some snarky comment and be able to push him away but she is frozen with what to do. This hasn't happened to her since foster care and it is bringing back horrible memories. "I-I-"

"You what? Spit it out! God you're so pathetic."

Emma kept stepping backwards not realizing she was backing herself into a corner with no escape. That's when she hit the bars. Shit.

"Back off whale." She said quietly.

"I'm sorry I couldn't hear you. You were speaking like a mouse." He said as he got closer and closer to Emma. Once he stood right in front of her he finally reached out and touched Emma's face.

Emma turned her head trying to move away from him, but he grabbed her arm with the hand he wasn't using to touch her face and pushed her hard against the bars. She let out a pained noise. What do I do. What do I do. Please someone walk in. please. This can't happen again.

"Please stop." Emma all but begged. "Please leave me alone."

"Why would I do that when we are having so much fun." He said with a smirk inches away from her face.

Emma was trying her hardest not to be close to him. If she could she would have melted through the bars just to get away. Emma whimpered in fear. "Stop it."

"I know you want this." He trails his hand down the terrified blondes face. "You are so beautiful. I'm so lucky to be touching you." His hand is on her neck now and slowly getting lower and lower.

Emma fights against his hold but she isn't strong enough right now. I can't stop this. Why does this always happen to me. She is panicking, "Get the fuck off me." she tries to push him off but that seemed to piss him off and he punched her in the stomach then slammed her against the bars. She cried out in pain.

"That's what you get bitch. Everything I am giving you, you deserve. You did this to yourself you slut." With every word he jammed her harder in the bars. He started to move one of his hands down her body and she looked up at the ceiling trying to stop herself from crying. He doesn't get to see me cry. He grabbed her ass with one hand and squeezed. Emma cried out for him to stop but he just slid his hand up under her shirt not caring that Emma was trying her best to get him off.

"You like that don't you." He said into her ear and she felt like throwing up.

"No, fuck you." She pushed against him again but he pushed back harder smashing her between the bars and his body, "Get off me you sick fuck!" she cried out.

He let go of her body with his hands using his body to hold her still against the bars he slid his hands back up her body stopping at her breasts for a second. She finally let tears fall as she tried to imagine that she was anywhere but where she was. Soon I will be at dinner with Regina and Henry. My family. I love my family.

His hands moved up more to her face. He made her turn her head to face him, "Look at me you bitch," He growled at her. When she wouldn't move her eyes to look at him, he slammed her head against the bars. She got a little dazed from it, the pain shocked her. "I said look at me."

She didn't have a choice so she did, and when she did he started kissing her. She wanted to throw up, he was trying to shove his tongue down her throat but she kept trying to block it. He moaned into her mouth and she cried. Hitting him in the chest and pushing at him to move wasn't working, she had no idea how she was going to get out of this.

Someone walked into the front station doors and they both heard the front door open. Emma's first thought was thank god. He must have heard the door too because he froze and Emma took the opportunity to push him off and kick him in the nuts.

"Emma Ms. Goose said she tried calling yo-" belle started but was interrupted but Emma running right pass her and out of the station. Victor was standing by the cells holding his crotch.

"What the hell?" that's all belle said before leaving the station after Emma but she didn't see her when she stepped outside.

Emma ran until she found an alley to stop in and get herself under control. "Ow, fuck." Her whole back was on fire and so was her head. She slid down the wall to sit with her head in her hands. What the fuck. I made it, he didn't finish it. Emma cried an agonizing cry. "I escaped." She said in shock. "He didn't get all the way." Hugging herself she let herself cry sitting in this alley for about 45 minutes.

She looked at her phone to see that it was 5:45. She needed to be at the diner by 6. Emma stood up slowly because of the pain and then paced back and forth talking to herself, "I need to calm down. It's okay Emma, just calm down. Regina and Henry are probably waiting for you. Pull yourself together." She ran her hands under her eyes to fix her makeup, ran her fingers through her hair, and then she straightened out her clothes. Using her phone camera to make sure her makeup wasn't smeared and that it didn't look like she was crying, she plastered a fake smile at the screen to see if she would believe herself. She didn't but what could she do, there weren't many choices.

Once calmed down she walked to Granny's and once she entered the building she spotted them. Seeing them made everything a little better. Walking towards them Henry spotted her and smiled which caused Regina to turn around and see Emma.

"Hey ma." Henry greeted happily.

"Hey kid."

She forgot to check her voice it sounded rough from crying. Shit.

Regina and Henry both gave her a concerned look. As Emma sat down next to Henry, Regina asked "Are you okay dear?"

"Yeah, fine." She said with a smile, "I am starving though." The blonde tried to cover up with even though she couldn't eat if it was forced down her throat.

"Okay," Regina said not believing a word she says. "Let us order then."

"Mom can I get a burger and fries like Emma does? I'm 16 I need fatty foods." He said with a smile not realizing his mother still looking concerned at his other mom.

"Yeah sweetie that's fine." She replied making Henry look at her in shock, but he didn't dare question it.

Emma was looking anywhere but at Regina. She couldn't do it she felt disgusting and Regina was really good at reading her. She needed to clean herself off at least somewhat. "I need to go to the bathroom can you guys order for me?"

"Yeah," Henry said while his mother nodded. "What do you want?"

"Uh, I don't care. Surprise me." Emma answered as she got up and went to the bathroom.

Entering the bathroom she basically ran to the sink and turned on the hot water. Putting soap all up and down her arms on her mouth, she scrubbed hard. Finding one of those Dixie cup suspenders she grabbed a cup and put hot water in her mouth swishing it around and then spitting it out. Rinsing her arms and mouth off she grabbed a towel and began rubbing furiously at her arms and face trying to make the touch go away. She didn't feel any cleaner but she couldn't stay in the bathroom any longer without Regina getting suspicious.

She walked back to the table just as Ruby was leaving to go put their orders in. Sitting down gently she looked up to see Regina and Henry staring at her arms. "What?" she asked.

"Why are your arms so red?" henry asked innocently and Regina just starred.

Emma grabbed her jacket that she left out here and put it back on. "Bad reaction to the soap." Which seemed to quench Henry's curiosity but only made Regina more suspicious.

Henry talked about his day and everything going on while Emma listened, not realizing that Regina was basically staring her down trying to read her.

"Here is your food, guys!" Ruby stated happily, "Henry's burger and fries, Emma's grilled cheese and onion rings, and Regina's chicken salad. Call me over if you need anything."

Henry dug into his food so fast you would think he hasn't eaten in a year. Regina regally organized everything the way she likes it while dressing her salad. Emma just stared at her food, the smell is making her want to throw up. She just didn't hungry but if she doesn't eat they will know that something is wrong. She starts to play with the idea of eating an onion ring, twirling it on her plate.

"Miss Swan, food is meant to be eaten not played with." She said teasingly hoping it will get a smile out of Emma.

Emma's eyes widened for a moment and then she apologized, "I'm sorry." She forced herself to put the onion ring in her mouth and chewed with a grimace.

Regina sat back in her chair and looked at Emma, she was making it look painful to eat. "You're eating an onion ring not a razor blade Emma. It shouldn't look so painful." Emma continued to eat it. "Oh for goodness sakes Emma stop eating now."

Emma looked at her and stopped chewing.

"Are you okay Ma?" henry was looking at her with so much concern when she turned her head to look at him.

She smiled closed mouth with food still in her mouth and nodded.

Regina shook her head confused with what might have happened between her visit and dinner.

The little bell on the Diner door dinged, "Emma there you are." Belle said out of breathe like she was running all around town looking for her.

Emma furrowed her brow and swallowed the disgusting food before remembering that Belle had saved her. The blonde's eyes went big as she stared at Belle who was the image of concern and worry.

"Hey Belle." She said slowly, hoping the bookworm wouldn't mention anything about what happened.

"I was looking all over for you." She walked up to the table. Regina was looking between Belle and Emma with confusion. "Are you okay?"

"Why wouldn't she be okay?" Regina butted in looking at Emma with concern only to find Emma looking like she was about to run.

"I went to the station to see why no one was answering the phone because Ms. Goose was worried about something and wasn't getting her call picked up. I was headed in that direction anyways and when I got there-" she stopped looking over to Emma who was subtly shaking her head no.

"When you got there what?" Regina said sitting up and looking at Belle who in turn was looking at Emma.

"Uh," she started but Emma gave her a pleading look not to continue. When she looked over to Regina she was giving the same look but for her to continue. Not knowing which persons pleas to listen to she just stood there.

"What happened at the station Ma?" All three heads snapped to Henry.

"Nothing." Emma answered fast, "I'm fine. Nothing happened."

"It didn't look like nothing," Belle said concerned and got a death glare from Emma.

"Miss Swan." Regina said in her no nonsense voice which made Emma's head swivel to her with puppy dog eyes telling her not to push the subject. Regina didn't care though she needed to know, "What happened at the station Emma."

Emma couldn't believe this was happening. She wishes she could be anywhere but here now. Henry is sitting right next to her, how will it make him feel that his own mother couldn't protect herself. "Whale-" she couldn't do this. Belle reached over to put her hand on Emma's shoulder to comfort her but it did the exact opposite. Emma flinched so hard in the other direction she almost knocked into henry, who backed up some to give his mom more room.

Regina's eyes widened bigger than she thought possible in realization as to what happened but hopes didn't happen for Emma's sake.

Emma was now sitting in the booth filled with anxiety. She flinched slightly at every move that Regina and Bella made. Henry was staring at her in concern wondering if she knew she was squeezing his hand so hard it was changing colors. Did she even know she grabbed his hand? He didn't know but if it was giving her some comfort he wasn't going to pull it away no matter how hard she squeezed.

"He didn't." Regina said pure anger in her voice and tears threatening to leave her eyes.

Belle had questioned whether or not that was what was happening but she also was hoping for a different explanation. Emma closed her eyes tightly.

"Mom, what's going on?" he asked Regina in his scared voice which made her calm down enough to talk to him.

"Henry, I need to talk to Emma. Can you go over to your grandparents or to hang out with Violet?"

"But Ma-" he started but regina interrupted.

"Henry please your mother will be okay."

"No I was going to say that she is holding onto my hand, I can't go." He said annoyed at Regina and not wanting to make his other mother let go of him. Emma heard his words and looked down at his hand.

"I'm sorry henry!" she said with wide eyes, "I didn't know I was squeezing your hand so tight are you okay?"

"It's okay. Was it helping?" henry said with a sad smile.

Emma nods reluctantly.

"Then I am happy to help." Emma let go of his hand fully so he could leave. He crawled over the table to get out without forcing Emma to stand up. "Bye ma. I love you."

"Love you too kid."

Emma scooted all the way against the window then to get far away from the two women watching her.

"Emma, look at me." Regina said sweetly.

She took a minute but eventually she looked up at her.

"Did he do what I think he did?"

Emma flinched at the memory and that's all Regina needed to go hunt down the bastard and kill him but Emma spoke before she could.

"If Belle-" she started but choked on her words. "If Belle hadn't shown up when she did. He would have gone all the way, but-but she did and I-" she stopped again trying to control her emotions. "I ran out of there as fast as I could."

"I tried to come after you but you were long gone when I left the building," Belle said sadly.

Regina stared at Emma seeing how strong she is. She stood up and went around to the side of the booth the blonde was on and asked, "Emma can I sit next to you?" when she didn't answer the brunette added, "Please." In such a broken voice that no one has ever heard leave the mayors mouth before.

Emma nodded slowly and Regina sat down.

Ruby must have seen that something was going on because she closed down the diner and told people to leave so that they could have their privacy. Wishing she could go over there and comfort her friend was pushed down when she saw Regina was there. Belle sat at a different booth to give them privacy but still be there if either one needed her, when Ruby came and sat next to her and held her hand for comfort.

Regina was looking at Emma who was leaning her back against the wall and leaning her head against the back of the booth. "Emma," she said in a quiet caring voice. "I am so sorry."

Once she heard Regina say those words she lost control of her tears. They started to stream down her face and Emma tried to hid her face with her hands resting on her knees, but Regina scooted towards her and gently smoothed over Emma's arm to bring her comfort, "I am so sorry." She repeated as she slowly took Emma's hands away from her face to look her directly in the eyes. "I am so deeply sorry," Emma looked at her in such pain and it broke Regina. A single tear from each eye escaped as she looked at Emma thinking how unfair the blonde's life is. Regina was being very careful not to make any sudden moves as to not scare Emma or make her flinch. She rubbed her arms to let Emma know she isn't alone and that she isn't going anywhere.

When Emma finally spoke it was so broken and filled with sadness, "Why did it have to happen to me again?"

Regina's head leaned against the seat of the booth as well and she just looked at Emma with utter sadness, not knowing how to answer the horrible question the blonde had just asked.

"I'm so sorry, Emma." She stated again and gently grabbed Emma's hand and started drawing circles on her knuckles. "You didn't deserve this to happen to you."

Emma cried harder from those words because when it was happening she remembers whale telling her that she did deserve it. That she did want it, but Regina was letting her know that she knew Emma didn't and it helped. "I didn't want it, Gina." Emma held onto the brunette's hand, "I didn't. I tried really hard to get away, it was so hard," she cried hysterically. "He kept sl-slamming me into the bars. I tried to leave! He was so much stronger than me."

Regina looked at Emma trying to explain to her that she didn't want this to happen to her as if she would assume she did want it. She hurt for Emma, for all she had to go through. "Emma, darling. I know. I'm so sorry." Regina wanted so badly to just hug Emma and never let go but she knows not to force her into any type of contact. "Tell me what you need Emma, and I will make it happen."

Emma looked into Regina's eyes and could see that she meant every word.

"Can-Can you just," Emma started but started having too many thoughts in her head about Regina not wanting to be there for her.

"Emma, look at me, can I what?" Regina said noticing that Emma went off in her head somewhere, "Just tell me I will do anything you need."

Emma's eyes started to water again with a new flood of emotions, "Can you just stay with me?" she choked out, "don't leave, okay?"

Regina's heart ached, "Of course. I will stay as long as you need me." Emma barely had the sentence out of her mouth before Regina answered. She never had to think about it not even for a second.

In the other booth Belle and Ruby heard the whole conversation and it broke their hearts to hear Emma so upset and unsure about everything.

Regina's heart broke to see Emma this way. She wished there was a way she could take all the pain away. She was brought out of her thoughts when Emma started to move and she saw her wince in pain. "Emma are you okay? Does something hurt?"

Emma tried to play it off because she knows that Regina is already worried enough, "I just sat in that position to long." She said in a tired voice.

"Let me see your back Emma."


"Because I saw you grab at it as you sat up, it is obviously hurting you. Please."

Emma was hesitant because she didn't know what it would look like. She knew that it hurt but that doesn't necessarily mean that the pain will show. "Fine," she concedes, "Let me stand up."

Regina scooted out of the booth so fast it was like she was never sitting just so that Emma could get up. "Do you need any help?" she asked while twisting her hands in front of herself not knowing what to do with them.

"No, I'm good." She really didn't need help up but it was really sweet of her to offer. Once she was standing she looked and saw Ruby and Belle sitting in a booth holding hands. "Hey guys."

"Emma." They said at the same time but then belle added on, "Sorry I didn't want to leave you." To which Ruby shook her head in agreement.

"Its okay." She smiled lightly. Then she turned around to look at Regina who looked like she wished she had X-ray vision so she could see through the shirt and not have to wait for Emma to show her. "It, uh, there might not be anything. It just really hurts." She said as if all that mattered is that there are marks not that it hurts.

Regina nodded her head, "okay whenever you are ready."

Emma started to try and lift her shirt so that her back was showing but a sharp pain ripped through her arm and back, "AHH!" Emma whimpered.

"Emma!" Regina stepped forward and helped her stand, "It's okay you don't have to its fine. I just wanted to make sure you were okay, but this hurt you more. I'm sorry." Regina was rambling because she panicked.

"Gina, it's okay. I just can't be the one to lift my shirt." She said shakily.

"May I?" the brunette asked politely which Emma nodded to.

Regina lifted Emma's shirt slowly being extra careful not to hurt her. When she finally lifted it enough to see she let out an audible gasp, "oh emma."

"What? Is there nothing there?" Emma asks assuming Regina thinks she is faking the pain.

"No darling, there are so many bruises and welts." She replied with tears in her voice.

"Regina are you okay?" Emma said trying to turn and see her.

"Shouldn't I be asking you that?" she said sadly while wiping a tear away that just fell.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to make you cry." She rushed to pull her shirt down.

"You didn't Emma. I am just truly sorry I wasn't there to stop him." Regina looked down.

"We had a plan to meet here. Why would you feel bad for something you had nothing to do with?" Emma asked dumfounded, "I told you," emma paused pulling herself together, "I told you that I could handle him on my own. That I would come to you when I couldn't handle it."

"Yeah, but-" regina started but emma interrupted.

"Did you get a message from me saying that I needed your help?" emma asked seriously.

"No, but-"

"Regina there are no buts. I told you I would tell you if I needed help and I didn't message you so how could you possibly blame yours-"

"Because you were shoved up against a cell trapped by some gross man you couldn't exactly pull out your phone to call for help!" Regina was tired of Emma always trying to make everyone feel better even when she wasn't okay.

Emma went quiet and took a step back and looked at her hands.

"Emma, I'm sorry." She says gently, "You just always try and make others feel better even when sometimes it should be you getting the attention. I didn't mean to yell."

"you are right, I didn't have a way to tell you I needed help, but you also weren't there so there is no point being upset over something you had no say in." a single tear fell down Emma's face. "I got out of the situation, that's all that matters." Emma has always used that as her mantra for life. She made it out that's all that matters. When other people wallow in what happen she tries to push through and make something of herself. She isn't saying that she doesn't mourn what happened, because she definitely does. She just usually never talks about it and just continues with her life.

Regina, Belle and Ruby are all looking at her with concern and love. She loves that they care, really, but now that it's over with there isn't really anything they can do about it.

"Okay, so I'm going to go soak in a bath." Emma says starting to leave.

All three of the other women looked confused but only Regina spoke, "What? You are going?"

"Um, yeah. I really need to," she thought about saying scrub this guy off me but went with, "clean myself."

Regina rushed after her grabbing her hand, "Emma."

"What?" she turned around tiredly.

"Do- can I come with you? I mean to your house not to bathe. I could tend to your back after make sure there won't be any infections where the skin broke."

"Yeah," she smiled. "Thank you that would actually be really helpful." Emma and Regina were about to leave the Diner when Emma seemed to have remembered something and ran back over to Belle and hugged her as hard as she could.

"Oh!" Belle said in shock and then hugged her back.

"Thank you so much for showing up. I don't know what would have- just thank you." Emma said while hiding her face in Belle's neck.

"You're welcome Emma. I just wish I would have gotten there sooner."

Regina and Ruby watched the seen in awe both full of emotion.

Then Emma let go and walked back towards the door, "Hey guys, can we keep this between us. My mom and dad would freak out if they found out."

"Emma you aren't going to tell anyone?" Regina asked in shock. Emma looked at Regina when she spoke but all but ignored her with a reply.

"Promise me all of you." She said seriously.

"Okay, I promise." Ruby said first.

"You have my word," Belle said sadly.

When Regina didn't say anything, "Regina?"

"I-" Regina was conflicted because if she promised this she doesn't know if Emma will ever tell anyone about it but then again it would have to be her decision in the end. "I promise." She finally said with the slump of her shoulders. With that Emma walked out of the diner and started towards her house with Regina.

Once in her house she dropped her keys on a little table by the door, took off her boots and walked into the kitchen to get a beer.

"Would you like anything?" Emma asks, "I have water, coffee, beer, juice, wine?"

She would prefer to have wine but wanted to make it easier on Emma, "I'll have what you have."

"Really?" the blonde asked in disbelief.

"Yes, really. I wouldn't have said so if I didn't mean so." She raised her eyebrow.

"Okay then." She gives Regina the one in her hand and then goes to grab another one. Not even thinking of the fact that she already took a sip out of the one she handed Regina until she already did it. "Oops sorry I drank out of that one, you can have this one." She tried to hand her the new one, but the brunette just took a sip out of the one Emma had already gave her.

"I'm sure I can survive Emma cooties." She said with a smirk.

"Alrighty then." Emma giggled and bent over to grab a coaster that fell onto the floor. In doing so her back stung with pain and she shot straight going pale in the face. Regina noticed and stood to rush over to her side.

"Emma, are you okay?"

"I totally forgot about everything that happened for a minute." Emma admitted quietly to herself but Regina heard.

"I'm so sorry, why don't we go sit in the living room?" Regina offers.

"I really need to go shower." Emma said feeling disgusted with the images flying through her head.

"Do you need any help getting there or anything?"

"No I'm good. Thank you though. Make yourself at home while I'm in there. I know you didn't get to eat much, I have stuff in the fridge make anything you like." She says as she is walking up the stairs.

Regina just stands there watching her go wishing there was something she could do to make it better. Ten minutes later she is looking around the living room, tidying up anything she sees just to keep herself busy. That's when she hears what she thinks is her name but it is so quiet she isn't sure.

"Emma?" she called as she walked up the stairs, "did you call me?"

She took a moment to answer but then she heard clearly, "Yeah."

"What is it? How can I help?" Regina says through the door until it opens.

Regina was shocked to see Emma still in her clothes, "I can't get out of them without stupid fucking pain." Regina could see the frustration in her eyes.

"Can I help?"'

Emma shrugs and then moves out of the doorway do Regina could walk in, "If you want to."

"Of course I want to help you, Emma." She touches her arm, "Okay here. Let's start with your shirt." She doesn't want her to feel any pain so she goes slowly and gently. "Can you put your arms up or does that hurt?"

"No I can do that." So she does.

"Okay I am going to pull the shirt up over your head."

Emma nodded in agreement but she looked upset over something.

After her shirt was off, Emma used her arms to cover herself like she was hurting.

"Did that hurt?" Regina asked sheepishly, "I'm sorry."

"No it didn't hurt." Emma wouldn't make eye contact with her.

"Do you need help with your pants as well?"

Annoyed with herself that she couldn't do this herself she released an angry sigh, "Yeah."

Regina didn't know if she did something wrong but she just tried to focus on helping Emma get out of her clothes without hurting her. She started unbuttoning her pants and pulling them down and off of her. Emma still wouldn't look at her, so as Emma was holding on to Regina's shoulders as she stepped out of her jeans Regina asked what was wrong.

"Emma, why won't you look at me?" she asked sadly.

Emma didn't answer she just held herself and stood there.

"I'm sorry if I did something. I was just trying to help."

"I know." Emma said quietly.

"Why won't you look at me when you talk Emma?" Regina was concerned and annoyed with herself for not knowing what she did.

"Because!" Emma yelled which shocked Regina a little bit.

"Because what Emma?" she asked confused.

"I don't want you to see me like this! All bruised and broken! It's not fair!" Emma shouted with tears in her eyes. She hated that she wanted to tell Regina how she felt so that she understood.

"Emma," Regina said softly. "I don't mind helping you."

Emma lets out a breath as if Regina isn't understanding anything that she is saying. "You don't get it! I didn't want-" Emma stopped herself because she almost told her.

"Emma you obviously have something else to say, so just say it." She was annoyed and angry that Emma didn't want her help. Just from her. It hurt. She thought they were close.

"I didn't want the first time you see my body to be like this." She stated not looking at Regina at all. "I wanted- it doesn't matter what I want because this is how it turned out. Now you are probably repulsed by me and won't ever want to see me ever again and I completely understand."

Regina was shocked speechless. No words were coming to her brain other than, Emma wanted me to see her body. She doesn't want me to think of her as gross.

Emma was getting nervous, Regina hasn't spoken for a few minutes after what she said. When Emma gets nervous she shuts down and gets mean. "Can you get out now." She didn't ask it as a question more of a demand. Regina didn't hear her she was too busy thinking of what Emma had said to her. "Get out." Emma stated again and walked towards the shower.

Regina shook out of her train of thought, "Wait Emma-"

"I need to shower, get out." She wouldn't look at her again.

Damn it. Regina thinks. "Emma I didn't mean to zone out just wait a minute." She said sternly which made Emma stiffen.


"You wanted me to see you?"

"What?" she asked confused.

"You said you didn't want me to see you like this the first time. Meaning you did want me to see you just not with bruises?" she smirked a little even though Emma wasn't looking.

Emma started messing with the water temperature to get it right, "I don't know what you are talking about."

"Yes you do. Don't play dumb, it doesn't suit you."

Emma didn't respond so she continued, "I will never, not ever, be repulsed by you. You will always be gorgeous to me Emma Swan."

"Stop it, don't do that. Don't just say those things to make me feel better right now. It's cruel." She shook her head.

"Have I ever lied to you before Emma?" she said sweetly.

"Not that I could think of right now." Emma said quietly.

"Then why would I start now?" she was leaning against the wall waiting for Emma to finally turn around and look her in the eyes to know she isn't lying, "Look at me and you will know for sure."

"What if I look and I see that you are lying?" a moment of silence.

"Then you will know for sure."

Emma turned around slowly not looking up until she was turn all the way towards the brunette.

"Emma, you are the most gorgeous person to me, inside and out. Bruises won't change that ever. I would be honored if you ever let me see you again." She smiled brightly at Emma.

The blonde's eyes started to water, "You really mean that?"

"Of course I do." She stated matter of factly. "Now, did you need any more help or should I leave you to shower?"

"I'm okay now. Stay here though. Don't go home." Emma didn't want to be alone in her house tonight knowing what the night held for her.

"I am not leaving your side, until you wish me away."

THE END- unless requested to continue. Thankyou for READINGGGG! Xoxo!