Emma entered the station and just stared at the whole room, the last time she was in here she was being- well you know. She takes a deep breath and walks into her office, everything seemed so different now, and it almost felt as though this one place where she always felt safe was ripped from her. She sits down at her desk and scoots herself closer to the table part, there was a stack of files sitting there waiting for her to fill out and then send to the mayor's office. God, I was such a bitch to her, I basically told her that she gave me a panic attack and left the house. I didn't even try to eat any of her food she made me.

"Good morning!" David calls out as he walks into the station, Emma jumps not having expected anyone since it was only supposed to be her. Her dad looks at her a little guiltily for scaring her, "Sorry Em, I didn't mean to startle you."

Emma internally screams, partially at David for scaring her and partially at Regina for calling her fucking dad. "It's okay, I just wasn't expecting anyone else in the station yet." She can't very well tell him to leave though so she is just going to go with the flow of the day. Emma pulls out her phone and types a message out to the woman who just made her day even more difficult.

Next time when I say not to do something it would be really nice to be listened to.

She puts her phone down and then continues to work on her papers, "David can you be in charge of patrols today. I have a lot of paperwork to get caught up on today."

He looks over at Emma from his desk by the cells, "Yeah no problem but since when do you actually want to do paperwork." He smirks at his daughter with a small laugh as he continues to rearrange his desk to be organized.

"Since I have a pile that won't do itself, I have put it off for long enough." She sighs and signs the bottom of the sheet she just finished before putting it in a new pile of her 'done' works.

"I can help if you want," He offers before pausing to give Emma his full attention.

"No it's okay, you did all the ones I gave you for this week. You don't have to suffer for me waiting until the last minute." She gives him a tight smile hoping he would just drop it, apparently that was too much to ask for.

"I wouldn't mind Emma." He says softly trying to get her to realize that he really wouldn't

She stops working and looks up at her dad, "just drop it, David, I said I would do it. I don't need your help." His eyes widened at her suddenly snapping at him, he was about to ask her what was wrong but Emma seemed to have realized that she just yelled at him for being nice. "I'm sorry, I am just a little tired. I'm okay, I can get these papers done by myself." She smiled softly at him to make him feel better which caused him to turn and continue doing his work.

Emma hadn't noticed she had gotten a message back from Regina until her phone lit up again to alert her that she had gotten a message 2 minutes ago. She picks up her phone and reads the message.

I didn't want you to be alone, it was either send your dad or I was going to force you to go back home.

You aren't in control of me Regina, I don't know why you seem to think you are. Stay out of my life.

I'm not controlling you, Emma, I am caring about you. You can't just demand me to stay out of your life because I care.

I don't need you looking after me. I can take care of myself.

I don't doubt that you can, but you went through something major the other day. I know your instincts tell you to push me away dear, but it won't work.

I have to get back to work.

I'm going to stop by for lunch since you didn't eat breakfast.

Emma ignored her last message with an eye roll, does she know when she isn't wanted.

Hours pass and Emma stays absorbed in her paperwork that she doesn't even hear Regina come in and sit down.

"Afternoon Emma," Regina says as she crosses her legs while she sits in the chair in front of Emma's desk.

She looks up with a startle and then notices its Regina and sighs, "I thought you'd get the hint that I didn't want company when I didn't respond to your message."

"You thought wrong," the brunette says smugly and then puts a bag on the desk in front of Emma. "I got your favorite."

The blonde tilts her head to the side with a done face, "I told you I'm not hungry."

"Emma you said that this morning, there is no way you aren't hungry now. Before-" she cuts herself off realizing what she was going to say was a little harsh.

"Before what Regina?" She glares at the other woman sitting across from her, "please finish your sentence, I'd love to know what you were going to say." Emma moves the bag to the side and starts doing the papers again pretending like the brunette mayor isn't sitting across from her staring at her.

Regina wasn't going to give up though, Emma needed to eat and if that meant she had to threaten to tell then she will- no wait she has a better plan. "Miss Swan, as your boss it has been brought to my attention by a concerned colleague that you have not been eating. If that is the case then I am going to have to suspend you from being the sheriff of this town effective immediately, Mr. Nolan will be in charge now."

Emma stands up angrily, her chair flying back and her eyes are raging. "What the hell Regina! This is bullshit!"

Regina stands up slowly, her demeanor not changing at all during Emma's reaction. She had expected such behavior. "Miss Swan, you cannot speak to your boss that way, either eat your lunch or hand over your badge and gun then go home," she was seeping with authority.

Emma looked like she was about to blow a gasket but she clenches her jaw and sits back down in her chair pulling the bag back in front of her. She takes the grilled cheese out and then the onion rings before starting to eat. David had walked in when Emma flung her chair back in rage, he paused at the entrance of the offices and watched the standoff between the usually friendly pair. When Emma starts to eat he looks at Regina and she looks relieved, almost like that was the most important thing to happen all day which is confusing because Emma loves to eat.

Regina turns to leave, grabbing her bag and walking towards David. "Make sure she finishes the whole thing if she even throws away one onion ring tell me or I will make your life miserable like I used to."

David knew the threat was only because she wanted to make sure that he was taking it seriously, and he didn't doubt for a second that she would do just as she said. He nods his head, "Of course Regina." Then Regina looks back at Emma once more before leaving the station, he's missing something that happened. He doesn't know what but there is definitely something.

Emma pouts as she eats her grilled cheese all the way and then her onion rings when she's done she puts the garbage in the trash and stands up. "I'm going to the bathroom, you're in charge if there is a call."

"You okay?"

"Fine, just answer the phones okay?" She said over her shoulder as she headed to the bathroom. When she gets in there she looks at herself in the mirror and frowns, then she turns on the water and washes her hands. She was angry, irrationally angry and she needed to calm down. She turns the water all the way cold and lets it flow for a while so that it's freezing. Testing her hands on it, she found out that it was cold enough and then she cupped her hands getting some water in it and splashed it on her face. It calmed her down so she did it again and again until her face was too cold and she couldn't make herself do it again.