A/N : And here comes the meeting between our two furry friends…

Genre: Romance/Humour/Fluff

Rating: T+

Title:"A cat-and-dog life" a barkseller by Chester Babcock: part 2

"I am Chester Babcock, a pure race Pomeranian with an impressive pedigree. I live with my humans in a tasteful Beverly Hills house. This is my story."

The human – he told me his name was Niles – talked a lot about my future human. I could tell he liked her: he detailed her head fur, her eyes, her jaws, and the way her eyes lit up when she bared her teeth, you know, when she smiled. He told me that she was a big Broadway Producer, although I don't know what that means. Apparently, she works in the "theatre" I think he called it, and she is brilliant. He also said that she could be very mean, but also very sweet. The mean comment made me slightly apprehensive, but he said she would not be mean to me. That was nice. To make a long story short, Niles told me nearly everything he knew about my human. I told you that I could tell he liked her by what he said about her, and how he said it. But I also knew because his face moved so much when he spoke of her, and because his body released pheromones…

When we arrived at the big house, he gave me something to drink, and to munch on. I decided I liked him: he was social, he was nice, and understood my needs. He must have been a dog in another life. And he liked my future human! I knew that humans shared a house – the breeders had – so maybe he lived with her, and we would see each other often! I liked this new friend, after all.

Soon, it was time to meet my human. Niles told me to be quiet, that I was a surprise for her birthday. Apparently, birthdays are very important to humans, they make a lot of fuss about it. I hoped she would be happy when she discovered I was her new friend…

Well, she was surprised. Or shocked, you can't always tell with humans. I think that she expected something else. Another human was there, but Niles had not introduced me to him yet. But he was the one offering me to her… Humans are weird! I thought Niles was the one offering me to her. She recovered quickly, though, and took me in her hands. She tried to nuzzle me, but she was holding me wrong, so I growled. I think she must have been a cat in another life.

Then, Niles made her mad: her eyes were squinty, and her jaws tightened. "Fluffy AND a good judge of character" was what he said. I did not understand. The pheromones he released were even stronger now that they were in the same room, and he was mean? Or maybe that was what humans called "humour". I can't always tell the difference. I'm only canine, after all.

Then, the other female came in, and I was instantly happy. Another one who had been a dog in another life! She was friendly, she was nice, and instantly taken with me, as was just right! After all, I am pure-bred Pomeranian, the offspring of Lillyput and Chamallow! I didn't get to stay with her, though. Too bad. I don't think my human likes me very much… and that's strange. Who could refuse my cuteness? Maybe she thinks I'm not fluffy enough.