A/N : Their first Christmas :) I'm thinking about creating a proper story with my AU snippets, and I decided to follow AllTheSnakes' idea of creating a proper story for this one, too.

Genre: Romance/Humour/Fluff

Rating: K+

Title:"A cat-and-dog life" a barkseller by Chester Babcock: part 4

"I am Chester Babcock, a pure race Pomeranian with an impressive pedigree. I live with my humans in a tasteful Beverly Hills house. This is my story."

I liked my human. She would take great care in dressing me, and making sure that I was well-fed, that I took walks every day, that a good vet was taking care of me, that I slept in my good bed, … she was a good human. Sometimes, my human took me on walks herself. Those were the ones that I preferred. She would dress me, gently put on my coat and my leash. She made sure that I always matched. Only the best for her baby, she said. There were times, that she added "stupid mutt" affectionately. Sure, she could be ridiculous, but I liked her.

We would go to my favourite places. The parlours down the street, the corners where I preferred to do my business, my favourite park – the one I also went with Angelique sometimes. My human would play with me – she says that I'm the best at playing "fetch", you know – and talk. She liked to talk. Sometimes, she was sitting on a bench in the park, holding me in her arms. Sometimes, it was at home. We were sitting on the sofa, me in her arms, and we cuddled. Most of the time, she drank that horrid thing with the burning smell. I did not like it, because it made her sad. She would pet me, and we would cuddle. And she would talk.

Sometimes, it was about her family, but that happened rarely. Usually, it was about her place of work, the "mansion", as she called it. Not her work, though, which was strange for a businesswoman like her, said some of my friends at the park. Sometimes, it was about the strangely pretty dark furred one. Sometimes, it was about my fluffy, furry friend, Fran. She did not like her. It's true that I teased my human with her. I acted like I loved Fran more, but that's just because I saw her saw little. I like my human just fine. I don't think she was jealous though. Or maybe she was then, but not anymore. Now, she knows that I play with Fran, my dog-human friend. What I liked most, was when she talked about Niles. You know, my friend who likes my human like crazy! And I thought that there was something between them, remember?

Anyway, I had wanted to know what was going on between them for a while. I was sure that she liked him too. She talked about him often. VERY often. She got that twinkle in her eye when she told me of his clever prank of the day, or of the great zinger that she used on him that day – that was when she won – or the good one he'd pulled on her – that was when he'd won. And she laughed. It was a good sound. My human did not laugh often, back then. She would tell me what he'd worn that day, getting that small smile and that faraway look, when he'd looked particularly handsome that day. And the pheromones she released… Wowza! – as Fran would say. She liked him too. What I could never understand was why they were not together.

These days, the weather was becoming very cold. Freezing, even. Frost was covering the branches, and the leaves had long since fallen and turned to mush at our feet. She dressed me in red coats with white fur trimmings, white buttons, a little woollen hat… I looked cute and classy. I liked it. But our walks together became less frequent. She had a lot of work, and did not enjoy being out in the dark and in the cold. And she began talking about doing a trip. And to say I had been looking forward to my Christmas presents! I knew it was Christmas: she had explained everything to me about the decorated tree, and the balls, and the tinsels, and the presents. She had also said that Niles and her usually had something together for the holidays. Though, why she would call it "bitter', I'll never know. I was looking forward to it! I wanted to see them together in a relaxed environment! Finally, an occasion to observe a tradition between them! I might have become the first dog-iatrist if I could have seen them.

But the next week, she began to show some disappointment. She was going on a trip with "Maxwell", the pretty one. You know, the idiot who gave me to her for her birthday, when Niles was the one to pick me out. And it was not fun, Niles would not be there for one – I think that was part of the disappointment – and it was for work. From what she said, she had hoped that something would have happened between Maxwell and her a few times, but was always disappointed, and ended up doing all the work. I was disappointed too. I had wanted to spend Christmas with my human, but it was not to be.

The evening that she was supposed to leave, however, she came back during the night. I barked as happily as I had ever done, and we cuddled in front of a curious film called "The Grinch". And she gave me my present before she left the next morning: a new bowl! With MY name on it, C-H-E-S-T-E-R, it said. And it was cuter than the last one! It was pottery made, and with a niiice bone on it. All in all, I liked my first Christmas with my non-demonstrative human who must have been a cat!