Title: What If Hermione Found ?

Author: Me

Disclaimer: See ch. 1

Spoilers: Book four

After Harry and Draco finally got off the enchanted muggle computer and went to try some of the more interesting stories, Hermione was FINALLY able to get on.

/hmmmm, interesting, WOW they've put me with Ron, Harry, Draco, Ginny, Neville, Snape, Cho, and Pansy/ thought Hermione, /lets read some of those. /

| She slowly leaned down to capture Ginny's lips in a hungry passionate kiss, which led to a full on snog.|

/ Well we tried dating and were just more like sisters. Draco and Harry are rather taken, not that I wouldn't have some fun with either if they weren't involved. Ron and I broke up one week after dating realizing that we fought more than we talked. Wonder how him and Lavender are doing? Neville, well let's just say NO, anyway I think that he likes Ginny. Cho never got over Cedrics death, it never would have worked out with us. And though I find Professor Snape yummy, he's my professor and that just goes against my morels. But Pansy, never thought about that./

'Mione,' Ron shouted, 'Are you done yet I want to get on this year. Harry had it for a week, is it going to take you that long as well?"

'No Ron I'm done, you just have to set up an e-mail address so you can use ' Hermion told him.

'What's email?' Ron asked.

'Its electronic mail, muggles us it so that they don't have to send letters every time they want to do something,' she replied.

'How do the letters get sent to a box?'

'They use the Internet to story the information and then send it to the address.'

'Oh, ok will you help me?' he asked.

'Sure, how about W_Chess_Master? Will that work,' Hermione asked.

'Ya, that's wicked' Ron said. She showed him how to find stories on line, how to read them, and how to review them. As well as how to get in and out of . Then she went to find Draco. She found him sitting on Harry's lap in the Griffindor common room, on one of the sofas.

'Draco what can you tell me about Pansy?' hermione asked.

'She's like you sort a, she likes to read and she's good at her studies. We just never worked as a couple. The whole annoying thing was to through people off her good looks because she happens to prefer girls to boys,' Draco replied, 'You could probably find her in the library if you were looking for her,' he added with a slight smirk playing on his lips.

She said quick Thanks over her shoulder on her way out. Not before she heard Harry mutter, 'Probably found a Hermione/Pansy story on line.'

She found Pansy sitting at Hermione's favorite table in the library. She was interestingly enough reading Hogwarts A History.

'And I thought that I was the only one who read that book,' Hermione said aloud hoping that Pansy could hear her.

'Guess not. Can I help you with something Granger, or are you just yaping to hear the sound of your own voice?' Pansy asked with a smirk all her own.

'Just wondering if you were seeing anybody,' Hermione replied. Getting a good look at Pansy for the first time. /she as a rather curvy body. Blonde hair. Good face as well./ Hermione thought.

Before answering, Pansy proceeded to check out Hermione. She noticed that the blonde "know it all" Griffindor had a nice body and a rather beautiful face. 'At the moment no. Why you putting in an application?'

'Maybe, that depends on weather or not your accepting from Griffindors?' Hermione replied.

'I might just make an exception especially for you. I'm not looking for a relationship though,' Pansy told her.

'Hell, I don't have time for a relationship. I just want someone that I can take and give pleasure to. No strings attached,' she replied.

'Sure, why not. I've always wondered what you would look like in leather,' Pansy told her.

'Why don't we go make that wish a reality,' Hermione told her. Trying her best to be innocent, but Griffendors give everything away when you look in their eyes.