Title: What If Severus Snape found ?

Author: Insane Person : S

Rating: PG-15 & ^

Note: Question was posed about the fast pace of the Hermione/Ron break up, My response to that is it only took a week for Hermione to realize that since her and Ron were always looking at other people and not each other, they would probably make better friends. Also I realize that these chapters don't make much sense if any at all, but please keep in mind that I write them that way because they're not supposed to be realistic or truthful, they are supposed to be funny and dumb.

Thank you very much to my beta readers Kara Black and

Wolf-Kin. Check out their stuff, it's really good.

/-/ thoughts

/Bloody kids. Couldn't just leave well enough alone. Had to go and bother with the muggle internet. Bloody Albus with his "Severus I need you to check out this on the internet, wouldn't want the kids getting into trouble." I just had to take that bloody course on the feckin* internet.

What the hell do I need to give you my email for?/ he types in potionsmaster on the sign up page, along with Master of Potions 3 for his username.

/Search for main character Severus Snape, under Harry Potter books. He's even bloody famous in the muggle world; we'll just have to deflate that ego of his in my next class with him, bloody boy that lived to be a pain in my arse.

What kind of person do these people think I am, pairing me with every student I have. I would never interact with a student, present or former. The same goes for my colleagues. I may be a son of a bi*ch, but I do have morals, not to mention standards./ Scrolling though the summaries, he reads to his dismay all the mischief that he and other people get into. Different sexual pairings, bi, gay, straight, even cross dressing. At one point he scream in horror as he read himself paired with 'that mongrel Black' finally settling on reading one about him and Remus Lupin.

/They got that one right. We were together for a while, until Black and Potter had to go and try to kill me. Gryffindors get all the special treatment./ the potions master spent the rest of the day reading and reviewing different fanfictions, laughing as he read the Harry/Draco pairings 'because Draco has more pride than that' or so he thought.

Later that evening he met with Albus to discuss his findings. "I found nothing wrong with that site. It's mostly teenagers and adults letting out their sexual frustration."

"Thank you for looking into that for me Severus, I just didn't have the time to see for myself." Nodding to the headmaster as he left, Severus headed off to the dungeons for some much needed rest.

As he drifted off to sleep, Severus dreamed a dream about a certain person that he handed thought of in a long while. Silently wondering when the next full moon was.

The next morning he woke up very sticky and very aroused. /Bloody feckin internet./

* Feckin= Irish swear word for F*ck, honest!

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