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As the alarm clock in Riley Andersen's room let out a little beep, Riley immediately stopped the clock and woke up with excitement because of a very special day: It was her birthday. Turning 12 years old, becoming a pre-teen...she felt like she was growing up so fast. She rushed out of bed and zoomed to the kitchen only to find her parents looking at her and smiling at her.

"Happy birthday, Monkey!" Bill, Riley's Dad, said happily. He motioned for her to follow him, leading her to a bunch of presents in the living room. Riley gasped with shock, knowing that her parents have never gave her this much presents before. But she didn't worry about that; she got a lot of presents to open and she couldn't wait to see what she got!

Inside Riley's head, there were six presents set up by the console. The three emotions, Anger, Disgust, and Fear, were hiding behind the couch, feeling excited about the surprise they were gonna make for Joy and Sadness. Since these two opposite emotions were born on the exact day Riley was born, it was their birthdays too, or what emotions call, "anniversaries".

As Joy and Sadness went to the living room together, like they always did now, they jumped as they heard a loud "Surprise!" by the three emotions. The two emotions were shocked with what they were seeing, since emotions like Anger, Disgust, or Fear, aren't very cheerful emotions that they wouldn;t even think about planning a party, especially a surprise one.

"Wow! You guys...I can't believe you did this!" Joy said filled with jolly like she always is. "This means so much to us! Thank you!"

"And I thought Joy was the party planner," Sadness said. "But, yeah, thank you. This is cool...I guess."

"Yeah, you're welcome," Disgust replied. "Open these."

There were long presents that were perfectly wrapped by Disgust. They both opened it (although Joy was opening it super quick) and there were white boxes. They opened the white boxes to find beautiful, shiny long dresses inside. Joy's was ice blue, long and felt really smooth. It was like an ice princess dress!

Sadness' was dark blue and it had little jewels in the middle of the dress. It was long-sleeved, sparkly and it looked gorgeous on the blue emotion.

"Wow Disgust! You made these, did you?" Joy asked.

Disgust nodded. "And I knew these would totally suit you," she said triumphantly.

"I like mine..." Sadness said, looking at her beautiful outfit.

Disgust smiled. "I'm glad you do," she said. "I mean, pfft. Why would I make a dress that wouldn't even be your color or size? That's just not me."

Joy and Sadness looked at each other and chuckled (Sadness just let out a weak smile) and thanked Disgust happily, as they began to open the rest of the presents they have received.

Riley, however, was having the time of her life! She has got a new hockey helmet, a new pair of ice skates, a notebook to draw or write in, well-designed clothing, makeup that Riley could start using, some books that Riley could read, and a gift card to a shopping mall that she would enjoy.

"Wow! I love these! Thanks Mom! Thanks Dad!" Riley said merrily.

"Anything to make your birthday a success, sweetheart!" Jill, Riley's Mom, replied.

"And wait! We still have one more special present for you!" Bill said thrillingly.

"Another one? What is going on?!" Anger barked suspiciously.

"Aw, c'mon! It's a present! It's so exciting!" Joy said hopping around.

Riley realized that it was just a box. She opened the box, revealing one of the most precious and amazing presents that Riley could ever have in her life.

"A puppy?!" Riley squealed.

"Yep!" Bill said beaming. "We decided that you needed a little fella to take care of yourself! So here you go! A cute little terrier just for you! What do you want to name it?"

"Hm..." Riley said thoughtfully.

"Ooh! There's so many names to choose from!" Joy said overjoyed.

"Oh and it'll have to be a girl name," Bill added.

"A girl name!" Joy jumped. "Hmm...Abby? Nellie? Cassie? Nia? Annie? Stella-"

"All lame names," Disgust interrupted.

"Gracie? Ginger? Daisy? Coco? Jasmine-"

"Would you shut your mouth already?" Anger said annoyed.

"Um...how about Penny?" Sadness randomly asked.

The four emotions looked at her making the blue emotion blush.

"Um, I was just making a suggestion-"

"Actually," Disgust interrupted. "I like that name. It's cool for a terrier."

"I gotta admit that I agree," Anger muttered.

"Yeah," Fear said putting a thumbs-up. "I like it."

"Cool! Penny it is!" Joy said excitedly. She pressed a button on the console and Riley's eyes widened with her name idea.

"How about Penny?" Riley suggested.

"Any name you want!" Bill said joyously.

"It is a cute name, though!" Jill said delighted. "Great idea, Riley!"

Riley smiled lightheartedly.

"Nice work, Sadness!" Joy congratulated to the blue emotion.

Sadness smiled delicately. "Oh...thank you," she said pleasingly.


Ever since Riley ran away from home, she has been having trouble with making friends. She tried to sit with some students but she felt too shy. It was hard for Joy to do her job because she's having the feeling of shyness too. She didn't know why, but she felt nervous about what people would think of her girl. She has never felt like this before but she was certain it was because of the emotional adventure at the Mind World and what she has been doing wrong her whole life.

Riley, a lonely ghost, was entering the school grounds when she was suddenly bumped by someone. Not the type of bump that makes someone fall to the ground; the type of bump that causes her to drop something. She thought it was a boy at first playing around with her but it ended up being a frantic girl picking up Riley's stuff for her.

"Sorry about that," the girl said. She handed Riley her book, which she dropped, and as Riley took the book, she was shocked with how young the girl looked.

But she didn't worry about that. "It's okay," she said politely. "I wasn't watching where I was going. I'm new here so this school still needs time to get used to." She chuckled.

"Oh...you're new here?" the girl asked.

"Yeah," Riley replied. "I'm Riley Andersen and I'm from Eden Prairie, Minnesota."

"Oh my, you traveled far, did you?" the girl said feeling surprised.

"Yeah, in a freaking station wagon," Riley said rolling her eyes playfully.

"I know the feeling of moving," the girl said. "It takes time to get used to your new home and everything."

"Yeah, it was pretty hard for me for the first couple of days," Riley said. "What's your name, anyway?"

"Catherine," the girl introduced. "Catherine Martin."

"Wow, Catherine? What a pretty name!" Riley complimented. "I sometimes thought my name was for kids."

"I like your name," Catherine smiled. "It's cute."

Riley smiled at her, when the bell started to ring. Students started rushing inside the school to get to their classes. It was like a stampede!

"What class do you have first?" Catherine asked as the walked inside the school.

"History," Riley answered.

"Oh, I have math," Catherine said. "What do you have after that?"

"Computer class," Riley said.

"After that?"

"Math but I have lunch before."

"After that?" Catherine looked worried.

"Language Arts."

Catherine sighed. "I got nothing with you on these classes," she said. "What do you have fifth period?"


"After that?"


"Please tell me." She had a begging face which made Riley feel bad.

Riley sighed. "Science with lunch at the end.

"After that?"

Riley started to feel annoyed. "Biology."

"After that?" Riley could tell that Catherine was super duper nervous.

"Gym," Riley replied.

Catherine gasped. "YES! Thank God!"


"We have gym together!"

"Oh really?" Riley started to feel better.

"Yes! But it sucks that it's not until eighth period. I wish we had more classes together."

Riley just nodded in response.

"That Catherine woman drives me insane," Disgust said in dismay.

"That's sad," Sadness whimpered from the corner.

"Aw, c'mon guys! She's our first friend here! We should be lucky that we met someone as cool as her!" Joy said blissfully.

"Whatever," Disgust said rolling her eyes.

"Well, see you soon!" Catherine called as she headed the other way.

"Bye!" Riley called back rushing to history.


After two hours of boredom, Riley bought her school lunch (which she really wasn't a big fan of but eats the food anyway), she tries to find somewhere to sit. She was gonna go sit on the bench once again when she heard someone call her name.

"Riley!" It was Catherine, standing up and waving at her. Riley grinned and sat by her. There was a boy sitting across from her.

"Riley, this is Caden, my twin brother," Catherine said pointing to the boy. "And Caden, this is Riley, a friend of mine."

"Hi," Caden said. He had a deep manly voice.

"Hi," Riley replied awkwardly. They just stared at each other for a moment until Caden looked down and started to eat his food.

The weird thing about the siblings was that Catherine looked so young like a third grader and Caden looked like a teenager, even if he's only in sixth grade, like Riley. Catherine had straight hair and Caden had curly and bushy hair.

"Be right back, I'm gonna buy some ice cream," Caden said leaving the table.

"Wait-" Catherine called to him but he already left. Now Catherine looked nervous.

"What's wrong?" Riley asked.

"Oh, it's no-"

"Well, well, well," said a girly voice from behind. "If it isn't Catty!"

"Go away," Catherine muttered. Three girls - who seemed to be bullies of Catherine's - were smirking at her, making Catherine more scared.

"What's the matter, scaredy-Catty?" another girl teased. "Is wittle Catty gonna start cwying?"

"Leave me alone!" Catherine shouted. Some people from the nearest lunch tables started watching them.

"Ooh, I wonder what Catty has for lunch today," the first girl said snatching Catherine's food.

"Hey!" Catherine screamed.

"Eww, what is that?" the second girl gagged spilling the fried beans that Catherine had onto the girls.

"No!" Catherine cried.

The first girl smirked and smashed the rest of the food onto the ground. "I hope you enjoy starving yourself, Catty!" She elbowed her.

"Hey!" Riley shouted. "Leave her alone!"

"Huh, I wonder how blonde here ended up hanging out with Catty," the second girl said. "But I'm telling you blonde, you better watch with who you're with right now." The second girl elbowed Catherine harder. The third girl, on the other hand, has never even said anything to her or did anything physical to her. She was just looking at her with her hands on her hips. It made Riley feel curious.

"Later Catty," the first girl said flicking Catherine on the back of her head and left, with the second and third girl following her.

Riley suddenly heard sobbing from Catherine as Caden came back to the table with a two-layered ince cream.

"Catherine? What's wrong?" Caden asked, concerned.

"Did you have to leave again?" Catherine muttered angrily at her brother.

Caden gasped. "Did Jeanette, Stacey and Denise bully you again?!" he asked.

Catherine nodded, looking down.

Caden groaned and smacked his face. "I keep forgetting to take you with me!" He smacked his face again.

"Now I have no food for today and the back of my head hurts," Catherine sobbed.

Caden rushed over to his sister and patted her on the back. "Sorry about that," he said to her.

"It's fine," Catherine mumbled back.

"Ugh, I feel so helpless," Riley said. "I should've stood up for you a lot quicker."

"It's okay, Riley," Catherine said weakly smiling. "At least you tried your best. Thank you."

"You're welcome," Riley said kindly as she put her arm around her best friend.


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