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It was a short time later after school, and what a wonderful time it was! Jeanette, Denise, and Stacey's family all came to Riley's house after hearing the terrifying story and decided to have a little "celebration" which was a little more like "meeting-the-Andersens party". Jeanette, Riley, Denise, and Stacey were all hanging out in the room, as they were hearing yakking from the adults. All the girls were mostly doing was staring at each other happily, but awkwardly.

"It's great to see you back Riley," Riley heard Jeanette say for the thousandth time.

Riley grinned back at her, which caused more silence. But Riley didn't really care; she was glad to be back home alive...thanks to some certain emotions inside her head.

"Great work guys," Joy said cheerfully to her co-workers.

"And you," Disgust responded pleasingly.

The emotions just stared at the screen, making not only Riley's room silent, but HQ silent as well. It was a happy kind of silent. Like no knowing what to say after surviving some horrible disaster. Or maybe being rescued by a stranger...that kind of quietness.

"Group hug?" Joy asked, which she never does, as she drags the emotions in for a group hug without asking them.

To everyone's surprise, Sadness weakly smiled and speed-walked up to Joy, hugging her from the waist, since she was so small. She closed her eyes and, ironically but happily, hugged her tightly.

The emotions just weirdly looked at each other and randomly walked over to her to join in. They didn't really exactly hug, they just touched Joy's shoulder or back. But Joy didn't care; she was happy that the emotions at least accepted it.

"Thanks guys," Joy beamed.

The emotions chuckled and came in a little closer, making the group hug more happier for them.

Well, it was happy at that time...

Until there was a knock on the door.

More like banging.

Everyone just stared at the door with their eyes widened. Riley and the others nervously walked backwards into their rooms. Riley's Dad grabbed a hard bat from his room and creeped to the door, aiming his bat.

"Sh..." Bill whispered to the four mothers. Bill slowly opened the door, getting ready for his attack, but it turned out to be...

"Mr. Kaine?" Bill asked.

It was indeed the fired principal, but he wasn't only there. There was the new dad, the twins' mom, and the twins themselves. There just had blank expressions on their faces. Catherine was actually seen with a bandage around her hand because of the punch.

Jeanette's mom gasped. "He is the one that shoved my daughter!" she barked.

"Is it now?" Bill glared at him.

"What do you want?" Denise's mom asked displeased.

"I want to talk to you guys, and the twins can talk to your daughters," Mr. Kaine requested.

"What?! I am not allowing someone that HURT MY DAUGHTER to talk to them!" Jill screamed, pointing at Catherine.

"And I won't allow any jailbirds in my sight!" Densie's mom added.

"We didn't go to jail," Caden hissed at Bill bravely.

"Hush, son," Mr. Kaine said. "You guys either going to not have anyone to hate anymore or you can make us leave, making everything worse."

"We- wait, what do you mean by 'not having anyone hating us anymore'?" Bill asked.

"Let us in and you'll see," Mr. Kaine forcefully.

"And why should we let you if you have two losers of twins that bully people?" Stacey's mom scolded.

"HEY!" Catherine and Caden yelled angrily in unison.

"You'll see the reason why," Mr. Kaine said calmly. "My children promised that they won't cause any harm."

"No, we're not allowing it," Jill rejected immediately.

"Did you even have a second to think about it?" Mr. Kaine wondered coldly.

"No, you guys caused enough trouble in our lives, so SCRAM!" Jeanette's mom shouted at him.

"Ma'am, this is serious," the new dad finally stepped in. "If you don't want that much trouble anymore, let us in and we can resolve it."

"And how are you going to do that, hm?" Denise's mom asked.

Mr. Kaine groaned quietly but impatiently. "Let. Us. In," he answered.

"How do you know if we should trust you?" Bill said crossly.

"You will if you can just let us in your house," Catherine's mom said serenely.

"Ah, a mother who raised her children to be prisoners," Jeanette's mom insulted.

"We demand that you let us in your house this instant!" Mr. Kaine suddenly yelled in rage.

There was silence for a moment. The five adults huddled together and talked it over. They turned back around later on.

Bill sighed. "Fine," he said. "We'll let you in just so you can leave us alone. But you promise that you won't cause any trouble?"

"We promise," the Martin family said seriously.

Bill gestured for them to come in. The twins nervously headed to Riley's room, where the daughters were at.

"They'll kick us out, I know it," Catherine predicted.

"We'll just have to force them, like dad did with their parents," Caden suggested.

Catherine nodded approvingly just as the reached the door.


"There, we let you in," Bill said the instant the Martin family stepped foot in the house. "What do you want?"

"This will take a lot of explaining," Mr. Kaine said. He took a deep breath and began, "There are times when there a big misunderstandings in the world. This is one that I'm about to explain." He breathed heavily again. "About the jailbirds thing...it was an edit. Not by your daughters," he told the moms of the three girls. "But by other students that hated Catherine. They used the Video Edit app to Photoshop the news. They decided to post it on social media where the whole world can see it. Those editors were cyberbullies. And since I was the principal of the school, I allowed them in, not believing those rumors at all. The whole school - literally - was confused. They started to not only like me as a principal, but not like my children. I think the editor that did it were a friend of Riley's...the editor did definitely stand up for your daughter, Bill and Jill, because she was commenting about them bullying her."

"But...But what? Riley was in preschool when the bullying happened!" Bill said. "They did go to elementary school together and no bullying has happened..." He thought for a moment. "Wait a minute! Meg must've done this!"

"Who?" Mr. Kaine asked.

"Meg, Riley's best friend in Minnesota! It must've been her! They went to every single type of school together! She must've recognized them!" Bill explained.

Mr. Kaine understood by nodding. "So, do you guys believe me on this?"

No one answered. They just looked at each other, until the adults all started giggling. It turned into laughing later on.

"We're sorry," they said all together.


"And that's what happened," Catherine finished, after explaining the whole story that was heard from Mr. Kaine. How did the twins get in? They were able to do the same force that Mr. Kaine did to be allowed inside, although the three girls were sitting super close to Riley.

"So, you're saying that someone just...edited a picture, making you guys look like jailbirds?" Riley asked.

"It must be someone at your school, Riley, because that person was trying to stand up for you," Caden said.

"But Riley, I am truly sorry for causing that mess...with that whole coma thing. I didn't even mean to get you in a coma. I didn't even mean to punch you that hard because now I have to suffer with this." She glanced at her bandaged hand. "I should've been in custody for this. What I did was wrong and I deserve to be in the place of terror..." Tears started to fill Catherine's eyes.

"Catherine," Riley began.

"You can just go ahead and hate me now for making things way worse and not think what I was doing...you can not forgive me or-"

"Catherine," Riley called a little louder.

Catherine quickly looked at Riley.

"Hey...it's okay...I forgive you...you too, Caden," Riley smiled.

Catherine just stared at Riley for a moment with her mouth open.

"You really forgive us...?" Caden asked.

Riley nodded. She looked at the three girls, who nodded as well.

Catherine and Caden started to squeal with excitement and hugged each other tightly.

"And guys? We're sorry for bullying you like that...maybe we went a little too far..." Jeanette apologized.

"Oh no, we deserved it," Catherine said. "We shouldn't have been treating Riley like that as a kid."

"So...are we friends again Riley?" Caden asked.

Riley started to smile bigger, nodded and tackled Caden for a hug. She made Catherine join in. It felt so weird to be hugging them again. It brought back some memories of when Riley "first met" the twins. It felt perfect.

The three girls joined in the hug, making it into a group hug. Although it felt awkward to be hugging the twins for the first time ever, the three girls smiled brightly as the group hug continued on.


It was once again another school day. This time, Riley was going back to school and now, Riley was walking with the three girls and the twins. It felt crazy! So many friends are walking with her! She never had this many people happily chatting with her! It felt special in her heart and as she kept on talking to them about who-knows-what, she was actually excited for school.

"See you in gym class," Catherine said.

"Goodbye," the girls responded as Catherine headed off to class with Caden.

Riley and the three girls looked at each other and giggled. Riley walked up to the school building, as a new but different school day awaited her.

It felt good to be back with her friends with no drama and no misunderstandings. But most important...

It felt good to be herself again.





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