After he and his friends had almost gotten killed during that cop chase last night, CJ woke up wondering what happen next. His brother had been killed five years ago, he left his gang battling their old rivals, his mother had just been killed, and he then discovers that long time members Little Devil, Big Devil, and Tony (who was named T-Murder) were killed just a year ago. It seemed to CJ that the 90s were not so kind to him so far. it was only the early decade and already, the decade seemed like the worst in his life. He liked the 80s much better.

Without any more thoughts of premonition, CJ got dressed and headed out the door. He headed to Sweet's house and knocked on the front door. After six seconds of waiting, the door swung open.

"Break yo'self, nigga!" Ryder shouted popping out suddenly with a 9mm pointed at CJ.

"Damn, Ryder!" CJ shouted in a panicking voice. "It's me! Put that shit away before you hurt someone!"

Ryder chuckled a little bit. "Naw, I'm just fucking witcha, homie," he snickered. "I gotta be honest witcha, CJ. I really thought you were gonna shit yo'self! It would've been fucked up if you did"

"Man, fuck you, Ryder," CJ replied. "You could've seriously killed me wit that bullshit."

"Man quit bein' a busta and come on in," Ryder shot back.

He and CJ walked through the hallway.

"Ay where Smoke at?" CJ asked.

Ryder just shrugged. "I tried calling him," he said, "but he ain't answering his phone. Must be dead from a heart attack from eating all that nasty ass fried chicken at Cluckin' Bell"

"Well let's hope that wasn't his breakfast," CJ replied.

The two laughed. They finally made their way into the living room, where they found Sweet and the rest of the Grove Street gang members having a meeting.

"So this is it - this is when we show the Ballas what bangin' is all about," Sweet told his gang vociferously. "Grove Street is king! Say it with me niggaz, Grove Street is KING! Yeah! HOMIES GROVE STREET IS KING!"

"Yo Sweet!" Ryder called. "Look who came to join the crew?"

"Whassup, CJ?" Sweet greeted his brother as he gave him a handshake. "Where you been?"

"Hey, sorry bro," CJ replied. "I got caught up."

"What's this?" Ryder asked sarcastically. "CJ finally plannin' ahead? Now I'm very impressed." CJ just ignored Ryder's sarcastic remark.

"Yeah, you probably was hittin' one o' them Ballas rats," Sweet said. "Yeah I know what you was up to, nigga!" He turned to the four members of the gang.

"Listen up," Sweet told them, "y'all down with CJ, right?" The gang agreed rapidly.

"He's been through a lot, I mean we all been through a lot," Sweet explained. "But CJ's helping us clean up the 'hood. He's taken the fight to the enemy."

"Yeah," CJ added.

"Showing all of us how we used to bang, what it used to mean to be a Grove Street Family," Sweet shouted. "CJ, you're my brother, my runnin' dog. I should have never doubted you."

"It's nothing," CJ said modestly.

"But you're home now, partner - home," Sweet added.

"For sure," CJ replied.

"Jeah," Ryder chimed in sarcastically. "Sweet's right CJ. We should all bow down before you as our king of the street and worship every step you take." He then bowed mockingly.

"Seriously, Ryder," Sweet said sounding slightly annoyed. "The least you can do is show my bro some love."

"I got love for CJ, Sweet," Ryder said. "But I'm still not impressed. If he wants the respect he desperately wants, he gotta show me more."

"Come on, Ryder," CJ complained. "I told you, I'm back for life and here to make up the shit I fucked up the past five years, especially what happened last year."

"Listen up!" Sweet announced. "I want all y'all to go get heated, and meet me Downtown under the Mulholland Intersection. We're gonna roll on these Balla mother-fuckers!"

"A'ight, a'ight!" one of the members said.

"Gyeah!" Ryder added as he pulled out his tech 9. "Let's blow these motherfuckers' mind if you know what I mean."

"I'll see y'all in traffic," Sweet said as the gang began to leave through the front door". "Yeah, let's roll!" another gang member agreed.

Everyone left, except CJ, Sweet, and Ryder. "You in?" Sweet asked CJ.

"Hell yeah, I'm in," CJ answered. "I'm your running dog, Sweet."

"Yeah, he the running dog alright," Ryder chimed in.

"Come on, Ryder," Sweet told the stoned midget. "Give CJ a break for once. We got enough trouble with them Ballas trying to steal our turf."

"A'ight, Sweet," Ryder said. "My bad, homie. I'ma head out." Ryder walked away and suddenly stopped. He turned to CJ.

"Hey CJ," he said sounding slightly abrasive. "Don't fuck this up for us." He then walked away and disappeared through the hallway.

CJ then turned to Sweet. "Anyway, I'm down," he told his brother.

"Yeah, my nigga," Sweet said giving his brother a high five. "Alright, you go get heated up, and I'll meet you at the crossroads."

Sweet then walked out the door and he and Ryder hopped in his car and drove off. The other members of the gang drove away in their cars as well. As soon as he walked out, however, he heard his cell phone ringing.

"I wonder who this?" CJ asked himself. He pulled the cell phone out of his pocket and answered it. "Hey," CJ answered.

"Hey CJ, it's Cesar, man," Cesar said through the phone.

"I'm kinda busy now," CJ told him. "Somethin' big goin' down."

"Ese, I gotta see you holmes," Cesar replied, "to tell you something."

"Look, if it's about Kendl, don't worry," CJ told him. "We cool, a'ight?"

"No, CJ, you gotta come and see something - something important, eh?"

"Well it's gon' have to wait," CJ said.

"This can't wait holmes," Cesar told him desperately. "If I tell you, you won't believe it, ese. I swear."

CJ sighed. What Cesar had to tell him must have been really important for him to see. "Okay," CJ said. "I got about five, so it better be good. Where you at?"

"I'm under the freeway," Cesar told him, "north side of Verdant Bluff." "Verdant Bluff?" CJ asked himself. "This really must be important."

Verdant Bluff was the place where the Ballas co-leader Tuckah resided at. Sweet had told CJ earlier that he and Tuckah got into a gun battle a year prior and right after Sweet finally killed Tuckah that year, the Ballas were after the Grove Street members, which ended in Ryder's closest homie and Grove Street member Tony, nicknamed T-Murder, getting killed. So CJ had a bad feeling about this.

He hopped into the car and drove to Verdant Bluffs under the freeway, where he found Cesar sitting in his car. CJ opened the passenger door and hopped in to see Cesar.

"So you dragged me across the town to see what?" CJ asked.

"Just in time, ese," Cesar told him. He pointed across the street to the garage, where Tuckah's hang-out once was. "Take a good hard look over there."

Just then, some Ballas members exited the hideout.

"So?" CJ said. "Some Ballas hanging around the dope what?"

"Just watch, holmes," Cesar told him quietly.

That's when CJ found another Grove Street member and his old friend Big Smoke coming out and became shocked.

"What the fuck?" he asked in confusion. "Oh naw! Smoke, what you into?"

Cesar shushed CJ. "Ese, look at that ride," he told CJ as Smoke pushed open the garage, revealing the green sabre, the one Ryder said was the one that drove through Grove Street's turf, the one that the Ballas drove and did a drive-by, which killed CJ's mom.

"That's the motherfucking green sabre!" CJ exclaimed. CJ was even more shocked when he found that Smoke was working with Officer Tenpenny.

"Shit, Smoke!" CJ shouted. "C.R.A.S.H. making you sell us out?! Moms!"

It was now clear to CJ. Big Smoke has betrayed him. His closest friend from childhood, who was like a father figure to him, has turned his back on him and the gang, all for a quick buck. And the worst part of it was that Big Smoke was involved in CJ's mom's murder. CJ was just so shocked that his best friend would ever sell his family out like that.

"Sorry, ese," Cesar apologized regretfully. "I heard a rumor and poked around. I didn't believe myself, but..."

"No no," CJ told him. "You did the right thing. I owe you, Ces. I gotta go tell Sweet...oh fuck! Sweet!"

CJ was so upset about Big Smoke's betrayal to the gang that he forgot that he was supposed to meet Sweet under the freeway at the Muholland Intersection.

"Look," CJ told Cesar, "go get Kendl and take her to a safe place!" CJ had lost his mother and brother, and he wasn't going to lose another family member at this rate.

"What you thinking?" Cesar asked.

"It's Sweet," CJ answered. "I think him and the homies is walkin' into a trap! Just go! GO!"

Cesar complied and exited the car. He ran to his neighborhood as CJ drove quickly to the Muholland Intersection. He picked up his cell phone hoping that Sweet would take his call. "I gotta warn Sweet!" CJ told himself. He waited as the phone continued ringing.

"Dammit, Sweet!" CJ yelled. "Pick up! Pick up!"

Unfortunately, the phone went straight to the voice message.

"Hey whassup?" Sweet's voice message answered. "You called me, but I ain't pickin' up! So leave a message after the..."

"Shit! Shit! Shit!" CJ chanted in frustration. He slammed the phone to the floor. Things were going from bad to worse. CJ lost his mother, Ballas and Vagos have taken over, Big Smoke betrayed him, and Sweet and the rest of the gang were walking into a trap. Without much time left, CJ drove as quickly as he could until he finally made it under the freeway at the Muholland Intersection, where the Grove Street Families were battling the Ballas. CJ parked the car and exited out only to find Ryder approaching him.

"CJ!" Ryder shouted at him. "Where the fuck you been at, motherfucker? Don't you know we've been busting our asses over here?"

CJ was not in the mood to deal with Ryder's bluntness at this time.

"Ryder, I have to tell you something!" he told his friend.

"Never mind that, motherfucker!" Ryder cut him off. "Where the fuck is Smoke?!"

"That's what I came to tell you about, Ryder!" CJ replied. "You see, my man Cesar showed me..."

"Cesar?" Ryder asked. "Ah, so you were hanging out with those eses while we were busting our asses blastin' them Balla Dope pushers! I knew you was a busta!"

"Listen!" CJ told him. "Cesar asked me to meet him by Verdant Bluffs and he showed me Big Smoke..."

"Smoke?" Ryder interrupted. "You saw Smoke over there and didn't say shit to him?!"

"Listen, Ryder!" CJ yelled getting annoyed of Ryder cutting him off. "Cesar showed me Big Smoke working with C.R.A.S.H. Smoke sold us out."

"What?!" Ryder asked in confusion even though it was hard for CJ to tell what Ryder's expression was behind his sunglasses. "Why the fuck would Smoke sell us out like that?!"

"I don't know," CJ shrugged, "but I gotta tell Sweet. Where he at?"

"Well wouldn't you like to know," Ryder told him sourly as he moved to the side to reveal Sweet kneeling to the ground with deep wounds.

"Oh fuck!" CJ shouted. "Sweet! I came too late!"

"Yep," Ryder said. "Sweet now fucked up from all that lead, and it's all your fault!"

CJ didn't have time to argue with Ryder. He kneeled beside his wounded brother.

"CJ... Where you been?" Sweet asked through his wounds.

"Cesar called," CJ told him, "showed me some shit. It's Smoke, and he in deep with Tenpenny and some Ballas! He sold us out!"

"It doesn't matter, man," Sweet muttered.

"Doesn't matter?" Ryder chimed in as he approached the brothers. "Sweet, that fat motherfucker turned his back on all of us, our closest homie, and it don't matter to you?"

"Listen, you guys gotta get out of here," Sweet announced. "The cops gonna arrive any second."

"Get outta here?" Ryder asked. "Whatchu think I look like, a busta like CJ?"

"Hey!" CJ said. He turned to Sweet. "Nah man," CJ told him. "I ain't runnin' out on my brother!"

"Well then get the fuck up off yo' knees and ice these Balla pushers then, motherfucker!" Ryder told him.

So CJ got back on his feet and faced the Ballas. "Yo', Ballas!" CJ bellowed. "I'm taking you mother-fuckers, you hear me? I'M TAKING YOU ALL DOWN!"

So CJ and Ryder, as well as the other members of the gang, crouched behind the cars and shot at the Ballas. They ended up killing three members all at once. Just then another Ballas' car drove up.

"Damn!" CJ said. "They got backup!"

"I got somethin' for they asses," Ryder stated as he began to climb the roof of one of the cars.

"Ryder, what the fuck you doin'?" CJ asked. "You out yo' mind, nigga? Them Ballas gonna shoot you!"

"Naw," Ryder told him. "Them Balla Dope pushas don't wanna see me."

He then stood on top of the roof of the car.

"Hey Ballas!" the light-skinned gangster shouted at them as the Ballas exited their car. "I'ma show y'all motherfuckers who's the true OG here in Los Santos!"

He yelled at the top of his lungs, pointed his two tech 9's at them, and pulled the trigger. CJ joined in and killed the Ballas as well. Despite that, however, Ryder continued to shoot. By the time a third Ballas car arrived, Ryder and CJ were already shooting at them, and before the Ballas had a chance to get out, the car exploded, and the Ballas were killed. Ryder finally lowered his weapons and stopped to catch his breath.

He hopped off of the roof of the car just in time for the last Ballas car to arrive. Ryder and CJ looked at each other.

"Let's finishes these motherfuckers," Ryder told CJ. "Yeah, "CJ agreed, "let's ice these punks, Grove Street style."

"Jeah," Ryder replied as he and CJ gave each other their handshake.

As the Ballas exited their vehicle, CJ, Ryder, and the rest of the Grove Street Family gangsters finally got into a gun war with the Ballas. CJ rolled behind the pillar and killed two Ballas at a time. He then ducked behind the trash cans and killed three more Ballas. After several seconds, the Ballas were all dead, and the police cars arrived just in time.

"Ah fuck!" Ryder shouted in frustration. "One-time at 12:00!"

"Just when we thought shit couldn't get any worse!" CJ added. He and Ryder had no choice but to hold their hands up in the air as the police cars surrounded them.