As night finally fell, CJ took the train all the way back to San Fierro. As he exited Cranberry Station, he could see all the bright lights flashing around the station. He walked out to see the garage up ahead. The cars were rolling through the streets between the station and the garage. CJ quickly crossed the street and headed in the garage.

Inside were Wu Zi Mu, his assistant, and Cesar talking in the back office.

"That's crazy, man," Wu Zi Mu said. "What are we looking at exactly?"

"Hey man," CJ asked Cesar as he entered the back office, "you get them flicks developed?" He then turned to Wu Zi Mu. "W'sup, Woozie?!" he greeted.

"Hey Carl," the Chinese-American man replied. "I was just explaining to your... brother in law that we were friends."

"Oh yeah?" CJ replied dryly. "Well look, Woozie, I need to get some info from you, man."

"What exactly do you boys want to know?" Wu Zi Mu asked.

"Who are these putas, holmes?" Cesar asked as he pointed to the photographs on the wall. They were the photos of the three guys CJ took pictures of back in Angel Pine.

"Why don't you go take a look?" Wu Zi Mu told his assistant. "Oh, Carl. This is Guppy by the way. Guppy, Carl."

"Pleasure meeting you, bruh," CJ said giving Guppy a handshake.

"Ditto," Guppy replied. He then turned to the three photographs on the wall

"These guys?" he started

"Yeah," Cesar answered.

"They're the Loco Syndicate," Guppy said. "They're pretty big time, I think. Don't have any dealings with them - we don't touch blow."

Guppy turned to the photo of the Caucasian man in the suit. "Now this guy runs things," Guppy answered. "I don't know his name." He then turned to the photo of the Latino man with the thick mustache. "This guy is T-Bone Mendez," Guppy said. "He's the muscle."

"And who's that guy?" Cesar asked pointing at the photo of the African American man in the purple suit.

"That's Jizzy B," Guppy answered. "He's the biggest pimp in town. He helps set up the deals... You know, a concierge of sorts."

"Hey, then he's my way in," CJ replied. "How I get to him?"

"Oh, Jizzy?" Wu Zi Mu said. "Jizzy runs the Pleasure Domes Club in that old fortress under the Gant Bridge."

"Hey, good looking out, Woozie," CJ thanked.

"No problem," Wu Zi Mu replied politely. "Don't be a stranger!"

CJ headed outside and hopped inside a nearby car. As he started the engine, he pulled out of the parking lot and made a left turn in the road. The lights illuminated the city in the night sky. The engines of the cars were loud and discordant.

After a while of driving through the road, CJ finally made his way to the Pleasure Domes Club.

This must be the place Woozie meant, CJ thought.

He hopped out of the car and entered the club. Inside was Jizzy sitting on the bench with a couple of prostitutes. There were also a few of them who were dancing on the poles.

"See, baby," Jizzy told the prostitute. "I got everything... Mink sheets... Mink coats... Mink curtains in the window. When I walk down the stairs I'm walking down on... Mink carpet."

He then looked straight in front of him as he spotted CJ arriving in the club. "Now who's this trick?" Jizzy asked wearily. "I don't need no more friends, baby. All they try to do is peel me from my hos."

"No, no, it ain't about them," CJ told the pimp. "It's all about you, playa. I heard you was the man with the hook up, and you was the man I needed to see. I'm offering my services."

"Say what?" Jizzy asked bewildered.

"Yes, sir," CJ continued. "See, I'm new in town. Anything you want, I can do. For a guy like me, to work with, to work FOR, a guy like Jizzy B, well..."

"Now that you mention it," JIzzy interrupted, "I do have a slight problem. Something a little dumb muscle like yourself might be able to fix. 'Cause you see me, I'm an intellectual."

He then turned to the two prostitutes. "Bitches," he told them both. "y'all walk on down to the bar and fix a pimp a drink." The prostitutes hopped off the seat and walked away. Jizzy turned to CJ. "See I only got two eyes, and on these streets you got to have more than that," the pimp told CJ. "You got to be like a fly on shit, you know? A hundred eyes, everywhere. Now some lunatic been fucking with my bitches. Mother-fucker killed two last week. I want you... Go find out."

"No prob," CJ replied. "I'm a playa partner now, Jizzy."

He turned to leave and head out of the door. Before he was able to get in a parked Broadway, he heard Jizzy calling him.

(As Carl leaves Jizzy catches up with him)

"Wait up, Mr. C-to-the-J!" Jizzy called out. CJ turned around to face the pimp. "See that pretty young thang in my car?" Jizzy asked pointing at his vehicle. CJ looked to find a prostitute sitting on the passenger seat of the Broadway. "Drop her off at the hotel Downtown," Jizzy told CJ. "Use my car-phone to gimme a ring-a-ding when you're done. And watch the rims, playa! Treat that baby like the Pope Mobile!"

So CJ drove off and followed the hill up Juniper Hollow. "Ooh! What a strong pecho!" the Latina prostitute told CJ. CJ didn't understand much Spanish, so he couldn't quite make up what the prostitute was saying. But he just decided to go along with the conversation anyway. "Ever had half-n-half with a sucia like me?" the prostitute asked.

"Yeah, go on," CJ replied as he made a left turn on the road.

"I'll do things your ruca won't," the prostitute continued.

"I'm listening, honest!" CJ replied. He made a right turn on the road and drove uphill.

"I'm no slut but I need the feria," the prostitute said.

"Uh huh, real interesting," CJ replied dispassionately.

"Whatever, puto," the prostitute replied.

CJ continued driving down the hill and made a left turn on Chinatown road. The bright lights shone throughout the city. As CJ finally made it Downtown, he pulled the car over to the building.

"Later, ese," the prostitute told him as she exited the vehicle and entered the hotel. CJ pulled out his cell phone and punched in Jizzy's number..

"Hey Jizzy, it's Carl," he said over the phone. "I just dropped off your girl."

"Church!" Jizzy shouted through the phone. "Got a little errand for you to run before you deal with that problem I was just talking about. Some young buck thinks he's a playa, been trying to peel my hos over in Hashbury. Now one of my girls over there just eyeballed the punk, I want you to get your ass over there and ice that pretender!"

CJ had nothing to lose at this point. he made a U-turn and turned to the left on the road straight down King. He made a right turn and drove straight down the road until he came to the intersection of Garcia road, where he made a left turn. After a few turns to the right side of the road, CJ finally made his way to Hashbury, where he spotted a pimp abusing a prostitute.

"Here comes my playa," the prostitute bragged to the pimp, "now you're in real trouble."

"Man, I ain't got time for you!" the pimp growled as he pulled out his pistol. "This is my track, sucka!"

He fired at CJ, missing every last shot. Without hesitation, CJ pulled out a shotgun , aimed it at the pimp, and pulled the trigger, shooting and killing the pimp. As CJ heard his cell phone ring, he quickly answered it.

"Hey, it's CJ," he told Jizzy over the phone. "Just to let you know you don't have to worry about no competition in Hashbury."

"Worry?" JIzzy asked. "Did I say I was worried? No I did not. Now to the real deal. Some of my girls in the Foster Valley been getting knuckled over. I want you to get your ass up there and nose around - find out what's going on."

CJ just sighed in annoyance. There was so much he had to do. Without another word, he made a right turn on the curb of the road and drove straight down Doherty. He made a right turn to the road of Foster Valley and took the slope down Missionary Hill. As he approached the bottom of the freeway, he spotted two guys jumping one of the prostitutes. CJ parked the Broadway, took out his shotgun, and shot both of the guys, leaving the prostitute free to escape.

CJ returned to the Broadway to find that his cell phone was ringing. He quickly answered it as he hopped inside the vehicle.

"Mr. Jizzy, it's CJ," he told the pimp over the phone.

"You is a bad luck charm, clucky!" Jizzy shouted through the phone.

"What are you talking about?!" CJ asked.

"That girl you dropped off Downtown wants out of the game!" Jizzy answered. "Her sugar daddy wants to take her off the streets! Nobody turns my hos!"

"Are you serious," CJ asked annoyed. "Ah shit!"

"Now you get your ass back to the hotel, and you make an example out of all of 'em!" Jizzy told him.

CJ shook his head. Just when he thought it was all over, he was now stuck in an even more perilous situation. So without hesitation, he drove back on the road and straight through Doherty. As he sped through King's street, he made a right turn Downtown and spotted two vehicles parked outside of the motel: a white limousine and a black van from behind. There, he also found the Latina prostitute walking with who appeared to be the preacher,

"The Lord sent me to save your thread-bear soul, harlot!" the preacher said as he and the prostitute hopped inside the limousine. "Get in the car and remove your filthy vestments, so I my better gaze upon thine corruption! Driver, get us out of here before the devil's right hand snatches this po' girl from salvation!

"Right away, your evangelical holiness!" the driver inside said as the limousine and van drove off.

CJ rolled after the limousine and pulled over to the left side as the vehicles drove straight. CJ then pulled out his Tech 9, aimed at the limousine, and fired the bullets. This caused the limousine and the van behind it to speed up.

"The Devil's comes to claim his own!" the preacher shouted as the three vehicles raced down the hill. "Godspeed, driver! Godspeed!"

CJ kept his speed just to get close enough to the limousine to fire the bullets at the vehicle. But it was very difficult with so many cars on the road. CJ crashed into a lightpost and the limousine and van sped away. CJ turned the car around and chased after the two vehicles, which made a left turn on Esplanade East road. With a mighty heave, CJ rammed the black van to the side and it flipped over and rolled into the ocean off the edge of the pier.

CJ saw the limousine up ahead and caught up to it as it drove through Eplanade North. CJ pulled over to the side of the vehicle and did another drive-by shooting to it.

"We need more than just the Lord's benefaction!" the preacher shouted panicking. "Don't worry, girl! the Lord's army will come to our aid! Now just keep undressing...that's right, put your hand there..."

The limousine pulled up in front of CJ again, but CJ was still too quick for it. As the two vehicles continued driving straight down Chinatown, CJ pulled over to the side of the limousine and did more drive-by shootings.

"Argh!" the preacher shouted. "He comes for us! Faster, driver! Faster!"

But before the limousine could go any faster, it eventually caught on fire. CJ came to a stop and watched the limousine drive straight ahead as it finally exploded, killing everyone inside. CJ pulled out his cellphone and punched in Jizzy's number.

"Everything's been taken care of, Mr. Jizzy!" CJ told Jizzy over the phone.

"Oh, CJ, you's a playa's right hand, baby," Jizzy answered gleefully. "Oh, and by the way - that car's just come up over on an APB. Dump it, keep it, whatever. Just keep it away from me, my hos, and my club!"

"Oh, for sure, you got that, man," CJ told him. He then drove away, realizing that the police were right behind him. So CJ sped as quickly as he could and eventually shook them off him after twenty seconds driving around the city. Eventually, he finally drove back to his apartment. It's been a long night for him and he needed the energy to continue working for the Loco Syndicate. He parked the Broadway on the side of the street, hopped out, and walked inside his apartment.