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Sarah Kine stormed straight out of that barn with her head held high.

At last, Frank Pontipee would feel the same humiliation and helplessness she felt that awful night he carried her off to the mountains. She had in her hands a rumpled bundle of his clothes which she had snatched while he was in the bath. Still in a fume, she flung them into a muddy puddle a few feet away from the porch of the house. Serves him right!

Smiling proudly she was reached the front door of the cabin. She was so excited to share her vengeful prank with the girls inside when she heard the bellowing laughter of the boys back in the barn. She could tell they were all making fun of Frank and that he was not enjoying it one bit. She imagined his face – it would be as red as cherries, the rage slowly building up and up. She had seen that furious face of his before at the barn raising and was absolutely terrified. She thought back to that day in August and remembered what bright and playful eyes he also had and how she felt when he smiled at her. She remembered the disappointment that fell across his face when Carl, her suitor back home, and the town boys wrenched the girls from the company of the Pontipee brothers to dance. She had wanted to dance with Frank, even though she had hardly known him for an hour. She thought he was the most interesting person she had ever met, and so different from Carl.

Her heart sank at the thought of him being mad at her for pulling that stunt. He would also be chilly with nothing to wear, wouldn't he? The December snow had been falling heavier and each day was getting colder and colder. It would be awful if he got sick and it would be all her fault. That little voice in her head told her she had to do the right thing, no matter what. This was always characteristic to Sarah's nature; consistently bound to her tender conscious.

She quickly spun around, jumped down off the porch and gathered up the clothes from the puddle before the boys came looking for them. She bundled them up in the skirt of her maroon dress to hide them. She knew she would need to wash them before returning them but she did not want the other girls to know about it.

For the past two months she had sided with Martha (as she usually did) and wanted nothing to do with those Pontipee boys, regardless of how sorry they all claimed to be. She had noticed the girls one by one start softening towards them; trying to catch glimpse of them working outside or even share a few quick words. But honestly, Sarah was still a little scared of Frank. She would not even let herself consider what she was afraid of. But, oh, was that Frankincense Pontipee getting under her skin! Day by day, she could feel such tension inside her and she had no idea what to think or do. With all the time they spent cooped up in that cabin her mind often wandered back to that surprise kiss with him on her front porch. She had tried to catch a glimpse of him out at the woodpile one evening a couple of weeks ago, just so she could try and help herself understand why she was feeling so frustrated about him. Dorcas had called her out on that which catapulted them both into an awful brawl. Dorcas was the last person Sarah wanted to know about her escapade this afternoon. She could only imagine the teasing and innuendo that would fall out of that tall, coquette-of-a-girl's mouth! No, Frank's bath and laundry needed to remain a secret.

Sarah opened the door to the cabin to see the girls busying themselves with their evening chores. Milly, refreshed from a nap, was in the kitchen with Dorcas preparing dinner. Liza and Alice were washing the windows while Ruth was dusting .Sarah quickly walked past them towards the kitchen and kept her eyes down, avoiding and contact with theirs. She was relieved to see Martha wasn't downstairs. Martha was very good at spotting mischief and secrets, even though Sarah was very good at hiding her feelings the majority of the time.

She arrived at the washroom, which was adjacent to the kitchen, and started to unbundle Frank's clothes from her skirts. The muddy puddle had hardly stained them, but they were still in need of a good wash. His moleskin pants had a few grubby patches and his underclothes...disgusting! How did Milly cope with SEVEN of these ruffians? Were all of them this dirty? She wrinkled her nose at the thought of doing their laundry each day. She took a good look at Frank's maroon flannel shirt and noticed a few buttons needed replacing and there was a large rip over the left front panel. She could easily fix that for him, it would be a shame for him to carry on wearing a ripped shirt all winter long, and she so loved sewing... Her thoughts returned to that mischievous grin of his again and she couldn't help smiling. She lazily traced the collar of the shirt with her finger and thought again of those shoulders poking out of the bath tub earlier...
"Sarah, what are you doing in here? Would you like to help with dinner at all?"
It was Milly. Sarah quickly hugged the shirt into her chest and folded her arms to hide it.
"Nothing! Just, um, checking on something."
Milly raised an eyebrow, smiled and looked at the pants and long johns on the bench she forgot to hide.
"I'm not even going to ask." Milly quietly said. "But goodness, you're in for a bit of scrubbing this afternoon." She smiled again and pulled out a cake of soap from a drawer and placed it on top of the long johns.
"Good luck!" she chuckled, "Dorcas can help me with the dinner."
Relieved, Sarah grinned and blushed. She found a bucket with clean water and got started.