Authors Note: Alright guys, This is now getting its own Story. The second chapter will be posted later on Today. Any Title Suggestions, I was just think of sticking with The Visitor. This story will be told through multiple points of views, from Kim to Wade and multiple people in between. Due to the time constraints I have put on myself, both physically and in the story, the story might feel a little rushed. Anyway without a further ado, I give you the story behind the visitor.

The Visitor

Kim Possible, often accredited as being as sneaky as a ninja, was currently putting those skills to us. Her target a decently dressed women in her late twenties. The mysterious women was wearing a blue single strapped dress paired with a silver purse, all while sporting a pair of highly fashionable black stilettos. All things considered, this was nothing out of the blue. No, the thing that made her stand out was the blond wig she currently sported on her head, Why did she need it?

"Hey, KP this is a sweet set up. ", came a mysterious voice.

Turning around, she found a man dressed in a black tux. She smiled as she noticed his kempt blond hair.

"You, sure cleaned up good." Kim remarked.

"Anything for the Bride to Be" Ron exclaimed.

Oh, did she forget to mention that she was getting married. Must have slipped her mind. Here she was, less than 3 hours from tying the knot and she was stalking a seemingly normal woman.

"Oh, I almost forgot I got you something!"

Handing her black, nicely wrapped box, he continued. "While I already got you two a present, I just wanted to get you something extra. Although I suggest you open it along with the other wedding gifts."

"Thank you, Ron" Kim beamed

"Your welcome. So, any reason your stalking this woman" he asked

"How, did you know I was stalking this woman?"

"Come on KP, I have been around you enough, to recognise mission mode when I see it" he answered

It had started as the happiest day of Kim's Life: the birds were chirping, the sun was signing, not a cloud was visible, and any other euphemism for happiness was probably also occurring. It was her Wedding Day, the day she marries her dream guy, this is the day she becomes Mrs. Joshua Wendell Mankey. The day had been going great, she had just come back from the beauty salon, as she was getting ready to leave for the Church a familiar three beep noise stopped her.

"Wade! It's my wedding day. I told you, no missions until the end of the month" Kim flamed.

"Nothing like that" He insisted.

"No, the reason I called was to inform you that, there won't be any GJ operatives at your wedding. Apparently, Drakken decided to launch another one of his take over the world schemes, again.

"Oh, for the love of…, fine anything else I should know?" Kim fumed at the revelation.

"It appears we have an uninvited guest at the chapel."

"So? Wade, as much as I may say otherwise, I am famous. There is bound to be some wedding crashers."

"I know, but this women seems…err… different" He said slowly

"Different how?" Kim was now intrigued. Usually, when Wade said something was different something bad usually happened.

"Well, I actually told Monique to tail her and make sure she doesn't do anything harsh. The thing is, I kind of…err…had her come back to me, saying she couldn't do it anymore. And before you ask, the same thing happened to Tara." He said nervously.

Kim sighed, so much for taking a bullet for her. He two maids of honour had abandoned her. While she could get Tara, why did Monique refuse to help? The girl had been a couple of actual missions on her, as a stand in for Ron. While she freaked out a lot more than Ron, at least she was brave enough to have her back then. So why freak out now?

Transported to the present, he mind went vary. For the past hour, she had been tracking this mysterious woman, afraid of her possible ill intent. This however had left her unready for the rapidly approaching ceremony. She blew a strand of hair in frustration, not seeing an alternate option but to once again track the mystery woman. Suddenly she noticed a golden opportunity lying in front of her, one in the form of her sidekick.

"Your right, I was stalking that woman. Call it wedding day paranoia, but I think that woman is up to something."

"What makes you think that?" He questioned.

"Oh you know, it's nothing really. It's her stilettos, her purse, her hair, her eyes, her posture, her…" She stopped talking for a brief second, finally out of breath.

"Uh, Kim your rambling!" Ron stated softly.

"Sorry Ron, it's just this whole sitch. I'm supposed to married in 3 hours and I'm not even dressed. And on top of this there's even more pressure to make sure our mystery woman doesn't do anything crazy." Ron could tell that Kim was on the verge of tears.

Thinking quickly, reacted by wiping the stray tears from her face. "Then why don't you let me handle her?" He said with a bright smile.

"You would do that?" Kim said, touched by his consideration.

"Absolutely!" He continued smiling. "And, who knows? I might even get her number!" This prompted a play slap from Kim.

"That's so you keep your head in the game!" Her frown then morphed into a bright smile. "And thank you!"

"Think nothing of it." Ron said dismissively, before he broke out into a run, following the direction the woman had went.

Ron had somehow managed to track the mysterious blond down. She had barged into various rooms and performed a quick search before moving on. 'She was looking for something but what?' He thought to himself.

"Find anything?" Kim's voice could be heard over his walkie-talky. Unfortunately, he had broken his Ronnicator not three days ago.

"Not yet! But she seems to be looking for something." He said. "I'm trailing her now, over!"

"Ron!" Kim obviously seemed annoyed.

"Hey, you said I was in charge of this reconnaissance mission!"

"I did, but…. Ugh fine. Keep me posted."

Ron cleared his throat loudly, it could clearly be heard over the walkie talkie.

"Fine, keep me posted. Over." She said stretching out the last word in annoyance.

"Thank you!" Ron said happily. It was nice being in charge. Luckily for him, the woman was seemingly unaware of this conversation occurring right behind her.

Finally the woman stopped, her final destination seemed to be in the same wing as the place where Kim was getting dressed. But the woman seemed nervous, her hands seemed to be fidgety. But for some reason her fidgety motion seemed familiar to Ron. "There's no time for that now!" he said to himself. Being this close to Kim, he contemplated calling her to finally apprehend the mystery woman. However, he decided against it, he figured Kim was stressed enough without the extra stress of this unwanted guest.

But just as he moved to approach her, a hand from a nearby room grabbed on to the woman in question. Before he could react, the woman was forcefully pulled into the room dropping her fake lock of blond hair, leaving Ron standing there in shock. Finally he decided to pursue his target, wanting answers to the various questions currently racing through his mind.

"Kim, I've found her." He stated hastily into the walkie talkie.

"Good, wait there. I'll come there." Kim said firmly. Wasn't she supposed to be a bride to be?

"No need."

"But…" Kim was cut off.

"You have to get ready, I'll handle the mystery woman."

"Alright, but be careful. I still need my best friend." She said, the reluctance in her voice was quite clear.

"Roger that. Over and out." He stated before walking slowly towards the door where the woman had been pulled into.

He gasped at what he saw inside.

Inside the room, he noticed a Red head and Strawberry blond verbally arguing. It was clear that the older woman was mad at the younger one. It also appeared that the strawberry blond was younger then he had first thought, probably being in her teens rather than her twenties. But then he finally noticed it, the piercing green eyes. Only one person he knew had them.

"Kim!" The name slipped out of his mouth before he could stop himself.

Suddenly, the two woman looked up. The look of panic now apparent on their face, only made worse as Ron entered the room.

"Ron!" "Daddy!" they exclaimed simultaneously.

"Wade, our cover is blown!" An older Kim said seemingly into the air.

"Actually Kim, according to the time line, this meeting is supposed to happen." Wades voice echoed through her ears.

"But that mean…. that son of a bitch." She said angrily.

"Mom, don't diss Dad like that! You know how delicate time is."

"I know honey, but still. And, your one to talk missy." Kim said, before she started to scold the young woman.

Their bickering only stopped when Ron cleared his throat.

"Excuse me, but does someone want to explain to me what's going on." Ron interjected.

"I'll call you back Wade." Kim said, before tapping her ear to cut the call.

"Daddy, I'm so sorry I tried doing this. I guess we Stoppable's can't take change properly." The blond said before running to hug the male blond.

"Urm." Words refused to come out of his mouth.

"You wouldn't be our daughter if you didn't react the way that you did." Kim said to the young woman. But unknown to Kim, Ron analyzed the sentence thoroughly.

"Our!" He finally forced out.

"Yeah, Daddy! You and mommy." She said pointing to Kim.

It was then that Ron finally started his age old tradition of blacking out.

"Daddy!" the young girl screamed.

"Ok, anyone catch the plate of the truck that hit me." Ron groaned.

Kim and the mystery girl were hovering over him, wondering what to do next. They looked at each other with a knowing look. After all, who knew how many times he had probably said the same line to either of them.

"Ron, honey, are you Ok?" She asked.

"Don't honey me!" Ron slapped her hand away, stumbled to get up. He appeared angry. "What's going on? Who are you? Are we really married? Why is she calling me her dad? And for the love of all that is good, will someone tell me why she was wearing a wig! Erg!" The frustration in his voice was evident, any more surprises today and he would pull his hair out.

"Ron, honey, calm down!" Kim said as she gently stroked his back. Surprisingly, he did calm down... eventually.

"Ok, guess I better start from the top. I can't tell you everything, but I can tell you a couple of things. And no question!" she warned.

"Errm, Ok." Ron said, visibly less explosive then before.

"To answer your question, I'm Kim. And before you ask, yes the same one that's getting married right now."

"But how are you...?"

"What did I say? No questions! Seriously, it could alter the timeline." Kim stated firmly.



"Fine." Ron stated reluctantly.

"Yes we do get married, three years from now. Don't ask me about the specifics I can't tell you."

"You can't just drop a bomb on me like that and not expect questions! Come on let me ask one!" Ron said.

"Sorry, problems of time travel. I can only tell you this, wades instructions." Kim said, the timeless mission mode made its appearance once again.

"Fine!" Ron huffed. "Continue."

"Before you ask, yes she's our daughter. And as to why the blond wig, she uh... Why did you where a wig?"

"Hi daddy. You probably don't know me yet, but to me you've always been my dad. I wore the wig so I wouldn't get recognised. Yeah, I wasn't really thinking."

"Ok!" Ron said uneasily, there was more to the story, but he decided not to pursue it. "So why are you here anyways?"

Much to his surprise, the girl started to blush and avert her eyes from her parents. "Well, I just found out Mom's first marriage and I just thought that I could save mom the heart break."

"You found out?" Kim asked with a quirked eyebrow.

"Ok fine, I accidentally overheard. I was just trying to help. Honest!" she hopelessly explained.

"Uh huh. While what your doing was out of the goodness of your heart, it could have had dire consequence."

"I'm sorry mom." The girl said sadly.

"Let's just get home, me and your dad, the one my age, will need to discuss this further."

The girl just groaned, before activating her portal.

"Wait!" Ron said desperately.

"Sorry, Ronnie. We really can't stay here any longer without risking damage to the time line. Besides, it's almost time for me to get married for the first time. " Kim told him before entering the portal. Just as she went through, the portal closed.

"Did that really just happen?" Ron said, still a little confused about current events.

The wedding ceremony began not 2 hours later. Kim had asked him about what had happened during the confrontation, but he had told her the woman had gotten away. Let no one say that, he, Ron Stoppable, never did anything for his daughter. Before she was even conceived never the less. While he still didn't exactly understand what had just happened, he had still acquired a great deal of knowledge.

This had caused a great deal of problem, making it exceptionally difficult for him to remain calm during the ceremony. But he had done it, sporting a fake smile for the sake of his best friend/ future wife? During the entire ceremony he was torn. Should he say something? On the one had he could potentially save her a whole bunch of heart ache later on, on the other he could grant her the temporary happiness that came with this wedding. Eventually, his desire for her happiness won out, resulting in him saying nothing.

So he just smiled, and looked on. Now only one question remained. "What do I say during my Gentlmen of Honour Speech?"

Authors Note: I started writing this when I was writing A Sitch Across Time. I actually got the idea for this story from a fanfiction I read. In it, Monique jokingly states that Kim would bring Ron on her Honeymoon, even if she married another guy. This was my version of a prequel to that hypothetical story.