Authors Note: I would like to apologise for any discrepancies in my version of the Thanks giving dinner. I have not actually been to one before, so I really don't know how they're actually like. With that out the way, I present to you:

Ann Possible takes on Thanks giving

Ann Possible was giddy with glee. For the first time in years, her daughter and her new beau will be spending Thanksgiving at her house. Of course there would be the regulars such as the Stoppable's and her family, but this is the first time the Mankey's would also be coming over. Unfortunate that just her daughter and her daughter's husband could attend, but she digressed. Like Ronald, she had a secret love for cooking, producing some dishes that would even give Ron a run for his money. The fact that Ron had offered her a place at his restaurant in case she ever felt the need for a career change was just the cherry on the cake.

For the majority of the day so far, the bulk of her free time was spent thinking about stuffed turkeys and cranberry jam. But enough of thinking about all that, she told herself. There was still about 5 hours in-between the moment preparations began and now. And so, with a heavy heart, (not really though she loved her job!), she continued working. So she made her way from the dining hall towards the lockers, a happy smile still on her face.

Reaching the lockers, she sighed heavily. Her coat was missing, which meant only one thing. Darn, Annabel Watkins from pediatrics had stolen it again. You see, when Ann had started to work here, she and her husband, James were in the process of getting married. However, due to the fact that she hadn't technically married him yet, the name of her coat would have said Annabel Macdonald, instead of her post marital name. So when they had asked her what name they wanted on her coat, she had simply stated Ann, sans last name. While this was supposed to be a temporary fix, it had eventually become permanent, partially due to her procrastinating. And for the most part no problems had arisen from this decision that was until 3 months ago. That was when Mrs. Watkin's had shown up, Ms. Lamheart at the time, and seemingly made a similar decision with her coat. However, as an unforeseen consequence, it had led to Mrs. Watkin's borrowing Ann's coat at times, sometimes without asking.

Damn fantasies, she cursed.

This was what the fourth time this month. Four time's she had requested for a new coat, worried at what might have happened to her old one while in the custody of her Arch nemesis. 'To think Kimmy considers Shego to be the epitome of true evil.' She thought to herself. Finally, after the fourth times the hospital refused to grant her request, simply stating the sheer improbability of losing a coat that frequently. While their reason was valid, it left in with a big stinking problem.

How to get her coat back!

She had thought of various schemes, ranging from breaking and entering her nemesis's locker to simply telling on her. And she accused Kim of being to childish at times. Not that it was a bad thing, especially for her. Her daughter had a Type-A personality, which easily could have left her a stone cold, heartless woman, bent on the goal of being the best, not caring about any people she may have had to step over in order to accomplish said goal. It was for this reason that she was very grateful that she had a friend like Ron, a friend to keep her grounded, a friend to keep her sane, and most importantly a friend that would love her despite her short comings. Oh it had been a difficult road growing up, but she was glad Kim had made it through. This was one thing she will be saying thanks for tonight.

Snapping out of her thought, she started to focus at the task at hand, the retrieval of her coat and the destruction of the evil she devil known as Mrs. Watkins. An evil smile propagated her face, a rather ruthless idea coming to her mind.

Ann was actually rather surprised at how hard it was to find someone, especially when you are looking for them. Usually, Mrs. Watkin's was the easiest person to find, always showing up when she wasn't wanted. In fact she was her only constant lunch buddy, the rest seemingly keeping their distance from the woman.

After what seemed like hours of looking she had finally found her. Her black blond hair was very distinct in the hospital, even more then Ann's. Furthermore, if the hair didn't give her away, her stationary mole on her left cheek was practically a dead ringer.

Stepping close to the woman in question, a furrowed smile made its way onto Ann's face. This was going to be good.

"So Dr. Watkins, how are you doing today?" she asked with a honey sweet tone.

"Oh it was fine. I mean my husband thought that it would be a good idea to make the breakfast this morning. It's just that he's a terrible cook, and as such the toast was severely burnt. And don't even get me started on the milk. It was…." 'Good, keep her talking' Ann thought to herself. Although the cooking story did remind her of Kim. It really was a good thing she wasn't cooking today. Another thing to be thankful for.

"Nice coat! Is it new?" Ann interrupted the woman's rant. She just loved watching the life drain out of her prey.

"Urm, Yeah. I just got it." The woman said uneasily, bringing her arm to the back of her neck. She had fallen right into Ann's trap.

"So tell me. How much did you pay for it? I lost mine, and I was wondering how much it would cost to get it replaced. By the way, you wouldn't happen to have seen it anywhere, have you?" The rope was tightening around the woman's neck. The hole was getting deeper. And Ann's eyes were filling with delight.

"No! I haven't seen your coat." The woman stated, as she held the coat closer, sweat pouring down her forehead. "And I think an extra coat costs like $5." Her tone was still uneven and uneasily.

"I was just asking because I had to wash it. You see, James came over for a visit. And one thing lead to another, and you know. Anyway, after that, the coat was left rather dirty I'm afraid." The life was running out of Mrs. Watkins face, evident by the gasped look that currently propagated her face.

"Oh really. Good… Good for you girl!" The last part was forced. "I'll be sure to keep an eye out for it. Locker 23A right." She asked

"Yup!" Ann smiled at the woman, which only seemed to make her shrink even more. "Anyway I'll see you around, ok." She then left, allotting 10 minutes for the woman to return the coat.

Returning to her locker, she once again found her coat hanging there, not a wrinkle in site. Gullible Co-worker's. Another thing to be thankful about! She smiled as she put on the clean coat. They hadn't done anything like that in a month after all.

The rest of the day was rather uneventful, well as uneventful a day could get for a neurosurgeon. She had consulted on 3 brain cancer patients' cases. While two looked benign and operable, the third had actually frightened her. It was a group of malignant motor neuron cancer cell that was actually the object to fear. As if she were to operate there was a chance the patient might suffer from mobility concerns post operation. She had actually recommended him to another doctor, Dr. Harrison. He had far more experience with that sort of stuff, and she was happy to turn over the case to him. Who knows maybe the patient might even make it through? She certainly hoped so, not wanting to go through another patient death.

When she had walked into her home, she was surprised to find that neither James nor the boys were actually home. Then she remembered. The boys were going to go to their girlfriends house for Thanksgiving, while James was working late, still trying to analysis the now 5 year old Lorwardian Technology. 'Guess I have the house to myself.' She thought to herself, letting out a sad sigh.

"Maybe I could call Ron and have him come over to help me with the cooking." She said to herself, thinking about the man she considered like a son. "Yeah, you know what. That's a good idea." She plugged in his number, only to find that it went straight to his answering machine.

She let out a frustrated sigh. "Looks like I'm going to have to make the food all by myself." Luckily, she had bought a pre-stuffed turkey. Thank god for modern preservation techniques. Another thing to be thankful for.

It had taken her 5 hours, but she had done it. With no help what so ever. And with James that's a good thing. After setting fire to the turkey last year, Ann had forbidden him from even entering the kitchen while she was cooking. Oh the bright side, at least she had found where Kim had gotten her cooking skills. She simply smiled to herself, Kim's was at least a hundred times worse.

So instead of helping her cook, James had helped set up their expandable table.

A bell ring broke Ann out of her trans. going to open the door, she couldn't keep a smile off her face. This Thanks' Giving was going to be one to remember.

As she opened the door, there stood.

"Josh!" She stated with delight.

"Hello Ann, hope I'm not too late." Josh smiled.

"Of course not, in fact you're the first one here. By the way where's Kim?" By the look on Josh's face, Ann had a sneaking suspicion as to her daughters where about.

"She's on a mission with Ron." Josh stated, a frown finding its way onto his face. Sometimes Ann felt really bad for Josh, having firsthand experience as to how much of a handful her daughter could be. So far she only knew of one man who could handle her, but she wasn't about to say it out loud.

"She'll be alright. She's a tough girl, I should know. She'll take care of herself. And even if she couldn't, Ron's with her." Ann offered the young man a smile, not noticing him wince when she said Ron's name.

"Yeah, I guess you're right." Josh said as he entered the house. Ann went back to work on the turkey, while Josh went to go join James in the living room.

"So James, how was your day." Ann heard from the other room.

"Pretty well. We finally decoded the Lorwardian Language, so we should be able to start processing their ships parts at a faster rate." 'James rambling, what else is new?' Ann thought to herself pretending to be annoyed, in reality however, it was one of her favourite things about him. Well that and his butt, but that's not something you say out loud in public.

"That's cool." Josh stated. He wasn't really a fan of science fiction anyways, even if the fiction part wasn't really applicable anymore.

"Yeah, it sure is." Much to Ann's dismay, that was the end of the conversation.

'Where's Ron when you need him.' Ann thought about her practically adopted son.

It had been another two hours before the stalemate between the infamous fathers-in-law – son-in-law came to an end, broken by the arrival of Kim & Ron. Ann was grateful, partially because she would no longer have to awkwardly drive the father-son-in-law conversation along, but mainly because her daughter had arrived home safe.

"I still can't believe you actually invited the girl we met over." Kim said to Ron, obviously continuing the conversation they must have been having.

"Hey, she deserved it." Ron said. There was something about the way he said it though, Ann thought suspiciously. "No one should be forced to eat that much haggis!" he said with a shudder. "Plus she took one for the team. You got to give her that." Ron told her daughter.

"Ok, I'll give you that. She put that thing down like she actually liked it. Which, thank god, saved us from eating that barely edible substance." Kim conceded happily.

"Hey baby, how was the mission?" Josh asked, breaking up the ongoing conversation by putting a kiss on Kim's face.

"It was good. Who would have thought that Killigan would have tried to take over the world on Thanksgiving, with a large turkey none the less?" Kim told him, a look of pure confusion propagated Josh's face, while Ron simple busted out laughing.

"I don't know what was funnier, the look on the Local Turkey farmer when we gave him the Hugh turkey, or the look on Kiligan's face after he found out we ate our way out of his trap." Ron barely stated, cracking up at many points in the sentence. Kim was now laughing along with him, much to Josh's apparent dismay.

After what seemed like hours, they finally stopped laughing.

"Hey .P, I hope you don't mind me bringing a guest." Ron offered a sheepish look.

"Like, she'll mind. She's practically your mom." Kim stated with a snort, prompting Ron to raise two finger, as if to signify the threat of a Tickle War. Ann could see Josh's frustration's growing. "Oh is that how you want it, bring it on." Kim was about to launch onto Ron, when she was stopped by Ann's hand.

"No tickle fights in the house, it took me forever to clean this place. And I will not do it again. You understand." Ann said forcefully.

"Yes, Mom! .P!" The Duo said together.

"As for your question before, Ron, of course she's welcome. Now both of you go and get changed, you smell like hell." Ann barked. "Must be the Haggis!" she heard Ron said as he made his way up the steps. She could see the smudge look on Josh's face as he started to follow Kim.

Unfortunately, this was the exact time James made his way into the room, bring Josh's cunning plan to a screeching halt. Josh sighed, as he made his way to the table.

'Oh James, what am I going to do with you.' She thought wishfully, before going back into the kitchen to put the finishing touches on the buffet.

Ann loved her home, and with a living space of 10,000 ft2, it truly was a Hugh place. Add in a hill side view overlooking the rest of the town, and you have one of the best places to live in. However, this wasn't true for her dining room, with 980 ft2 it was plenty big. Just not big enough for this occasion.

As a result, The Possible's guests were squished into their current positions. But despite this seemingly horrid arrangement, everything was going great. That is great, if you consider your daughter glaring at the woman in front of her, while trying to knit pick any present flaws great. Then yeah the dinner was going great.

The girl had arrived shortly after the Stoppable's. She was a strawberry blond with brown eyes, and was wearing a beautiful blue dress. Ann had learnt a long time ago never to trust a strawberry blond, instigated originally by Lisa Stern, who stole her idea for her PHD paper. But there was something about this one, something trustworthy.

To be honest though, there was something about the girl that was bugging her too. Something about her, but she just couldn't put her finger on it. So she simply watched on.

"So young lady what's your name?" Mr. Stoppable asked the girl in question.

The girl actually blushed. "My names Anna St…Stewart." The girl recorded hastily, hoping no one noticed.

"So what brings you by Anna?" Mrs. Stoppable asked the girl, clearly not kept in the loop as to what occurred on the mission. Now that they mentioned it, neither was Ann.

"Oh, I helped Kim and Ron stop some baddy from taking over the world." Anna replied, smiling at her hosts.

"Speaking of which, what were you doing there anyways. I mean it was almost like you just randomly appeared." Kim questioned, suspiciously. 'That's an accusing statement if I've ever seen one.' Ann thought to herself. Looking around the table, she couldn't help but notice that for some reason Ron felt really uncomfortable by this question, wiggling around in his seat.

"Well you see. I was actually kidnapped by Killigan to help him baste a turkey." The girl replied, rubbing the back of her neck.

"But why would he ask you? No offence, but you don't seem like a chef to me." Kim said offering Anna a hairy eyeball in the process. If looks could kill, Anna would've been dead right now.

"Actually, I work for one of the Tri-city's Le Mole- Rat's." Anna stated, refusing to shrink under Kim's gaze.

"You do!" Ron said, almost alarmed.

"I mean, you do. Yup, she works as the head chef at the Tri-city branch of my restaurant." Clearly someone was the recipient of a good old fashion stomp on the foot.

"But…" Kim started, attempting to dig deeper.

"Kim, I think that's enough question for the lady." Josh replied. Ann could sense a tone of anger in his voice.

"Perhaps your right. I'm sorry for questioning you like you're a criminal or something." 'So that's what Kim thinks of the girl.' Ann thought to herself. Ever since she was little, Kim was never able to contain how she really felt about a person, except for certain cases (love being one). And so if she ever met someone who she really didn't like, she had a tendency to say what's on her mind in the form of a double negative.

"It's No Big." The girl replied, putting her hand on her mouth to cover up misspoken phrase. This really set Kim off, her anger could be said to have been figuratively manifested in her eyes.

"Ron, can I see you out in the hall for a minute." Kim gritted her teeth, prompting Ron to let out a big gulp.

"Um, Sure." Ron said sheepishly, before proceeded to follow Kim out into the hall.

"I wonder what all that's about?" James stated as he lent in towards her. 'As observant as ever'.

"I think I have an idea." Ann said. The plot around the mysterious girl was thickening by the minute.

It took some 15 minutes for Kim and Ron to re-enter the room. While Kim looked substancally more calm then when she had left, Ron had a face of grave determination on his face. Almost as if he was hiding something.

As the festivities continued, slowly the conversations started up again. Various conversations from new discoveries to talk about New Space Adventure episodes raged on around the table. But for Ann this was a time for review. Not a review of the various things done throughout the year mind you, rather review the various details about the mystery girl sitting at the table. 'There's something about her.' She thought to herself.

But what was it. It wasn't the hair. Despite, Ann's insistence that Strawberry Blonds are the spawn of Satan, which clearly wasn't the case here. Instead in front of her was the sweetest, soft-spoken girl she had ever met. In fact for some reason, she had the urge to pinch her cheeks. It wasn't the eyes, as the contained the most innocent look she had almost ever seen. If fact they almost classed the Infamous Puppy dog pout that both she and Kim love to do.


Finally she understood why the girl felt so strange yet familiar to her. She reminded her of Kim. Looking around the girls face, she finally came across something peculiar. A mark, resembling a semi-round object which housed a black mole within its borders. She had seen the mark before. Both she and Kim had the mark. It was what was known as a gender based ancestral mark, a birthmark that formed roughly the same for an offspring of a certain gender which belonging to a particular family tree. Slowly her mind processed this information, before she let out a cough, finally understanding the implications of the birthmark.

"You Ok honey!" James asked her, confusion and worry in his tone.

"Yup, just got something stuck in my throat." Ann waved off, her attention clearly elsewhere. Meanwhile, Kim didn't even notice her mother coughing, rather keeping her eyes on the girl in front of her.

While the cough lingered a little while longer, Ann's train of thought diverted. Through deductive reasoning she was able to determine that the only person the girl would be related to would be Kim, as none of her sisters had kids. This left her with a big stinking mystery, the girl's brown eyes. While to the everyday observer it might not seem like a big deal, but Ann knew better. You see unlike everyone else, Ann knew a little something about genetics. More importantly she knew something about alleles, and their expressions. For you see eye colour is dictated by three alleles, one for each type of eye colour. While, brown was dominant, the other two required both parents to have either green, blue, or a mixture of brown and another colour allele to occur. So, if the girl was truly Kim's daughter, Josh with his baby blue eyes, couldn't be the father.

"So who is the father?" She accidentally said aloud.

"Who's, whose father, Mom?" Kim asked, the confusion evident on her face. Ann looked at the girl in question, only to find her blushing.

"Nothing, just got caught up in a fan theory about a TV I've been watching."

"We've all been there." Mrs. Stoppable stated.

"Here, Here!" Ron said, raising his glass prompting everyone to follow his lead.

And while, this launched into a table wide discussion about the progress of television shows throughout their lives, Ann simply continued to stare at the girl. 'Who are you?' She thought to herself, it seemed that the more she tried to solve the mystery, the more it thickened.

The dinner was coming to a close, an onset of Turkey Comma was making its way around the table. Mr. & Mrs. Stoppable had already fallen asleep, due more to the fact that they had to take care of a six year old all day rather than the meal itself. However, they weren't the only ones affected, James was also beginning to sway. Ann and the rest however pressed on, refusing to give up now, being so close to finishing the meal. Noticing the determined look from her guests, Ann finally brought out the most dreaded meal of all.

The Pumpkin Pie.

Together, they pushed their way through the pie. One measly spoon full at a time.

"Hey Da… Ron, you want to have a food eating contest." Anna stated. She sure had taken a keen liking to Ron, Ann observed. Looking over at Kim, the excess grip she was placing on her fork, was a dead ringer for what was currently going through her mind.

"Sure!" Ron told her with a smile, as he cut both Anna and himself a Hugh piece of pie.

"Ok, Ready! Go!" Anna stated, they began stuffing the piece of pie into their face. Ann couldn't help but notice the similarities in their eating styles.

"Stop that! Ron that's disgusting!" Kim exclaimed, still clutching hard to her fork. Josh didn't even try to stop her, obviously succumbing to the phenomenon that is the Turkey Comma.

"You're just jealous!" Ron retorted, his mouth still half full.

"No I'm not. I would so defeat you in a food eating contest." Kim stated, refusing to remove her eye's from the girl in question. 'Now Kimmy is that really something you want to get yourself into?' Ann thought to herself.

"Oh yeah then prove it!" Ron cut Kim an equally Hugh slice of pie.

"I mean I would but…."

"But, you're scared. Kim's a chicken!" Ron taunted.

"Am not!"

"Are too!"

"Am not!"

"Are too!"

"Fine, I'll show you! Pie me!" Kim stated, her Kimminess obviously taking over.

As they began their pie-eating contest, Ann couldn't help but notice the glee on the mystery woman's face. As the pieces began to fly out of the duo's mouth, this grin turned into a full blown laugh.

It was a little past 9 and everyone was leaving, much to Ann's relief. She didn't know how much more she could stay awake, the effects of the Turkey Comma now entering her system. The Stoppable's were the first to go. Then James decided to retire to bed, having to go in early tomorrow. He said something about having to decipher the phase capacitor. Honestly, despite all the time she had spent married to him, she still couldn't understand many of the scientific theories he talked about. But that was healthy, it kept a sense of mystery in the relationship.

But this also brought on a sense of worry. Not for her, but her daughter. Despite the way Kim and Josh seemed, there were massive differences between the two. For instance while Kim loved to go outside, Josh was a particular introvert, who would rather stay home and do art than go outside and hang out with friends. This on its own wasn't a deal breaker, in fact far from it. Rather, the problem arose when they were unable to find a common ground. For the last eight months of their marriage, these difference's was wearing on their relationship. Differences that were once the very thing that brought them together, were now the same things that was poisoning them. A great example of this was her drive to save the world. And based on Josh's previous moods, he was finding it extremely difficult to get used to.

They had left a short time ago, partially due to Ann's insistence. She convinced Kim to go with Josh to the Art show that he wanted to show her so bad. While Kim may have found it boring, it would mean the world to Josh, further strengthening their relationship.

Ann let out a sigh as she joined Ronald and Anna in cleaning the dishes, still being unable to shake the worry regarding her daughter's relationship.

The weather was chilly outside. Hovering around 5˚C, winter surely had come early to Middleton. Being close to 9 pm, a thin layer of frost now covered the sidewalk and the surrounding shrubbery. However this didn't stop Ann Possible from accomplishing the goal. Not 5 minutes ago, Ron and Anna had left her house, giving her just enough room to follow the duo without getting noticed.

The question of Anna's true identity was still coursing through Ann's brain. Ann knew at least semi-reliably that she was related somehow to Kim. But the question to ask was, how?

After what seemed like ages, as a stroll during the winter often do, the pair finally parted ways. While Ron proceeded home, the girl remained stationary. Ann brought her binoculars to her head. Ok they weren't hers per say, rather she had confiscated them from her sons. But she gave birth to her sons, so by extension the binoculars were hers. And she would argue with someone who says differently.

Looking closely at scene that was transpiring in front of her, she gasped.

She couldn't help but stare in awe at what she saw. In front of her, she saw Anna open up a circular rift. From the various science fiction shows she had watched, she was able to determine that the object in front of her was infact a portal.

It was times like this she wished she had confiscated the twin's microphone. Unfortunately, she had to give it back to them due to good behaviour.

Suddenly, she notice something step out of the portal. A closer look relieved that it was a person. A person with a familiar head of blond hair. Zooming in closer she got a look at his eye's, they were brown. She gasped, realizing that she was looking at an older version of Ron Stoppable.

And from the look of it, he wasn't happy. He had a stern look on his face as he addressed the girl. But then his look quickly melted, clearly being overcome by the puppy dog pout the girl had put on. If she didn't know any better it was almost like he was her…..

A look of understanding finally hit her face. He was her father! In her state of awe, she failed to notice Ron and the girl step back into the portal, which quickly collapsed behind them.

Finally she had the last piece of the puzzle. While the gears in her head slowly turned, analyzing the information she had collected about the girl, she proceeded to lean against a nearby tree. As her brain finally finished analyzing the information, the implication of all the information finally hit her.

She had just had Thanksgiving dinner with Kim and Ron's future daughter!

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

Authors Note: So what did you think. Again I would like to apologise for anything I may have misportrayed in the story about Thanks giving. Hope you all like the story. Due to the point of view of the story, much less plot is covered here then in the previous chapter. The tension due to Kim's mission's continues. Ann discovers something shocking. Josh continues his quest to accept Kim's missions. Will he? you've all read the first chapter. And Ron, once again has a head ache due to time travel. I made this chapter more technical & scientific due to Ann's profession. What did you think about it? Again hope you all enjoyed. Until the next chapter! Rate & Review.

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